Yeh Vaada Raha (Prologue)


Hi guys, it’s again Miya with a new ff in Swaragini. I was so happy to see your comments on Aashiqui os. Really, I’m so happy that you all liked it. And I hope you will write this one also. πŸ™‚

The story starts with a man driving his car at night. Beside him, there was a woman, wearing a mangalsutra and had sindoor. We could clearly see that there were a married couple, Neha and Sahil, coming to Goa.

Neha: Sahil, where are we going?
Sahil, Surprise, Baby!
Neha: What yaar, this is not fair!
Sahil: Everything is fair in love and war, Baby! (He winked at her)

Neha got angry and didn’t speak to him and slowly she slept on his shoulder. Sahil was admiring her when suddenly their car broke down in an isolated place.

Neha (worried): What happened?
Sahil: It seems the car broke down. You stay here, I will see the problem.

After an hour, being fed up, she came out of the car.

Neha: Sahil, what happened?
Sahil: I don’t know what the problem is. And there is no one to ask for help.

The couple did a lot to repair the car but couldn’t.

Neha (tired): Now what?
Sahil: Let’s walk and find if anyone can help us.

They walked further for help and landed up in front of an old mansion “Villa”.

Sahil: Chalo…
Neha (scared): Sahil, what is this? I’m really scared. Let’s go back.
Sahil: Why are you getting scared? Look, we don’t have any option. We must at any cost take help.
Neha: But Sahil, look at this, it’s looking like a haunted one! What if there is ghost inside.
Sahil: Ghost? And that too in nowadays! What rubbish yaar, Neha. Look there is no ghost and all. It’s all nonsense.

While Sahil was trying to convince Neha, a man came out of the mansion and introduced himself to be the caretaker of this mansion. Neha was observing the caretaker keenly. He was shorter than Sahil but his face was threatening her. He was, looking like, a perfect caretaker for a perfect haunted house. The conversation of Sahil and the caretaker was in mute. All the time, Neha either, was looking at the caretaker or the mansion.

Sahil: Neha, Chale?
Neha: Sahil…
Sahil: Neha, there is no need to get afraid still I’m here with you.

He forwarded his hand to her and she placed her hand in his, giving a confident look. It took them almost ten minutes to reach the mansion from the gate. Their every step was audible which scared Neha. She grabbed Sahil’s hand tightly and he smiled. They entered into the mansion and had a look. Even if the mansion was too old, it was well maintained.

Caretaker: If you want to stay here, then you have to follow these rules:
1) You cannot step out of your room at night.
2) Don’t dare to open the room in upstairs.
(And he went)

Neha (scared): Sahil, what is he saying! I don’t want to stay here!
Sahil (consoled): Calm down, it looks like there is something precious here. That’s why he is saying all this. What do we care! Come, let’s go to our room and get out from here tomorrow.

Neha and Sahil went to their room. Sahil was sleeping peacefully but Neha couldn’t. She went out of her room to drink water, forgetting what the caretaker told. After drinking water, Neha was walking around the mansion. She sensed something, passing behind her. She turned but she found nothing. She decided to go to her room. But this time, there were many sounds which threatened her. The clock rang louder. She was hearing dog barking outside. The chandelier was shaking here and there, the door was opening itself, and things were flying. It was so horrible to look. Her fear increased. Again, she sensed something, passing behind her. She turned and saw a bundle of dust, joining. She screamed and shouted but nobody heard her. She ran as faster as possible and hit herself against a big pillar and fell down. Next morning, Sahil woke up and didn’t find his wife beside him. He was looking the whole mansion in search of her and found her near the kitchen, in an unconscious state. He took her to the hospital and the doctors declared her to be partially paralyzed of shock. (I don’t know if it would happen in real but in my ff anything could happen πŸ™‚ )

Two months later…

A beautiful school was shown in Dehradun. The school was very big and we could see students running here and there. Among this, we could see a big black Audi car entering the school. A girl got out of the car in a school uniform. Seeing her, all boys got mesmerized. She walked in with attitude driving all boys crazy. This wasn’t happening only that day, but it was usual every day. Since she joined the school, all boys were crazy about her. Her name was Kavita Roy, the only daughter of a business tycoon.

A voice: Did you see Kavita? (Kavita turned and saw the person asking this question to someone)
Kavita: Hey, Uttara! What are you doing there?

Yes, the other girl was Uttara. Uttara was a very simple girl. Coming from a conservative Singhania family, she always thought to study hard. A very studious girl and one of the best friends of Kavita. She wasn’t as fashionable as Kavita but she was beautiful.

Uttara: I was searching you to ask about Aryan. He took my books yesterday.
Kavita (put her elbow in Uttara’s shoulder): And what can he do? Let’s go to basketball ground. It’s the only place we can find him!

At the basketball ground, we could see girls, cheering a boy. The boy was playing there and was looking handsome. He was none other than Aryan, Aryan Rao, a rich kid and the dreamboy of every girl in the school. Another best friend of Kavita and Uttara. Kavita and Uttara came there and saw this.

Kavita (irritated): Offo! He started again! Don’t know why these girls are mad for him!
Uttara: Looking like someone is jealous… (Indicating Kavita)
Kavita: Shut up! Me and jealous, no way! (Aryan noticed them from far)
Aryan: Guys, I will be back.
A boy: Where are you going leaving us in the middle?
Aryan: To irritate someone. (And he looked at Kavita and smirked) Hi Uttara! Hi… Ka…vi…ta!
Uttara and Kavita: Hi! (Kavita said it without interest)
Aryan: What happened? Maharani has come to see my match! What a miracle yaar!
Kavita: Hey listen! I came here because Uttara wants her book back.
Aryan: Oh ya, I will give them in classroom. By the way, have you seen Manpreet?
Uttara and Kavita: No!

The scene shifts to a music room where a boy was playing drums and girls were around him. (bachna ae haseeno plays…)

Girls: Wow! Once more Manpreet!

The boy was none other than Manpreet, the youngest son of Raj Bedi. He was also from a rich family but his parents didn’t live in India. They were very busy person roaming around the world for their business. He was living with his grandmother. A person who, often, ended up in problems by impressing girls. He learned drums to impress them. He was also a best friend of Aryan, Kavita and Uttara.

Manpreet: Girls! Anything for you! (A girl hugged him)

In that time, a fit boy came and saw this. He got angry as the girl who hugged Manpreet was his girlfriend. Manpreet who sensed his anger, ran from there and reached the trio.

Uttara (to Manpreet): Why are you running like this?
Manpreet: A mad dog chased me! (Took breath)
Aryan: Guys, let’s go to the classroom. Ragini would be waiting for us.

Here, Ragini was seen trying to be a peacemaker among two people who were fighting.

Ragini: Guys, stop it! You aren’t children to fight like this! Try to understand yaar! (She held her head)

Aryan, Kavita, Uttara and Manpreet came to the classroom and saw this.

Manpreet: Yelo, another mother India!
Ragini: Mannu, stop it yaar!

Ragini was a very clever girl. Being beautiful and clever, she never had the intention to show off it. She was lovely to everyone and everyone used to appreciate her presence of mind. But this girl was also very mischievous among those who were close to her. Best friend of Aryan, Manpreet, Kavita and Uttara. The only thing Ragini hated was her father, who left her mother for another woman. She was living with her mother and her paternal grandparents.

So, these are the main lead of the ff. This gang was very popular at school and these were very close to each other.

Precap: The gang in Goa.

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar as Ragini Gadodia
Shravan Reddy as Aryan Rao
Nikita Sharma as Kavita Roy
Zuber K. Khan as Manpreet Bedi
Khyati Mangla as Uttara Singhania

So guys, how was it? I hope you all liked it! πŸ™‚

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  1. Interesting pls continue

    1. Miya

      Thank you and yeah for sure I would continue it πŸ™‚

    1. Miya

      Thank you

  2. Ohhhh goddd miya….it ws amaznggggggggg……frst part of episode ws veryyy horrifynggg,i too felt scaredd.. n 2nd part ws superbbb,loved d gang of ragini.. πŸ˜‰ …it is reallly veryyyy interestnnnggg… waitng for nxt part eagerlyyy…keep rockng dear..n i loved d way u write πŸ˜‰

    1. Miya

      Thanks dear!

    1. Miya

      Thank you!

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  4. Akshata

    amazing intro

    1. Miya

      Thanks but it’s not an intro. I wanted it to be the first episode but don’t know how it changed to a prologue

  5. Sherin

    intersting….concept is different….waiting for further episodes

    1. Miya

      Thank you!

    1. Miya


    1. Miya

      Thank you!

  6. 1st part was horrifying but 2nd part was too good. I just loved it.

    1. Miya

      THank you! I wrote like this because I wanted to give punishment to Neha ( as in the serial, nothing is happening with Neha, still behaving the same way) πŸ˜‰

  7. Superb……..

  8. Megha123

    Interesting very eager to watch it

    1. Miya

      Thank you Megha 123! I’m so happy that you all liked it!

  9. Superb

  10. Mindblowing πŸ™‚

  11. loved it
    cant wait for 1st ep

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