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The episode begins with Survi being asked to remove the ring from her finger.
Tai: Survi, remove the ring.
Survi hesitates. Tai takes her hand and is about to remove it when Aniket stops Kamla.
Aniket: Wait, mom!
Everyone looks at Aniket.
Aniket: Maybe someone very special gave this ring to Survi, what’s the need she can use her other hand.
Tai: But Ani?
Lata: Survi beti don’t worry we won’t force you; you can use the other hand.
Survi approaches the other hand, and Aniket makes her wear it, and everyone claps. Survi and Karthik are sad. Simmi is surprised.
Shrikant: The engagement is done, but the other ceremonies?
Tai: Never mind, the turmeric and mehendi all can be done tomorroe.
Shrikant: But such a short span of time?
Simmi’s mom: It will also be quite expensive.
Simmi: Mom?
Lata: That is not a big problem. All the ceremonies will be done at our house.
Kamla looks at Lata.
Simmi’s mom: Then it’s okay.

Shrikant: But Lata ji?
Lata: I have always considered Survi as my daughter, so all the ceremonies can be done in her mother’s house also.
Shrikant: We will never forget your favours.
Everyone leaves, Karthik looks at Survi and Survi looks at Karthik, Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Here, Simmi brings Survi to the side.
Simmi: Have you gone crazy? You got engaged to that Anupam.
Survi: It’s not Anupam, its Aniket.
Simmi: Whatever, but you love Karthik and Karthik also loves you, then why are you spoiling your life by getting married to someone else?
Survi: That was all the past. Now Karthik doesn’t love me anymore.
Simmi: I have seen love in his eyes for you, and also love in your eyes for him. You both should speak to each other and clear all the misunderstandings.
Survi: Now I can’t do anything, it’s too late.
Survi leaves.

Simmi: (in her mind) I wonder what is going on in this girl’s mind. She has lost it. Now I only have one way, I must get the chance and speak to that Anupam as soon as possible.
Simmi leaves.

It’s morning, and Survi with her family reaches to Karthik’s place for the ceremony. The haldi ceremony begins. Survi is wearing a light yellow saree.
Everyone applies haldi to Survi. And later Aniket’s haldi also take place.
Here, the haldi ceremony ends, and Survi and Aniket are walking together, and Karthik is trying to fix something and he looks at Survi and Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Survi: Thank you so much for helping me yesterday.
Aniket: My pleasure. If you don’t mind, may I ask you something?
Survi: Sure.
Aniket: Who gave you the ring?

Survi is surprised.
Survi: Someone very special.
She looks at Karthik, and suddenly Karthik injuries himself with the hammer and blood comes out from his finger.
Survi: Karthik!
She rushes to Karthik leaving Aniket alone.
She looks at Karthik’s finger and uses her pallu to band aid it.
Survi: Someone please bring the first-aid box.
Raghu rushes and brings it for Survi.
Survi bandages it.
Survi: Now get down from here.
Karthik is about to get down and he falls on Survi, Survi holds him and they share an eyelock and Yeh Vaada Raha plays, where a little haldi gets on to Karthik’s face.
Just then Tai and others come down.
Mohan: (in his mind) something is definitely cooking between these two.
Tai: Hey Karthik, where is your mind nowadays? You must be careful beta.
Karthik: I am fine now.
Just then Simmi’s mom notices the haldi and smiles.
Simmi’s mom: Karthik beta, looks like you are going to get married soon and you are going to get lucky.
Karthik and Survi both are surprised.
Tai: How do you know? Do you do some future predictions?
Simmi’s mom: No, no it is said that if an unmarried person gets haldi on his face which is applied by another unmarried person, this shows that their bond is very strong and love will blossom between them.
Everyone is surprised. Survi and Karthik looks at each other.
Simmi: (in her mind) Well done mom, for the first time you said something right.
Tai: What?

Simmi’s mom: I mean that if an unmarried person gets haldi from another unmarried person they both will get lots of love from their respective partners.
Tai: Oh, I didn’t know that.
Simmi’s mom: Sorry sorry.
Tai: Now we have a lot of work left, there is still mehendi and you all are working as if there is mehendi on your hand and feet, so work quickly.
And everyone gets back to the work.

Here a girl comes and applies mehendi for Survi. And then Karthik calls Survi.
Karthik: Hello, Survi?
Survi: Karthik, you?
Karthik: I know you don’t want to talk to me, but we can at least talk as a friend?
At the same time, the girl asks Survi the name of her groom, Survi doesn’t hear this and says.
Survi: Karthik?
The girl assumes Survi’s husband’s name as Karthik and writes K.
Survi: I have a lot to speak but I need to speak to you personally.
Karthik: Okay, come down as soon as possible, I will talk with you.
Karthik keeps the phone.
Survi: Were you asking me something?

Girl: its okay, I got the answer already.
Just then Hema whispers to Tai,
Hema: Don’t worry I will spoil Survi’s mehendi.
Tai smirks.
Hema goes to Survi.
Hema: Survi, may I look at your mehendi?
Survi: Sure.
Survi shows her hand and as Hema was about to spoil it, Hema smiles, and she comes back.
Tai: What’s wrong? Why you didn’t spoil the mehendi?
Hema: Mehendi is already spoilt.
Tai: What?
Hema: In Survi’s hand, instead of A, K is written.
Tai smiles.
Tai: K?
Hema: Yes
Tai: Do what as I say.
Hema: Ok.

As Aniket goes to her room, Simmi knocks on the door.
Simmi: May I come in?
Aniket: Sure.
Simmi comes in.
Simmi: Anupam, I need to ask you something.
Aniket: Can you pronounce my name correctly at the first place?
Simmi: But Anupam
Aniket gets irritated.
Aniket: Aniket is my name.
Simmi: Okay, whatever I don’t care about your name but I need to tell you something?
Aniket comes to Simmi.
Aniket: Listen, I only talk to those who can pronounce my name, understand?
Simmi: It was my mistake I came here I am so sorry. Bye.
Simmi goes from there angrily.
Aniket: (in his mind) A very strange girl
Simmi: (in her mind) I should not have come to that Anupam at the first place, what does he thinks of himself.
Simmi leaves.
Aniket: I am sorry baby

Simmi smiles and she hugs Aniket.
Simmi: My cute and handsome Anupam.
Aniket smiles.
Aniket: I do feel irritated when people calls me by some other name, but you are special, Simmi.
Simmi: I hope the plan becomes successful.
Aniket: Don’t worry baby, the plan will be successful.
And they smile.

Here Lata sees Survi’s mehendi and gets happy.
Lata: The color of the mehendi is very deep which indicates that your to-be husband will love you a lot.
Survi stays quiet,
And Lata gets surprised.
Simmi’s mom: What happened?
Simmi’s mom sees the hand.

Simmi’s mom: Survi, how come there is K instead of A on your mehendi.
Survi is shocked and she sees it.
Simmi’s mom: It’s inauspicious.
Tai scolds the girl.
Tai: My beta’s name is Aniket, and it starts with letter A not K, you spoiled my bahu’s mehendi.
Girl: But she was the one who said her husband’s name is Karthik.
Everyone is stunned.
Survi: Me?
Girl: When you were talking on the phone, I ask you what your husband’s name that’s what is you replied.
Survi: It’s because Karthik called me and I was talking on the phone.
Lata: Looks like very big misunderstanding took place.
Tai: Why did Karthik call you?
Survi doesn’t replies.
Lata: Karthik told me that what color lehenga Survi likes, so I told him to call Survi and ask her. But the mehendi can still be ok.
She writes an A below K.

Lata: Now it’s done, happy.
Tai: You all are standing here for what to see drama go and finish all the work.
Others get to work. Survi goes downstairs to meet Karthik.

Here Simmi and Aniket talks.
Simmi: Anu, I don’t understand one thing.
Aniket: What?
Simmi: The ring?
Aniket: I knew that Survi would never remove the ring as Karthik bhai gave her.
Simmi: How do you know?
Aniket: I know that Karthik bhai and Survi love each other a lot, I overheard Karthik bhai confessing his love for Survi on the phone, and then Survi and Karthik bhai talking to each other on the engagement day, and also later you told me.

They get into flashback in Survi’s room. (Engagement day) Survi’s bedroom
Simmi: What are you doing? Karthik and Survi loves each other.
Aniket: I know.

Simmi: Then, why are you doing this marriage?
Aniket: I have two reasons, one is to show ma that Survi is innocent, and another is
Simmi: Another is?
Aniket comes to Simmi.
Aniket: I love you Simmi.
Simmi slaps him.
Simmi: Do you know what you are saying?
Aniket: I know but that’s true.
Simmi: I am helping you because of my friend not because I love you understand?
Just then Survi and Karthik come and they get shocked.
Survi: Aniket told me that before.
Karthik: He is doing this for us.
Simmi: What do you mean?

Karthik and Survi get into flashback downstairs.
Here Aniket sees Karthik and Survi together.
Aniket: That means it’s true that Karthik bhai and Survi love each other.
As Aniket was about to go,
Karthik and Survi looks behind and is shocked.
Karthik: Aniket!
Aniket: I have come to know everything now.
As Aniket comes closer to Karthik, he hugs him
Aniket: I am sorry, Bhai. I did a mistake.
Karthik: If you really love Survi, you…
Aniket interrupts.
Aniket: I don’t love Survi.

Karthik: What? But you said that?
Aniket: I admit but that’s not true, I love Simmi not Survi and I sometimes get confused between Simmi and Survi, and Survi is your friend, Simmi also, I tell you clearly I love Simran.
Survi: What?
Karthik hits his forehead with his hand.
Karthik: You are confusing me a lot. Tell me the truth if not.
Aniket: Okay, okay I tell you. Bhaia and Bhabi.
Survi: Bhabi?
Aniket: To clear confussion, you are my Bhabi.
Karthik and Survi looks at each other.
Aniket: I love Simmi a lot, but she always confuses me. She always calls me Anupam, she don’t even know my real name, so I got so confused.
Karthik: Don’t lie. I know you are not that foolish. Tell me the truth if not I will tell Tai.
Aniket: Actually, I love Simmi a lot, I also like Survi, but mom hates Survi, and Simmi, I am very scared if mom rejects her.
Karthik: This is the matter.
Aniket: My request ,please continue with this drama so that I can persuade mom for the marriage, and I also have to see if Simmi likes me, so that mom can at least be happy to have Simmi as her daughter-in-law.
Survi: But this wedding?

Aniket: Bhabi, I promise that make sure you and Bhaia get married. Yeh Vaada Raha.
Karthik hugs Aniket.
Karthik: Remember your Bhai is always with you, I make sure you and Simmi will be together, Yeh Vaada Raha and always remember. I am with you.
Survi: I am also with you.
Aniket: I promised that I will make sure both of you are together.
Survi: But baba?
Karthik: I will promise you that I will make sure Baba will be happy with our alliance. Yeh Vaada Raha.
Survi smiles.
Tai calls Karthik out.
Tai: Kartia!!!!!!
Karthik: Tai is calling me, I will go to her.
Before Karthik leaves he hugs Survi.
Aniket: How romantic!
Karthik and Survi feels shy.
Karthik leaves, Survi and Karthik smiles.

They get out of the flashback that happened downstairs. They are still in the flashback in Survi’s room.
Simmi: But Kamla Aunty’s truth?
Aniket and Survi gestures Simmi.

Aniket whispers,
Simmi: Karthik doesn’t knows about mom’s truth.
Karthik: Tai?
Simmi: I mean that what if Kamla Aunty finds out about it.
Karthik: Simmi, I am sure Tai will be happy when she will know why Aniket and you love each other, and me and Survi love each other.
Simmi: But I don’t love Anu.
Survi: You forced me to tell the truth, and now you also?
Aniket: If she doesn’t love me than its okay.
Survi: But, then Simmi why did you cry when you heard that I and Aniket are getting engaged?
Simmi: When did I cry?
Survi: I know, you said you love him. My first love is getting married to someone else.
Simmi: But?
Survi: If you really love him, confess love to him.
Simmi: Its true, I love you too Anu.
Simmi and Aniket hugs.
Karthik coughs.
Karthik: I have to go now, so that no one doubts us and thanks Ani for helping me out.
Aniket: No problem
Karthik leaves.
Simmi: Idiot! Why you took so long?
Aniket smiles.

Survi: Should I go?
Simmi: No, no. But why you guys didn’t tell Karthik the truth?
Survi: We are getting married that’s what Karthik knows, but he doesn’t know Tai’s truth. I have to make sure I can reveal him the truth, and so that he forgives Tai, and most importantly Tai will realize his mistakes.

They get into the flashback downstairs.
As Aniket is about to leave,
Survi: This is not the entire truth, tell me the truth.
Aniket looks at Survi.
Aniket: No, Survi this is the truth
Survi: You made me a friend right, so at least tell me the truth as a friend.
Aniket: Actually Survi, Karthik bhai has helped me a lot. I really wanted to do something, and I am very happy to know that my brother and friend loves each other, and I know my mom’s nature, she will never allow this to happen, so that is why I had to do this drama.
Survi: But Aniket, Tai? I want her to accept me in this family as well.
Aniket: I know, but it will be easier for you once you become the daughter-in-law of this house.
Survi: Aniket?
Aniket: I know all about my mom’s misdeed. And I miss my previous loving mom a lot. After my dad died, she became totally different. Please Survi only you can do this. And I didn’t tell Bhai because he trusts mom immensely.
Survi: Aniket, I am very lucky that I have you as my best friend. And I promise you I will not tell Karthik the truth about Tai.
Aniket: Thank you very much.
As Aniket is about to leave,

Survi: Listen! Do you love Simmi?
Aniket nods yes.
Survi: Then why are you looking at my face? Go and confess your love to Simmi. Go.

They get out of the flashback, survi’s bedroom
Aniket: Thank you so much Survi for helping us.
Survi: That’s not a problem?
Simmi: But my mom?
Survi: I will try my best to persuade Aunty.
Simmi hugs Survi
Simmi: Thank you so much.
Survi: No problem
Lata comes and takes Survi away.
Simmi: That means you were tricking me.
Aniket smiles and she starts hitting Aniket.

They get out of the flashback. Actual scene.
Simmi: I just hope before we get married we can get Karthik and Survi married.
Aniket: They must! It was so difficult to persuade them.
They get thinking.

Here Survi is looking for Karthik.
Survi: Karthik!
Karthik closes her eyes with his hands.
Survi: Karthik?
And she hugs Karthik, Karthik smiles.
Karthik: You took so long?
Survi: Sorry baba, a lot happened downstairs.
Karthik: What happened?
Survi: Mehendi.
Karthik: What about it?
Survi: The mehendi girl accidentally put K instead of A, while I was talking to you I didn’t realize that she was asking for my spouse’s name, so she heard your name? Now see.
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: That’s good, first haldi and now mehendi. Only wedding is left.
Survi feels shy.
Survi: But?
Karthik: But?
Survi: Lata ma wrote an A here.
Karthik: It’s better.
Survi: How?
Karthik: My name is Karthik, and the first two letters are KA.
Survi: Oh yes.

Karthik: Strange. You are a medical student and you don’t even know about this? Shame, shame.
Survi: Okay baba, I understand you are very smart.
Karthik puts his hand around Survi’s neck.
Survi: What are you doing, what if anyone sees us like that?
Karthik: My doctor can help me?
Survi: How?
Karthik: I got injuired.
Survi: Oh yes, I forgot to ask you about your finger.
Karthik: I got injuired somewhere else.
Survi: Where?
Karthik: Heart.
Survi: You are always too much.
As Survi is about to go, Karthik holds her hand.
Survi: Karthik, leave me.
Karthik: I have got something for you.
Survi: What?
Karthik: Close your eyes.
Survi closes her eyes and Karthik takes out a stole and puts it around her head. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Survi opens her eyes, and Karthik shows her a mirror.
Karthik: You are looking very beautiful,
Survi: After all, you gave me this stole.
Karthik smiles, and Survi has tears.
Karthik: Tears? Why do you have tears on your eyes?
Survi: I fear that I hope I don’t lose this happiness. Will baba accept us when we get married?
Karthik: I will make sure baba will accept this marriage. Yeh Vaada Raha.
And they hug each other.
Karthik: Survi, I love you a lot.

Survi: Karthik, I love you too.
And they hug each other, and Pyare Mohan sees everything and is shocked.
Mohan: That means, I was correct, Survi and Karthik are having an affair, I must tell this to Sasu ma as soon as possible.
Mohan goes to tell the truth to Kamla.

Mohan is about to go to Kamla to tell the truth and just then Aniket stops him.
Mohan: Saale saab, I was finding you.
Aniket: Why, what happened?
Mohan: Actually I need to tell you something.
Aniket: Tell me.
Mohan: Actually Karthik ji and Survi are having an affair.
Aniket: What?
Mohan: I must tell Sasu ma about this.
As Mohan was about to go,
Aniket: If you go then I will show these to Ma.
Mohan sees this and gets shocked.
The episode ends.
Please take note that the next episode will be published on 6th dec, and it will be a maha episode.

Precap: Here Survi and Karthik(veiled) are getting married (they know) where Tai stops and says that this marriage cannot happen, and the Priest says the marriage is completed now. Just then, Aniket comes with Simmi married. All are shocked. Tai says then who is under this veil she opens and finds its Karthik, and Tai is shocked. Tai is about to slap Survi, Karthik holds her hand. All is shocked.

Will there be any problems in Survi-Karthik’s wedding? How will Tai react to see Simmi-Aniket married? Will Karthik support Survi?

The next episode Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise will be published by next Saturday, 6 Feb Night, so please stay tuned. Sorry readers, I know it’s quite a long time, but I would be busy in these days. So, Episode 6 of Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise would be a maha episode, longer than the usual episodes.

For that do watch out for the maha episode.
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And yes do remember to check out the maha episode of Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise on next Saturday, 6th Feb. Thank you 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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