Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 5)


Hi guys thanks to all who commented and I request if there’s any silent reader then please comment as u know I am getting less comments .Sadaf khan I am extremely sorry for not updating regularly but I will try my best but plz understand my problem also , well I am too glad that u told what u felt.tysm all?????.
So, enjoy reading-

All were surprised to see twinkle standing on the stage.
Tw continues: … my dear chinki , this is for u as its ur favorite song ( she winks at chinki and smile)
Lights go off and the spotlight falls on twinkle who was facing her back towards the audience.
Music starts ( cham cham plays)
Twinkle turns and dances.
Cham cham cham *2
Zulfon se baandh life baadal
Seene pe se udne lagaa aanchal
Mujhse naina milake
Mousam hone large paagal
Sabse hoke befikar( BG dancers also start dancing and lights fall on the whole stage).
Main naachoon aaj cham cham cham
Cham cham cham *2
Naachoon main aaj cham cham cham……

Twinkle continues to dance and Kunj didn’t felt where he was he just started shooting her with his handicam.

Dev notices Kunj and smiles

Male part continues–
Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away

Let’s Start jumping
My heart goes pumping
I love you in every way

Dhankanon pe boond Jo giri
To naacho aaj,
cham cham cham*3……….
..sab naache aaj
Cham cham cham ..
Song ends , all clap
Chinki goes and hugs twinkle
All along UV hoot and applaud.

Next scene
Kunj comes to his room smiling looking at the handicam.
K( thinks): after so many years I am feeling so glad after shooting, I am feeling passionate.
TEI Title track plays
He smiles , keeps the handicam on a side table and goes to change.
After sometimes he comes out in a sky blue t- shirt and night trousers.
He comes sits on a sofa near the window , takes the handicam and starts watching the vedio.he smiles watching twinkle dancing , he was again lost watching her dancing and smiles he closes his eyes and started thinking about twinkle
The moment when she was in his arms, her elegance, her smile, her brown eyes everything.
He started murmuring: she is in my eyes when I smile and there above in the stars ..,….
Who she is?

He goes to the window and looks at the moon and the stars.
Kunj: who r u , kaun ho tum?

He thinks and calls.
K: hello , namate maa( s he called to her mom)
U: hello beta kaisa hai Tu. How is every 1 in India.
Kunj: all fine maa, ..mmm..aap sab kaise ho?
U: v all r fine puttar.. mm much kehna hai , ya kuch poochna hai kya?
K( maa knows me very well): hmmmm.maaa…
U: yes yes say,
K: maa..vo s how my eyes look like when I am happy?
U: haha, he kaisa question hai puttar.
K: maa, batao maa..
U: OK OK , let me tell u , ur eyes start twinkling with happiness.
Kunj: twinkling, with happiness .OK maa. Tysm bye.
U: bye, pagla.
She smiles and cuts the call.
Here Kunj: my eyes twinkle.
He looks at the stars
K: even , the stars twinkle.
Hmmm r u twinkle?
U r twinkle.
Oh god twinkle ( even his tongue starts twinkling)
Yes u r , I hope u r twinkle.
For me u r twinkle.
He smilingly goes to bed and lays down.
K : so I just have to check , r u really twinkle
He smiles and sleeps.

Next scene.
At Tanejas.
A girl sitting on bed.
G: kk chinki , I ‘all b there at 9
Chinki: no at 9 SHARP, IS THAT clear twinkle?( ya the girl is twinkle)
Twinkle: oh ho someone wants to b on time for a shopping date with my jiju ( teasingly)
Chinki: shut up , and sleep now and get up early tomorrow ,I will come to pick u .
Twinkle: OK OK I said na , I will b ready.
Chinki: good , good night.
Twinkle: gn .
And she sleeps.

PRECAP: twinj and devki in a shopping mall…
.. Kunj helping twii in shopping ……………….
……kunj to meet with twinkle’s NGO people…


I really hope that u guys r liking it.

Credit to: cutie

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