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Hi. This my ff on the show Yeh Vaada Raha and each episode of this ff will be published on every Monday and Saturday in January.

Show introduction:
Yeh Vaada Raha is such show that narrates the story of Survi(Roshni Walia) and Karthik(Ankush Arora), who are completely different individuals seperated by their backgrounds, age and temperaments. However they are bound to each other across a lifetime by the promises made by one of them. A twist in the tale prompts Karthik go make an unbreakable vow to Survi’s father that brings Survi and Karthik together.

The show continues where Lata Karthik’s mom is thrown from the building by Lata, and Survi leaves with her father to another place that time which is why Karthik assumes Survi the one who tried to kill his mother. The show takes a leap of 7 yrs where Survi is grown up and Karthik is an arrogant guy totally different from his teenage life . But thanks to fate , somehow Survi had to act as Simi to take care of Karthik’s mom who has been in comma for 7 yrs, somehow Karthik gets to know about Survi’s truth and then he tries to confront her indirectly. Then they both get stuck at a place and Karthik who got hurt in saving Survi, became sick and then they stayed at a place where they were assumed as married n Karthik had to apply sindoor on Survi’s forehead. And when they return, Survi’s truth get reveled and she leaves to save Karthik’s life instead of justifying herself. And Lata comes out of coma and tells Karthik half truth that Survi is innocent but didn’t reveal Tai’s truth. Karthik rushes to train station and somehow managed to stop Survi. There Karthik threatens if Survi don’t forgive him he will suicide. Survi forgives him and next day they go on a date as Karthik was gonna confess his love and ask marriage proposal with Survi, Aniket says he will die without Survi and loves . So Karthik sacrifices his love and Tai is furious and doing all she can and even got bald by performing in advance death rituals for Survi and her father. Show is showing that Aniket-Survi gets engaged and getting mArried the following day.

My ff will continue from where Karthik is about to confess his love for Survi.

Character Introduction
Karthik Barve (Ankush Arora)-
Son of Lata.He is business-minded, was mean, arrogant initially but when he came to know the truth he became sweet, naughty, composed and romantic loves Survi a lot
Survi Mohite (Sonal Vengulekar)
Daughter of Srikanth.She is shy and innocent , and since childhood loves Karthik, and also love her father a lot.
Aniket Barve-
Son of Tai. He got injuired on his leg when he was a kid and the Same spot his father died and blame went on Srikanth. He is carefree, pampered and loves Survi a lot.

Kamli Barve(Rinku Kamalaker)-
Known as Tai, She is the one who is causing problems as she hates Srikanth and Survi a lot that she can harm others. She is funny , but very much dangerous and stubborn .but her love for her son is more. loves her son Aniket a lot.

Pyaare Mohan-
Knows all reality of tai and trying to fool tai but doesn’t know that tai is more cunning than him more of funny and cunning supports Tai to save himself.

Supporting role-
Srikanth Mohite (Pankaj Vishnu)-
Father of Survi. Always supports Survi a lot and wants the best for her he is kind-hearted, sweet and mature
Lata Barve-
Mother of Karthik. Knows Karthik very well. Wants the best for the family also treats Aniket like her own son n Survi like her daughter. Kind-hearted, sweet and supporting.
Karthik’s sister-
Very sweet,innocent, nerdy and a bookworm, love her brother and mom a lot
Simmi(Vaishali Thakar)-
Best friend of Survi, Survi and her dad stays with simmi’s family, and she is a very good friend and helps Survi has a soft corner for Aniket.

Simmi’s mom-
Funny, but greedy only praises Survi for her own benefit but not negative
Cares for Survi also

Simmi’s brother-
A good friend of Survi, considers Survi as his sister and also help her when needed

Shanti Barve-
Tai’s daughter, Funny, and loves her husband a lot

Bindu Barve-
Tai’s other daughter, Alcoholic, depressed thinks her husband cheated her

Characters to be continued(discontinued or not shown anymore)
Here Kishore didn’t die but was Almost got killed by tai got safe somehow but in comma nobody knows that tai n Pyaare Mohan thinks he is dead

New Characters
No new characters in my ff for the time being

These are the characters for Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise ff I have made some changes to the character and some of the characters will be shown after some episodes
And if needed more characters maybe introduced but. The minimum episode of this ff is 4 episodes. And the fate of this ff will depend on ur comments so comment as much as u can 🙂

This is the precap for episode 1:
Karthik holds Survi hand and jump out of the train, Karthik and Survi roll together where Survi’s dupatta falls on Karthik’s face.Later, Survi fights with Karthik and then Karthik says I love u. Survi gets shocked . What do u think will be Survi’s reaction?

Do check out the first episode of Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise on this Monday, 11th January night if not Saturday, 16th January
By any chance, if this ff gets cancelled I will inform u beforehand on YVR episode update or on this page.

And please feel free to express ur opinions 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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