Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 52)


Yehi hai Ishq (episode 52)

Twinkle’s POV-
I was resting in Kunj’s embrace.. Yes!..I ..I just can’t put this feeling in words!..I feel its the’s the place which is mine..only mine..No one else has a right to be here..I was playing with his shirt’s buttons.. Keeping my head on his shoulder.. while he was reading.. I can be like this my life long..I embedded my arms around his chiseled chest!..Its so..good!..his muscular body is tickling me!!….Ohkay..Ohkay ..I agree..tickling my hormones!…My brain corrected as it was defeated from my heart…
I think Kunj feels that I am sleeping!!… Hehe..mera buddhu baby?

-Twinkle’s POV ends

Kunj’s POV-
Just..just look at cute she is!..sleeping hugging me as if I am her teddy..but no worries sweetheart.. Tere liye toh..Main jaan dedun..tere liye jeeyun..abhi toh surf Teddy bana hoon..I removed those strands who were trying to kiss my Twinkle…
but I’ll not let them…and I am not sorry for it…I caressed her face with my forefinger..My girl is looking so cute..tempting me…I sometimes feel how can someone be so …Beautiful.. So stunning?.. And so cute and hot at the same time?..May be God made her just for me..

-Kunj’s POV ends.

After some time..Twinkle moved.. Kunj flicked her hair …
K:…Ghar chale?
K:..haan..sab ghar vapas jaa chuke hain..hamein bhi chalna chahiye..
T:..what???!..sab chale gye.. toh hum kyu nahi??
K:..kyunki..tu so rahi thi toh..tujhe uthane ka mann nahi kiya…
T:…awww…tum kitne cute ho!!…

Saying Twinkle pulled his cheek hard…making his whitish skin red!
Kunj rubbed his cheek with his that…stunning dashing.. Killing eyebrow arch look!!… Haye..main toh yehin behosh ho gyi!..uff…koi toh sambhaal lo..varna epi kaun dega?
Kunj got up to go..
“Oye Sadu Sarna..”.. Twinkle called as looked she forwarded her arms in a manner to call him and lift her…he smiled and took his angel in his strong arms.. “Vaise ..I can walk..a bit”.. Twinkle lifted her collars up..
“ thank you soooooo much..meri jaan bachi varna agar aise hi chalta rehta..toh main toh pis jaata..”..Kunj chuckled while motioning towards the car…
“..tumhara Matlab kya hai??..”..Twinkle glared..
“Main!?..maine kahaan kuch kaha?..”..Kunj said with an innocent face..
“Kunj…bolo..what did u meant by ..pis jaata?”…
“Vo…bad tum..thodi kam halki ho…”..Kunj’s instinct laughed on teasing her face turned red like tomato!..
“Put me down..”.. She said..
” What!?..why?”..
“I said put me down..”.. Kunj did..
Twinkle frowningly turned and started walking..
“ aah..”..her foot pain..
“Twinkle.. Dimaag kharaab hai kya tera..tujhe lag jaayegi..come..”.. Kunj was about to embrace her..
“ leave it Sadu Sarna.. Jao aur jaake kisi naazuk kali ko uthao Jo tumhare baahon main aane ko mari jaa rahi ho..aur Jo tumhe BHAARI bhi na lage..”..saying Twinkle went and sat into the car…”mari jaa rahi hain toh marne do..lekin is Kunj ki bahon main aane ka hak sirf tujhe hai ..well..mann toh kar rahaYeti a1 hai ki bol kitni hot hai tu..aur ye tera zalim’re always killing me..Mann karta hai ek baar tujhe bahon main lelun toh kabhi na chodun..Lekin tu gusse main jab much fulati hai…toh itni cute lagti hai ki bas..”..Kunj was interrupted with the horn’s noise..
“Kunj ji aap ayenge..ya main car leke jaun?”…listening to her ..Kunj got into the car and drove..

#Taneja Mansion

Kunj made twinkle lie on her bed..though still she had a cute frown..
“Tu kab tak much fula k baithe rehne wali hai…tu moti nahi hai yaar…”..Kunj held her hand..
“Tab tak ..jab tak tum mujhe manane ki try nahi karte..”.. Twinkle turned her face..
“ ohkay then..”..he stood up like a hero and forwarded his hand..”will this beauty give me a pleasure to take her for a coffee… date!?”…Twinkle smiled brightly and gave her hand..”bas!…ek coffee ki itni value ki tera saara gussa ..phurrr!”..
“Value coffee ki nahi..saath bitaaye lamhon ki hoti hai…but tumhare saath bitaye lamhe precious hain mere liye Kunj…”..
“Fine then…aaj shaam 5 baje..ready rehna..abhi meri ek meeting hai..”.. Kunj said..

And kunj left to office to attend the meeting..
Twinkle was very happy..

To be continued..

Phew!..guys..enough for today….

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome 🙂
    It was so damm cute 🙂
    I loved the way Twinkle got angry and then her anger vanished 🙂
    Love You 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  2. Anam_sidhant

    Zaalim figure hehe? It was so cute!
    Waiting for the next one!
    Post soon!❤️

  3. Sohi

    The episode was lovely, cute and amazing loved it yaar
    And yes I totally appreciate your dedication for both studies And ff
    Chahe kuch b hojaye kabi yehi Hai Ishq end mat karna I liked it very much
    Do continue bye

  4. Chiku

    Lovwd it !!!! Its just lovely?????????I seriously loved it
    Plzzzz dont give this ff a brk☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️???????? i wait for this ff alot. Plzzzz aisa mat kar ?????
    Post soon
    Love u❤️

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Oh akh..fine..I’ll post this in every 2 days…♡
      Thanks for soo mUch of Love

  5. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update yrr.. jst loved it.. soo cute..

    Hey jiya.. m really sorry dear.. on ur last episode.. i ws really late to comment bt kya lru even i’m stuck in studies.. bt i always try to comment each n every ff and os that is been posted.. even if its late.. m really sorry bt kuch din to me aisa hi krne walu hu coz exams r approaching.. really sorty.. n yeah.. to all d authors if anyone read ut.. this is d only reason i aways comment late these days

  6. Ramya

    Lovely soooo cuteee
    Yr amazing twinj moments
    R super cute my dear aur kya bolus
    Words ki kami hai aurtime bhi thoda sa kam hai dear
    Lovely awesome amazing
    Loads of love keep smiling

  7. RUTU.....

    Merry Christmas to you too dear and haa this episode is amazing & cute one too

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  9. Simiyy

    I am in love with your ff
    Please post soon
    Loads of love ?

  10. Kruti

    That was a cute epi Shreya
    Continue asap

  11. SidMin23

    Good episode

  12. Adya

    Awww that was sooo cute ! I love it…. Nd di pls don’t stop this one ! I’m fine if you posted it alternatively….
    I really loved the twinj.scenes…
    Post soon…
    Love you !

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