Yehi hai Ishq (episode 36)


Yehi hai Ishq (episode 36)

Before starting let me give a character sketch of Jay and Kanchi.

Kanchi (Jennifer Winget)- she is Kunj’s friend.. They are working together since Kunj started his business ..that is 3 yrs .
She is attracted towards Kunj a lot!!… And tries her best to Woo him. But Kunj is unaware of the fact that she has fallen for him.

Jay Malhotra (Kushal tandon)- Jay Malhotra.. The same jay who proposed Twinkle & misbehaved with her ..And Twinkle rejected him warning not to show her his face again..
He is a womanizer.. And only love female body… He still is lustful for Twinkle…
He has only just a fear of his father so that he can get all his property easily.. His and Dev’s father are college friends.


Kunj & Twinkle finds Kanchi standing in front..they felt awkward..Kunj stepped back saying “done..I hope it will not trouble you more..”..” Thanks.. “..Twinkle said..
K:..ya thank Goodness you came..varna is brainless KO akele jhelna padhta..(otherwise I would have to handle this brainless alone..)
He said going and holding Kanchi’s elbow and dragging her in the kitchen..
She said keeping her hands on her waist..
K:..are meri jaan[as friends ..said JAAN] tujhe nahi bola..main actually us ladki ki baat kar raha tha..Jo jabse mili hai..tabse saath rehti hai..and baat ye hai na..[ He moves in the kitchen.. Twinkle and Kanchi were listening to him… telling as if telling something very important]..uske paas brain HAI!!..but use nahi karti ..And Siyaappe karti rehti hai..uske siyaape mujhe jhelne padte hai..uff..
Ka:..But Kunj.. Vo hai kaun?
K:..arre..tumhe nahi pata??[points towards Twinkle]..

Twinkle nodded in NO tightening her lips and widening her eyes..
K:..Arre ..The only on earth.. The Great Siyaapaa Queen..

She said pressing her teeth..
K:..okay okay ..fine..
Ka:..who’s siyaapa Queen?

Kunj signalled her towards Twinkle.. And they both laugh..while Twinkle made a puppy face..and glared at Kunj…Kunj felt a bit bad but thought to rectify afterwards.. Not now.

They took their cakes out and quickly decorated their cakes..
Twinkle’s was a red velvet chocolate cake..(yummmm)

She decorated it like this-

(With red-white roses..on white fondant)

and Kunj’s was a chocolate fudge cake..

He decorated it as a professional bakery chef..with two birds on golden fondant..(aa haan)..

(I hope links post hue hain..)

Kanchi was working in hall on decorations.

T:..Kunj..(like a cute baby calls sb)
T:..who is the winner.. won.. is so have worked like a professional.. You won..
K:..No you won..
T:..No you won..
K:..Fine ..I Kunj Sarna won From The Twinkle Taneja!!!..(he teased her) no no ..let maa-papa decided who won in evening..
K:..your maa-papa or mine??
T: …uff..both of our maa-papas..okay..[but aisa toh pati patni main hota hai naa???????]

They completed..and came to hall..

K:..fine then only gifts are girls get ready fast.. We are going for shopping..

“Wooaaaawww..after all we got something enjoyable”.. Chirped both of them.. [Uff..pata nahi aisa kya hai shopping main..mujhe toh shopping bilkul nahi pasand ???]

They went to get Ready..
And after some time they came being ready..
Twinkle wore-

Twinj and Kanchi went to the shopping complex.

Next scene-


Jay got ready to leave for airport..he was carrying his bag..
He went into a dark room..he reached a wall and switched ON a small LED..which focused on a Big pic Of Twinkle…
“.. Baby..I know You are missing me..but don’t worry my s*xydoll..I am coming to make you mine…just let me finish up with that f**king marriage”..He said before kissing her pic..

Next scene..
In flight.. The air hostess came..
” May I help you? “..she asked..
“.. Hmm..well”.. He looked at her from top to bottom with his lusty eyes..” Actually I want to have something.. “..he continued winking..
The Air hostess passed a flirty smile..and went..
After some time when refreshments were provided.. Jay found a napkin with the name of a hotel and room number in Amritsar written on it…He smiled and looked at that air hostess.. Who was giving him sensuous looks.

Next scene-

Back to Amritsar..
” Fine..I want to buy jewelry for maa and aunty..and you both will choose for me”..Kunj said standing in front of ‘The Perfection’s Showroom..

“But we’ll not.. We don’t know if you’ll consider our choice.. I don’t feel we are good for this”.. They both said ..on which Kunj gave them an arching eyebrow look..saying
” and you both work as jewelry designers for my company.. Don’t make me feel that I’d done a wrong choice.. I very well know you girls’ intension.. You both want to shop for yourself first… But you’ll have to help me..”..
“And Twinkle.. You can do this for your mother but not mine!”.. He narrowed his gaze..
“.. C’mon Kunj..main apni maa ke liye karu ya tumhari maa ke liye.. Ek hi baat hai”.. (I do it for my mother or yours..its the same..) [Sajna ve plays in bg] They share a cute eyelock..

“Fine..we both will help you out Kunj”.. Kanchi rolled her eyes.

They entered.. Kanchi and Twinkle were selecting nice jewelry pieces for both the ladies..while Kunj was selecting something else..
Kanchi was done with selecting for Keele and Twinkle wished to take her Time to select for Usha..

” Ummm…Kanchi”..Kunj called her ..
“Yesss..”.. She readily headed towards him..

Kanchi’s POV-
I am so glad ..After much time..I can spend some moments with Kunj..
” How’s this?”..he asked me showing a beautiful indeed cute pearled bracelet with a pink heart and diamond…
[Have a look at it–]

. “Its just so pretty”.. I replied as I loved it..” You Liked it?”..he again inquired.. “Rather loved it”.. I said..” Fine then I’ll get this only.. Pack this..what’s it’s amount? “..he asked the shopkeeper..” can we take payment from you..everything here is yours only “..the shopkeeper said..” No..everything here is the hence formations of the innovative and smart work of the designers.. Only this 10 walled showroom is mine..”..he replied.. Oh my..he is so good at heart..I love him..and I am so excited.. He brought that bracelet for me!!!…wow..its like a dream coming true..
–POV ends

.”fine sir..its Rs.2,00,000″.. The shopkeeper said..

Kunj gave his debit card to pay for all the jewelry and took the packets… Returned with Twinkle and Kanchi as Twinkle was also done with her selections..

While in Car..
Kanchi and Twinkle were sitting on the back seat..

Kunj’s POV-

Really!!??.. I can’t believe this girl!!..agar aage front seat par baith jaati toh kaun sa main isse job se nikaal deta..Kyu??..kyu? Hota hai babaji mere saath aisa??..itni mushkil se saath time spend karne ka mauka mila..but madam peeche itra me baithi hain!.. I want to talk to her..laugh with her..know her..uff..her smile..[looks at HER?? from the mirror].. Her eyes.. Gosh!!

(I really can’t get this girl..if she would have sat on front seat that I wouldn’t have snatched her Job away..why My goodness.. Why?..this happens to me..after so much difficulty I got sometime to spend with her..but madam is sitting behind with all her attitude in her purse… I want to talk to her..laugh with her..know her..uff..her smile..[looks at HER?? from the mirror].. Her eyes.. Gosh!!)

–POV ends

Next scene-
In evening ..Jay enters the hotel room..a luxurious type one..
“Hey..where are you hottie?”.. He called out..just then he heards the sound of the door bolt locking..he turned and found the girl (air hostess).. Standing in a robe..she sensually moved towards him..and wrapped her arms around him..
“.. seem delicious..”.. He said pulling her towards him from her waist
“.. Are you here to talk?”.. She asked naughtily..
He smashed his lips on her heavily was biting her..
He opened her robe and fell on bed with her..and had a fierce make out with her..

After 3-4 hours..(its 8P.M)

He came out of the room.. And headed towards the Sarna’s Farmhouse…


Precap:- Twinkle’s reaction on seeing Jay…something extremely cute just like Kunj..and something with had not happened till in Yehi hai Ishq..
Stay tuned

How was it??

Do comment.. Now a Thing to be noticed..
First of all..I really don’t want to hurt the eternity of all those who are connected to Aviation and Hospitality… I showed of that air hostess just to show what type of evil devil resides in Jay..I from my heart really don’t want to hurt anyone..
So sorry if anyone is hurt..

And guys..I will try my best to post as much as I can post till 10th of September as after that my mains are starting.

And you all tell..I’ll either post Our Love Story -Twinj Love (part 7)..or an Os..

Do tell what you want next..

Please comment as you all are my support system..

Love you all??

-Shreya (Lovely)

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  1. SidMin

    Lovely Loved it The episode was so sweet the shopping vala part and the whose cake is the best vala part too Loved it and this Jay
    Loved the episode and please post both (try at least or just the next episode )
    Love you 🙂

  2. Oh cute shreyu I’m so glad DAT ur back!!!
    Awsm…..cute …sweet epi yaaar..and precap seems more intresting!!!!???
    I wud lyk u2 post our luv story!!I’m so excited for it!!! Even if its an OS I wud luv to read it!! updt sooon

  3. Mahi

    Lovely episode
    Is it their confectioner (don’t mind about spaling pls )
    waiting for the next one

  4. Baby

    oh god lovely amazing yr luvd it 2 d core
    oh god 2lakhs n dat stupid kanchi was thnking dat it was fr her hehehe
    yr osm n d bracelete was really pretty i m in luv wid dat bracelete
    n yr u cn post ur ff dis 1 or d obstancle in love wali ll bnb w8ing
    luvd it 2 d core amazing episode srsly
    wowwwowowowowowwwwwwwwwwww speechless n dis jay uff negative roll bt srsly using girls is sooooooo uuggghhhhhhhhhhhh……
    post nxt asap dear w8ing n all d best fr ur exams
    yeah u cn os also wtevr u ryt is fabulous i luv it all sooo
    w8ing dear luv u sis

  5. Ranabulbul

    Shreyuuuuu meri Jan
    I just wanna say that

    Chura liya hai tumne Jo dil ko ……nazar nhi churana ..Shreya ….badal ke meri tum zindagani …..kahin basal na Jana Shreya….
    Ota hai bahut hi bakwas gana tha but yr u wrote it so well and lucky u mere links kabhi post hi nhi vote and today epi was like ….ufff can’t express it by words

    And post soon plz plz

  6. Fan

    Awesome epi lovely!!..i loved it..i can’t wait to read the next part..plz post soon!

  7. U don't Worth it!!

    What the hell is this???
    You are just wasting your and our time with all the three of your bullshits..
    Stupid girl ..Just knows how to irritate others..and I can’t believe this you feel air hostesses are like this!!??..
    You are just f**king us with your damn..Time waste..I must say pack your bags and go away…I really don’t know.. Kahaan kahaan se chale aate hain!!!!

    1. SanamMel

      Oh namaste namaste bin bulaye mehmaan
      Kaise hai aap? Agar teek hai to accha hai. Agar nahi hai to tum jaiso Ko teek karna hamhe bohat acche se maalum hai.
      Apni zabaan na toda sambal ke baat kar. Varna tume apni hi zabaan mein jawaab dena padega. Ab krypya karke patli gali Se nikal Le beta
      Kahan kahan se Chale aate hain! !! Idiots

      1. U don't Worth it!!

        First of all..
        Shut Up…

        And make it clear that I am a girl and the pic you see as my dp is of my relative..I am not new to this Page..just I don’t want to tell you my identity.. And moreover.. Keep your mouths shut…
        I am not here to hear your bakwaas…and main kal fir comment karungi agar yeh ladki wise hi bakwaas likhti rahegi…
        If u love her so much really… Then tell her to back off and sit at home..writing uske bad ki baat nahi..

      2. Jiya_Ani

        Hey..first of all I want to thank you for not hiding your feeling and telling me what you feel..but I would prefer you to be polite from next time.. I accept all the criticism but not your ill words..You should have control on your words..I would have felt pleasure if you would have said the same in a sensible manner..and you find all my 3 ffs bullshit right.. Then either tell me whats there that you hate so much I would try to improve and satisfy you as a reader…and if you are so much hurt with that air hostess part then please go and recheck ..I had already apolozied for that and I don’t mean to hurt anybody..
        And yes remember one thing that I am not from the ones who knows only to pack bags and back off..I’ll show you ki main kahaan se aayi hoon ..kya cheez hoon aur kya kar sakti hoon..
        Just want to say..
        Mind your words from next time..

      3. SanamMel

        Who d hell r u to ask me to keep my mouth shut ha
        I don’t care whoever u r . Just take this in mind that If u don’t mind ur language that’s gonna be bad 4 u itself . Don’t u dare come up with ur bulshit comments again .
        No one is jobless like u to listen to ur bakwaas

    2. Shatakshi

      Aap bade ho iss liye dhang se baat kar rahi hu
      She is like my younger sis
      Its good to give ur opinion but manners naam ki bhi cheez hoti h
      She is just 14 and giving us her writing….ain’t that an Amazing thing
      I feel that u are hurt with that air hostess wala part….but its just a reel world no need to connect it with real world and drag the matter…
      N please improve ur English….becoz u r in need of it
      Hope u won’t give such words next time

      1. Shatakshi

        And one thing is clear….him jaha se bhi aati ho….aapke language se lagta h ki aapse to Chang ke jagaha se he aate hai
        Galiya mujhe bhi aati h but bade ho iss liye chod diya….
        But next time nahi chodundi

  8. U don't Worth it!!


  9. SanamMel

    Shreyu I just loooovvvveeed it. U r srsly an amazing writer and no one needs to prove it . Ignore the haters and move on . Waiting 4 do nxt 1. Luv u dear ♥♥♥♥

  10. Kruti

    Shreya superb epi it was i so loved that shopping part

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi….bt shocking precap …..eagerly waiting for next part…..

  12. Shatakshi

    Dekh shreyu
    Tere liye pichle 4 episodes padhne pade….how can I hurt my siso
    All were awesome
    Loved it to the core darling
    Aab to gussa chod de
    U know na that from last many days I missed many ffs
    But see I finally read and commented to
    Aur sirf good nahi….becoz its was more than Amazing
    Love u loads??❤❤

  13. Amazing……

  14. Excuse me who r u to say anything to my frnd … U better behave urslf …u r bigger it doesn’t mean that u will say anything to her or to anyone…

  15. Shreya098

    Wow kya awsome epi tha…
    That jewellery piece which kunj bought…..muje b chahiye……
    Its beautiful???????…

    Loooved the epi..???????

  16. Jisha

    Awesome episode…I agree with shreya…I too loved that jewellery piece…

  17. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing lovely n I loved it …..some r just jealous of u N doesn’t have guts to write an amazing ffs like u ….they can just say all sh** but don’t have guts to be like u …dear Keep continue n writing like this , rocking like this n show him that u r THE SHREYA n my lovely u dear …???

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