Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a Promise Episode 9


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Here Survi and Karthik together comes to Tai’s house, as Karthik is about to go, Survi stops
Karthik: Survi? Why are you standing here? Come with me.
Survi: But Karthik what will we reply? Tai knows that we are seperated which is actually not the truth.
Karthik: Do you know why I have come here after a few days later instead of the day I came to know Tai’s truth?
Survi: Why?
Karthik: Because I wanted to spend some time with you alone and enjoyed all those days. Honestly speaking that one month was the best month in my life.
(Survi and Karthik actually stayed together for a month)
Survi smiles.
Karthik holds Survi’s hand
Karthik: Survi, it took me 15 days to gather courage to do what we are going to do now?
Survi: But Karthik I am very scared.
Karthik: Why?
Survi: When Tai will get to know about the truth she will be furious and she will not spare anyone. And I can’t lose you again,
Survi hugs Karthik and Yeh Vaada Raha music plays.
Karthik: Okay if you don’t want this to happen then I will go.
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik is about to go.
Survi: Okay find I am ready,
Survi is still a bit scared so Karthik holds her hand and they both go in the house together.

Tai: Everyone quickly come, Kartya is arriving home after a month completing his shooting work.
Everyone rushes and just then the bell rings.
Tai opens the door and is shocked to see Karthik and Survi holding hands.
Tai: Kartya?
Tai’s children are shocked too but Karthik’s family is happy and they smile.
Tai: Kartya what is this?
Karthik: Why any problem?
Tai pretends to do her drama.
Tai: I mean I have no problem, I am happy that the problems between you and Survi are finally gone.
Karthik: Really?
Tai is surprised.
Tai: I am happy
Karthik: Don’t lie Tai everything is fine now. I have got to know everything,
Tai begins to sweat.
Tai: (in her mind) How come this Kartya got to know about my truth?
Tai gestures Bindu to do something.
Bindu: I know this girl has poisoned against your mind Karthik don’t believe her. She just say nonsense,
Hema: Yes, Bindu is right get out Survi
Lata: No one can throw my Bahu out of the house.
Bindu and Hema is shocked, Hema gestures Pyaare Mohan.
Mohan: Yes, Karthik Hema is right after what Survi has done with Sasu Maa she has no right to enter this house. Only you can explain this to Lata Ji.
Karthik: No one will throw Survi out of the house.
All are stunned, especially Tai.
Karthik: Survi have come to make someone believe the truth.
Tai starts sweating, and Mohan whispers to Tai.
Mohan: Sasu Maa, now you are in trouble for sure,
Tai doesn’t react.
Karthik: Survi have come here to make everyone believe that she is not the right person for this house, me and this famliy.
Lata: Karthik? what are you saying?
Karthik: Stop it maa, I have done so, to make you open your eyes.
Karthik’s family members become sad and tai and her children smile.
Survi:No, Karthik you are wrong. I know that you will never believe me. And I have came here not to get back in your life but to prove my innocence.
Karthik: I have no time to listen to your nonsense, and I have come home after a month so I am here to spend my time with my family not your nonsense,
Survi: Listen, Karthik you are getting me wrong.
Karthik doesn’t listen and goes upstairs.
Survi is about to go. Tai stops her,
Tai: So finally you are back here again?
Survi looks at Tai.
Tai: You are merely wasting your time. No use at all. Karthik will never believe and I make sure he never gets to know my truth.
Survi smiles,
Tai: Why are you smiling? Have you gone crazy?
Survi: No I am worried about you. As truth always wins in the end,
Tai: I will make sure truth never wins.
Survi: We will see.
And they both go on opposite sides,

Here, Survi comes to the room. And Survi looks at Karthik and Karthik looks at Survi. They share an eyelock and Yeh Vaada Raha music plays. Survi runs to Karthik and hugs him.
Karthik: I am so sorry to speak so mean of you.
Survi: No no problem you did this according to our plan and I know very well that all these were not from your heart.
Karthik: I promise.
Survi: Karthik, were you finding something?
Karthik: No, no it was nothing important.
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Yes I was arranging my clothes,
Survi laughs.
Survi: Is this the way to arrange clothes, you always mess up evertything,.
Karthik: So what the big deal in it if I can’t keep everything in place.
Survi smiles and arranges Karthik’s clothes for him.
Karthik tries to romance with Survi.
Survi: Karthik, what are you doing? What if anyone sees us like this?
Karthik: I don’t care I don’t want to leave you.
Survi: Karthik, what childishness is this?
Karthik: No, no
Survi: Ma?
Karthik: I won’t fall in any of your tricks this time.
Survi: Okay baba, I understand you are very smart.
Karthik: Finally you understood.
Survi: Now leave me what if anyone comes here?
Karthik: I can’t even romance with you here, good we stayed somewhere else some days ago.
Survi looks at Karthik and as they both comes closer and closer to each other. just then someone knocks the door,
Survi and Karthik in fear seperate themselves.
Survi: See I told you.
Survi opens the door and is surprised to see Tai along with Lata and Shanti.
Tai: Sorry if I have disturbed you.
Karthik: No no Tai its okay consider this as your own room. Because some unwanted people is here too.
Tai assumes that Karthik is referring some to survi whereas he is actually referring some to Tai herself.
Tai: Kartya I actually wanted to say that
Tai is surprised to see Survi arranging Karthik’s clothes , Karthik and Survi realizes this and gets tensed. Later Karthik manages to divert the topic.
Karthik: How dare you touch my clothes, Survi?
Survi: I am your wife, Karthik I can do whatever I want
Karthik: Be happy that at least you are getting to stay in my room, understand?
Survi: This is my room too, and I can do whatever I want to.
Lata: Okay both of you stop fighting.
Karthik and Survi look at Lata.
Tai: I want to talk to both of you.
Karthik: Yes Tai, what do you want to say?
Tai: You both should try to resolve the problems between you.
Survi: Oh please, Tai stop acting.
Karthik: Survi, how can you talk to Tai like this? She is so nice to you and you?
Tai: Let it be, Kartya I don’t know what problem this Survi have with me? I just want you both to be happy.
And Tai pretends to cry.
Karthik: Tai, there is no use of shedding tears for these kind of girls.
Tai: Kartya, Lata is right you both should talk to each other and solve all problems. For that I am throwing a party in the house tomorrow, so just to said that. I am leaving now.
Tai leaves Lara goes behind her.
Shanti: Dada, I know everything will be fine between you and Bhabi soon.
Karthik and Survi looks on.

Here Lata confronted Tai
Lata: When will you stop all your drama? What will you gain from it?
Tai looks at her and smirks.
Tai: To throw Survi out of Karthik’s life forever.
Lata is shocked.
Lata: They both are already having problems between each other. Aren’t you happy with this?
Tai: I just want Survi out and teach her a lesson so that she will regret challenging me.
Lata: And I am sure that Survi will win this challenge.
Lara leaves. Tai smirks.
Tai: (in her mind) That will never happen.

Here Lata comes back to Karthik’s room.
Lata: Don’t worry Karthik and Survi everything will be fine.
Karthik gets angry initially and later smiles,
Karthik: Yes ma, I want everything to be fine as soon as possible, we together must teach that Tai a lesson. I will never forget what she have done.
Survi, Karthik, Lata and Shanti make plans together to expose Tai
NEXT DAY NIGHT, before party
Here Survi is getting ready, and Karthik comes in the room and gets mesmerized seeing Survi. Yeh Vaada Rama plays.
Survi tries to tie the knot of her blouse but she fails. Later, Karthik sees this and helps Survi by tying her knot.
Survi:You almost scared me.
Karthik: You are still the same as your childhood, scary cat.
Survi: Haha very funny. Now let me get ready. I am getting late.
Karthik: Okay fine.
Survi finally gets ready,
Survi: Karthik, I am ready.
And while getting up, Survi slips due to the stool and is about to fall. Karthik holds her. Yeh Vaada Raha plays. They share an eyelock. And as they were going closer and closer, Shanti knocks the door.
Shanti: Survi are you ready?
Survi: Yes I am ready.
And Survi goes to open the door.
Karthik: Don’t slip this time.
Survi does not listen to him and opens the door.
Shanti: You are looking very beautiful today.
Survi smiles.
Shanti: Now let’s go everyone is waiting for us.
Shanti and Survi leaves.

It is party and Karthik looks at Survi and Survi looks at Karthik
Just then Tai makes an announcement.
Tai: Good evening everyone. I am here to say that I am really happy with the success of my like son nephew Kartya. He have been very successful because of his hard work. And have been a very dutiful son, and carried out all his duties.
Everyone clape for him. Tai invites someone to perform. And then there is a dance performance.. (you can assume any actor/actress you want doing the dance performance). The dance performance ends.
Tai: I hope you all enjoyed it. And before that.
Survi interferes and makes an announcement.
Survi: Even I have an announcement to make. I am very happy with the success of my husband Karthik and I have organized something special to present to him.
Karthik pretends to be angry but in actual he is smiling, Lata and Shanti also smiles.
Survi: Today there will be a story showcased here. Hope you all enjoy the show.
Everyone claps.
Tai: (in her mind) I wonder what is this Survi up to?
And then the drama starts, here it shows the story of Karthik and Survi along with Tai, Lata and Shrikant.with some random people acting,
Here it shows a boy(Karthik) and a girl(Survi) being neighbours. And suddenly one day the boy’s uncle(Bhao) get killed where the blame falls on the girl’s father ( Shrikant). Due to this the girl’s father had to leave and the boy promises him that he will take carre of his daughter, but he is unaware that it is the boy’s aunt(Tai) who wants to harm the girl’s family due to which the boy hides the girl in his house.
Tai gets into flashback,
And then how the aunt tortures the girl behind the boy’s back and so on.
Tai gets tensed.
And when the girl leaves with her father how the aunt pushed the boy’s mother out of the cliff so that her truth doesn’t gets exposed. And later after some years how the boy hated the girl and the girl comes back grown up. And how everything begins to be okay but the aunt still continues with her cruelty by ending up killing her son-in-law.
Tai: Stop it. Stop this drama right now!
Karthik: Why what happened Tai?
Tai: I am not feeling well,
Karthik: Okay, Shanti leave Tai at her room.
Shanti does so and Karthik makes announcement.
Karthik: I am sorry, my Tai is sick so I have to take care of her, for that the party is over now. Sorry for the inconvinence caused,
Everyone leaves,

Tai is in her room upstairs and suddenly she sees Kishore and screams.
Shanti: What happen end?
Tai: Kishore!
Shanti: Where?
Tai: There
Karthik and survi rushes,
Karthik: What happened Tai why did you scream?
Tai: Kishore is here,
Karthik: What
Karthik looks and smiles at Kishore,
Karthik: But there is no one here, what will kishore do here?
Lata sees Tai’s children coming and gestures Kishore to hide, Kishore hides as the children comes,
Bindu: What happened ma?
Tai: Kishore? His g….gh
Bindu: What are you saying? He is not here and please don’t take his name here,
Kishore becomes sad while his hiding.
Mohan: (in her mind) Looks like Tai have gone crazy for sure. What if she reveal my truth too in that pretext? I must be careful.
Karthik: Looks like Tai needs some rest we should leave her alone,
All leaves, and as Tai is about to sleep, Survi comes.
Survi: Do call me if you need my help.
Tai: You must be happy to see me like this right?
Survi: I don’t like seeing you like this but you are getting punished for your deeds and I hope you will change soon.
Tai: Kamla never changes.
Survi: But I will change you. Its a promise,
Tai looks at Survi angrily and Survi smiles,
The episode ends.

Precap: Karthik and Survi is spending some moments and smiling looking at each other Tai is shocked to see them like this. Tai thinks how did everything become fine between these two. On the other hand, Survi, Karthik and all are discussing their plans and someone overhears their plans. Karthik sees this and gets shocked followed by others to see the person.

The next episode will be posted by Sunday 6 March latest.
4 more episodes to go. Please do feel free express your opinions.

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