Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 4)


Hi guys I am so so so so so so so sorry for such a late update so far.??????????I was just stuck in my assignments, projects an above all my exams , u know na how important 9th standard grades r , I have to take these grades with me, where ever I go .
I even tried posting but sometimes it got deleted as I post through my maa’s mobile ( I don’t have of my own as I m just a kiddo, u know) and sometimes there was internet issue.
Well still I was reading many of the ffs and I thought of writing too but I was just frustrated writing same episode several times but I made myself prepare that even if I ‘ll have 2 type 100 times , I will ( see my determination and ur love??).
So let’s get started-
At Dev’s house.
Dee n Kunj r talking n Kunj is still having that handicam in his hands.
Suddenly a voice from behind: happy roka Bali k bakre.
D: uvvvvvvvvvv!( yes the e voice is of UV)( and our Kunj was like aaaaau, bechara???:-D )
Dev goes and hugs him tight.
UV: o oh ho, are u in love with me or what.See I have many better options rather than u know girls stand in a q just to have a glimpse of Yuvraj luthra.
D: ( leaves him) oh tysm god that u sent uv back otherwise chinki was ready to murder me, for sending u abroad for the project.(UV and Dev are organizers- they r the best in organizing events)
UV: o ho , well I am surprised that u r still alive, bro.
They both laugh and come towards Kunj who was smiling looking at them.
D: bro ,let me introduce u 2 my childhood bestie Ku……..
UV: Kunj sarna, the MD of the top designing company in London, right?
Kunj: absolutely right Mr.UV.
Dev was surprised but understood that Kunj is a successful businessman at a very young age so its normal that people know him but asked: Kunj , how come u know that he is UV.
K: oh come on tell me who was the 1 to shut his name in my ears( smiling)
They both shake hands ,after ol they were highly professionals??
Pandit: cal the bride and the groom plz, its time for the mahoorat.
Kunj: chaliye, Dev babu.
D: hmmm, but Kunj u b there with me.
Kunj( with his killing one eyebrow up look): why, is chinki Bhabhi a vamp or what?
D : uda ke uda me, jitna mazaak udaana has uda let .let u get married, the I’ll tell u. And the reason for why I asked u to b with me,….u will get to know about it later
K: OK , an chale?
Dev nods.

Next scene.
Dev was sitting on a sofa , Kunj standing behind him , UV busy in an important call and all devki’s family members present there with some guests. (Devki- Dev & chinki)
D’mom: let me get chinki also.
A girl upstairs: no worries aunty g , here is ur babu.
A girl comes holding chinki’s hand . she was wearing a beautiful pink and sky blue Patiala suit with simple yet elegant diamond earrings, and her waterfall braids and her smile was adding more elegance to her look.( guess who she was…yes yes ur going right ..its our Punjabi pataka – twinkle)
Twinkle comes down the stairs and make chinki sit on the sofa and stands behind her or u may say beside our Kunj who was just mesmerized by her elegance and herbeauty but comes to senses, and starts looking here n there so that
She may not notice him looking at her .
She looks at Kunj and he also looked at her and smiled looking EO.
Twinkle notices Dev staring at chinki and says teasingly: jiju, Isn’t chinki looking damn hot?
Dev (still lost): yup, she is.
He comes to senses.
All smile and he gets a bit shy and chinki blushes.
Pandit: v should complete the rituals.
Pandit completes all the rituals( guys I am not going to describe each ritual as they r not so important here)
Dev introduces Kunj to chinki and that all were having a casual talk

A voice: helloooo, ladies n gentleman . now its time to have some fun, some rock and some roll.after OK its my best friend’s roka…
All the 3 turn and are surprised…..

PRECAP: twinkle dancing….. Kunj shooting her………….a fun moment and a lots more.

I hope u liked it.

Credit to: cutie

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  9. Thanks ritu, I stay in a small,town bulandshahr but I belong to Lucknow.

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