Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 47)


Yehi Hai Ishq (episode 47)

Next Morning-

Twinkle came in kitchen for water…as her black frock dress with pink floral print..Bebe was in kitchen…
T:..good morning Bebe
B:..Good morning puttar…
T:..Bebe.. Vo ..Kunj kahaan hai? (Where is Kunj?)

B (murmurs):..mainu pata hai puttar ..mere Kunj vina Tu ek pal nahi reh sakti..(I know can’t live any moment without Kunj)

T:..aapne kuch kaha kya Bebe? (Umm…did you said something Bebe?)

B:..Na puttar… is time pe Kunj…workout kar raha hoga…gym main hoga shayad..(Nothing Twinkle.. Kunj must be working out..he is in gym..I guess)

T:..thanks Bebe..

She pecked her cheek and went..

B:..ekdum jhalli hai ye kudi…par mere Kunj ki jaan hai..puttar chinta mat kar…jald hi tu mere Kunj ki voti (wife) ban kar aa jayegi hamare paas…(this girl is just crazy.. But is my Kunj’s life….his love..don’t worry’ll come to us as my Daughter- in- Law..)

Next scene ❤

It was a terrace gym and many plants were also grown there…

Kunj was in his horizontal print vest and trousers.. was doing some workout… (Mujhe sacchi push ups..weight lift…crunches ke alava aur kisi work out exercise ka name nahi pata! ..)

Twinkle came..and saw him working out..he din noticed her as he was turned to other side..

Twinkle was awestruck to see his physic!.. Broad shoulders.. Tight muscles.. Amazing biceps.. And sweat was the icing on the cake which Twinkle wanted to have it all !!…???
Twinkle gulped in and sat on a bench taking a magazine….Kunj noticed her..

K: Kya hmm?..(what hmmm?)
T:..ab kya Good morning song gaun? (Should I sing morning melodies now?)

Kunj’s POV-

Uff ye mood swings!… Meri jaan tu aise naak pe gussa liye kitni cute lagti hai…
“Pata nahi kyu mujhe bachpan se aisa lagta raha ki Good morning ka reply bhi Good morning se hi hota hai!…I feel I should talk to my English teacher… Right?”…(I donno why I always felt that we reply Good morning when someone wishes more..).. I teased and got a ‘whatever’ look…why do girls give same kind of look..when they don’t have any answer…God!!
“Did you wanted to talk?”..
“ Nope!”…I got an apparent reply when she was busy in her catalogue!..
“Really… If thats soo…”
“Hello Mr….I am holding this book straight okay..don’t perpetuate any misconceptions.. “..
“… Ya ..I can see.that..but you know…I am quite confused..”
“May I know the Kind reasons?”
“Why do girls have an interest in men’s cologne?”

The moment I said siyaapa Queen realized that she is caught.. and kept the catalogue aside… and took her mobile ..and started doing something..
I chuckled..

I was continuing with my exercise..and was eyeing my Love secretly… I know she too was backglancing me at times ….
“Twinkle.. You know when a beautiful girl is unreasonably mad on a Dashing guy…her nose turns red..”
Hearing.. Twinkle started rubbing her nose….ahahha…my girl is so cute!…

“Caught the cake theif!…baat nahi karegi apne Kunj se?”.. I asked sitting beside Twinkle…
“My Kunj?!”..
“ Nahi toh kya whole sale market ka maal hoon…hoon? Jo mere saath hote hain..mere liye important hain..Main unka hoon…simple..”…
Kya karoon?..kehna pada (Or what? I a whole sale item?..those who are with me..are important for me..I am theirs)…in flow flow..I spoke out my heart …but timing is not right..well point which can make you top your exams…Kunj Sarna is really smart haan….? (??)

POV ends..

K : chal bata..why aren’t you talking to me?

T:..oooh!…ye baat hai..directly pooch lete..tabse One liners kyu maar rahe ho?

K:…acha..toh Twinkle madam se poocho..aur Twinkle ma’am saaf saaf bata deti right…

T:..whatever.. Tum na itne bade ..skates!

K:..main itna bada skates hoon!!!!!!

T:..stupiddd!!!….I am saying.. Skates are here…you know skating?

K:..hmmm..I know…

Next Scene-

“Kunj… Kunj plzzz keep holding… Don’t leave…plz Kunj…”..

K: …Don’t worry…you trust me naa…you won’t fall..I’ll never let you fall…just concentrate and balance..

kunj held Twinkle’s left hand and was holding her waist from the right one……two..three… are doing rights…skate slow…

Kunj was teaching her skating..

Twinkle was feeling tingly at his touch..his touch was so gentle and warm ..that she wanted to be it that position forever..


Precap- ‘..”Oh finally… Muim Baal Baal Bach gyi…but Kunj ne dekh liya hota…toh tu toh gyi hogi Twinkle.. “..alleged Twinkle turning from the edge of the cliff…
” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”…..’


How was it?
I know boring.. I am hardly getting comments…just 11 ..

Don’t worry…I will go a bit faster…and will complete the story in about 30 episodes more!…most probably.. Not a clear idea…but if I don’t get a nice number Of comments now…I am thinking to end this crap asap..why to waste your and my time…but thankkkkkksssssssss a lotttt to alllll Those who commented….you always make me smile…

Next post on..may be …11th

Do tell..shall I end it?

Love you ?

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey Lovely
    It was really good i enjoyed reading it.
    The precap is a bit scary though
    anyway take care and try to post soon

  2. Oh my lovely sis……kesi hay tu….
    don’t be upset OK…..everyone will surely cmnt… Tu meri pyari si choti si lovely sis hay na to khabardar Jo end karne ki baat ki toh……or avi to love,,, jealousy,,,emotional wala scene to dekha v nai or tu end karne ki baat kar rahi hay…I luv this ff very much so don’t think of end….
    Or ajka episode to teri tarah pyari or lovely tha..I luv it sista…how cute this twinj….luv it very much….
    Or jaldi se next epi post karna samjhi….yeah tere bari sis ka order hay samjhi…..or ha Jane se pehle ek tight sa hug apni choti lovely sis ……….
    Luv uuu bhttttt salaaa…….

  3. SidMin23

    It was good episode and don’t think of ending such nice story and can’t wait to read further episode and precap seen scary try to posting ASAP

  4. Ramya

    Hey lovely it was awesome loved it aur kunj ka dialogue vo whole sale wala
    Loved it

  5. Ritzi

    Himmat bhi nat Karna! Dare u hv ended this yr so called crap….well it may be crap for u…but not for yr fans….samaj le…badi aayi…’I will end it soon’ bolne wali

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Toh kya karu yaar?..I sometimes get so gloomy about the fact that people aren’t liking my ff so much…if it isn’t a crap then what’s it??..tell?..Its useless to run the story if not many are interested in it..ab tu hi bata..din bhar main sirf 8 comments.. Kal tak max 11 honge…issue better toh main kuch naya ff try karoon…

      Bol?..kya karu main?..I’ll take this story on a fast forward mode till Twinj marriage.. And then thoda aaram se…shayad ff padhle koi!…?

      1. Ritzi

        Arre baba…..log aaj kal bahut lazy ban gye hai….nd tu bhi chod diya hai thode logo ne…but still…anyways… Tu wattpad pe hai?

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Hoon toh..but much post nahi kiya kaafi time se..I just read stories nowadays..

      And main kya soch rahi hoon..Twinj marriage tak let me have some patience.. Kya pata…us din comments mil jaaye!..what say?…

  6. Chiku

    Woaaah its sooo cute??????????????lovely. Sooo cute. Loved it
    Plzzzz post next soon
    Love h?

  7. SidMin

    Loved it Kunj’s talks so sweet
    Twinkles tantrums so sweet
    Loved it
    Precap is a bit scary
    Post soon cant wait
    Love you and pls dont end ❤??

  8. Aanya_pandey

    That ws way too gpdd man.. jst in love wid the ongoing track

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    shreya yaar ur ff is so cute plz don’t end it… I love it… and today’s epi was cuteness overloaded…

    love you

  10. Adya

    Lovely di..that was sooo lovely…
    Cuteness overloaded…..
    Precap is a bit scary .. try posting soon…
    Love u…

  11. Kruti

    Sorry shreya I am late
    The epi was amazing nd cute…..loved it
    Continue soon

    Loads of Love:)

  12. Hey,
    This was awesome???…… and trust me it was not boring at all☺☺….
    Waiting for next episode….. post next sson??

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhh god luvi dis was wonderful hahaaa……..
    twinj ki cute nok jhok n bebe was too cute n pichle epsidoe mein i luvd d scene wen mahi asked twinkle qquestions n she continuously answered bck as kunj n blushed it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute…………….. 😀
    loved d episode sooo very much osm fab yr…as always….♥♥♥♥♥♥
    love u lods♥♥♥

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