Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 7)


Thank you thank u thank you so much Sam ,Sana,Pancho, mahi , zarmeen , ritzi , zikra , sadaf khan , romaisah and all the silent readers for liking my ff.???????
Well thanks Pancho for complimenting my name and even this is a part of my real name.I think I should share my unique and lovely name i.e. Shreyani ( I don’t know why, but I love my name may b because its the first thing that I tell about me to anyone)

Well I don’t want to blabber now so here’s..

In the mall.
Twinkle fumes and starts walking hurriedly here and there.
K: le kar diya tune siyappa, jaa an manaa use.
Twinkle in the cafeteria of that mall and sit blabbering about Kunj being arrogant.
T: samajhta kya hai apne aap KO!

Kunj comes there , keeps the bags on table and sits beside her.
Kunj: twinkle..
Twinkle turns her face in anger 2 opposite direction.
Kunj: oh , so some 1 is angry.
Twinkle: of course not Kunj, and not at all from u.
Kunj smiles at her innocent anger.
K: OK , baba sorry.but mere samajh no aata that why do girls shop so much.
Twinkle: oh Mr. If v shop bcoz v want to look our best wherever v go.
K: but why?
T: are if v will not look good then tum ladke parties me kise tadokge?
K: really, main tadoonga , no ways. I don’t know about others. If u have seen me checking out any girl then tell .
T: tum……haan haan think hai koi baat no..but mujhe Kai taste hai so….leave it ab chalen……
Kunj: so have u forgiven me?
Twinkle: noo
K: then why r u talking 2 me?
T: vooo…….acha OK I forgave u but u should not say like that..
Kunj: so what I should have done, it seems like u bought clothes for 10 people.
Twinkle: it not only seems, but there r clothes for 10 people only… Samjhe?
Kunj: ohh, sorry… But u wanted to buy something else also, what’s that?
T: come let me tell u..
Twinkle moves and Kunj follows her.he sees her buying so many chocolates.

Kunj: so u love chocolates.
Twinkle: yup.
Kunj: but so many…
Twinkle: they all r not 4 me…
Kunj : oh.
They go to devki.
K: I hope u both r done
C: yup
Twinkle: so v should leave.
D: twinkle if u don’t mind can u go home by ur own as I was thinking 2 go on a long drive in chinki’s car with her.
Twinkle: but…. How…….
K: no worries, I’ll drop u.
TK: really , thanks., but I don’t need 2 go to house, as I want to go somewhere else…
K: no problem ,u just tell me where should I drop u.
Twinkle: OK, ( she tells him a address)
Twinj leave.

In parking
Kunj brings his bike.
T: we will go on bike?
K: ya , any problem?
T: no., actually I never sat behind any boy before on a bike.. So…
Kunj understands.
K: don’t worry, come n sit.
She sits , he put his shades on and drives smoothly.
T: , well u know I love bikes.
K: so have u ever tried riding?
T: yes, when I was 19 , While learning I fell off it and was hurt since then maa mujhe nahi chalane dati…..kuch jyada hi pyaar hai mujhse.
K: ya I understand..
Kunj drives and twinkle was enjoying the ride.

After sometimes they reached near a house which was actually the NGO of twinkle.
They come down the bike & Kunj parks his bike.
Twinkle: come …
Kunj follows her.
As they entered kunj saw 5 children playing.and a board written- RANG- owned by Twinkle Taneja
( let me give an intro of the NGO people.
Aasha, vibha and nandini- three old ladies who were left by there children, and for them now twinkle was their daughter.(u can imagine deepti naval, zarina wahab and Madhu raja)
Meera- the oldest of all, she is handicapped (her legs were damaged in an accident), she use to love twinkle a lot .(u can imagine farida jalal)
And 5 children;(all r orphans)
Ariya(19 years)- eldest of all 5
Aryan (6yrs)
A boy (aryan)comes shouting. He is youngest of all.
A: twinkle Didi aaa gyi, twinkle Didi aa gyi….?????????? ?????

From behind all 5come running and start revolving around twinkle.
All: twinkle Didi aa gyi , twinkle didi aa gyi…….
Kunj was looking at them smiling and there twinkle was also very Happy and started revolving and jumping with them, suddenly she tucks because of high heheels kunj moves forward to help her but sees that she removed Herr sandals and again started hopping and jumping , her hair was flying , she was laughing and Kunj was mesmerized to see her childishness.
After some time the all stop and starts laughing.
Ari: v all missed u Didi.
T:mee too ..
They all share a group hug.
Then twinkle gives all of them chocolates ????????which she bought in the mall .
An old lady comes and holds twinkle’s ears from back.
T: ooooouchhhhh!…..

PRECAP: to b continued………

I hope u liked it.plz comment and stay tuned with YHI.
Love U allll.?

Credit to: shreya

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