Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 2)


Hi guys, thanks to all those who commented, I know that my 1st epi was not much interesting but now when I am gonna write in English only to make it interesting.
Guys I wanted to ask that since I am going to write about mavi ,should I write ’bout raglak a Lil bit just that I would get many things to write but if u don’t like my idea, it would not matter much as v all are twinj fans u know.
Well sorry for late update but I was busy preparing for my debate , since finally its over I have time to write .guys plz comment as they boost my soul and inspire me to write.
Enough of my bak bak , enjoy reading.

At Amritsar airport ,India
A guy coming out of the flight ,
Guy: finally, Kunj sarna u r back to India. God I just love this place.( the guy is Kunj)
He takes his luggage and heads towards the exit where he finds his childhood bestie Dev waiting for him, he says
Kunj: hey Dev ,I’m here bro.
Dev: bhai…and hugs him.
Finally after 10yrs u r back to Amritsar man, welcome.
Let’s go , everyone is waiting for u.
Kunj: ya.
In the car.
Dev : how is everyone? Ishu, aahi,Bebe, uncle aunt and everyone.
Kunj: ya all good, v are shifting here after 2 weeks.
Dev: oh that’s great. So when am I going to get the invite?
Kunj: ….of what?
Dev: oh God, of ur marriage ….now don’t tell me that u r not In the idea of love.
Kunj: what should I tell, u said everything. BTW maa made me meet many girls but u know I don’t have time for all this and………
Dev : ….and all were ready to marry u but God has sent u to b single only so u did not liked any of them.
Kunj : may b ….some were gud but u know that ..that feeling which u get with someone special was not there. Tu samajh raha hai naaa?
Dev: ya ya I can understand ,but how will u know that the 1 in front of u is the special one or not?
Kunj: I do not know , may b she would be the one whom I can’t define u know ( smiling).
Dev: so any expectations from ur side for her?
Kunj: ya, that I would accept her and love her with all her trust and flaws.
Dev : is it important for her to b pretty?
Kunj: Dev Babu, hum khoobsoorat insaan se ishq nahi karte ,hum jisse ishq karte hai vo insaan hi khoobsoorat lagne lagta hai…(smiling and in a filmy tone)..are in a mood to make a directory on my to be…itne saare sawaal( laughs).
Dev: here we are.
They reach dev’s house ,Kunj meets all the family members and starts his preparations for Dev’s roka ceremony.
At Tanejas;
Leela: puttar, come down see its already 11:30.
A girl coming down the stairs: ya maa I’m here see.
She comes down wearing a black-white striped cut sleeved top and a pine skirt till her knees with her yellow side bag.

Leela: twinkle puttar ,u r looking gorgeous.
( yes the girl is our pyaari twinkle).
Twinkle: oh thanks maa, air haan don’t worry if I get late .
Leela: kkkk( she hugs her and bids her bye and twinkle leaves)
(Guys I must tell u that chinki and Dev are getting married.)
At chinki’s house;
Twinkle reaches chinki’s house and greets them.
Chinki’s mom: twinki beta if u don’t mind can u go to Dev’s house and check the preparations of chinki’s attire, as u know better than us about her attire, only if it’s okay with u.
Twinkle: it’s OK aunty , even I want that chinki should look her best and I would get a chance to meet jiju even( teasing chinki). I think I should leave as its already 2pm and the function would start by 6pm.
She bids them bye and leaves.
At Dev’s house;

Twinkle was walking towards Dev’s mom’s room looking around and admiring the decors, suddenly her foot got struck in the carpet ,she looses her balance and was about to fall when some1 holds her in his arms , he was wearing a white t-shirts with an orange open shirt and jeans( u all who he is , yes our fav.kunj).
For sometime they were just lost in each other’s eyes suddenly twinkle murmured: his eyes are are just out of the world (she realized what she said and they compose themselves)
Kunj: u must b careful.
Twinkle: ya , sorry I mean thanks Mr…..
Kunj: Kunj, Kunj sarna.
Twinkle: Kunj,nice name .thanks and sorry.
Kunj: oh that’s absolutely fine and thanks for complimenting my name and my eyes ..Miss.

(Twinkle shockingly smiles)
Twinkle: if u want to complete ur sentence then u have to search for it.Kunj: …for what?
Twinkle: for my name. ( she was about to leave suddenly Kunj says)
Kunj: atleast I should get a hint ( with hope in his eyes).
Twinkle(after thinking). OK then, I am in ur eyes when ur happy and there above in the stars( pointing towards the sky)
She smiles and leaves patting her head.

PRECAP: Will Kunj b able to find her name …what’s going to happen next , u may read tommorow.

Guys I hope u liked it.

Credit to: cutie

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