Yeh zindagi (Episode 1)

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Coming to the story

A beautiful house is seen where one uncle is watering to plants in his garden. After that he goes to hall to read news paper & in mean time his wife comes there with coffee. They started having coffee together.

Then suddenly phone rangs & that uncle lifts the phone.

Girl while crying : Hello uncle this is hina. Can i talk to jenni di.

He gets worried by hearing her crying state.

His name is ketan.

Ketan: Hina what happened why are you crying?

She sobs more & asks for jenni. He calls jenni & tells about the call.

Jenni: hi hina.

Hina: jenni di….she starts crying more.

Jenni also gets tensed & says hina to calm & say what happened?

Hina: Jenni di…woh woh ragini di…

By hearing ragini’s name jenni gets even more tensed & asks her what happened to ragini.

Hina: Ragini di has committed suicide.

Jenni gets shocked by listening her. Her parents asks the matter & she tells them.

Jenny: Hina how is she now?

Hina:Dnt know di. Mom & dad just now took her to hospital.

Jenny : Ok i will see u dnt worry ok.

Hina: Ok.

They immediately goes to hospital.

Here in hospital they will show ragini on stretcher lying unconscious by taking sleeping pills & her parents taking her to icu crying.

After she went in ragini’s mom janki & shekhar sits there & cries silently.

Janki: Shekhar why she did this? What less we have done to her? God please help us.

Shekhar : Dnt worry janki she will be fine.

Here in ragini’s house her two sisters are crying a lot remembering ragini. Ragini dadi prays to lord to save her ragini.

Her sisters are hina & sona.

Hina: sona dnt cry di will be fine.

Sona: di u also crying na.

Hina wipes her tears & tries to control her tears.

Sona: Hina di shall i ask u one thing. Will ragini will be ok or will she die?

Hina: Shut up sona. She will be fine.

Dadi comes there scolding them.

Dadi: Atleast now you people open your mouth y she tried to commit suicide. I know you three always make a gang & keeps secrets. I will not leave u let her come back.

Hina & sona decided to go to hospital.

Here in hospital already jenny & her parents are arrived & consoling ragini’s parents.

Janki: jenny i know ragini is your best friend. Do you know y she committed suicide?

Jenny : no aunty i dnt know.

Janki cries more remensing ragini. Then hina & sona also comes there worriedly & hina hugs jenny & sona hugs her mom.

Later dr comes out & says she is out of danger but she will be unconscious for 24hrs. They all gets relieved.

Next day ragini gets conscious & opens her eyes. Nurse asks her parents to come in & see ragini.

Janki & shekhar goes in. Suddenly janki forcibly wakes up ragini & scolds her.

Janki: Ragini y u did like this? What do you think of yourself?

She gives slaps to her. Shekhar asks her to calm down.

Janki: U have become a problem for us. Even one day we have not been because of you.

And slaps her again .

The end of episode 1. Please comment.

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