Yehi hai Ishq… (episode 32)

Yehi hai Ishq (Episode 32)

If you missed the last episode-

Episode 31

Aaj bak bak karni hai..sunlo please…
Kya karu today is Saturday.. My favorite day of the week..not because
Next is Sunday…or not because
I get time to read but because..

Today Jhalak gets telecasted yaar…I am so excited to watch him once again.. Vaise today Gaurav Gera will be eliminated and in next epi..The Twin sisters Poonam and Priyanka will be eliminated ..Helly Shah and Shakti Arora will be also in Bottom three next week….
So the point is Sidhant sir is safe…
But actually not coz he got injured on his elbow while practicing a stunt… Hope he gets well soon….and agar ye epi Sunday KO post hua ho..toh remember that I started to write in on Saturday …isiliye stupid wali bakbak…start toh morning main kiya pata nahi kab khatam karungi aur kab post..??

Sidhanshi- thank youuuuuu

Dreamer…arundhati- thanks you too..

Guys sorry for the inconvenience in the last post..Links were not posted..
So now Kunj is wearing –

And Twinkle is wearing –

Now Epi-

Twinj are in car..Kunj was driving and Twinkle was sitting …it was dripping around.. And twinkle opened the window letting her hair fly and the raindrops kiss her..Kunj for once looked at her and was just looking at her..she turned and he suddenly turned not letting her know.. She wiped her face…
K:..Open the dashboard.. There is something for you…
T:..ohho..why this??
She opened and found a basket full of chocolates..
K:..Happy Friendships day…
T:..awww..wowww..thank youu..Happy friendships day..
kunj smiled.

K: There is something more..

She kept it aside and again checked and found a box in which two chocolate muffins were kept..with a small piping bag filled with vanilla cream.

T:..yummm..I am gonna it..

She piped cream on one and took a bite..

K:..Do hai naa..akele kha rahi hai….that’s why you are so fat..TIMTIM..(Now I know why you are so fat)..

He said filling air in his mouth..

T:..haww…I am not fat get that…and my name is Twinkle.. Twinkle Taneja..
K:..yes yes..I totally agree…(giggles)
T: I thought to share it with you but you…Jao ..

She faked anger..But piped cream on another one and offered it to him …
T:..Taras kha kar de rahi hoon..(I am having pity on you)
K:..Oh ..ji shukriya (Thank you so much..)..but my hands are busy.. problem..
She made him have it..and while doing that some cream was screwed on his nose..
K:Twinkle wipe this… Please..

He asked while Twinkle was busy laughing.. She quickly took out her cell and ..
Clie Click click..
She took his pics..while he tried not to let her do so..and pics were obviously very funny… She wiped it laughing..

K:..Mera bhi time aayega ..(my time will also come)..then I will laugh on you…

They reached …
It was a big bungalow.. Which was actually a farmhouse sorrounded with greenery and forests and orchards..away from the city.. (The time is 5 in the morning.. still 15 mins to let the sun rise)..Twinkle was so excited to reach there..

They both entered ..Kunj switched on the lights.. be here..main luggage rakh kar aata hoon upar..then we will start our work..

T:..yup.. Okay..

Kunj went..and now it has been 10 mins after he went..

Wind started to blew..Heavy rainfall could be heard.. And thunders..(vooooo…ekdum filmy atmosphere).. Just then electric current went off..making twinkle scared a bit as she is an achluphobiac…just then she heard a voice in pain..


” KUNJJJJJJ..”..she shouted..


Helllloooooo girls..

So sorry for short update but I am seriously very busy with my studies….
I started to write this on Saturday morning but something or the other happened and am able yo complete it now on Sunday morning..!!!

So how was it??..
Do tell in comments..
I din did any extra cute talks coz Mann nahi hai yaar..I was not in mood to even write but wrote..
Hope you understand..
But remember.. Some excitements and on the way …

Stay tuned..

Love you all


  1. Bulbul23


    |Registered Member

    Loved it lovely
    So so much
    Happy friendship day dear
    Can I know how old r u
    But awesome episode
    And post when u r comfortable

  2. Angita


    |Registered Member

    Loved it shreyuuu
    So sweet…as sweet as you dear
    Love you
    Chocolates and roses from my side to you dear

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazinggggggggggg episode Shreyoo jaan…. Maza agaya….

    Specially car scene… Where kunj gifted chocolates to Twinkle…. Loved it toooo cute yrr 😄

    I think next update will be full of Twinj romantic scene’s….. U know na hum tum ek ghar main ho r light chali jaye 💗💞

    Loved it…. Love u..

    • Jiya_Ani



      Aaya naa..Main likhti hi isliye hoon ki taaki maza aaye..
      Well let’s see if ur guess goes right or not..kyunki End main the voice was painful ..Kahin Kunj ka murder ho raha ho toh!!!

      Stay tuned..
      Love you

  4. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode yaaar..
    And twinj ki nok-jhok on air…
    Loved it… I wish uski vo funny pic mil jati muje…😉 jk
    Sayuu… K satg same wali pinch… I too hoping it the next epi to b a one…😍

  5. twinjfan (tamanna)

    awesome shreya n happy friendship day again…aur kal mai bhi exited thi lekin unhone sid ka dance dikayahi nahi…I was so angry…ab next saturday thak wait karna padega…

  6. Bhumika12


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode ………my lovely ……u r too gud…….Amazing …..uff chocolates …….loved that scenes… u

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