Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 14)

Hey guys… Thanks 2 all those who commented and I request all silent readers too to plz comment… Well I have some questions..
-Am I going very slow?
-Are u all disappointed coz I am not showing much romantic scenes….. ?(I am focusing on their internal bond and trying to go natural)
-would u like to see yuhi too?
-r u reading…..???

Plz answer… And yes many of u must b angry on me 4 not updating 4 so long …guys I submitted an epi and an os as a compensation but they were not posted….. SORRY.

Well …now let’s come to YHI….so here’s
Kunj returned from jogging… He was wearing track pants , a black vest and a black open jacket. He heads 2wards his room and hears a voice.
V: babaji..hic .plz pzl.hic ….bad mainmain…hic ….. select ho jaaun……
K: twinkle..!
He goes in her room and finds her restlessly moving here and there…. She was wearing a sky blue vintage top and peach colored harem pants with horizontal pattern of design of light blue and pink lines her hair were left open a silver hoop earrings, she was looking adorable…
Kunj goes to her, twinkle restlessly turns and bumped into him…she was about to fall(u know what would have happened)…..but our hero…our handsome hunk held her …they had an intense eyelock…(bas itni so tamanna hai….plays)…

Guys and d magic here was twinkle was not having hiccups now…….. U must b thinking how?…….. Den dear …apne Kunj aka sid KO dekh kar kise apne tensions yaad rehte hain………..???????

They were disturbed by ishaah(ishaan and ahana)…..they compose themselves.
Ahana: …ishu stop…give it to me….ishu…
She was running behind ishaan who was holding a mobile phone and were running round twinj.
K: what happened aahu??
A(stops): chachu…dekho na ..isne toh selfie k sath selfie le li but mujhe nahi lens de raha …..
K: ishu!!!….
I: chachuuuu….
Twinkle was looking at them smilingly…
T: hey sweetie… Come…
Ahana comes to her..
Twinkle sits on her knees…
T: what’s ur name?
A: ahana…ahana sarna…
T: ahana…that’s such a cute name..
A: mumma says ki chachu me suggest kiya tha…
T :ohho…so u wanna take selfie with selfie (parrot)…
A: yup… But this devil is not giving me papa’s mobile..
I: oh ..hello… I am not a devil…kabhi itna handsome devil dekha hai?….I am just like chachu….chashmish….
A: …haww..
T :hey hae don’t fi8 …ahu u may take my mobile…
A: thanks… Didi aap …..pata hai bohot cute aur pretty ho…
T: aww …tysm….but u defeat me..
A: bye…
T: bye….
Ahana leaves.

I: Didi ….apka naam kya hai…
T: twinkle.. Cutie…and urs…
I: ishaan
T: vo….u must b ur chachu’s dear…ri8..?
I: yup …bye..
T: bye….
Ishaan goes..twinkle smiles.
She notices Kunj looking at her lovingly… She snaps in front of his eyes…
T: kya hua?
K: nothing…
He leaves but stops at d door and says..
K: don’t worry… Just trust yourself…he leaves and twinkle smiles. Kunj changes and leaves 4 d office.

In evening.
Twinkle was wore a blue jeans, white top with an orange cropped blazer and a cow boy necklace.
T:. Maa..I am going…
L: k puttar.. All d best.
U: 1 min puttar… Yehi dahi Shankar khan ke jaa…
T: ji aunty …
Us he feeds her yogurt and dn twinkle leaves.
In office of ‘the perfection’
In a big gallery.. All were waiting on d chairs kept there..twinkle looked around..
Twinkle’s POV-
This place looks nice with a working atmosphere but why is not much big…I mean this company is 1 of d best in London then why isn’t this office grand!!
Twinkle sits on a chair… A lady comes , collects their files with d designs…and leaves..
T: HIC…I hope.. hic …all goes well…
She gives water to all…she was about 2 give water 2 twinkle but finds her having hiccups…
L: r u twinkletwinkle Taneja?..
T: yes hic…….but how do hic… u know..?
L: wait a min

She goes and brings warm water.
L: have..
Twinkle drinks warm water and gets relieved.
T: tysm..
L: ..don’t thank me..thank boss.. He only asked me to provide warm water to u….
T: what!!……thanks..
After an hour.
A girl wearing a suit comes and says..
G: sir has selected 12 of u all..they r..
Shatakshi singh,(don’t mind di)
Krystal,(don’t mind me)
Tara d’cousta(plz don’t get angry)
Jisha(I hope u don’t mind)
Kaya kaur
Twinkle Taneja
Rahul bansal
Vijay malhotra
Siddharth gupta
Jogindra and

Manan singhsingh.

All 12 get excited.
T: tysm babaji..
G: congrats to all d selected and the rest met leave… U all 12 plz come to sir’s cabin..
All proceed.
They enter a cabin which was not decorated much. A young , mascular guy in black pants and blue shirt going through some files..
G: here they r sir…
He turns…twinkle was shocked to see him…Krystal who was standing beside her murmurs to shatakshi..
Kr: he iis hot ri8..
Sh: shh..
Twinkle was becoming angry ( may say becoming jealous)…..Ab itna sab ho hi raja hai toh bata deti hoon.. Yes Kunj is the boss..
K: well I have gone through all ur designs and I am impressed…. Good
All: ty sir..
K: my name is Kunj sarna.. And u can call me kunj sir …may I have all there intro…maya
(Yes guys Maya is kunj’s PA)
M: YES sir..she introduces them to all.
Twinkle (thinks): I didn’t even expected that kunj will b my boss…but he could have told me yesterday…
K: on..u all remember after 2 weeks v’ll shift our permanent office.. till then u may enjoy ur employment.. after that there’s a big project waiting for u all.
All : yes sir…thank you sir…

K: all may disperse.. Twinkle u b here…
T: OK…kunj..(all look on)..I mean Kunj sir…

Screen freezes…

PRECAP: twinj to have a cold fi8…

I hope u guys liked it……
Tysm to all those who liked my previous episode.
Maafi k liye aap sabhi ka dhanyavaad..
Sayeeda… Yaar ur comments always make me blush…
Sorry 4 mistakes if any…

Credit to: Shreya


  1. Cutie pie

    I dont if my comments makes h smile bt ur ff makes me smike a lot yaar its wasme amzing supr mind blowing fabulous words r less now 4 to explain idk whn twinkle had gt hicubs in oofice i somewhnere had n idea dat d boss will b ku j nyc to see dat yaar plzzzz nxt part jaldi lost kardena wait nai hota plzzzzzzi beg u

  2. zikra

    No nt at ol u r goin gud btw we r nt disappointed bt ya still n n n no yuhi plzz bt it’s on u btw n d common to d epi it ws fab loved it do cont asap

    • Shreya

      Thanks zikra… And thanks for answering my questions as 4yuhi..even I am confused ……

  3. Shatakshi

    Wow I m selected…
    But the episode was a blast dear
    N loved it too much
    Now let me focus on my new job in “the perfection” ….lol??

  4. Cutiepie?

    Hey I don’t comment but I hav read all ur episodes n it’s really amazing but give some more romantic scenes of twinj n I don’t mind even adding yuhi in it if it add more spice n romance in twinj

  5. Sayeeda

    Badi samajdar ho maan gaye….tumhe pehle si hi Maloom tha ke hum tumhe maaf kr denge…r kre bhi kyu na akhir tum hume itna cute ff Jo gift krti hoo…
    My comments blushed u ….this means while reading my comment ur face become red like tomatoes nd ur eyee shines like a shooting Star …u know I can imagine u looking so cute… though I had not seen u but still I can imagine.. wah meri imagination power kitni acchi hai.
    And yah don’t worry u r going on right track ….ur not dragging it and twinj scenes are always great… love u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.