Yehi hai Ishq… (episode 33 & 34)

Yehi hai Ishq..(episode 33 & 34)

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Episode 32

Ab main sorry appeal karlu pehle..phir epi dungi theek hai?..theek hi hoga…aakhir aapko bhi toh pata chale ki main itni late kyu??

Toh pehle toh yaar..

Angita- meri jaan…apni princess ko maaf karde plej..we were talking and I didn’t replied.. But kya karu..I was downloading 15 songs while talking to you..and my internet pack got exhausted… I was helpless yaar…I felt sooooo guilty tumhe wait karaya..but an naa..hum shayad hi baat karenge..reason U’ll get to know soon..
Maaf kar diya naa??
Love you

And Sanjanadivya-..yaar tu badi sweet hai…and agar you are elder to me..toh..aap bade hi Pyare ho ji…so sorry to you too..I only suggested to talk..and Maine reply nahi kiya..but mera net khatam ho gya tha yaar…3 days before!…
Maaf kaldo mujhe pleaaaaaaaassseeeeee..
And keep loving me..and remember that
Lovely Loves you

And sayoo-…soooo sorry sayoo…abhi main kya karu..SA ki preparation uper se maa net pack bhi nahi dalwane derahi..bohot mushakkat me baad toh bad post kiya hai!..

Haan toh mere pyaare readers..I am writing a long epi..theek hai..and beech beech main bak bak karungi..iske 2 Karan hai-
1- that you all will not feel bored..
2-…main itni der tak chup nahi reh sakti..???

Ab aap log kahoge ke bak bak karni start ki to ask sorry..and to tell the reason for being late..and bata hi nahi rahi…
So my dears…Baki baatain epi main…chalega…

Toh chala lo..main toh kehti hoon dauda lo yaar..
Cahlo Main zyaada abhi nahi bolungi..okay..
But yaar..ek baat bolu kya??
Bol hi deti hoon

On the recent TEI track ..guys I feel ZAIN IMAM is ROCKING!!.. I just had a glance on zee tv and saw him playing jassi…yaar…he is too good at his skills..?????????????
What say?
Haan ek baat aur..links toh TU me upload nahi kiye..that’s why ..

Twinkle is wearing a white laced top along with a
Chalo ab baaki baad main pakaungi..epi lelo-???

Kya …Recap??.. Chahiye???
Toh lelo..main zyaada footage nahi khaati…you all know right!!…??????

Recap- Twinkle and Kunj after some cute moments..reach to Sarna’s farmhouse at the outskirts of the city of Amritsar..making all of us damn confused because of the reason behind…(do remember that the weather is stormy and it’s dusk..still a few minutes for sunrise)
They plan to start to do some work..Kunj leaves and after few mins..Twinkle hears his painful voice calling her…

Epi- 33 & 34

….”Tw….Twinkle… “..
” Kunj”..Twinkle said being too scared and worried..
She ran following the voice …it was all dark around.. But nothing was mattering her more than the fact that Kunj is in some.. trouble..
Following the voice she reached the terrace.. Wind was blowing as if it will blow everything around.. Twinkle stood at the entrance with glassy eyes.. Her eyes fell on Kunj standing.. Facing his back….
He turned ..and she ran to him and hugged him tight.. (Sajna ve).. Making him surprised..(the weather lightened as if it also din wanted to interrupt..
T:…Kunj …all this is so scaring
(She said releasing)….
Kunj started laughing.. (Mujhe toh lagta hai pagal ho gya!..kahin sar par chot to nahi lag gyi!!!??)

K:…haha..I never knew that you are so scared of darkness..I just sprinkled some of my acting skills and you…hahaha.. (But stops seeing her teary eyes)
T:..What do you think of yourself??.. you think I was scared of this darkness.. Sach toh ye hai ki mujhe is baat se zyaada darr lagta hai ki kahin tumhe kuch….lekin tum..(the fact is ..that the thought that if something happens to you then…horrifies me more..but you)..

She turns her head..Kunj felt bad..just then hamaare smarty ke super fast brain main ek dhamaake daar idea aaya to set her mood…

..she din replied.. He made her face towards the east (the other side)..
She was astonished to see the sight..

The beautiful rising Sun..with its redness and beauty exaggerating the whole sky..and the Sun was wearing a stunning necklace ..a seven coloured rainbow..
Her frown turned into a cute and adoring smile..her glassy eyes were sparkling.. Now..
“Wow”.. She breathed..Holding his arm with her one hand..lightly..unknowingly in excitement….
” sorry “..he whispered..
” fine..”..she forgave..

They enjoyed the sunrise moment.. Listening to the chirping of birds..

Next scene-
Its 8 a.m.
Twinkle is sitting on sofa in hall..sketching on a pad..(designs bana rahi hai yaar)…
Kunj passes her working on his reversible bendable laptop..(keeping it on his arm)..

K:..Twinkle.. After this..U will tc of food and I will Take care of decorations.. Are you okay with it?
T:..But kunj mujhe Cooking aati toh hai nahi..(but Kunj I don’t know cooking!)
K:..uff..You don’t have to just need to check their taste.. After they deliver it here…now don’t say that you don’t know eating or tasting!!

T:..that way!…no problem..

K:..Vaise agar tujhe cooking nahi aati toh vo halwa..and those critters??.. Vo kya tere bhoot ne banaye the??..(If you don’t know cooking then were that Critters and that halwa made by your ghost??)

T:..are nahi..5 months back gurudware main ek aunty aya karti thi..unhone mujhe prashaad banana sikhaya tha jab main unki help karti thi…and vo critters.. Vo toh YouTube par se seekha tha!!??
(No..5months back a lady used to come to gurudware daily.. She taught me to prepare halwa when I used to help her..and I made those critters by following YouTube..) I know.. Tujhe cooking ka surf C aata hai..vo bhi theek se nahi..

A sound came..Kunj looked around.. To detect the sonorous.. He looked at Twinkle She was sitting with a hanging head..
K:..what happened?

Bak Bak time!!

Toh pehle..
All my readers and to all those who commented…
Guys I din replied the comments of unregistered members coz apko kaise pata chalta ki Maine reply kiya..
Sorry if any of you felt bad..
But really Thank youuuuuu soooooo much..
TwinjFan tamanna-..thanks for commenting yaar..keep commenting.. But after so much of wait..Sid ka performance dekhne mila..AWESOME???!! you

Maggi di- …thank youuuu ..thank you soon much for commenting.. Live you..???

Thanks to all for commenting on my friendsip’s day post..

And yaar..mere naa preSA shuru hone wale hain and then SA…so I am busy with my studies.. Sooo..
I am going on a long break…. Till my exams get finished.. So sorry..I would rarely be active on sorry to all the writers if I don’t comment..Main naam lele kar bata toh sakti hoon..jaise..

Happiness:.. khushi di..amazing yaar..hats off..and pata hai apki family me baare main padhkar bohot acha laga mujhe.. I have 2 sisters dono hi choti hai mujhse..apka concept of not sharing parents is true..kyunki main jaanti hoon..Jab in dono KO mujhe zyaada attention di jaati hai..ya kabhi kabhi toh mujhe attention hi nahi mera dukhda chodo..and Kunj planning against Twinkle!!… muuaaaahhhh..

Ria di:..sorry haan..abhi tak maine apki post padhi nahi..time milte hi pakka padhungi..plomish…..aisa main nahi kahungi…don’t worry…Toooo good ..cont. When you get time…after all. 11…

Saby di:thanks for being back…bad zyaada nahi..varna epi Dena bhool jaungi…love you..

And Jisha Di:…awwwwwwwww…main phir se Mausi!!..hehe..I am so so so so so happy for you..ab chotu so aamu ..Didi ban jayegi..and ek badi Didi hona kitni achi feeling hai I am very well aware of that…bas fark itna hai ki use ek sweet si cute si sis/bro milega but main do do jungli billiyon ki Didi hoon…but dono kehti hain ki un se zyaada badmaash hoon..
Congratulations.. And take care of your health..and thanks after all main do baar Mausi bani!??..and dono baar aap hi be banaya…haaayeee…main vari jaavan…muuuaaaaaaah..

Bulbul:..Aap mujhse bade ho!? bhi I will call u bulbul only vanshu…and main samajh sakti hoon..speech likhne main kitna sar khapta hai…main bhi epi me bad vahi likhungi!…
Take ur time yaar…….

But agar sabke posts ki taareef main aise hi karungi toh epi kab dungi..

Isiliye… You all are going damn good….

I will soon post an episode of my other two ffs also..After that No TU for a Month!..

Difficult hai but I will do this..

T:..are I am feeling hungry yaar..
K:..was that monster you stomach?
Twinkle just made a cute pout and looked at him like a baby..
K:..okay okay.. I let me cook something.. will cook? you want to?..
T:..I can’t!…but you..
K:..No fear when Chef Kunj is here..I know Cooking miss..just order..

He said keeping the laptop aside..

T:..whatever you wish..What about noodles??
K:..No ways..Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.. So it should be healthy..Because it gives ener…
T:…Ookkaay okay..fine..,Make whatever you feel..HEALTHY and GOOD..

Kunj leaves and after sometime He comes wearing a blue-white checked aphron,..with a tray …

Twinkle was surprised to see..
Peanut-Jelly sandwiches, a bowl of salad and berries like strawberry , raspberry and blackcurrant with chocolate sprinkled on them…with juice..

T:..OMG! no ..taaref ki zaroorat nahi..khale warna tera chotu monster bhook se bada ho gya aur mujhe kha gya toh mera kya hoga!!..(No no..I don’t want to get appreciation.. First you have it otherwise your tummy’s monster will grow and eat me up.)
T:..haha..shut up…why would I appreciate you??..I can see how much you have COOKED here…Let me have..I am feeling sooooooo hungry…
K:..whatever…let’s start..mujhe bhi bohot bhuk lagi hai..(even I am really very hungry )
T:..owm..Kunj why aren’t you eating sandwiches?..
K:.. I am fine with salad..I mostly have salad in breakfast…and moreover..Because I am allergic to nuts….
T:..hehe…which sandwich has nuts?
K:..peanut butter sandwiches.. If you remember.. Peanut is a kind of nut..
T:..hmm..udao udao..ek din main bhi udaungi…
T:..tumhare tote..phurrrrr…(no translations yaar..iska maza Hindi mai hi hai..)

They had bf..continuing their cute fights..


Precap:..I was thinking… Ummm..what about a cute Kitchen fight!!!!….some coups and plans on the way!..let’s see who is behind all the mishappenings..and saari confusion next epi main solve…(try karungi)..
And some excitement ahead..

And jin logo KO …Hum tum ek kamre main band ho…aur chabi kho jaaye wala Romance chahiye.. Toh sabra rakhe..kyunki.. Chabi khoye na khoye..Intezaar ka fal intense wala romance hoga…okay..pehle shaadi to karane do yaar..main itni besharm toh hu nahi..

I know thoda confusing hai…but keep Reading.. And trust me yaar..

Haan .toh bak bak continue yaar..ek toh itne din baad samne aayi hoon..uper se adat se majboor..sanse aur batein dono parallel chalti hain..
Are sans se yaad aaya…Kya??
Kaun sa??
Ab tak toh guess kar hi liya hoga..
Sans main Teri sans mili toh
Mujhe sans aayi….
Got it..hmm??
So ab TU pe aur apni bestfriend me samne hi toh yehi keh paati

Yaar Sidhant was looking damn HOT while dancing.. And his krumps and pops…muuah..bhoom chik bhoom chik bhoom
..machadi yaar DHOOM…
Ek song for my superhero..

Nazar Jo Teri laagi main deewani ho gyi..
Deewani haan deewani …ho gyi..
Mashoor TU pe mere Ishq ki kahaani ho gyi..
Jab maine hi maani ..toh Maine hi thaani..
Ghar pe baithi thi aur TU tak chali aayi..
Kehete hain ye Shreyani.. Mastaani Ho gyi..
Deewani ha Deewani …mastaani ho gyi!!??????????

Wish me LUCKS..

Love youuuuuu allllllllllllll??????

I will see you all soon

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  1. Very nice shreya di..lovednit..plzz post next epi asap..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Jassu..and darlo..please.. Main sabki baby doll, princess , Siyappa princess , jaan , darling , cutie , lovely and all hoon..yaar TU mujhe kuch bhi bula…bad di mat bol yaar..okay..We are friends right!!..???????..
      Love you

  2. hahahahahahahahaha . was that a epi written by u or a comedy show . mera bhi ek hi haal hain . ab to friends bhi sid ki kahani nehi sunta . bolta hain ki mera dimag ka intelligence ki scrue khul gayi aur sid scrue se replace ho gayi

  3. Kruti

    Amazing epi shreya
    All d bezt for ur SA’s?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you sooooo much Kruti di..
      Love you??

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing cute fabulous epi……

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks puru

  5. Soo sweet lovely!!!

  6. Superb epi

  7. Baby

    hey ppyaari si meri lovely luv u yr shreya u r amazing all d besat fr ur SA
    osm episode speechless n d song fr sid amazing luv him srsly he was luking so hot as always kya dance kia n ab voh i saw dat 10 sec mein jaqueline ko usne flirt kia n usne usse hug kia oh my god all d best n post nxt asap dear luv u

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks …thank youuuu my darlo babes..
      And I really want to see him flirting in 10 sec..may be I’ll get to see him on the coming Saturday..
      I just Love him..
      Love you??

  8. Ranabulbul

    Lovely ji AGR app choti hain to him bhi usi u.ra ke ho hate hain

    And ur epi kitne wait jarwaya but u know sabra ka fal mitha types and meri sp3ech to mast hui or tumhari ji

    Or episode to has lajawab tha
    And u are the one of few jinki back back me padha leti hoon and dont get confused ok I am the same bulbul

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Ohho..meri jaan..Maine toh baa pata kiya ki aap…tum mujhse bad I ho..but aap main Parle G hoon kya Jo tum baar baar ji ji laga rakha hain..
      Vaise meri speech… was a debate but not a competition!.. So my English teacher suggest that bekaar debate main leke kya Karna hai?..better take part in Quiz..and meri current affairs par knowledge bhi acchi hai..agar koi occasion ya competition hota toh main participate karti…
      But that’s just time waste! dropped that idea..
      And meri bak bak padhne me liye dhanyavaad..
      And I know aapaap??? TU ki bulbul hi hoho
      Love you??

  9. Fan


    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks fan..ek request karu kya??

      Kar deti hoon..kabhi kabhi long comments de diya Karo yaar..??
      I know I am being greedy but you don’t be stingy..fine..
      Love youuuu..and thanks for being a regular commentor..always.??

      1. Fan

        Lol..i will try..

  10. Angita

    Hawwwww… know how happy I was to see you posting….jumping kinda..Aur plsh plsh plsh come back after one month na….varna meh tujhe boath miss karengi……you don’t nerd to ask forgiveness from me yaar…..anyways forgiven? Aur haan a new name for you song ki princess….don’t worry it happens to me to….Aur Teri episode was a total blockbuster…….loved it shooo much…haan….study well princess….and Sid he was so hot and his dancing….muahhh….your song was extremely cute …okay buhbye….all the best of the best

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks meri angu..and I hope jump kar kar me bed nahi toda..sorry for making you wait sorry me liye mana kiya hai..toh bhai maaf toh tune kar hi diya hoga.. And ek aur naam ke liye aapka bohot bohot thanks.. Vaise tum mujhe clear bata do kaun sa naam final karu??..
      and chinta ni Karna..I am already prepared for my exams.. Abhi toh pre me liye bhi 13 days hain..

      1. Angita

        Aashu ki princess??…or anything you wish…you fan final that name…I can never break a bed with my twin watching me every second…like a dettectice or smthing
        Love you



  12. Adina

    Uff mu god the epi was juat suuuuppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrbbbbb ..cant tell u …and about r sid iam totally craY like u hes just had became my world ..UFFFF MY GOD his looks ..his acting are just totally realistic …uff my god one day he will kill me with his looks and especially that ONE EYEBROW UP WALA LOOK

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Adinaaaa…I think for the 1st time u have commented on my ff…thank youuuu 4 breaking ur silence..and Much bhi ho..Sidhant a serial Killer yaar???
      I love him like anything..??????????????????????????

      And I love you too yaar..keep commenting

      1. Adina

        Yeah u r right i was a silent reader till now but u broke this silence by writing of sidhant in it ….i just love him m just totallly maaad about him and have u heard that he is sooon going to b eliminated from jdj

  13. Sayeeda

    What a episode Shreyoooo… Phadd dala yr tune…. Ek dum super duper rapchick wala episode tha…. Maza agaya….
    I was thinking for a romantic scene’s but I will wait as u promised to show it after sometime…..

    Nd finally ur ending song…. Ek dum fit hai TU ke liye…. TU wale bhi aaj shy feel kr rhe honge apne liye itna accha song padhke….

    How’s ur health dear…
    All the best for ur exams ?…
    Love u mm ???

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Ohho..sayoo..I am better se bhi acchi now..and thank you soooooo much….vaise vo song Sidhant sir me liye tha!!..unhi ki deewangi toh mujhe TU tak me aayi!..
      And romance.. Vo chahiye toh mera doosra ff hai naa..and idhar bhi..just a few episodes more and twinj KO pata chal jaayega ki Jo unke saath ho raha hai..vahi hai Ishq..After all..Yehi hai Ishq!..

  14. Shreya098

    Wow yr epi was amazing…

    I just love ur bak-bak

    And ur ending song….. Wow maja aaa gya

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Shreya..

  15. Aաsʍ ɛքɨ ʏaaaaaʀ ….ʟʊʋɖ ɨt……….?????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Awwww…meri jaan..mera toh poor a ff hi comedy show hai…and main toh Apni best friend KO hamesha sid gathayein sunati rehti hoon.. Aur vo sunti hai kyunki nahi sunegi toh……..?????????????
      Thanks for comment

  16. Sanjanadivya

    hey lovely i wonot forgive coz u doesnot know d rules of frndzship let me say in frndzship no thanks & no sry if say sry also i wonot take it coz ur my frnd not only frnd but dearest best frnd here after no sry to ur sanju ok love u toooooooooooooooooooo much loved ur ff soooooooooooooooooo much as i love u & i know that u love me so here after no need 2 mention dat dear im 15 if sep comes then im 16 so u itself decide im ur younger or elder sister dear sry if i crossed my limits in writing comments or to irritate u by dis stupid talks no sry dear sry wapas

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was so cute shreya…the tummy monster one was so cute dailouge…n song was so nice…it was just an amazing episode..

  18. Jisha

    Super duper episode… wow…
    N song for Sidhant was ultimate…???

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