Yehi hai Ishq… (episode 30)

Yehi hai ishq …(Episode 30)

tu Ru tu tu tu..tana na na naaa..tu Ru tu..param pa pa last I reached 30th epi..silver jubilee se 30th epi tak bohot time liya na Maine….
Par at least I reached!!..
So my dear readers if you missed any of these

Yehi hai ishq (epi 27,28&29)-

Our Love Story (Part3) –

A Day at school – Twinj OS-

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Thanks to alllllllllll for commenting and keep supporting me guys…
And Due to Exams as You all know ..I am late..

Love you allll…
So to the epi…

Naa..Link de diya naa..padh Lena..I am in a hurry???

So here we start –

A shadow is visible in Twinkle’s room at midnight.. 3p.m….now you will ask how do you know??… Oh god..can’t you see the clock hanging in her room??..oh haan how will u see! I told you..
Its shown-
A masculine figure.. Wearing a black tight fit blazer with white T-shirt and a cowboy chain with jeans.. He entered from balcony…
Now his intense…indefinable eyes are shown… Uffff..mere toh dil ne ek dhadkan chod di!!…heehe..his face is shown He is Kunj..but what is he doing here at this time .

Kunj’s POV-
I entered her room..and found this siyappa queen still sleeping…I knew it and Mahi too..that’s why she asked me to wake her up an hour before (at they have to otherwise all our plans will fail..offo..I went a bit close to her to wake her..but I can’t.. Just look at her.. She looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute while sleeping.. no make up..just natural glow , and her cute smile on her pink lips ..she is sleeping cuddling a baby pink teddy bear.. I doubt if the Teddy is more cute or She is..!!..God..I don’t want to disturb her..I want to adore her..just keep looking at her..Kunj..tujhe kya hua??..Control ..don’t get in inutiles….Her hair strands came on her face as she moved a Lil..I tucked them behind her ear..and sat on the chair beside to wait for her to wake..coz I really din wanted to wake her up!!.. Oh my!..Why am I behaving so weird..whatever it is I like to look at her!..I was sitting quietly just then..tring tring tring…so this siyappa queen kept alarm to wake up on time..So Babaji aapne isko brain diya hai atleast (Babaji you have at least given her some brain)..she got up stretching her arms.. God she looks damn cute in her night dress..
-POV ends

Twinkle was wearing a white vest type T-shirt with knot at the straps along with a baby pink Capri…looking damn cute..she din opened her eyes.. (Alarm stopped )..

T:..hmm..Good morning everyday aaj bhi prayer ke baat hi aankhe kholungi.(she joined her hands and spoke like a cute innocent girl)…Aaj Maa-Papa aur Aunty-Uncle ki anniversary hai..let them be together always. And Mahu..aapko ek secret batau..I think something is cooking b/w her and UV..Babaji Yuvraj is a very nice guy…agar ye Jodi aapne banayi hai naa toh please make them one…Anita aunty ko bhi happy happy rakhna…Chinki and Dev KO hamesha saath rakhna..Anand Bhaiya and Nikki Bhabhi KO har problem KO face karne ki power Dena..Ishu KO intelligence dena taki vo aahu ko pareshaan na kiya kare..Bebe…Babaji Bebe toh bohot swweeeeeeeet hain..keep her in best of her health and make her keep smiling.. Vo bohot achhi hain….A perfect guardian.. Andddd…Koi bacha kya…???….

Kunj who was looking at her with a grin on his face still sitting quietly …Twinkle din noticed him coz still her eyes were closed.

Kunj’s POV-
Oye siyappa queen.. I am left..let me see Babaji se kaun sa torture wish karti hai mere liye..

T:..Areee haan..apna Hot chocolate toh reh hi gya!!!!!..Han haan I know mai uske samne use bunny bulati hoon..but abhi toh vo yahaan hai nahi..and you know that I call him that..ab aapne itna HOT piece banaya hai toh main kya karun…(Kunj was smiling looking at her..and hearing his real nick ..I mean Long name..)
..Babaji.. Kunj.. Uske liye kya maangu??..He has everything.. Ek acchi family.. Dher Sara talent.. Gud looks.. Soft heart but tough body.. Kya combo hai..I am so proud of you..hehe..hmm..uski naa smile bohot pyaari hai..hamesha usko happy happy smiley smiley rakhna..
So let all be happy so that I can be happy and yes kitne years se ek hi wish maang rahi baar toh forget-me-nots dekhne ka mauka dedena.pleaseeee…

She opened her eyes and got off the bed..and was surprised to see kunj sitting at the chair.. She rubbed her eyes thinking its a dream.. But the vision din got cleared.. She went close to him and pointed out her forefinger to him and tried to touch his nose bending towards him to check if he was real or not..he held her wrist..
K:..I am real..Tujhe pointing test karne ki zaroorat nahi..( you don’t need to do pointing test)
She released her wrist and went back to her bed and started carassing her teddy ..
T:..Toh bataaye..(so tell)
K:..Kya?( what?)
T:..aap yahaan aaye kisliye??(why are you here?)
K:..apko jagaana tha isiliye..(To wake you up a poetic manner)
T:..aaye hain toh kaam bhi bataayiye..!(so if you are here then tell work also ..I am spending time with my teddy)
K:..pehle Zara aap ready ho jaayiye..(first you go and ready )

After a second they both looked at each other and burst out into laughing..but Kunj asked her to shhhh..not to make any noise..
T:..I am coming.. You be here..
K:..take your time..We have to leave at 4 ..
Twinkle took her clothes and went to the bathroom.

Precap- a small flashback.. Why is all this happening…. And then from now..Twinj Twinj and onlyyyyyyyyyy TWINJ…
Stay tuned.

My ff’s guesser: I think Twinj have confessed and they are eloping..but why???????????

Me: bevakoof..realization toh dikhaya nahi..confession!!????

My ff’s will be showing a flashback naa..?

Me: let’s see..kya hota hai..??

My ff’s guesser:..Waise what is FORGET-ME-NOTS??..

Me:..tera kuch nahi ho sakta..Lemme tell forget me nots are small blue-purple small flowers mostly found at brook banks..they symbolize Lovers and their love.. That’s why they are named so..

My ff’s toh tu Aashu ke saath gyi hogi dekhne!!!!

Me:..hey bhagwan.. Ab app hi samjhao ise..uselessly pulling my leg but ….vaise why are you sounding like Angita??

My ff’s guesser:..oye hoye..Vaise only you know who I am and Angu ki yaad tujhe aa rahi to din talked with her coz of exams right?.. jaisi bhi hai meri best friend hai yaar… I’ll surely talk to her ..

My ff’s guesser:Good…and what about Sayoo and Sattu..and Ammu..use bhi toh mail karna hai..and what about all those who waste their time reading your posts..

Me:..heyyy…chal chod..hmm..I’ll try..talking ..pehle comments toh lelu ..and Ammu she doesn’t wants to start a new ..

My ff’s guesser:..vaise I liked your idea..I’ll try to use it if I start posting.. You love all of them..bas meri hi baind bajaati hai..


My ff’s guesser: Accha apple khayegi????


My ff’s guesser: Isme IRON hai..

Me:..very funny!!.???

(Sorry for this type wali bak bak!!!)


Heloooo guys..

Pleaaaaseeeee bak bak padho..

So guys at last no more exams.. I haven’t commented or read any ff since 2 days.. Coz of 2 reasons
1: first toh Jhalak ka ‘s*x SYMBOL’..I am damn sure Sidhantians ne toh Jhalak dekha hai 100000000000%..The moment Jhalak started I was so desperate to see him…bas ek ..ek baar aur dikhao use…pleaaaase was going in my mind and Jab uske step glimpses dikhaye I was like Haaayeee but agar show ka naam Jhalak dikhlaja hai iska matlab kya? Bas Jhalak dikhla kar jaa!!..And standing just behind Jacqueline I got again just a glimpse of him taking his tight breath just before Manish Paul’s entry…I was like Bas glimses hi mat dikhao..Show him completely.. And then When Manish asked the audience whose performance they want to see first I heard many of them Shouting for ‘SIDHANT ‘..and that Pink placard with Sidhant’s Name in Yellow…I just love Sau tarah ke coz of him..And then That Faduuuu jhakaas performance for which he got 23!..I would have given him 10 and baki dono KO bhi 10 hi uthne deti..but its just starting and 23 is a nice score I am sure he gonna hit 30 of course.. But ek cheez which was missing.. His breathtaking voice.. Just a” thank you sir ” Bolo bolo kuch thoda zyaada bolo..thought the greedy me..and he spoke the same moment.. Flirted a bit with Jacqueline ..and she gave him a Petname too..Bas ab aur kya chahiye hum Sidhantians KO??..
I wish he wins as competition is really tough and I could see his a bit tensed expression while the show….but yaar I am crazy for himmmmmm!!!!
Sorry again Sidhant gatha shuru kar di naa kya karu control hi nahi hota…point ki baat..the morning of Saturday and I was soooo excited to watch Jhalak that in morning only I asked permission from my mumma can I watch T.V. till 11:30..she was surprised a bit coz main late night TV nahi dekhti she agreed on the condition that the whole day I neither have to watch TV nor even touch mobile… Oh God…itni mushkil se din qaata Maine..just for Sidhant …Mumma asked what’s so special today that you are ready for a late night show??…Main kaise bataun??..My Superhero is coming back onscreen.. Uff..
sho shorry for not reading any but will surely today.

2: Pehla reason is so long but second one is serious actually I again fell unconscious.. On my desk in school during science period just after the Maths examination.. And the next day after my exam I went to doctor ..firstly I thought it was because of my liver problem.. But doctor said that I have recovered from that 3 years back..and actually I am suffering from Anemia starting stage…so I have to take care of my health and consume IRON more!.. Its shocking for me to know that..I had given blood test..let’s see if it comes normal or I am really anemic..I hope I am not…

Thanks to alllll those who support me and comment.. I’ll try posting asap…

Love you

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  1. Srija

    very sweet update??????
    really i was also waiting for watching him after 2 months
    omg he danced sooo nicely and his aps??????
    continue soon dear

    1. Jiya_Ani

      His..abs!!..yaad dila kar behosh mat kar please..already 2 bar ho chuki hoon..tisri baar nani..and Nicely!!.. Itne fadu ..excellent.. Dhamakedaar dance KO surf nice mat bol..
      Thaaaaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuii??

  2. Mahi

    Hi lovely amesing episode
    I also have same situation about jdj ì want to talk about it to some one I have watched it 4 times now my mom is going to aske me aboth it if she catch me watching it
    My friends r med after shakti but I like sidhant only and about nik name i think we have already call him sid many times and they gave him perfect name ” s*x symbol ” what say
    Animiya is really a big disease tc God bless you with a long and health life dear
    To day first time I have written this much long comment I hope u won’t be board with my bakbak
    Love u and ur ff so oooooo oooooo much

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey Mahiii..pehle toh mujhe nacheez ke liye apna pehla long comment likhne ke liye dhanyavaad..?..and About calling different at Jhalak coz we are not Jacqueline!!??..hehe..and did you saw the expression he made when she said.. “I’ll flirt only with Sid”..haaaayeeeee…mar javaan..and Maine bhi vo epi 4baar dekha hai..and YouTube par bhi 5-6 baar..bore hi nahi ho rahi!!.. I can watch him my whole Life!..
      And Dear Anemia is not a very serious disease.. I am lacking Iron in my blood that to at less amount.. I’ll cover it soon..and vapas theek ho jaungi..Don’t worry..
      Thaaaaaaaank youuuuu soooooo much love you and aur bak bak Karo..I love it

  3. 🙁 mere ghar ka tv kharap ho gaya hain jabse sidhant or jasmine ki vo night hua . mein 10 th mein hu . islie tv nehi thik hoga . mein sid ko dekhne k liye taras gaya hu . mujhe bohot rona a raha hain . ab mere dukh gatha bandh . and amazing , funny epi . and take care . mere best friend ko bhi anemia hain . so i can understand . kuch din baad baad behosh . aur bechari mein .

  4. Kruti

    Shatakshi epi was just superb…….loved it
    Specially that twinkle ka dialogue to babaji…… chocolate…….
    Sacchi mein yar Sidhant be stage fardiya I watched d performance 3times on TV and countless no of times on twitter abb nxt Saturday ka wait nahi ho raha

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Di??..pehle toh I am Shreya..not Sattu di..I just can’t wait for Saturdays.. Jaldi jaldi..dekho time kaise D-H-E-E-R-E D-H-E-E-R-E Kat raha hai…

      1. Kruti

        Sorry Shreya … mistake hamesha hoti hai ye mistake I call some one some other one

      2. Jiya_Ani

        Koi ni..hota hai hota hai..

  5. Baby

    hey dear lovely ii totally agree to u yr your first point all d things were same exact wid me ek ek jhalak sidhant gupta ki ek ek u no adaaa evry single mnt ws jst taras gyi thi mein n yr get well soon dear i hpe u r perfectly f9 cnsume lots of apple n gain iron luv u yr take care get well soon d episode was amazing d twinkles pov d prayer fr evry1 ws amazing n w8ing fr nxt episode post asap dear

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Of course I. Will…thank youuuuuu..I’ll post asap..

  6. Sayeeda

    Shreyoo u know I read whole of ur ff with a cute wali smile on my face but when I read about ur disease I was shocked nd tensed too ….my dear plzzz take care of urself plzzzzzz it’s ur sis request ….I will pray to Allah to make u fine soon ….hope everything goes well ….Ya Allah plzzz make my jhalli Shreyoo fine soon …she is my jaan ….if I did anything good deeds in my life then InshaAllah my prayers fie for u will be heard …

    About ur episode ..ek dum dhasu….rapchick …full on dishoom one ( kya Karun kabhi dekh kr arhi hon toh uska hangover abhi tak hai ..heeheee)….the way Twinkle prayed for everyone was too cute nd the way she did for kunj was so adorable ….loved it ….

    About JDJ nd Sid pucho mat seeing Sid after so many days …was a blessing to me …he was looking so hot nd the way he danced …oohhoo gazab …since morning I have listened sau tarah song so many times nd every time I’m recalling him …love him ….

    Bahut lambs comment hogaya..
    love u ..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aleee..meli pyaari Sayoo..don’t get so much tensed pleassseeeee..varna mujhe tension ho jaayegi..And I’ll get well soon..
      And thank you soooo much…aise hi pyaar karti rahi..main rocket ki tarah Thik ho jaungi…
      Mera bhi kuch yahi haal hai…

  7. Soo cute episode…

  8. Angita

    Your talks and sweet episode brought such a wide smile on my face..
    But pls take care of yourself…..hope you don’t have any desease…….pls..pls…I will pray that you get better soon…
    I know how it feels needing to take more iron….have to
    And the episode.,..the way Kunj saw twinkle was so so so so sweet…teddy bear cuter or twinkle wali scene made me giggle a bit…..and the prayers session was just…wah!!
    And then the pointing test was so sweet and jdj
    Was wow missed you missed you missed you Sid!!!!

    And ya loved your dialogues…..were so so so so cute

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks angu..I will take care of me ..don’t worry

  9. Shatakshi

    Hey shreya
    The episode n the dialogues dhasu
    Mera bhi yahi haal tha sid ko dekhne ke baad????
    N take care dear mujhe bhi viral disease ho gaya….
    N jaldi jaldi post karna
    N n n Congo for 30th episode❤❤❤
    Love u??

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank youuuu Sattu read my one more ff-

      Comment zaroor Karna

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..episode was lovely….it was awesome….

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Rashi

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome epi

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you puru

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