Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 11)

Hi guys??See I have got time and typing d ff in parts… I am so glad that u all r liking my ff..

Anushka..well its interesting 2 know that v both have many things in common and I called ritzi.. Di bcoz d way she writes I had no idea that v both r of same age…and its all okay as I ask u to comment just 2 know how many of u read my ff….

Shatakshi di ty and I will try writing long epis ….and ya plz remember that badi behne itni formal nahi hoti and I can never mind bad of ur words bcoz u r my elder sister (as I really don’t have any in reality)… And its all OK if u r unable 2 tell me how 2 upload pics…
Sayeeda di tysm 4 ur lovely comment… I really feel blessed.
Thank you very much..cutie pie,sohi, ria,dreamer,mitali ,panchi ,Sam,zikra, srija,Rashi,and sadaf khan 4 commenting u really make me smile …
And jazz..the writer( if u r reading) of tashan e trust.. Plz post ur ff (I hope its fine sohi)…
So now I don’t want 2 continue my thank you speech… Let’s get started…


Manohar-i have an idea.. Let’s surprise Kunj by meeting him in gurudwarah only… Isi bahane gurudwarae main pooja bhi ho jaaye GI…
U: nice …I agree..
Leela: lo yeh bhi changa hai…
Ishaan’s eyes fall on selfie..
I: ahu di…parrot…
A: ya..its so cute… Mumma can v play with him..
L: oh of course bacchon…his name is selfie..
I: selfie!!! So cute…
Rt whistles and selfie comes to them flying…
S: tai tai….hello.. Hello…

I&A: it can speak!!!…
They started doing their kid kinds of deeds..
U: OK chalo baccho..let’s go 2 gurudwarah now…
I&A: daadi…can v play with selfie ?..
U: thik hai main Kunj se keh doongi ki uske dono ladle nahi jaaye…
I: chachu vahin hai na…I knew itb4 only but this ahu asked me to stay here only… (After ol he loves his chachu d most.. Hehe)
A: haww..I will complain 2 chachu… Jhootah….
I: daadi..dadu..aap sab abhi yehi hon.. let’s go ..
All laugh and all leave 4 the gurudwarah……

In the gurudwarah…
Twinkle is praying..she is wearing a Patiala suit …white kurta, sky blue salwar and a colorful dyed dupatta..kept on her head…she was wearing golden coloured three drop dangle earrings…and her side single braid… She was looking too cute but I don’t Think so that I need to tell she is our panjabi pataka?

T: babaji…tysm 4 everything u have given to me but plz an meri luv story bhi mujhe de do…I hope to pray with my love ….plz..
While she was praying… Kunj comes and sits beside her..(sajna be…plays… I know it’s similar 2 what happened in tei but it was really a beautiful moment so I wrote it)
She didn’t noticed him…she was about to turn towards him but someone calls her…she goes to her .here Kunj opened his eyes after praying and went to serve..
Lady: oye puttar… Tu prashad banana chahti this na…aaja…vaise bhi aajkal kaun gurudwarae main seva karta hai….aja..
T: g..
She goes with her and starts preparing halwa (prashad) in a tent where many people were there preparing food 4 langar..
Kunj comes there to help in serving prashad…
He sees a girl (twinkle) preparing halwa covering her mouth and nose with one hand with her duppata to prevent herself from the smell of masalas over there and some smoke..
Kunj was able to see her twinkling big eyes only.and her flying hair (how can’t the heroine’s hair fly..he he). (Teri ore Teri ore …..male plays)
lady: oye puttar…do u need anything..?

K(still looking at that girl): ji..(turns 2 the lady)… Ji nahi…vo bas seva karni this…
L: oh..tum bhi….
K: bhi…?
L: are vo kudi Jo prashad baba rahi hai…vo bhi isi liye aayi thi…ek kaam Karo..prashad batwa do…bhagwan tum jaison KO hamesha khushi de..she leaves…
Kunj again turns to see that girl but she disappeared..Kunj went and started helping people in distributing prashad..
Sarjas(sarnas and Tanejas arrive )
Kunj notices them and goes to them he touches usha’s and Manohar’s feet.
M: come my son …they hug..
Meet rt and his wife leela ji…
K: oh…(he touches their feet too)namaste…
L: jiunda reh puttar… Kinna sonda munda hai apka …usha ji…bohot suna hai iske barre main…itni kam umra main kamyabi ki unchaayiyon KO choo raja hai..
Rt: lekin aaj bhi apne zameer se juda hua hai….u must b proud of him …
M: I am…
K: main toh bas…

I&A: chachu!!
K: ohho.. My darlings( he hugged them sitting on his knees)…he r u all..
I&A: bilkul..Kunj..
K: Kunj!
A: are …Kunj means just like you…. Always happy..
I(moving his fingers in his hair with attitude): and handsome too..
K: ohho….hahaa
All laugh..
They all pray..
K: maa, papa u all return …I will come after sometime..

U: k beta..but kuch khaa Lena,
K: OK…and he leaves..
M: chaliye..
All leave 4 Taneja mansion.
Kunj was busy serving food..
The same lady: oye puttar an tu bhi khaa le..
K: but..
Lady: kha lo puttar ..langar KO naa nahi kehte..

K: ji.
Kunj was sitting on mat with many others were also there…
Twinkle came there with Roti’s..Kunj didn’t saw her ..she sat on the left side of Kunj in front of him ..she saw a girl sitting just in front of her(behind Kunj).. Without roties so she forwarded 2 Roti’s to her coming a bit close to Kunj’s face…kunj notices her and turns and twinkle also turn they………


Get ur minds at work and stay tuned with yehi.

PRECAP: twinj fi8…and twinkle 2 meet SARNAS.

Hey guys I hope u liked it …and I would welcome shona to twinj fans family of ours…

Love u all.

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