Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 3)


Hi guys ,thanks to all for supporting I hope u all are finding this ff quite interesting. Plz answer my question that I asked u yesterday.
So here we start:
At Dev’s house;
After twinkle just left,

Kunj was thinking: she is in my eyes when I am happy and is there in those stars …how can some 1 b at 2 places….. No no her name is there…oh god its just confusing me alot …..
He started repeating his suddenly Dev calls him and say : what are u thinking about so deeply? I called u 3times but u didn’t replied are u okay?
Kunj ( coming in senses): ya ya ,I am fine.
Dev: come I will introduce u to my Clg friends.
Kunj thinks: ya why I am thinking about her , I should meet Dev’s friends.
He goes and Dev introduces him with hi s friends and they talk where Kunj gets a call from office and he takes an excuse.
Kunj: hello, yes Rachel ( kunj’s secretary)

Rachel: Sir , I have called to inform u that the land we wanted to have to build our office’s branch in Amritsar and were not able to own ,is cleared I have got the news just now .
Kunj: oh that’s great .U just provide me papers of that land as soon as possible.
Rachel: OK Sir, have a good day.
Kunj was happy and thought : I just met that girl and my problem is solved is she lucky for me?……….oh no no wahat type of things u r thinking Kunj its just a co -incident, stupid. What’s her connection with that land of course,.ya ya I am just over thinking about has and I don’t know why am I thinking about her.
He goes to Dev.
On the other hand, in Dev’s mom’s room;
Twinkle: namaste aunty.

D’mom: are twinkle puttar ,u here any problem. I thought I’ll b coming in evening.
Twinkle: nahi there’s no problem I just came to check if everything is fine here regarding chinki’s attire .Actually aunty wanted me to check as I planned her attires for all her ceremonies, only if u don’t mind.
D’mom: there is nothing to b minded of ,every bride wants to look her best at her marriage ceremonies.
She takes out the Saree and the jeweleries of chinki and gives to twinkleand says: here they are u may check and can add anything if u like.
Twinkle: ji aunty.

D’mom: beta u continue I have to look for the preparations, cu.
Twinkle nods in a yes and starts checking and finds the earnings to very heavy to b worn on the particular Saree.
She talks to herself: acha hua Jo aunty ne mujhe bhej dua nahi to last time pe problem ho jati.I should get a new pair of ratings for chinki. Come on twinkle fast u don’t have much time .
She leaves for the market.
After an hour, she returns anf finds chinki and her family there.
Chinki: where were u ,aunty sorry mummy ji ne bataya that u left after checking my Saree and jewelry.

Twinkle: oho, I went to get a better no no …the best pair of earnings for u.
D’mom: oho, u can fight afterwards, chinki beta go and get ready before the guests arrive.
Chinki: hi mummy ji.

Chinki &Twinkle leaves.
In the room chinki came out of the washroom wearing the beautiful red and golden Saree.
Twinkle: aye haye Tu kitni pretty lag rahi hai lagta hai Dev jiju KO kehna padega ki khud KO control kar ke rakhe varna vahi behosh ho jayenge ( in a teasing manner)
Chinki: ruck tujhe abhi batati noon..she takes a pillow and throws it on twinki…
Twinkle: oh ,kk sorry
Chinki: Teri shaadi hone Dev tab bataungi.
Twinkle: are meri shaadi ka topic kahaan se aa gaya?

Chinki: meri shaadi se.
They both laugh.
Chinki’mom enters: oh,these 2na. Chinki u r looking pretty bacche
She goes and kisses her forehead.Twinkle looks at them lovingly.

She turns towards twinkle and says : are puttar when are u going to get ready .
Twinkle: now aunty ,I was waiting for chinki to get ready.
C’smom: kk get ready soon both of u and come down soon OK.
She leaves and twinkle also moves with her clothes in bathroom to get ready.

In Dev’s room.
Kunj wearing a black toxedo: are u ready ?

Dev: yes I am but I have a wish but I know that u are not going to fulfill it.
Kunj: anything for u, bro just tell me.
Dev goes to his almirah and takes out a handicam and gives to Kunj.
Kunj was shocked and looks at Dev.
Dev: I want u to get ur passion for photography back at least for today plz.
Kunj: Dev…
Dev: plz for me..
Kunj: …k for u…but……..
Dev: but…
Kunj: inspiration, I need an inspiration.

Dev: I am sure that u will get ur inspiration today ,so its a deal.
Kunj: but what if I don’t get it..?
Dev: my heart says ,u’ll find ur inspiration today,trust me.
Kunj looks at the handicam and smiles, the screen freezes on his face.

PRECAP: will kunj b able to find his inspiration…?

What’s that ,any guesses?

Hope u liked it ,if yes plz comment & if no then also plz comment.

Credit to: cutie

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