Yehi hai Ishq (episode 37)


Yehi hai Ishq (episode 37)

If anyone’s the link of previous epi

Episode 36-Episode 36

The evening of celebration has arrived.. Yuhi, bubbly, Anand , Nikki, ishaan , Ahana , Pinni and Raman had also reached the farmhouse whereas Dev and Chinki are supposed to somehow bring Usha – Manohar and Leela – Rameja..

The hall was beautifully decorated.. All were ready.. Kunj wore a blue blazer with White shirt with jeans..Yuvi wore a magenta shirt with black cut-sleeved jacket and denims..Mahi wore a yellow crop top with denim ..

After a few Minutes

Jay entered the farmhouse.. As he came a bit interior.. He bumped into someone..
“AAU..can’t you see??”.. Said the beautiful girl wearing a red tumblr ..she is Kanchi..
” Miss..I can see very well..”..Jay replied smiling
“What do you mean??”.. She asked with a disgusted face.
“.. Vo ..meant sorry…Jay Malhotra”.. He said forwarding his hand..
“.. Whatever..”.. She shook handa rolling her eyes and Jay gave her a grin..

” hey Jay right?..”..Kunj asked approaching him…
“Yup..”.. He said.. they shook hands..
” Dev told me about you..welcome “..Kunj said warmly..
” thanks.. “..Jay replied..thinking..” Thank God I am not stuck here b/w oldies.. And I feel I have beauty around.. “..looks at Kanchi ..

UV also approached them they were talking…
Mahi and Kanchi also joined..

” don’t you feel someone is missing.. ”

UV said signaling to Mahi looking at Kunj who was desperately looking here and there searching for someone… [U know who..right..????]

“..ohho..She is princess of the house..she will take her time..”.. Mahi said indirectly comforting Kunj.

“.. Hey dear.. The princess is here..”.. A voice from behind said catching everyone’s attention…
” here she is..”..Mahi said

The voice was of Twinkle’s who was advancing towards them wearing a white sleeveless jumpsuit with turquoise belt and border with a cowboy necklace …her hair were tied into a high ponytail.. Her smoking hot eyes and light makeup..with light pink lips were mesmerizing Kunj…
“..waaaow.”…Kunj breathed..
“.. Agreed..”.. jay said as only he heard him because he was standing near Kunj…Kunj looked at him with a WHAT! Look but Jay din noticed him and accessed towards Twinkle..

Twinkle was boiling in anger from inside looking at him..
Twinkle’s POV-

My ! can someone be so shameful… This dare he enter here..

POV ends..

Jay who was approaching her to greet her..[this is called.. Full on baijatti..]

Twinkle went not even glancing at him and stood beside Kunj..with a smile..
Kunj smiled at her..

Just then lights go off..Twinkle being an scared and held his arm..
” Don’t worry..just let maa-papa enter..till then  I am here only “..he murmured comforting her and keeping his hand on hers on her arm..she nodded (sajna ve plays in BG)[ab ye mat poochna why not looking at him..andhera  hai naa..dikhaayi kahaan se dega…common sense yaar]

Just Ushar and leram entered..

Lights were switched on and all shouted ‘Happy anniversary’..astonishing all 4 of them..they welcomed them…

” let’s cut the cakes..”..Twinkle said..

Twinkle and Mahi brought the cakes singing wishes..

They were about to catch the knives when Kunj stopped them..

“One minute…first tell..which one is better.. This beautiful Golden one or that simple white one..”.. Kunj said teasing twinkle..

” oh hello.. That’s called elegant get that..its very nice.. “..Twinkle threw back..

And then They both entered into their Twinj vali fight.. [Not a tom & jerry one..cause inki F-I-G-H-T main L-O-V-E hai naa…]

Usla;:…tehroooo…stop both of you…just want a chance to get into a war…we love both of them..hamaare baccho ne kinne pyaar se banaya hai..(our children have made with so much of love)..

T&K: fine…
T:..but yaad rakhna..mine is Better..
K:..kal jab sabka pet kharaab hoga tab pata chalega..
T:..pata toh chal hi jaayega..after all sabne tumhara  cake Jo khaya hoga…

She shows him a tounge out (funny time plays..)

U&L:..enough of you both..
Usha dragged Twinkle and leela does the same with Kunj..

They cut the cakes and everyone gave presents to them..

Next scene-

All assembled in a large room..chairs were arranged and a big white screen was placed in front of them..all the members of family sat on they were set up as in cinema hall…[it was home theater]

All the young generation at below and great at back rows…they were sitting in The
Bubbly-  Yuvraaj – Mahi – Twinkle – Kunj – Kanchi – Jay – Dev – Chinki.

Yuvraaj and bubbly went to the projector. the anniversaries’ gift…We hope you love it..

He started the projections-

‘HAPPY. WEDDING. ANNIVERSARY’..was written above ‘by your children..’ (Prepared by Yuvraaj , Mahi and Bubbly)
At the first appeared.. Bringing smile on everyone’s face..

Then a video is shown-
a small boy of about 6yrs playing cricket.. In front of a haveli type place .. He hit the shot and then a voice of a breaking glass came..
“Anand “.. A lady shouted.. “Sorry mumma” …he held his ears..

“Where did you got this video from?..” Usha asked..
“Are aunty.. We’ll tell you later ..first watch it whole..”Yuvraaj replied and all were again back into the video

And in the video –

Usha starts scolding the small boy (anand)
” hahaha”..someone laughed..
“Chup kariye ji..yaha  ye ladka ghar Tod dega aur aap …aap toh bas  vedio shoot karlo..”..(so Manohar was shooting )
“.. Are papa..mere paas kya aaye ho..vahaan jao jahaan  mazaa ayega..”..anand said..
” correct my son come..”..he replied and all the three tip-toed to the kitchen.. And started shooting secretly..

A small boy of about 2 yrs

(Click here to imagine-

He was sitting with a bowl in front of him..he was licking the white butter (makkhan) taking from it..beside a big metallic shiny reflecting drum type utensil..
He looks at the drum and started laughing at his reflection(thinking of his reflection being of some other boy)..

“Hehehehhe…hehehe..tum..tum toh bilkul ..hehe..bandal jaise lagle ho..hehehe…”..(as all the white butter was spread around his lips and on nose)
“.. Tum..hash kyu le ho..bolo”.. He says narrowing his gaze and filling air in his mouth..”..

( all laughed watching the video..but one din..who was sitting hanging his head..” He is soooooo cute.. Damn cute yaar..”..twinkle said keeping her hands on Kunj’s arm..he looks at her with one eyebrow raised….let’s continue with the video..)

“..hmm..mujhe maloom hai..tumhe bhil Bebe ka makan..pachand hai na…main tumhe thola dedunga..pal kisi KO batana mat ..thilk  hai??”.. The baby boy said standing & forwarding some white butter..

Just then Usha enters laughing..
“.. Vo …vo ..maa..apko maloom hai? badmaach lalka naa…Bebe ka makan choli kalke lejaa laha  tha..deko.. Main apka stlong baby hoon naa..Maine mala..Phil je mala..aul saala makan vapas le liya..”..he said

” auule mera strong baby..very good”..Usha said laughing and lifting it up..

Out of the video-

Haha..all were laughing..
T:..hehehe…shooo  cute..yaar.. I feel to kiss him right now…and stretch his cheeks..damn cute ..he is the cutiest thief I have ever seen…too cute.. Lovely..

Y:..I feel you love this boy Twinkle.. You find him really very cute right..?

T:..yaar I seriously  love him..but who is this cutie?

Her words turned every face towards her…she looked at them with a questioning look..

Precap – To be continued…..


Hey guys…I am sorry for this short update and moreover for not completing the previous precap..and yes for no translations..

I have written the epi just because Bulbul requested..

Hope you liked it..

Those who missed do read

Our Love Story – Twinj love (part 7) –

Please comment today..

And I’ll post next time on 27th only..

Thanks to all those who commented on previous epi..

Love you loads..???????

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it and The Twinkle ignoring Jay vala part was awesome and the Kunj (small vala) eating makhan was also so sweet and cute Twinkle said she loved the baby and we all know its Kunj right
    That you for such a sweet episode loved it
    All the best for your exams 🙂

    1. Awsm…superb…

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Sidmin…yup he is..I knew all will’s easy for his fans like us??
      Moreover I showed Usha,Manohar, Anand and all so its quite obvious that he is Kunj but kya karain apni siyaapa Queen hai na Twinkle.. Toh vo toh siyape karegi hi..

  2. Baby

    oh my goodness lovely i 2 wanna kiss dis cute shaa boy
    bcz i no who he is he ishhhh rrr shwwet shhaaaa kunj awwwwww……….
    srsly my smile is nt taking a name to vanish hehehe bad translation i know i know welll
    meri khushi ka koi thikana nhi hai or chere par se ye smile jaane ka naam hi nhi le rhi
    oh god shoooooooooooo cute kunj jaaye was imagining sid srsly was imaging him haye he mst b badly blushing n dis twinkle hahhahaaa jab isse pta chlega ki yeh baby kunj hai toh ishka ka hoga hhahahhahahaa shoooooooooooo shooooooooo cute lubly lund it 2 d cole.aww…….
    mein toh sch mein apne baby wale mode mein chli gyi hun..hehhee
    yr fabulous dear so cute n luvly episode darlo u ryt fab adorable angelic cute………..
    cant w8 post nxt asap all d very best fr ur exams………………..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aww…baby even I wanna kiss this boy..hug this boy.. Do googly woogly woosh with this boy…keep this boy with me always…?????????????????
      But kya karu yaar…
      Meri khushkis madhumakhki aisi kahaan…sorry I know Main kushkismati KO yehi kehti hoon…hehehe..


  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi…..loved it….eagerly waiting for next part……

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank youuu puru

  4. Very cute epi… Kunj was chooo chweet and cute… Just loved him and the epi…

  5. Ranabulbul

    Alle meri cute shi
    Pyari shi lovely ….
    Tune meli bat bhi …
    Itni short se notice pe man li ….
    Awww sho sho sweet of u
    And the epi was damn cute
    Makhan wala chotu baby …oh my god kitnaaaa cute tha …uski cute wali baten…….I felt like kissing him….umm…stretching his chubby cheeks …..umm….play with him …..huh and wt not

    Is epi me cuteness overloaded thi
    I am smiling like a maniac now

    It was a epi just like u lovely
    And and jab tw ko pata chalega ki wo cute sa baby jisko wo kiss karna chahti hai wo kunj hai
    Then kya hoga
    Oh my god can’t wait for next and jay and kanchi will fall for each other I think
    Aacha good luck for ur exams
    I am sure u will rock them

    Bbye love u
    Hugs and kisses

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hmm…so firstly.. Pehli baar u asked Me to do smth 4 u ..soo…

      And mera bas chale toh yaar us baby boy KO lifetime apne paas Rakhu….yaaalll kitna cute hai vo….
      And ek secret batau??
      Twinkle ki wish poori hone wali hai..???
      Vo kya hai naa I love my story’s characters so unki wishes toh fulfill karni hi padti hai…
      And I don’t know about Jay & Kanchi …
      Unhi se poochna ya fir stay tuned..okay..

  6. The wallpaper which u have put is of which episode plzz tell me

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey kainaat..the wallpaper is I don’t remember exactly but its of the one just after Twinj. Confession.. When Kunj asked for first Kiss from Twinkle..

      Love you ??

  7. Angita

    Awww..meli princess…hope you’re not angry on me for not commenting??
    Episode was marvelous marvelous marvelous
    Kunj was shioooo cute yaar???
    And twinkles dialogue…………., ummmma
    Tooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood
    Funny too

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Na na angu..maim tujhe bilkul khafa nahi meri jaan..?.

      Thanks.. Kunj ki taraf se
      Thank u..Twinkle ki taraf se..
      And Thank uuuuuuuu meri taraf se?

  8. lovely…it was so cute…
    makhan remind me of krishna…hw cutee i hope its kunj only naa…loved it n post asap

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wwwwoooowwww….hw cute epi…kunj is so cute…awww…loved it…wow..
    love u..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks tammana…
      I am glad to see ur comment after sooooo many days…tum toh hame bhool hi gyi thi?

      Thanks for commenting..

  10. dreamer..arundhati

    Superb epi

  11. Kruti

    Omg that baby is shoooooo damn cute
    Superb epi shreya …loved it
    Will b eagerly waiting for d nxt one

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks.. And I hope I can end up your wait as fast as I can…


  12. Awesome dear…..:*:*:*:*:*

  13. Awesome dear…..:*:*:*:*:*……

  14. Manya

    See u told me I read it I read the whole series in One go ?loved it yaar ❤️???????❣?Kunj is so shy ????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aww…thanks dear…
      And abhi toh pehli baar Kunj had turned shyin my ff..varna mera hero ekdum dhamaka hai..(and yes I am Talking about Sidhant Gupta… Not naman shaw..Kunj change kar diya tha naa???)

      Hope I’ll cont reading & commenting further

      1. Manya

        Yaa I also like Sidhant Gupta only ?

      2. Jiya_Ani

        Then that’s well and good …always consider him only as Kunj even on TU page also..
        Bcoz he has made a special place in our hearts…

        Well thanks a lot 4 liking my ff

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…. Lovely episode …. Missed u lovely…????

  16. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely… This Rohan wala twist was good… None us expected that …. Good job

    1. Jiya_Ani

      And thanks again Rashi di but ..who Rohan…I think u r mistaken somewhere.. He is Jay Malhotra.. I hope ur confusion is cleared and yes….agar twist expected hota toh twist todhi na kehlata…haina!!!


  17. Romaisha

    That cute liddle boy is none other than kunj!!! Awwwww soooooooo cute!!!!
    Loved it yaar!
    Do post next one soon 🙂

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Yup…you got it correct!!
      He is Kunj…

      Thanks.. And I can’t post b4 27th..sorry.


  18. Shatakshi

    Awww I read the last part twice
    Awesome Shreya
    Ho sake to jaldi post karna

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks si..4 reading & 4 commenting.. Do baar padha ek aur baar pachti toh hattrick ho jaati????

      Par apne toh 2 hits main hi match meet liya



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