Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 27, 28 and 29)

Yehi hai Ishq …(episodes – 27, 28 ,29)

Hi..I am back again… Three episodes back to back …all in one..

In case if you forgot the story.. Then..Episode26
In Kunj’s room
Twinkle was yelling at Kunj…making Kunj shocked.. She suddenly took out a metalic flute from back and said…
T:..You din even told that u play Flute tooo…I shared secrets with you which my mom even din know.. And you..(about mahi)

K:..Oh God…!..U scared me..And give this back to me..(tried to take it back from her hands)
T:..aa..ea..(no) sweet Johnny wants his Flute back?..
K:…..(ab bachpan ka name bhi pata chalo gya..toh bolti band hona pakka hai)
T:..nono..not Johnny.. It’s so old type and boring.. It will not suit you.. I don’t like it…Isse better toh Kunj hi hai… But..(kunj is better)…. She says thinking..
K:..hfff..Thank God..
He got a moment and snatched his flute…
T:..heeyyyyy..its cheating.. Its not fair..
K:..digging someone’s secret is not fair..(he threw back..keeping his flute in a drawer)
T:..but you are not someone..
K:..what do mean…am I a vampire?.. (Yahaan nahi..vamp banana hai toh crazy di ke ff main jao…idhar U are Kunj …Kunj Sarna a human being… Kinna samjhau main ise??)
T:..noo..U are my friend ..right?.. And friends don’t hide anything … you know na..
T..Okay then ..if you feel difficulty in getting something.. Call. Mee..bbye..
She was about to go when gets interrupted by him.
“..Tommorow we have a meeting in our new Office…”.. He said..” I know..I got the mail..”.she replied on which kunj said that he would take her with him..and asked her to BE ON TIME!..(and that tooo to Twinkle Taneja.. Late jaana jiski hobby hai)
She nodded and left.

Next morning..

Kunj was waiting standing by his grey Mercedes w
He looked at his watch.. And thinks..-
Thank God the meeting is after an hour otherwise all are going to chant that our boss is only late
..coz of this drama queen.. Why ..why did I asked her to take her with me..kya zaroorat thi kunj (what was the need Kunj).. Ab aa bhi jaa.

And can this happen that Kunj Sarna (apni) Twinkle KO bulaye and vo naa aye…here comes the beautiful lady…

(Just not that overtop only the dress and her hair had a cut of they were open)

(In case agar last post ki tarah Links add nahi hue then kunj is wearing a black shirt with denims with brown cut sleeves blazer.. I donno what’s it called?? and twinkle is wearing a white dress with small purple floral prints with purple peep toes and ankle platforms along with a purse and just platinum dangle earrings to accerourise )

She came babbling.”..Thanks for coming ..otherwise I thought that I am gonna become old here Waiting for you”…kunj said..”..Come on ..I am before time..”..”before meeting’s time”..kunj corrected her..”Whatever!”..(You know naa..where its used)
They sat in the car. Twinkle at the front seat with Kunj. While driving our drama queen started.
T:..U know I never even in my widest dream thought that My BOSS will someday wait for me. Oh god , it makes me feel too GUd.
K:..First of all , I am here as ur friend boss in office , so apne dramae band kar. (Stop ur dramas)
K: Bunny !!?
T:..ya last night when I returned back to my room..pata nahi kyu I seriously wanted to name you as I knew tumhe apna school name Johnny nahi pasand so I wanted to name you..something cute …like first I thought ..Ibex…then umm honey …and Fluffy and then I thought for Cookie!..
K:..what?..seriously COOKIE!..
T:..Yaa..Not even this… I thought even for….
T:..HOT CHOCOLATE!!.. (Not making an eye contact …looked out of the window)
K:..hmmm (and then his time stopping look…Vo eyebrow jab uper jaati hai …My heart beats faster.. God just 14 more days!!…I just can’t wait for his comeback on TV…chalo khud par control Karo Shreya varna ye sab Jo padh rahi hai will kill you for endlessly writing about Sidhant Sir Only)

T:..what Hmm?
K:..Are..I agree with you..I Am hot…don’t you feel!?
T:..oh come on don’t give urself so much importance.. When I felt this name is not gonna suite you so I decided BUNNY….
She pulled his cheeks saying it.
K:..hey don’t do this okay!
T:..aww..bunny becoming angry!!… Hehehe
T:..haan kunj Bolo..(yes Kunj say) we reached our office..
T:..voo..nice building

K:..yup it is..after all..its my office..

They get off the car and heeds towards the main .
All the employees were wishing ‘morning’ to Kunj. Kunj went to his cabin and Twinkle to hers..
After some time all gathered for the meeting. All the new designers..( all 12 along with Twinkle) ..were present …all saw two beautiful ladies standing with Kunj.

K: ..So I have called this meet to introduce you all to the cheif Accessory designer- Kanchi(Imagine Jenifer Winget)…
Ka: ..hello everyone..
She was wearing a black dress with a peach blazer.

K:..So all the accessory designers that are …Krystal, Tara, Twinkle, Rahul, Siddharth and six are gonna work under her supervision.. Hence she is your team lead. She (Kanchi) has working with me in Perfection since past 4 her experience can help you all.
And now our Cheif Outfit Designer… Meet Sayeeda (apni sayoo )the rest six of you …Shatakshi, Jisha ,Kaya, Jagpreet , Jogindar and Vijay..You are gonna work under her supervision.. She is one of our best designers……(oye hote di..mujhe nahi pata tha app ki pohoch London tak hai!)

So Sayoo is wearing –

(See sayoo is not so funky coz For her Simplicity is the best and doesn’t blabber.. Her talent and work can make the world Shut!..But Kanchi is a bit ghamandi type..)

Sayo:..hello everyone.. Nice to see the growing talent.

Shatakshi:Hello mam..may I say something?
Sayoo:of course
Shatakshi: seem so young..(she gets interrupted)
Sayoo:.Shatakshi ri8?.. I saw your selection are younger to me but they are amazing.. Do you really feel that age matters for talent and hard work?
Shatakshi:.. Thanks mam..and I understand what you want to say.. It will be so nice for us to work with you.
Sayoo:..For me too..and coz we all a team now Mam me Sayeeda.
All six:..okay

While on the other hand Kanchi wasn’t paying heed to any team members’ talk..and instructed them to call her Mam…
Kunj noticed but din spoke waiting for the right time.

Twinkle’s POV-

Really, our team lead is an arrogant one…I just hope she din become Hitler.. And look at Sayeeda.. I feel Maine outfit designing kyu choose nahi ki??( why din I chose outfit designing)..but I am happy coz its my passion and I am going to give my best.

POV- ends

K:..Okay then the main coz of the meet is That after 25 days we are going to do a promoting show… Start working on it on the theme Indo- western mixtures…
team members may leave, Leads I wanna have a talk with you both.

Kanchi and Sayoo stayed back while others left.
Outside the office Shatakshi , Kaya , Krystal, Tara ,Jisha and Twinkle were having a talk.

S:..hmm a big project ri8?
Ta:yup..but I like ur team lead
T:..hmm..but I think ours is also good..that’s why she is standing here..
J:..yaa I agree..But both of them are really beautiful haina?
All 5:..yes..
S:..Krystal.. What do you think?

(Krystal was looking at the office where Kunj was standing and talking to both the leads and both were writing something listening to him..through the window)

K:..Kunj sir is so Dashing.. So hot..

All started giggling but kuch …I mean koi kahin..JAL raha hai…(someone is burning)

Kr came out of her Kunj dream world and babbled

Kr:..what?..sach hi bola..I know I speak this frankly but Shatakshi.. I have seen you having glimpse on him from behind your file and…Jisha.. You look at his pics on Internet (he is the owner of a designing company its oblivious for having pics on net)….and have seen you gazing at him…and you..Kaya..don’t you talk always about him to ur teddy??.. And Twinkle…
(Stops looking at all her colleagues’ faces…they were like Is ladki me toh ham sab ki pol patthi khol di….hehe..(This girl knows all their secrets) ..and Twinkle was curious what Krystal gonna speak for her)

K:..kya hua?.. (What happened?)..bade aaye mujhe hasne waale..(You all were laughing at me!)….

T:..and what about me?.. toh aati bbhi saath ho jaati bhi saath ho…Tumhare toh Arbon ki Lottery lagi Hui hai..( You come with him and go too with him..You have won the lottery of Billions..)
T:.hehe..coz he lives in front of my house, we are family friends and very good friends…

All looking at her surprised..

K:..U are A real lottery winner(murmurs)
S:..really?.. Still he din appointed you as the team lead..he is a true businessman and prefer hard work and is making you learn first… I really respect him..

T:..hmm..I too do..

They continued their talks.

Guys main thak gyi…..
Yehin chod du kya??.
.no…aur padhna hai?..
Chalo only for you all I am writing more..

Kunj did the meet and After other works left with Twinkle after she had her discussions with Kanchi about the show.

In Car- you liked your team lead?
T:..yaa..she seems really passionate.. Have you find her arrogant always.. Or just today…I mean you have worked with her .
K:..Kunj before my employee she is my friend as you are…and I never ever judge my friends…
T:..I understand.
K:..Okay..Today evening you are coming right?
T:..where? don ‘t know about it..
K:..There’s a party at my house today evening.. And you are coming.
T:..Of course I am gonna come…

(Well guys from now Kanchi is going to stay in Sarna mansion as the company will give her a flat after the show and Sayeeda has got her flat to live in as the company is giving her double salary coz she left London and is in India to work…and Kanchi being Kunj’s friend.. No one minds)

Sarna Mansion-

Kunj was wearing blue T-shirt and jeans and Kanchi is wearing a green T-shirt with Harem pants.
Kunj was sitting on couch with Kanchi discussing something.
Ka: Kunj..I think we should think about Malhotra’s deal.
K:..may can check if you wish.
Ka:..hmm..give me their file.
K:..Malhotra’s File..umm..where’s it?.(he murmurs)
Ka: what happened?.
K:..vo I will have to search for it.
Ka:..really… Hehehe..What had happened to you after comming to India…I mean..Seriously KUNJ SARNA doesn’t know where his file is…!
K:..nope..lemme look for it.
Ka: I ‘ll help you.
K:..leave it…I am calling Twinkle.
Ka: But…

Kunj doesn’t listen to her and calls her.
And other hand Twinkle picks up his call with a smile.??
K: hey hi..
K: actually I wanted to ask …where is Mr. Malhotra’s file?
T:..umm..that blue one
T:.why should I tell ?
K: Twinkle.. Tell naa..its urgent
T: Urgency main hi toh teasing ka mazaa hai …
K:..U are such an opportunist..
T:..I am..Soo..
T: I need surprises. .
K: …okay a surprise.. I’ll give you
T:..aa a..Not a ..I said surprises …Mr. Sarna..
K:..May I know why SURPRISES?
T: come on..I arranged ur room, I arranged ur room in ur style, I thought soooooo much to name you….
K:..yaaa..last wala kaafi difficult tha naa…I mean Twinkle Taneja THOUGHT!!…tune sochna kab shuru KIA? (Ya last one was really difficult task …I mean Twinkle Taneja thought!.. When did you started thinking?
T:..shut up..Or else I am not gonna tell you..and BTW..I am a thoughtful person.. Do you think I am stupid.. are very intelligent… Who said you are stupid.. Who said..?..
T:..tum mera mazaak uda rahe ho naa…(innocently)… (U r making fun of me right?)
K:..Nahi toh..kisne kaha..mahi ne..(no..who said..mahi?) call her …I’ll talk to her..
T:..hehe..(faking laugh)..I understand Mr. Sarna
K:..hahaha..bol (say)
T:..hmm..where I was?..yaa..I thought a name for you, I am coming to ur Party tonight.. and remember that day I made pakoras(fritters) for you..and yes today I’ll tell you about ur file…I did SO Much.. So Now ur turn..
K:..Okay..I will…now tell
T:..good boy..So its in ur cupboard’s left drawer..
K:..thanks..tu na hoti toh kya hota..(what would have happened if you weren’t there)
T:..kyu naa hoti..??..I am always there..

Sajna ve plays… In BG..both smile.

Kanchi’s POV-(she was listening everything )

Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle… I have to do something

Taneja Mansion-

In evening

T:..Maa..Maa..(calls for Ieela she enters)
L:..kya hua puttar? (What happened dear?)..and why are you not ready?
T:..Maa firstly You din told me about the Party at SARNAS.. Now I don’t like any of these.. What to wear …I m going for shopping.
L:..ohho..Mahi knew this..let me call her..she has something for you.
T:..Really!.. That’s why I love my Mahu..

Mahi comes and gives her a packet and says..get ready soon..princess

At the Party.

Kunj and UV are talking.

(A blue-white blazer with white shirt and jeans)

And kunj is dressed like this

K:..I know for whom you are waiting for
U: me and waiting for someone.. Noo..
K:..don’t lie to me dude..Mahi right.. Pata nahi kahaan hai (dono where she is)
U:..kaha reh gyi? (Where is she?)

Just then Kanchi comes wearing a blue gown
Ka:..hey guys..
They shook hands

Just then Tanejas enter (without Twinkle)
Mahi approached the trio..and found Kunj searching for someone.

Mahi was wearing This

M: hey..
U:..hi Mahi..
M:.Hi Yuvraj..
Ka:..excuse me..(she left)
M:..(murmurs).. Waiting for someone Kunj..
K:..nope..Why would I ..
M:..hmm.. ..(to mahi forwarding his hand)
M:..why not…
They left..

Just then Kunj notices a princess comming….Yup yup…She is our Heroine…Twinkle… God…she looks so beautiful.
She is wearing –

Kunj was awstruk to see her…her hair tied in a cute Curly bun..and her pearl dangles were exaggerating her beauty with a light makeup of pink lipstick and pretty rosy eye-shadow.

She had a glance at the decorations with a smile and motioned towards Kunj who was now disturbed by a lady..who was talking to him with her daughter.. But kunj was trying his best to look at Twinkle.
Usha approached Kunj along with Twinkle.
U:..Hello Mrs.Khurana..hello beta..
G(let’s name her bitoo..hehe): Namaste aunty..
Usha smiled..
L:..Beta(Kunj)..its ur party and you only are not dancing.
K:..Abhi tak partner nahi tha..(I din found any partner)
He said that looking at Twinkle and Twinkle smiled while the Lady thought he is talking about her Daughter.
L:..Ab partner mil gya.(now you got the partner)…then you should dance.
Kunj grabs Twinkle and takes her to the dance floor .
Leaving the lady surprised and Girl…(you all know what could be the reaction..???)

Twinkle and Kunj on Dance floor-
(Bol do naa zaraa was playing in BG….now no confusion… its sung by Armaan malik only)

Twinkle was looking at him surprised.. but kunj made her keep her hands on his chest and kept his hands on her waist lightly. They started swinging there on the song.

(Itni mohobatt Karo naa..main doob naa jaaun kahi..
Vaapas kinare pe aana …main bhool naa jaaun kahi…
Dekha jabse hai chera teraa
Main toh hafton se soya nahi)

While Usha excuses herself after smiling.
All this was witnessed by Kanchi.. Uske dil pe chubhi.

(Bol do naa Zara…
dil main Jo hai chupa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi… continues)

Kunj twirls her and held her one hand , and kept other on her waist and she rested one on his shoulder .

While swinging.
K:..You had chocolates..be4 coming here?
T(widened her eyes) : how do you know..?
K:..did you got surprised?
K:..okay 1st one done..
T:haww..I din mean that
K:..I have planned a lot..don’t worry.
T:..Ohho..I am impressed.. Now tell how do you know?
K: On your lips..
T:..really.. Is it there still..(said checking her lips touching them)….naa..its not there..
K:..I know..
K:..I just said that.. You have lipstick on your lips…

Kunj makes her go back a Lil then pulled her towards him twirling her. Now her back is facing him..close to his chest and he was holding both her hands upon her belly and started swinging.

On the other hand yuhi were also dancing (couple dance)
M:..They both look perfect together …right?
Y:..kya main vahi samajh raha hoon Jo tum samjhana chahti ho? (Am I understanding the same as you want me to?)
M:..may be..tell
Y:..I mean Kunj and Twinkle….
M:..Smart boy…

He twirls her and says..
Y: Smart boy with a smarter Choice..
Mahi smiles and both gets lost in eo’s eyes.

And Twinkle turned and kept her hands on his shoulder there His hands on her waist.

T: tum..
K: Main?
T:…U knew that ..that lady wanted you to dance with her daughter.
K:.yup I knew.
T:.then why did you took me? I had already decided that I will dance today with the most beautiful girl in the party…

Twinkle blushes a bit.

K:..So I felt from here vision is better…So I’ll be able to find her Easily…(funny tune)
T: haawwww..

She moves but he held her wrist and pulled her towards him.(sajna ve plays)
She faked anger and he left her hand and spread his one arm in a position of letting go. She smiled and left .

Next scene after the party at night.

Twinkle’s room –

Twinkle is shown sleeping with a quilt on .
Look someone’s shadow is there.


Hey…I worked soooooo hard for this soooo Looooooong epi..ab main thak gyi.
So how was it?
Soooo tell plzzzzz

And yes I wrote such a long epi leaving all my work because ..I don’t know when I ‘ll be able to post again..

Now do read my other ff also if you hadn’t.

Our Love Story – A Twinj tale-

Love you Allllllll…and do comment plzzzzz

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