Yehi hai Ishq (episode 39)~By Shreya(Lovely)


Recap- …Twinkle’s Love realization

Episode 40

Next Morning
Kunj’s room…
Kunj is sleeping peacefully.. a girl enters wearing a plain peach colored Saree with royal blue blouse and thin blue border..her open hair..
Like this-
She was looking stunningly beautiful.. She came and sat beside our sleeping hunk..
“Get up Kunj”.. She said caressing his hairs..
” But I want to sleep more..Twinkle let me sleep naa..last night I struggled so much to sleep..”..replied Kunj taking a turn towards her..
“But you have planned so much for today.. How will you surprise Twinkle if you’ll sleep”.. She said..
” But you know na Twinkle what I have thought of..”..said Kunj sitting up..
” morning”.. She greeted
“Morning..”.. Kunj replied..
” I know but Twinkle doesn’t.. “..she said getting up of the bed
“..but even you are Twinkle..”.. Kunj spoke innocently..
” No Kunj… Twinkle is the one whom you Love..I am just your imagination.. “..she replied turning with a smile..
“So you aren’t Twinkle right?… But I want a hug from my Twinkle..”.. Kunj alleged..

KIT [ Let’s name her this..Kunj’s Imaginary Twinkle..?]..hugged him saying
” I am Twinkle.. “..

” But you said you are not “..Kunj popped off
“..Don’t think on this so much..varna Twinkle ke pyaar main pagal ho jaoge..(otherwise you’ll become crazy in Twinkle’s Love)”.. KIT enunciated before disappearing leaving a smiling Kunj behind.

Next scene-

All assembled in the hall as they have planned to visit amusement park today..
Kunj came wearing a black hooded full sleeves T-shirt with jeans and white sports shoes..all were busy in discussions..UV , Kunj , Jay and Dev were altogether and Mahi, Bubbly, Chinki, Twinkle& Kanchi were together..

Twinkle was wearing a green T-shirt with a knot below her bust exaggerating her awesome figure with white Capri ..few of her hair were tied in a ponytail and rest were left open…she din applied any makeup exept lipbalm but still this was enough to take Kunj’s breathes away…

Their eyes met for a short span..every glance at Kunj was making Twinkle feel snowfall around her and surprisingly in her stomach!!! but the eyelock was broken as all motioned towards the big bus..all started settling one by one..
” Twinkie..I forgot my goggles.. I am going to bring them..”..Ishaan informed Twinkle..
“Wait ishu..You be here..I’ll bring..”.. Twinkle flapped..

Ishaan nodded and sat with ahana..All got settled..
Anand – Nikki
Dev- Chinki
Bubbly- Kanchi
Raman- Jay!!?

And on the last Kunj at one and Yuhi at other..

Twinkle entered and gave the goggles to Ishaan..
” what’s so much special in these? “..Twinkle asked
“.. Are inhe lagakar main Kunj chachu se bhi zyaada handsome lagta hoon..(Its that ..I look more handsome than Kunj chachu wearing these)”.. Ishaan replied wearing them and standing on the seat..
Twinkle smiled and kissed his cheek..
” Kunj toh mere Ishu ke samne fail hai..haina..dekho he has lipstick mark on both of his cheeks.. Who kissed you on the other one? (Kunj is fail at looks in front of my ishu..see he has imprinted lipstick marks on both of his cheeks..Who kissed you on the other one? )…Twinkle divulged.
“Kanchi di did that..and rehne do Twinkie.. Ishaan toh bahana hai saari ladkiyon KO bas chachu ka attention paana hai..bada aaya duffer kahinka…(mimics Ishaan).. Chachu se zyaada handsome lagta hoon..ummhh..(and leave it Twinkie.. Ishaan is just a way for girls to gain kunj chachu’s attention.. This duffer is not even nick like chachu..).”..Ahana huddled.. Making all laugh..

” Get seated beta.. “..Usha said..
Twinkle looked towards the seats and found one beside Kunj empty..she gulped in saliva…
” soch kya rahi hai Kunj ke paas baith naa”..Mahi tossed her idea..
Twinkle glared at her motioning towards the seat..Yuhi held each other’s hands and looked at her with rosy eyes.. Twinkle stretched her lips and stood Beside the empty seat which was along Kunj’s who was busy looking at the scenery outside..mahi tickled her signalling her to sit ..Twinkle glared at her leaving Mahi giggle..
“Baith jaa.. main tujhe khaa nahi jaunga..”…Kunj conferred..
” aha.. As if Mujhe tumse darr lagta hai”..Twinkle threw back..
“..nahi lagta toh baithi kyu nahi??”
“..Vo toh I was being a gentle girl..but look at yourself.. Sadu kahinka..”
“..main Sadu!!???..”…Kunj said turning towards her arching her eyebrows..
“Yes….Sadu Sarna!”..
” chup..Troubling Tim Tim Taneja..”
“Kal toh I felt that you are such a sweet cite guy.. But ain’t…”.. Twinkle said but then realized her words and clinched her eyes.
“..what..!!?”.. Kind breathed
” what? what?…whatever..! “..Twinkle said turning towards the other side…her hair touched Kunj’s neck..he gathered them and kept properly..
” baal sambhaal le varna chuhon se kutarvaunga..”..Kunj teased making Twinkle give a ‘WHAT-THE-HELL’ wala look..
“And agar unhi chuhon KO bandh kar tumhare baalon main unki race na karayi toh mera naam Twinkle Taneja nahi..”.. Twinkle decried..
” tu aur chuhe!!..really.. Haath main lete hi aise kampe gi jaise bhooth ho…badi aayi..”..Kunj

And then the two got basked into a fight…everything was now in fast forward mode….chapd chapd chapd .chapd chapd chapd….uff..

” Chup Karo tum dono ….kabse dog&cat ki tarah lad rahe ho…” Bebe shouted..
“No no Bebe..not dog&cat…Main ek choti si pyaari si kitten and yeh ek wild dog..”.. Twinkle said Like a baby..
” no Bebe..main ek cute sa little sa pup and ye ek jungli Billi”..kunj threw back pointing towards her..
“Oh hello ..Mr..what do you mean by …jungli Billi!!…you are a kooky…”.. Twinkle yammered with her tongue out..
“.. Teriiii toh…”… Kunj was about to spout but gets interrupted by Bebe..
” both of you shut up or else I’ll stop this bus and will get you both out at the middle of the highway… Understand.. “..Bebe warned .
” But..”..Twinkle & Kunj were about to utter …but they got shut!
“..Not a word more!…”.. Bebe said…
” Okay…”..both said with ..
Twinkle’s expression:?
Like this-

And Kunj’s expression:?
Like this-

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Precap -..baat kiye bina reh nahi sakte but Bebe ke orders hain..baat kar nahi sakte…let’s see…kya hota hai….and some Twinj adventures…

Heyyy…how was it???

I hope you liked..
I feel I made it quite lengthy.. I’ll take care from next time to make it convincing to read..
And sorry yaar I got late..kya karu my net pack exhausted..

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  1. Shreya luv u
    luv your episode
    love your writing
    Luv twinj Chapad chapad
    But what about there first kiss??????
    take care

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you sooooooo much jaan..have patience.. You’ll get to know everything..

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Arre !!!!! It was so cute ………….. twinj k baare mein toh poocho hi mat !!!!!! Tumhaari script toh kamaal ki thi shreya darling ….. ………… n yaa yeh toh hai baat kiye binna reh nahi sakte so let see ab yeh love birds kya karte hain ……. seriously bohot curiosity badaa rahi ho ….. can’t wait ….. post next asap dear ….. loved it ?????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks a lot??

      I am really really glad that you liked it..let’s see what’s next… I have submitted.. It’ll get posted asap..


  3. It was very nice but confused about the pervious and this episode
    Please can u clear it
    Bye sweetie pie Shreya

  4. It was very nice but confused about the pervious and this episode
    Please can u clear it
    Bye sweetie pie Shreya
    Bye with loads of love from arohi

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Awww…dear..1st of all thanks a lot for commenting ..and yes sorry for I made you confused..
      You’ll get to know what happened after that girte girte lip stuck in episode 41..I hope you are fine with that..
      Keep loving, Keep reading & keep commenting

      Love you ?

      1. U know what u are really lovely

      2. U know what u are really lovely

    2. Jiya_Ani


  5. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome their tashn was so sweet and baat kiye bina reh nahi sakte par bebe ke orders hai but I know our Twinj they will definitely speak and fir Hiway ke beech meh bebe bus se utar dege Mazza ayega
    Post soon Loved their fights and Ishan vala scene was also so cute Twinj’s expression was awesome 🙂

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks a lot??

      I am really really glad that you liked it…Your comment made me fly around…I hope apko maza aayega

      Love you


  6. Ritzi

    Ooi wht abt their kiss? Ye kya ho gya…but jo bhi tha….cute sa tha

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks a lot??

      I am really really glad that you liked it …U’ll get to know whatever happened after that kiss in next episode….Hope u’ll like it


  7. Awesome

  8. Ranabulbul

    Haye main to faint hone wali hub yr
    Kya epi tha itna cute
    Their dialogues little pupy and kitten jungli Billy and wild dog they were hilarious yr
    Loved it and lost soon dear

  9. Mahi

    Hey lovely ur last episode is just wow sorry for not rlying in that
    And j have not read this yet i will comments on it afterwards
    Pls don’t be sad my sista some net problem is that so its difficult to reply
    I have to save all the ff to read it

  10. Chiku

    Awesome ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?
    But I think ders some problem. In last episode u showed der kiss den suddenly dis all?
    Plz clear the confusion

  11. Shreya098

    Cute one…
    Their fight…❤❤..I loove their fights..
    Enjoyed it..

  12. R.S.H.H.P

    Amazing awesome fabulous mindblowing superb I just loved d episode twinj fight was too cute this is what I felt ???????????????????????????????????????????? love you dear

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Shreya awesome episode …enjoyed a lot…. Amazing

  14. Maggi

    Toooo cuteee…..
    It was woow????
    Luvd it yaar ????
    Cnt soon

  15. Ramya

    Lovely episode
    Loved twinj fight
    Eager fr next one

  16. Tara

    awwwwwwwwwwwww my gawwd… shoooo cuteeee ????????????????????????????????????
    shreya….. u nailed it girl…
    love to moon and back.. ????

  17. dreamer...arundhati

    Shreyu darlo superb

  18. Kruti

    Amazing epi shreya….loved d twinj nok jhok

  19. Romaisha

    Awesome epi Di!! And funny too ???❤

  20. Baby

    Shreyoo fabulous d fyt n d order of sitting was wow n talk btw kit n kunj amazing n d episode jst u ni luvd it sooo vry much speechless n it was perfect to b read………luv u lods dear……….

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