Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise Episode 8 VALENTINES’ SPECIAL


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here Karthik is driving the car to go to Survi’s house to apologize to her. He rmemebers all his moments with Survi and gets determined to find her. just then as he passes by, he sees Survi sitting with her suitcase in the stairs of temple. Karthik comes out of the car to talk to Survi and Survi sees him, and goes away. Karthik goes behind her by car but the car gets spoiled, and then Karthik runs. And Karthik finally gets hold of her.
Karthik starts breathing heavily.
Karthik: Survi, you have made me run a lot?
Survi: You have hurt me a lot, leave me.
Karthik: Survi, please listen to me.
Survi: You didn’t listen to me so why would I listen to you?
Karthik: I have got to know about Tai’s truth.
Survi is shocked and looks at Karthik.
Karthik: Yes, Survi. I got to know that Tai was the one who pushed ma from the cliff and also she warned you that she will kill me, which is why you had to stay silent.
Survi: What?

Karthik: Don’t worry, Ma have kept her promise she didn’t tell me anything, I have overheard Tai’s conversation.
Karthik bends down on his knees.
Karthik: Survi, if possible please forgive me.
Survi: You think its really easy for me to forget all those things. When I tried to tell you the truth, that time you didn’t believe me.
Karthik has tears on his eyes.
Survi: It is said that trust is the most important thing in a marriage, but if there is no trust on our marriage at the first place then what is the use of this marriage?
Karthik bows down
Karthik: I love you a lot, please give me a chance,
Survi: You think that I am enjoying doing all these stuffs, do you have any idea how I am feeling right now?
Karthik: Please forgive me.
Survi: No use now, I have already given you a chance before I can’t give you another chance again. You never know, you may not trust me again.
Karthik: I won’t break your trust ever again, Yeh Vaada Raha.
Survi: We have made a lot of promises, what about those you think you can fulfill them?
Karthik: Yes, Survi, I will never ever break my promises and most importantly your trust.
Survi: Leave it, Karthik this will not happen. You have said all these before but you have not
trusted and supported me the time when I needed you the most.
Survi leaves and Karthik gets up.
Karthik: Please listen to me once.

Survi doesn’t pay heed and she goes away. Karthik is standing and crying and walking depressed. A car approaches near him, and he doesn’t listen to the horn. Just then Survi comes.
Survi: Karthik, I just want to say that
Survi sees the car and is shocked.
Survi: Karthik!
Karthik looks at the car and as the car is about to hit him, Survi saves him and hugs him. Karthik also hugs her and cries, Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Survi: Have you gone crazy? What were you going to do?
Karthik: I am sorry, Survi please forgive me.
Survi: What are you saying?
Karthik: I have always hurted you and have broke your trust. I deserve a very big punishment. Even death is not enough for me.
Survi closes his mouth.
Survi: Never ever say like this again.
Karthik: I promise that I will always trust you no matter what comes in between us.
Survi smiles and hugs him.
Survi: I will never hide anything from you. I promise.
They both share some cosy moments and Soch Na Sake from Airlift plays.

And it starts raining. And they both enjoy in the rain.
The rain stops and they both get entirely drenched.
They both take shelter in a hotel as the car is spoiled.
In the hotel, they both get intimate. And they take their relationship to the next level.

It is morning and Survi wakes up and smiles looking at Karthik, remembering about what happened between them the previous night, Survi is drying her hair and she sits besides Karthik. Later, Karthik wakes up and hugs Survi tightly.
Survi: What are you doing, Karthik?
Karthik: Spending some time with my wife.
Survi: Oh really?
Karthik nods yes and as they both get closer for a kiss. Suddenly, Survi’s phone rings.
Karthik: Your phone’s timing is really bad.
Survi: Let me pick up the phone,
Survi picks up the phone,
Survi: Hello?

Tai: Finally, you have picked up the phone.
Survi is shocked.
Survi: Tai?
Karthik gets shocked and gestures her to keep the phone in loudspeaker mode.
Survi does so.
Tai: Finally, I have won and you have lost. You think what? You will win no way.
Karthik gets angry and Survi gestures him to keep his cool.
Tai: Looks like you are tight-lipped after losing. This is what happens when you try to interfere in my deeds.
Survi: No, you are wrong. And you will learn your lessons very soon. As God is with me.
Tai laughs in an evil manner,
Tai: I have seen that, even your husband have thrown you out of the house, now what will you do?
Karthik gets more angry.
Survi: When your true colors will be out in front of everyone, then what will you do that time?
Tai: the truth will never come out. I just called you to ask everything is fine in your house? Your dad?
Survi: I do not need your fake sympathy at all. Keep it with you,

Tai keeps the phone.
Karthik: I didn’t know Tai will stoop this low. How dare she speak to you like this?
Survi: Karthik, cool down we have to think about this matter.
Karthik: How to cool down? how can I spare the woman who tried to kill my mom? I even trusted her more than you, I can never forgive myself for that.
And he becomes sad and Survi consoles him.
Survi: It was not your mistake, Karthik the situation was like this.
Karthik hugs Survi and cries.
The episode ends.

Precap: Karthik and Survi come back home and Tai is shocked to see them together, Karthik says Survi has come here, and no one can stop her from coming. She have come to make someone believe the truth. Tai gets nervous.

Hey all I m really busy and I m okay with the response of this fan-fiction. I was suppose to make it 10 episodes but now I have decided to extend it to 13 episodes. And I will try to publish the next episode by the end of this week. I have decided on request of readers to publish this ff in the weekends.

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