Yeh zindegi hai meri (Swara-Ragini) Part 5

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Sanskar entered his room and saw Swara roaming around here and there.
Swara;This is such a pretty room!
Sanskar:Swara,I think you should change and sleep.It was a tiring day.right?
Swara:I don’t have cloths.
Sanskar:Oh haan…
Swara;Wait..i am going to Ladu.
Swara ran from his room followed by Sanskar.
Sanskar:Yeh ladki bhi na…..

Laksh was looking at the moon,standing near the window.Ragini came and hugged his back.
Laksh turned back and cupped her face.
Laksh:See Ragini,I don’t know why bhai married bhabi but yes,I’ll respect his decision.He had been correct till now and I know he can never be wrong.
Ragini hugged him again.
Laksh:Ragini….wese ajj toh hamari suhaagraat hai..haina?

Ragini blushed!
Laksh was about to kiss Ragini,they were inches apart when they heard Swara shouting..
They moved apart being shocked.
Swara;Ladu what was he doing with you?

Ragini and Laksh were looking at eachother being embarrassed.
Sanskar came from back and held Swara’s hand.
Sanskar;Ragini,give her some cloths.She did not bring hers.I’ll take her for shopping tomorrow.
Ragini nodded and gave away a pair of cloths to Swara.
Shona:I’m not leaving my Ladu. 

She held Ragini’s hand tight.
Sanskar:Swara,let’s go to our room!
Shona looked at Ragini and nodded.She left with Sanskar.
Swasa’s room
Swara was sitting on sofa if a gloomy face.
Sanskar saw this and sat beside her while drinking water.

Swara;I want Ladu
Sanskar:She is with her second best friend Laksh…u remember…her husband?
Swara:Oh is there suhaagraat..
Sanskar started coughing.(monologue):She is going to ask me its meaning.shit!!
Swara:Champanzee..are you ok??
She rubbed her back being worried.Sanskar nodded.

Swara;oNow that you are fine…tell me what…
Sanskar;I am feeling very sleepy…
Sanskar was about to get up but Swara grabbed his arm and made him sit beside her again.
Swara:Just shut up and tell me the meaning of Suhagraat.
Sanskar:Who told you about it?
Swara:Ladu and her husband were talking about it
Sanskar:They were talking right?So they must be knowing the meaning.You ask her.
She stood up and was ready to go to Raglak’s room when Sanskar stopped her yet again.
Sanskar:U ask them tomoroow…ok?
Swara nodded.

Swara jumped into the bed and tucked herself in the comfortable blanket.Sanskarwas coming to take his cushion.
Swara:OOO..kaha chaldiyee app?
Sanskar;To the couch??
Swara:Chimpanzee…..i won’t sleep alone.
Sanskar was of couse feeling awkward.
Sanskar;See Swara…I am sleeping there only..on the couch….if u feel scared then call me..ok?
Swara;Nahiii na…either you listen to me or I’ll shout and cry!
Sanskar:U promised to not cry.

Sanskar:Swara :/
Swara:I forgot now plzzz…
Sanskar was left with no other option.He sat beside Swara while sheclosed her eyes,encircled her hands around his arms and slept.Sanskar also slept in that position.
Ragini on the other hand was tensed about Swara.
Raginni’s pov
She is new here.I don’t know if she is getting some sleep or she is angry with us for not letting her stay here.Moreover Sanskar…no..i have to trust him.Swara is somewhat normal when she is around him.
Laksh was sleeping beside her when she got down from her bed.She came near Swasan’s room but to her surprise she did not heard any sound.Swara wasn’t shouting as she had expected.
Ragini:God…thank u for sending him in my shona’s life..
Ragini returned back.
Laksh:Dekhh ayi apni shona ko?

Ragini:U did not sleep till now?
Laksh:I was sleeping.ANKH khulgayi and I saw u missing.I knew that you went to see if your sister si fine or not.
Ragini:Ok…so Mr Laksh Maheshwari got to know me so well??
Laksh:Three years!!I have tolerated you dude!!
Ragini:You tolerated me???U know what?Go to hell
Ragini glared at him and covered herself with the blanket.

It was morning!Ragini woke up with a jerk.
Ragini:Shiii…..Swara ko bhi uthana hai god!!
Her eyes fell on Laksh who was sleeping with a broad smile on his face.
Ragini:Oye kumbkaran ke relative get up!!
Laksh:Soneh deh Bhai..meko office nahi jana…
He hit Ragini with a pillow and slept again.
Ragini:Laksh..did he just hit me?
Ragini pushed him due to which he fell down,on the floor.

Ragini;Ma nahi Ragini..yani mein!
Laksh:Nice….the first day after marriage and what a start!
Ragini crawled down and sat before Laksh.
Ragini;Go to Sanskar’s room.Send Swara here..nahi nahi…ask Sanskar
to drop her here warna idaar udaar chalijayegi.And get ready there ok???
Laksh:Aur koi hokum?
Ragini;Badme deti hu…for now do this!
Laksh left from there.

Swasan’s room
Both were sleeping peacefully when Laksh knocked on.
Sanskar woke up.His arm was occupied by Swara.He had to pat her cheek.
Sanskar;Shona..get up!
Swara partly opened her eyes.Sanskar placed her head on a pillow and went towards the door to open it of course.

He shouted and hugged Sanskar.
Laksh;I can’t live with that churail.
He said and wept dramatically.
Swara woke up with a thud…
Swara;Kaha hai churail???
Sanskar;Shona…calm down..Lucky tub hi!!
Laksh:Apki behen.
Swara;EEEEE…u lucky bucky….meri lado ko kuch ni kehna

She hit him with a pillow.
Laksh:Hn hn…even you called me lucky bucky!
Swara:Hnn toh you called my Laddu churail.
Laksh:Bhabi….i’ll call u gabbar bhabi!
Swara;U can!Cause I don’t know who gabbar is!
Laksh;Heh?Didn’t you watch sholay?
Swara;Nah..chmpanzee….i want to see Sholay.

Laksh;Wait wait who is chimpanzee?
Swara giggled.
Sanskar;Umm leave that….why are you here early morning?To complain against Ragini?
Laksh;Nai..madam ka order hai..she asked u to take Swara to her room.Ajse aisa hii hoga!
Sanskar:Ok….Swara chalo…
Swara nodded.
Laksh:Bye chimpanzee!!

Sanskar;Bye bye lucky bucky!!
Sanskar bought Swara to Ragini’s room.
Swara;Waooo Laddu..u look so different.
Ragini was wearing a saree.
Ragini:haan baby!
They hugged each other while Sanskar was leaving.
Sanskar:Boliya Shona ki laddu?
Ragini smiled:Thank u!

Sanskar smiled back and left.
Ragini; you are going to get ready like me!
Ragini made Swara ready in a beautiful saree.
Shona:Laddu..i am looking pretty but I won’t wear this everyday.Agaar khulgaya toh???
Ragini giggles:Nahi khulengi..kalke wahi pehenlena..ok?
Swara and Ragini descended from the stairs.Laksh did not look at Ragini while Sanskar was staring at her continuosly. is your pehli rasoi rasam.

Suju:Na…mari kismet mein na hai yeh!
Ragini nodded,grabbed Swara’s hand and left for the kitchen.
Swara was sitting on the kitchen counter and having apple while Ragini wasbitting her nails..
Ragini;Shona..khatiihi rahegi kya?Give me some idea!!
Swara;Your fault.Why did you marry if you didn’t know cooking?
Swara;Kokila Modi said this to her Gopi bahu.
Ragini:Pitegi tu mujse!
Swara giggled.
Swara:I want to have chocolate milkshake. 

Ragini;Hann shona..mujhe wai banana atah hai.I’ll prepare that!
Swara clapped playfully.
Everyone sat on their chairs.Pari had prepared the breakfast.Everyone waited for Ragini.Ragini came with a tray with milkshake glasses on it.
Suju and Annu staired at each other.
Suju;Ragini,you were supposed to make something sweet.

Swara;Bakbak karnewali aunty.taste this…this is also sweet!
Suju:Hein…what did u call me?
Uttara;Ma..bakbak karne wwali aunty!
Suju;Sanskar see this girl.This mad girl is calling me bakbak…chichi
Sanskar;Mom,she has a name for god sake use that!
Laksh:I love milkshakes.Ragini..give me one!
Sanskar;One to me too!
Uttara;Yum..i would love to have one.
Ragini smiled and nodded.

Sanskar;Swara,come here.
Sanskar made her sit beside her.
Suju:Jijji…guests would be coming for muh dikai rasam.Everyone got to know about by mad daughter in law jijji..
Sanskar:Swara..i’m leaving for office.Stay with Ragini.I can trust anyone will you other than her.
Suju looked irked.
All the men left for office.The ladies started coming.
AP made Ragini sit in front of all with a veil of course.
Her muh dikai rasam started.

Annapurna’s friend Sarita:Annu,your daughter in law is so beautiful!By the ay,I could not attend your son’s wedding but I heard people speaking about Sanskar’s marriage?He got married?
Another lady;Yes,I came yesterday.Sanskar married a mad girl.Ragini ki hi behen..isn’t it Sujata?
All together they said:Bring your mad daughter in law too.We would like to see her.
Ragini stood up from her place.
Ragini;If you want to meet the daughter in law of this house then I’ll surely bring her infront of you but if you are planning to mock at her then you better not do that!
Sarita:Annu,your daughter in law seems to be a tikhi mirchi.

Swara was descending from the stairs.
Nisha(Their neighbor):Who is she?
Swara came and looked at Ragini.
Swara remembers how Ragini taught her to fold her hands and say Namaste whenever Ragini blinks twice at her and also take their blessings.
Ragini blinked at her and she looked at the ladies.

Swara folded her hands then took their blessings too!
Sarita:See,this is called Sanskar.
Sujata’s jaw dropped seeing everyone complementing Swara.
Swara:Sanskar is in office aunty.
Sarita:Nahi..i was not talking about that Sanskar..
Swara:Sanskar’s badi ma’s friend aunty…listen..i am tikhi mirchi’s sister. sister Swara..the daughter in law of this house.
Swara started jumping while giggling:Buddhu banaya… all are fools…yaayyy
The women were looking at each other.

Ragini:What happened?Don’t tell me that you are ashamed to complement a mad girl!
Ragini grabbed Swara’s hand and left.
It was evening.Sanskar entered his room.Swara was wearing a top and leggings.
She was having her chips and watching tom and jerry.
Sanskar;Hello Swara!
Swara;EE Chimpanzee..come here.Let’s watch this tom and jerry! watch it..i’ll join you soon!
Swara:Ok…remember your promise.
Sanskar;As if u did 😉
Swara giggled.
All of a sudden Swara started jumping on the bed.

Sanskar;Swara..don’t jump on it…it’s going to break.
Swara slipped while Sanskar held her by waist and took her into his arms(Bridal style )
They shared an eye look.
Swara:Thank u

Swara ssmiled while thanking him and placed a kiss on his cheek much to Sasnkar’s astronishment.
Swara was moving and asking him to get her down.Sanskar who actually drowned into that moment came out of it and placed her on bed.Swara ran from there.
Sanskar held his cheek and a small curve appeared on her face.
Laksh came in at that time.
Laksh;Bhai…did bhabi slap you that you are holding your cheek?
Sanskar;Huh..nah..mosquito..yes….i’ll go and just freshen up.
Ragini came there.
SRagini:Sanskar..where is Shona?

Sanskar;I donno she ran away from here.God!!
Ragini;Dhondo useh..
Uttara was baking a cake for her friend while Swara came there.
Uttara smiled.
Swara:Yeh kya ganda banari ho?
Uttara; baking a cake.
Swara:Who is bhabi?
Swara:I am Swara and Shona.

Uttara:Do u mind me calling u bhabi?
Uttara noticed the flour container which was placed on the top most shelf on the kitchen.
She tried hard to take it while Swara giggled.
Swara:U are so small..tumse na hoga..
Swara jumped and tried to grab the container while Sujata came in.
Suujata:Oh god..what is this girl doing in my kitchen?
Swara’s hand touched the container hard due to which it tilted and the flour it ad fell on Sujata who was standing exactly beneath it.
Everyone gathered up in the kitchen.
Sujata was crying hard:Jijji..see..what this mad girl has done to me.

Swara hid behind Ragini.
Sujju:Jjji..she called me bhoot.
Ap:Swara did u…
She was unable to control her laughter.Everyone started laughing.
Ragini looked at Swara who looked down laughing.
Uttara grabbed her phone and clicked a pic of her.
Suju;Uttara..i’ll beat u black and blue…this girl did this to me but u r my blood…my could u?
Uttara;Bhoot ma..bhoot..
She continued laughing.
DP:Ram..take Sujata to her room.

Sujuta:Chodungi nai tujhe….
Swara looked down holding Ragini and Sanskar’s arms.

Swara:Mein tumhare bacche ki ma bannewali hu Sanskar!
Ragini met with an accident!

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