Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 26)


Eid Mubarak to all…especially you sayeeda di and I don’t know how many of you are muslims…but eid is foe all.
Well I want to know about eid nicely and I don’t have any Muslim friend… So can anyone tell me about everything about Eid…well now
guys bak bak baad main..pehle epi..

Recap- twinkle punished Kunj (for talking to those girls) unknowing to him and made him drink lassi..but helps him tooo(true love )….she helps in arranging Kunj’s room and was about to see some papers but gets interrupted by kunj…


K:..twinkle!(he was standing just behind her)
Twinkle turns all of a sudden her leg gets hit by a carton and she falls on Kunj… And they both fall on bed..twinkle upon Kunj.. Her hands on his chest…(mujhko barsaat bana lo plays in BG…)

They share a cute and passionate eyelock.. And all the papers which were in Twinkle’s hand were now in air and were falling all over around them….

Someone:… Ye kya…romance…
Hearing that voice they got back to senses and composed themselves , got awkward and looked around and found no one!!..
T:..ka..kaun hai?(who’s there?)
Someone:.. I am here senorita…
Yes guys it was selfie who was sitting on Kunj’s Barcelona chair …(do you remember him…ab puchna mat how did it came..Pancho hai yaar..balcony se aa gya..simple)
T:…selfie baby..what are you doing here..?
K:..oh baby ki bacchi.. I should ask that to you both…what are you doing in my room??
T:..arranging your room..(a straight answer…dhadaak se bol diya isne)
K:..What!!..bu..(gets interrupted.. Aur kaun rokega twinkle hi boli)..
T:agle question se pehle ..let’s get the answer of the first one….yes selfie.. What are you doing here shweetu?
S:..mahishmati be Tim Tim KO yaad kiya..(mahismati is calling Tim Tim)
T(feels a bit awkward)
K:..mahishmati!..Tim Tim ..!!..what’s all that?..
T:..selfie ke bacche…how many times I have asked you not to call me that..
K(vahi famous ..killing look..samajh jao….aye haye..mar jaawan gud khake):..what?
T(downs her head playing with her thumbs..and cutely):.. Tim Tim…(Twinkle’s Hindi ..Tim Tim)
K:….hhaahahah…Tim Tim…seriously.. Hehehe..
T:..kunj…( cutely.. Jab irritate ho jaaye hai toh kaise kehte hai…Like..kuuuuunj..same way)
K:..okay okay..(controlling his laugh).. And what’s Mahishmati?..(ab tak jaan jaana chahiye… Kya yaar..not confirmed…)
T:..Mahi… (And they both started laughing)
K:…cham..ho gya…now on a serious note..why are you arranging my room?.. kiya to kar diya usme kya hai?(I felt to do it so I did it..what’s the problem?)
K:..really.. Oh tysm..(not in a thanking tone..u know).. Do you even have any idea how I keep my things? do u keep ur things SIR..?
K:..okay then..1st of all books.. I keep my books alphabetically.. Have u…
T:..selfie.. Ask someone that he can check his shelf..(looking at it)
K:..ya okay whatever..and clothes.. I rarely fold them..I hang
T:..ayaya..I have so much time naa.that tumhare ye Jo cartons bharke kapde hai main in he baith kar fold karu..(that I will fold all ur clothes which are filled in cartons)
K:..okay …good job..
T:..oh hello.. I am not doing any job here..I did it to help you so that you may not need to work after coming tired from office.. Sadu kahin ka..
K:..haan haan..fine..After all I am ur boss.
T:..zyaada dhaus (attitude) mat dikhau..Office main ho ghar pe nahi..(don’t show attitude.. U are boss at office not in house).. She said that picking up those papers..
Kunj also helped her..
And hurriedly was taking all the sheets back..
T:..are itni bhi kya jalti (what’s so hurry?)..lemme see..
He gets up taking all this esheets in his hands..
T:.. Let me see..kunj..
She forwarded her hand ans he raised his hand back.. She was trying to get get it…and after much difficulty when it seemed impossible.. She hit his foot by her heels… (Aaj bechara)
K:..ouchhh…twinkle kya kar rahi hai ..(what are u doing)
Twinkle hurriedly took those sheets..and read out..
T:..muskurane ki wajah..,tum se hi, Samjhawan , intni si baat, tum hi ho..char kadam …(yes yes..all were lyrics)…. Oh god..kunj You din told me that..…so what..leave all them..(he snatched them)..I should have come to you and said…Hi I am Kunj sarna.. And I sing…stupid..
T:..hawww…firstly u hided it from me and calling ME stupid… You you..idiot..
K:..hi miss DUFFUR..
T:..oh hello Mr RABBIT…
K:..Ra..rabbit.. Really miss..hare..
T:..yes of course Mr.Ass..
S:..oh toh Shreya aur Shikkhar KO bhi beat kar denge..(they will beat Shreya and Shikkhar)…..(okay toh let me tell Shreya toh ofcourse main hi hoon..and Shikkhar is my class friend and we fi8 exactly like this…while class sits sorrounding us and we both continue… And next scene bilkul same hai as it happened today in school.. Padho)
T&K:..don’t disturb… Shhhhhhhh(keeping their fingers on their lips and faced selfie asking him to keep quiet).. (Well aaj us time pe class teacher the… was seriously funny imagine and girl and a boy fi8ing.. All enjoying and teacher comes to stop them and the boy and the girl ask him to keep quiet keeping fingers on their lips…..heeh..l)
S..shhh.. am going to bath..
T:..should I accompany you…?(attitude)
K:..what!!(question tha)
T:..or go and bath .why are you telling me..its ur bathroom.. Mujhse permission letter lekar nahaoge kya..jaao( will you take permission letter from me…go)
K:..impossible…siyappa queen..(just like me)
He goes angrily….In bathroom after sometimes..
K(thinks):.. She must have left by now..

He comes out in his jeans… And twinkle
T:..shitt…(she turns)
K:.ohho…u din left …
T:..naa..(angry beauty)
K:..hmm..he heeds to take his t-shirt
T:..ur T-shirt.. She says angrily forwarding his T-shirt without looking at him..(she is still angry.. Very angry)
K:..kk…he takes it and wears..

She turns
T(anger ke saath):….I din expected this from you…you hided such a big thing from me kunj…I thought that u are an honest guy…but you…(yells)…how can you do this….howww!…u are a liar…a LIAR..
And kunj was listening to her shocked..

Hey lovely people…
How are you all?
missed me?
Yaad nahi aayi..?
Kyunki bhule hi nahi …ri8…

So sorry for late post but this is an extremely busy week… Ty all for commenting and for your SJ wishes..
I want you to give me marks..(out of 5 for the following)
Description and

Plz give..I want to know what you all feel…
Plz plz…

Sayeeda sorries to me OKAY… Ty..
And Chandra…main aisi hi hoon..I love SSC, science, English,.. Every subject bad maths is the last choice..
And ridhi di…its so NIce to read ur comment… Tysm…

Love you alllllll those who read my ff..(sorry for not taking all the names..

See you soon…

And once again …

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome funny epi tha….plZzzz post next part asap….

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Tyssssm purnima…keep supporting

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome Shreya … was amazing…. Superb

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you soooo much Rashi di…Keep supporting

  3. SidMin

    Lovely loved the episode and I give you 25/25 for comedy, suspense,creativity,description and Idea
    Waiting for the next episode and Eid Mubarak

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Thank you soooo much Sidmin… Eid Mubarak

  5. Ria

    Shreyaaaa, kya likha hai! Loved it so much. Mera bas chalein toh tujhe toh main 1000000000000 out of 25 de doon.. aur comedy ki toh baat hi mat kar.. I seriously loved it to the core. Love you loads?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Tyssssssm di…love you

  6. Hey Lovely…Awesomeness ki height…ek dum mast episode…Eid Mubarak

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks lama…glad that you liked it…love you

  7. Angita

    Amazing amazing amzing. Eid Mubarak to you to

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hay thanks angu..(don’t mind).. Keep reading

  8. Itna kamaal kaise likhti hai. Matlab kamaal kar diya. Mind blowing. Jhakaas bole toh in mumbais language. .lollll bcz I am frm mumbai…. literally loving it….. 100/100fr ur ff. Plz do update the next part soon. WWaiting fr it. Tadpana mat….
    nahi toh yeh gana gana padega inteha hogai shreya ke ff ki…lolllllll
    Nd Eid mubarak…
    nd jaldi update kar order hai bcz I am elder then u…..heheheheee lollll.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you thank you thank you…chehak DI…hmm…I will try ..may be day after tom or tom I will post next…well do read my another ff too…our love story ..and chaho toh comment bhi kar Dena…love u

  9. amazing epi…nd eid mubarak….

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you puja…keep supporting.. Love u

  10. hey lovely dear amazing kya episode likha hai luvd it srsly wow lovely maza aaya episode padke n d markings u want i ll give 5 out of 5 a bit more romance needed dear w8ing fr nxt episode post asap dear shreya

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks baby.. Ty for giving me 5..but do tell in which section?..
      Comedy? Or Suspense? Or Idea? Or Creativity? Or Description?…
      Anyways thank you and yes about romance.. I will tell you that from the next to next I.e. 28th epi…I can show cute romance…. Do tell…love u

  11. Meeee im a Muslim too ???? am sry i just felt happy after ready ur epi n yes the scene with ur frenz was epic i enjoyed it ??❤

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey romaisah… Tysm…well is there’s any misunderstanding then I amn’t Muslim… Meri bato se pataa cham hi gya hoga…as I don’t know much about EID…hehe..sorry

  12. Hey lovely it was more than awesome selfie dialpufes were like ??????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks.. I think you mean dialogues ri8?

  13. Shreya!!!! I thought I read in one of epi DAT ur around 12 yrs old( sry if any of the mentioned info iz wrong!!!;) bad memory) fr ur age ur extra ordinary writer yaaar….. Srsly u write soooooo good.. Love ur ff from the core….. Aur tumhare skool ki nakre are so jolly:);)….. Jzz keep enjoying DAT way n keep writing more n more:):) and missed ur ff a loadzzzz…. And abt giving u marks in ol categories ur awsm!!!! Esp the fun part n the way u depict the innocence of each character is jzzz superb!!!!

  14. Jiya_Ani

    Oh thank you so much… Well you are a bit mistaken… Actually I am 13+…
    I am glad that you like my way to ptray characters.. Well if you wish I want you to read my another ff too and comment on that..(I don’t mind late comments)… As its my first try to show romance in that..its –
    Our Love Story…
    Keep supporting …love you

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Maggi…the above comment is for you…plz read

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Shreyu tthankgod tune post kiya.. Luv it

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey aaru …don’t make me feel guilty now…??..but I already told 1 epi of each ff a week and will post more than that ..if will get time .

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Hey aaru …don’t make me feel guilty now…??..but I already told 1 epi of each ff a week and will post more than that ..if will get time ….thanks

  16. Sayeeda

    Shreyoooooo dear sorry for the late comment but yesterday at midnight I got time to read all ff’s ….nd I read urs also …..
    Kya likha hai yrr ….comedy mein toh main tujhe 25 mein se 10000000000 dedun ….I know ke itna Dena possible nai hai lekin TU ki duniya mein sab possible hai ….kyu sahi bola na ….
    Loved ur episode soooo much ….ab tere style mein full to jhakas…rapchick….phaddu …
    love u ..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Di I have told u stories to me..okay..and aap mujhe infinity bhi de sakti ho..phayada toh mera hi hai naa??..and bilkul sach bola..thanks.. Love u

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Sorry..its a sorry not stories.. Sense hi badal gya meri baat ka..hee

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