Yehi hai Ishq… (episode 31)

Yehi hai Ishq…..(Episode 31)

Helooooooo..I am posting this one first kyunki ruka nahi jaa raha..

Chandra-..Thank youuuuuu..and feeling bad for you..aww..thanks for sharing your dukh with me…sho take care of your best friend.

Sidhanshi…- Dear thank you so much for commenting.

See guys I am not posting Our Love story-Twinj..I’ll post it in 3 days..plomish..
and ATOOAL..will post that soon..

Now Yehi hai Ishq-
Epi 31

Kunj was wandering around her room waiting for her ..her words.. “.uski naa smile bohot pyaari hai..hamesha usko happy happy smiley smiley rakhna…..”…Apna Hot Chocolate”…
Reminiscing all about her a cute smile captured his lips..
He is wearing this

(Ishq Bulava Plays in BG)


Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere…


Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
Tainu takda rawaan


Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di
Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di

Song stops..when Kunj sees the time 3:30

K: So Gyi kya?..(Are you sleeping?) he asked her
T:..Kunj..I am not!..
K:..Then come fast yaar..
T:..I am here ..

Listening this Kunj turns and was stunned to see her..
Twinkle was drying her hair from a hair dryer.. Her flying wet hair were mesmerizing him..

she was wearing
Looking damn cute..Kunj was just looking at her…

Kunj’s POV-

God this girl…she dried her hair and tied them in a braid leaving all her open..her braid was like a crown…what??!..I don’t know what these girls call these types of hairstyles…may be a crown braid!. (Same as in pic)..she wore her pearl earrings  and excitedly came to me..” Let’s move..”..She said..”Don’t get So much excited and where’s your bag?..She patted her head with a tounge out..”Sorry..just a minute “..she said before bringing two big trolley bags..hey bhagwan.. She handed them to me..and passed a 440 volt wali smile showing her 32 teeth..” What’s this??”..I asked..”Dikhayi nahi deta ..Bag hain..(can’t you see..they are bags) “..she replied..” Tere akele ke?(of your alone?) “..” Yes ..any problem “..I got the reply of my question.. ” yours??!..itne chote  aur patle tops and Teri ye skirts kitna space leti hai? (How much space do Your short   thin tops and these skirts take?”..I asked..”Oh God!..I have a variety of tops and skirts..Like for tops-
Kal, Kaftaan, crop-top,babydoll….
And for skirts –
A-Line, High-low , C-cut..”..she took all those names Jo shayad Maine kabhi sune nahi..and look at the funny part..I own a Designer company!!.. May be in college while sketching I used to know their names but not now…
POV ends

Kunj was engrossed in some thoughts when Twinkle shook him..
T:..Oye Thoughtful Sarna..Where are you lost?
K:…Nothing let’s go..its just that it will be difficult to get both the bags down..
T:..then I have an Idea..
K: Idea??!!!!..Should I get my ears checked??.. I Donno why I am hearing the word I-D-E-A from your mouth…(he said teasing her)
T:..hehehe..hahaha..very funny maza agya..(faking laugh)…
K:..Okay okay..tell me the Idea..
T:..My one bag Mahi can bring..
K:..Did you had almonds yesterday before sleep??..
T:..Too good..what a sense of humour you have?
K:..oh God..Okay..tell which one we should take with?
T:..Blue one..Will we go from balcony?? you wanna go through door?
T:..No..leave it..I am so excited.

In Balcony.
Chae  chae Chae  chae..Someone is fighting.. Hey God..why are these two Fighting??

K:Twinkle I said na…main..
T: Kunj main..pehle main jaungi..
K:..give me a reason for that..
T:..ummm..(keeping finger on her chin)..mmmmmm…mmmmmm..
K:..itna pressure mat daal tera brain fat jaayega..I am going down first taking agar to disbalance ho Jaye toh main tujhe pakad lun..
(Don’t put so much pressure on ur will burst..I am going down first so that if you get disbalanced ..I can hold you)
T:..fine..(making faces)
He slowy tries to put the bags down on ground so that they don’t make any noise..

Twinkle looks around.. Its all cloudy and as if storm is on the way..thunders and winds…

T:..Kunj..(being Jolly and excited)
T:..tumne 8th standard main vo poem padhi thi??..Lord Ullin’s daughter?
K:..that one ..about two lovers?..I don’t remember!
T:..hehe..but you remembered that its about lovers!!..good..
K:..come to the point Twinkle.. (Still busy in somehow managing her bag to keep it down.)
T:..the point is..In that ballad..Do pyaar main doobe baaghi aahiq..bhaag gye such a stormy weather….. Hamari situation bhi kuch aisi hi nahi hai?…Main Lord Ullin’s beautiful daughter…. Tum Ulva’s isle ke handsome cheiftain…and hum dono bhaag kar shaadi karenge that too in such a barbarous.. Brutal night…How Romantic it is!.. (Entwines her hands and keeps them under her chin tilting her head)..

(Two lovers eloped from The daughter’s father in a stormy weather.. Even our situation is like that only.. I the Beautiful daughter of Lord Ullin and You the Handsome chieftain Of Ulva’s isle.. And we both are going to marry eo eloping that too in such a barbarous and brutal night…How romantic it is! )

K:..How Dramatic that is!!..
T:..Kunj you are not at all romantic.

Twinkle’s POV-

Why ??..why do I speak rubbish.. I could see him coming close.. Closer…
I was stepping back..and shit..this wall ..I got stopped..” Do you want me to get romantic? “..he said resting one his hand on the wall..I widened my eyes.. I could see a smiling kunj…He started approaching closer…God ! …why are they flying?..what I am talking about butterflies in my stomach!.. I closed my eyes.. But why am I not protesting..??

Twinkle Opened her one eye to look at him..and found him standing back controlling his laughter… And seeing her doing that..He started laughing his heart out holding his stomach.. And Twinkle’s jaws dropped…!!..
She started beating him continuously on his chest and shoulder like cycle paddles her hands were too paddling!!
K:..haha..acha acha sorry..I will not repeat it again…let’s move I am going down and then you too come.
T:..okay..(anger..but cute wala)

He went down and now was Twinkle’s turn..
K:..I hope you aren’t afraid..
T:..Don’t worry bunny.. Just wait and watch..

She came down with ease..

K:..ohho..I thought like most of the girls …you are ‘main gir gyi toh ‘ types..(what if I fall)
T:..experience matters!!..
T:..yup..In childhood when I used to get sick tab matches ke liye..I used to go like this only…
T:..nahi toh kya lifetime yahin rehna hai??..follow me..(or wanted to stay here for lifetime?)

And she headed towards his car with full on attitude.
K:..Hay bhagwan!!!.. (He patted his Head)

He took his and her bag and followed her…

So everyone meri reports aa gyi I am suffering from starting stage of Anemia..

and how was the epi??..
And Any guesses ye sab ho kya raha hai??..
Do tell..Am I confusing you all??..

Chalo Love you..allll..
Throw comments plzzzzzzzz..

Keep smiling


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  1. Superb,,, awesome,,, amazing episode… Loved it…

  2. Mahi

    Hey lovely nice episode yar
    I know u like my bak bak but I can’t do it every day
    BTW nice today u r on time not bed

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aww..koi ni..thanks for commenting.. And Donno when next time I’ll be on time??!!..hehe
      Thank you

  3. Shreya it’s awesome but cant understand dat y they r eloping…. I am confused plz help me out???

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank youuu chehak.. And don’t worry Kuch confusions time ke saath clear ho jaati hain..
      Keep commenting please

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Ye links bhi clickable nahi..Chalo.
    Kunj is wearing a black blazer with white T-shirt and jeans .
    And Twinkle is wearing a blue high low tee-length skirt and white lace top.

  5. Kruti

    Shreyaaaaaaa…….this tym correct name 😉
    U also have that poem lord ullin’s daughter……..I studied that 4yrs ago but I still remember it coz of my Hitler teacher once I had not done some homework so she punished me and made me write d summary some 5 times and made me explain it in d class…….I can never forget that poem ……..okk enough of my bakbak don’t mind pls I’m like this only I can’t keep anything in my stomach if I remember something from past or I get to know something……..sorry han pakka rahi hun
    OK……coming to d epi it was amazing that part where kunj was looking at twinkle’s pics ……I loved it
    Don’t know what’s coming up nxt for us but I’m pretty sure its gonna be better than d best coz dimaagh hai to meet choti si shreyu ka na

    Love u loads♥♥♥♥…….keep smiling:-)

    1. Jiya_Ani

      You know di it feels always very nice when you share moments from ur past with me..I really like the moments.. And aap bilkul nahi pakate.. Do as much as bak bak whenever you feel with me..
      And thank youuuuuu ..and true whatever the next may be it will be better than the best..after all brain mera Jo hai!!..???
      Love you

  6. Angita

    Am I dreaming???
    Such a amazing and cute one

    1. Jiya_Ani

      No angu you are not …thank youuuuuu

  7. Sayeeda

    Shreyoooo my sis ….loved ur episode so much …it was too cute especially song part nd Kunj’s POV …

    Today I won’t get tensed nor let u to get tensed as I know u r strong girl …tum bimari ki chutti krdogi ….
    My words will always strengthen u ..

    Keep smiling ….get well soon …
    Sorry for the short comment what to do I’m so busy right now ..
    love u

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Pehle toh your comment is not short!.. Hehe and thanks and bimari KO toh football ki tarah kick kar ke maidaan ke bahar bhej dungi!..
      Love you

  8. Bulbul23

    So so so so cute and awesome episode yr loved it so so much yr kya likhti ho han

    And the.poem I have a drastic experience in my class while reading this poem but great episode and post soon

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks bulbul…thank youuu..and I feel mujhe chod kar sabke saath is poem se related drastic experiences hain..mera toh amazing incident hai..!!..
      Keep commenting love you

  9. Baby

    hey lovely oh god apne aisa kun kia itni lovely si pyari si meri bhn ke sath i ll prey shreya fr u i hp everything bcms f9 n ur reports get rong or else i ll pray to babaji ki voh sb kuch thik krde or tume jldi se khub sara irom dede haha apple wala nt steel n iron love u yr take care n d episod was really very cute luvd it to d core jldi post krna

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Awww thanks babes..aise hi pyaar karti raho main fatafat theek ho jaungi..don’t worry..Love ypu

  10. Ridhima

    Awesome loved it soo much

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Are my kya har baar ek hi comment!.. Jab comment karti ho bas ek hi baat..”Awesome Loved it so much”!..koi ni..hehe..
      Keep commenting..
      Love you sweetheart???

  11. dreamer..arundhati

    Shreyu lovely epi….osum…plz take care and get well soon…luv u dear

  12. Fan

    Awesome epi..btw we had that poem in 9th class but i still remember it..awesome comparison of the situation

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Fan..actually I read that poem in 8th and its in 9th I wrote about In 8th..
      Thank you

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….& take care

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Puruuu..

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