Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 44)


Yehi hai ISHQ

Hellloooo….Darlooeeeessss!!!!…kem cho?…. Hope maja ma!…
Soo…bak bak karu?….na!..
Chalo fine…here’s the epi!….I have made it a bit long as I am posting this after so long and d previous one was too short…shuru hua aur khatm ho gya?….

Happy Reading???

Recap – Twinj near a brook at night….Kunj to offer Twinkle. a gift box.

Episode- 44

T: isme kya h?…what’s it? na…for you..?

The excited Twinkle took it and thanked and he smiled in return.. she untied the ribbon ..and opened it …it was a beautiful pearl bracelet.. (Do u guys remember?… pink hearted one!…the same )

Her eyes twinkled in joy…a smile was playing on her lips..

“Its..its so pretty Kunj…wow”… She exclaimed taking it in her hand..
“ won’t you wear it?..I bought it myself.. “..
Twinkle forwarded it to him…he was perplexed at her action.. She signalled him to take it… his face became a bit pale thinking that she’ll not keep it…and took it …

“Now make me wear”.. smiled Twinkle forwarding her wrist to him…his face lightened up the glow of all the stars and the moon there up in the sky were pale in front of his bright face…he grinned and happily made her wear it while she was eyeing him with so much of Love…

It started pouring…Twinkle and Kunj were all drenched.. Twinkle felt a bit uncomfortable as her top became a bit transparent… Kunj realized her situation and turned.. He took his black t-shirt off…Twinkle felt awkward… “Tum..k..kya kar rahe ho?”…she asked Kunj who was now only in his black vest..(the kind of as Kunj used to wear in the show with an open shirt was much like a T-shirt only).. He gave his T-shirt to her and she questioned.

“Wear it..U’ll be comfortable enough… “

Twinkle nodded and wore it on…
He turned and she passed a small smile..

“Kunj its raining….let’s go..…”..she suggested..

T:..C’mon Kunj…aab jaana chahiye…see it…had started pouring…moreover we are out since long!..

Saying this …Twinkle turned to go…..

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun
Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

Woh oh o.. (x4)

(Twinkle looked at him like…’Awwwwwwww’??….Kunj continued to sing…and Twinkle looked at him lovingly when he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him…she landed on his chest…he held her hand and started swinging with Twinkle… he twirled her and was swaying with her)

Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
Sau sawere liye
Sau sawere liye

Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
Tumko mere liye sirf mere liye

Jab tak meri ungliyan
Tere baalon se kuch kehna le
Jab tak teri lehar mein
Khwaahishein meri behna le

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

Woh oh o.. (x4)


….Twinkle who was lost in his voice.. realized the weather..She signalled Kunj to Come…
“Kunj..Main jaa rahi hoon…”
The moment she turned Kunj held her wrist and pulled her towards himself turning her and wrapped his arms around her waist… She looked at him surprised.. They shared an intense eye lock and Kunj pulled her closer and hugged her tightly… Digging his face in her neck…
“Kunj” Twinkle breathed…she felt butterflies down her spine…she held his hair and shoulders… and wrapped her arms around him..
The hug was overflowing with LOVE…true Love…they were just lost in each other melting in each other’s embrace…
“I Love you” Air slipped out of her lips…less audible to make anyone hear!..Twinkle was so lost in his touch…in her Love’s warms….in Kunj’s embrace Twinkel was feeling so enviable and so mirthful…that she just aired out her heart…

Next scene❤


Leela, Usha, Bebe, Yuvraj, Mahi, Kanchi and Jay were in the main hall…talking and Jay was working on the dining table… Actually not working… Just opened the laptop and was chatting with some girl!…


A servent went and opened the door…and the moment that happened… All eyes were stuck at the door..some were shocked.. some surprised.. Some had a giggly naughtiness… And some BURNED !..

Precap- …you may give it a guess?


Why were these eyes burning and whose there are??

Ohkay so how many of u missed me?…I know many of u din read my other ff which I have been posting since 5-6 days….may b that’s the reason behind such response… NEVERMIND!..I am really glad those who read ..loved my ff!
Well PRIYA123 ..ofcourse you can me your lil siso ??

Do comment I really hope you liked this and now I’ll try to b quite regular.. But my episodes would be of 500-700 words..I can’t write longer…?and yes do inform if anyone needs translations..

Next post on 6th Dec. ?

Love you?

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  1. Adya

    Awwwww that was sooo romantic…ahha loved it di….
    Well I can’t appreciate someone more coz acc to me…enough praise can lead to diabetes….well loved it to the core.
    Waise undoubtedly romance was intense…Nd I loved it…
    May be seeing twinj they got jealous but whatever….
    Waiting for 6th it’s chiku di’s bday…I want a bit long if possible …I know u already told that it can’t but still …
    Love u…

  2. SarahKhan

    Hey Lovely. I really enjoyed this. If you don’t mind, can you please tell me are Twinj married?! Actually its been quite a long while since you posted your last episode, and since there are so many ffs, I really forgot! Kher, I really enjoyed reading this. And, pls post a longer episode next time if possible. God bless!

  3. Simiyy

    Hiiii Lovely
    I really enjoyed Twinj moments
    Cant wait for the next one

  4. Kanchi

    Lovely the episode was very lovely n I will be waiting for the next one
    Loads of love
    Keep on writing

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowww… shreyoo… it was so so cute and romantic one… I loved it seriously this epi… I missed this so much plz update soon yaar..

    love you

  6. Chiku

    Hey lovely?
    Woaaah episode is amazing ???????lovely. U know how much i love ur this ff. its been my fav aince starting. I just seriously loved it.
    Woaaaah i am so excited u r going to post on my bday????yipeeeeeeeeeerrr
    Plz try making it longer. If possible or else i am happy with this length also?????????
    Love u?

  7. Ramya

    Lovely it was awesome
    Amazing just loved it
    Song part was like ??
    N it’s superb
    Loved it

  8. Sohi

    Hey lovely the was lovely like you and about precap I have guessed it? do continue and post soon

  9. Hey epi was mindblowing and it was perfect plzzzzzzzz try to post nxt asap and sorry for not cmnting in previous epi and plzzzzz try to write long epi and do add some more romance and waiting for their confession and luv u sooo much tc

  10. Aanya_pandey

    Too good.. awesome

  11. Mahi

    Hey lovely
    After much time
    Loved the episode
    Ita amesing
    Love u
    And psost soon if posible

  12. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome 🙂 I loved each bit of it 🙂 The song the gift .. Kunj removing his t-shirt for making Twinkle wear it 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Take care 🙂

  13. Kruti

    Shreya d epi was amazing…..d twinj moments????
    Eagerly waiting to know whose r those burning eyes

    Loads of Love

  14. SidMin23

    It was awesome and kunj remove his shirt to give twinkle to wear it. And waiting for next episode.

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  16. Baby

    ohhhh god luvi ofco dey were twinj m sure yr…………..
    sooooooo cute epsiode d romance was really in d air♥
    loved d epsidoe sooooooo much amazing fabulous awesome wonderful n most awaited adorable love………………….♥♥♥♥ 😀
    love u lods♥

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