Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 25)

Hey..I know… Phir vahi meri cute sorry appeals and aap sab ki smile ke saath wala its OK…but kya karungi school reopening is really exciting I mean new science and literature chapters and loads of HW…long lectures and explanations….. I know soch rahe hoge ye kahin behosh hone pe screws toh nahi gir gye..hehehe…but I am like this only.. A super Studious girl Jo kitne bhi long explanations sun aur samajh sakti hai…chalo ye sab chodo aur kuch important talks…

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Kunj’s POV-
‘I , Dev and UV were talking after the ceremony got over..but were interrupted by a pretty queen.. Yayaya..I agree I call her siyappa queen and drama queen and all types of queens..but seriously isn’t she stunning… But the way she approached us with her two bfs..Chinki and Mahi.. I felt ..beta kunj ab kuch toh khatarnaak hoga…but I was happy to see her and Mahi together..UV wisphered ” I think something heavy is going to happen …ri8 Dev?!”…at first I was confused …but Dev told me that he and Twinkle had a bet…and the condition was to drink as much of lassi from PATIALA glasses!!!… As asked…aur Twinkle jeet gyi…she came to us and said “..chalo jiju.. Be ready”.. Ye sab sunkar Dev babu spoke “twinkle ..yaar sorry..I surrender.. Maaf kar de”..” No ways..The Twinkle Taneja se bet lagane se pehle sochna tha..ab nahi..drink all of it …NOW! “..she ordered..Dev signalled her to help and in no time she signalled towards me!…mar gya…is ladki ki toh vaise bhi mere pair se purani dushmani hai..I denied…” I am not going to help”…sunte hi Dev started buttering me..”…Kunj u are such a nice frnd of mine.. U always say ..anything for you will u not drink with me…at least 4 our friendship.. “..ab baat dosti pe aa I agreed..watching all this …UV be palti maari..he just innocently asked..”.. I hope I am safe”.. Mahi replied “.. Aww shoo cute..of course you are”…. I knew vo vahi pe flat ho gya… After all he only told me that Mahi is his Love of Life..
and this twinkle… She gave 5 glasses to Dev and 7 to me…did she bet with me…but I was ready.. Dev drank 4 glasses like this => Gata gat gata gat gata gat….and 5th was difficult for him and for me too…he completed his glasses and ran to lie on his bed…followed by Chinki.. And UV and Mahi were busy chit chatting….somehow indifferently I drank that 6th one too…but one more …I unwillingly picked the last one but…shockingly… Twinkle snachted that from my hand and drank it looking into my eyes…I was sitting there glued.. But I could see care for me in her eyes…u know her eyes show clearly whatever there is in her heart… She finished it and left the place without making any eye contact…’

Next day…evening

In hall..
L:..usha ji ..if u need any help then plz tell..
B:..leela ji don’t worry …we will manage..

Twinkle comes (she is wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt woith horizontal strips with a dark blue knee-length skirt… Her hair left open and tripple hooped dangles with a pearl)

T:..what happened?.. Any problem?
L:..arre puttar.. U know naa..they all are shifting to the sarna mansion today ….I am asking if they need any help.. They are denying..
T:..why?..aunty ji….Bebe..if u need any help than plz tell..
B:..actually puttar..everything is done.. Except..
U:..except Kunj’s room’s arrangement..we know ..kunj wants everything perfect.. But yesterday Anita Luthra invited us… if you both will go ..who will take care of his room’s arrangements..
T:..and you both don’t want him to do that at night that too after returning from office..
U&B:…correct.. worries… Ye twinkle Taneja kab kaam aayegi..
U:..but puttar.. How Will u alone?
T:..don’t worry aunty..I will do jest let me enter his room…I can do this for my friend-cum-boss…
L:..this is good..
B:…okay puttar.. As u wish.. Aur agar Kunj kuch bole toh…..thok Dena…
T:..kuch nahi bolega…I will not let him speak..
Come on girls… Time to work…

They go to the lavish Sarna mansion …Bebe shows her Kunj’s room…(mere ff main pura ghar same hai as tei except Kunj’s room… Haan..sabh kuch aur bhi jyaada graaand hai..think of ur dream bungalow if u wish)…
U:..I should send servents.. need..aunty.. If I will need ..I will call..
Twinkle goes to Kunj’s room…
Outside his room..
U:..Bebe..but how will she do …
B:..usha Rani..Jo main soch rahi hoon vo ho jaaye bas…let her try …
B:..chalo..get ready..or we will be late..
They leave..
B(thinks)’s ur test twinkle… I hope u pass..

Twinkle enters a grand,spacious , sumptuous and lavish pentagonal room…to her ri8.. There was an empty wall with a tilted rosy brown colored rectangle painted on it..adjacent to the next wall there was a bed with white blanket and a brown rectangular bg painted wall had a glass aluminum door… Which was actually a bathroom with a dressing room attached.. Then to the next wall…actually it was open..balcony hai naa..(balcony is same as in tei..same swing).. Near the balcony.. Inside the room..racks were made (for books and show pieces)and a white Barcelona chair was kept with a foot rested….and now to her left was the empty dressing table…and then a couch with a glas table…it was not at all conjusted..all furniture were kept ..just small things were left….(the main colour of the walls were cream..a contemporary type room)

T:..come on Twinkle.. Is bejaan main jaan bhar de..(give this lifeless life)

She approached to the cartons kept near the dressing room…she one by one opened all…

1-..his blazers , jackets , and tuxedos…only… Hehehehe
2-…his shirts , T-shirts , jeans …(do cartons main only clothes.. Haha..) had books ( was not a big carton..a small books were many) had showpieces and normal things that anyone may wallets, comb, perfumes, first aid kit..etc..and all.. Types..u know.. (Even it was not very big)..

T:..okay…let’s start..

She firstly laid a white bedsheet with a French Lilac colored thin quilt and pillows.. then………..she continued her work.. While doing all this she found a pile of papers …she was about to see when she was interrupted by kunj…yes kunj returned and was shocked to see twinkle…
She turned.. And………


Hope it was not short and boring..

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