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The episode begins it is early in the morning, Karthik and Survi are returning home from the hospital where Karthik tries to console Survi who is disappointed.
Karthik: Don’t worry Survi, you have at least tried your best.
Survi: But Karthik? I could have saved him.
Karthik: You have tried, he was very critical don’t you remember what the nurse said?
Survi: Okay, I do agree, but I didn’t expect something of that sort will happen to Kishore ji.
Karthik: I also didn’t expect this, but we shouldn’t tell anyone about this.
Survi: But Bindu di? She has all the right to know about Kishore Ji. I wonder how we will tell her the news. I can’t do that.

Karthik: Now it’s not the right time. When the right time comes we will tell everyone.
Survi: But it’s a very big matter, how will we hide it for such a long time?
Karthik: But we do not have any other option.
Karthik continues driving, and as he is about to speak to Survi,
Karthik: Listen, Survi?
He sees Survi has fallen asleep, and as he was about to look, Survi touches his hand, Yeh Vaada Raha plays, and Karthik continues driving and smiles.
Finally, they reach home Survi is still asleep.
Karthik: (in his mind) I don’t feel like waking you up, but I have to do so.
Karthik: Survi, wake up.
Survi wakes up.
Survi: I wonder how I doze off.
Karthik: it’s okay, you were quite tired.
Karthik opens Survi’s seat belt for her, and then they both look at each other, they share an eyelock, Yeh Vaada Raha plays as Karthik was about to kiss Survi, Simmi comes.
Simmi: Finally you two came.

Karthik and Survi seperates themselves.
Simmi: Sorry, wrong timing.
Survi: Simmi?
Karthik: We just reached here now,

And then Survi’s dad comes.
Shrikant: You should have told me that you are going to the clinic, Survi? You know how much I was worried for you.
Survi: You were sleeping, so I decided not to disturb you.
Shrikant: You should have told someone else, luckily Karthik told me.
Karthik: Yes Kaka, you are right Survi should have told you. Why you didn’t tell anyone Survi?
Survi: Karthik?
Shrikant: Yes, Karthik I agree but how did you know where Survi is?
Karthik and Survi don’t know how to answer.
Simmi: Uncle, you forgot you were the one who told Karthik to bring Survi home?
Survi looks at Simmi.

Shrikant: I did?
Simmi: Yes, don’t you remember?
Simmi winks at Survi and Karthik.
Shrikant: I tend to forget things very easily, sorry Karthik for the trouble.
Karthik: It’s okay; it was not a trouble at all. I should leave now, Kaka. Ma must be worrying.
Shrikant: Okay, but do make some time some other day, I want to talk to you.
Karthik: Sure.
Karthik looks at Survi, and Survi looks at Karthik and Karthik leaves.
Simmi’s mom: (in her mind) Did they really they went to the hospital or somewhere else?

Here Karthik reaches home, and he is not able to sleep as he keeps on thinking about Survi, and smiles.
Karthik: (in his mind) I love Survi a lot, she also loves me, should I tell Ma about that we love each other. I think it’s too early. What should I do?
Just then Aniket comes in Karthik’s room.
Aniket: Bhai, when did you come?
Karthik: (in his mind) Maybe I should tell Aniket first, he will be definitely help me.
Aniket: Bhai?
Karthik: I came like some time ago.
Aniket: Bhai, there is something to tell you?
Karthik: I also have something to say?
Aniket: You say first.
Karthik: You say first. I am elder so you should listen to me.
Aniket: Ok
Karthik: What do you want to say?
Aniket: Actually Bhai, I love Simmi a lot.
Karthik: That’s a great thing. She is Survi’s friend she is a very good girl.
Aniket: No, no bhai I am not talking about Simran, I am talking about Simmi, I mean it’s so confusing.

Karthik: What do you mean?
Aniket: Okay, I love Survi a lot. I always knew her as Simmi so I got confused. I love Survi a lot, Survi your childhood friend and Shrikant kaka’s daughter.
Aniket: I love her a lot. I want to marry her. Even ma is ready.
Karthik is shocked and his expression changes.
Aniket: Bhai, you are not happy?
Karthik: I am very happy for you. Survi is a really good girl and she deserves you.
Aniket: Thank you so much Bhai.

Aniket hugs Karthik and Karthik tries to hide his tears.
Aniket: You wanted to say something, right?
Karthik: Yes, but that’s not important.
Aniket: Tell me.
Karthik: It’s not as important as the fact that you love Survi.
Aniket: Ma said that today evening they are going to Shrikant kaka’s house to bring proposal for me and Survi. And she is also going to bring a priest to match our kundlis.
Karthik is shattered but he doesn’t show it.
Karthik: That’s great.
Aniket: I have to go now. Bye.

Aniket leaves.
Karthik: (in his mind) Ani is so happy, how to tell him that I and Survi love each other, how should I tell Survi about the proposal?
Karthik becomes sad and looks at Survi’s picture.

Survi looks at Karthik’s picture and smiles. Just then Karthik’s mom calls her.
Survi: Hello, Lata ma. How are you?
Lata: I am fine beta. How are you?
Survi: I am fine.
Lata: Karthik has told me everything. Today evening we are coming to your house to talk to your dad about the proposal.
Survi feels shy.
Lata: I know that you are feeling shy, so I will come and talk to your dad personally. Just do me a favour, tell your dad that we will be coming to your house.
Survi: Ok

Survi keeps the phone and she assumes that the proposal is for her and Karthik.
Shrikant: What happened?
Survi: Karthik’s family is coming here today at evening.
Shrikant: That’s great.
Survi goes from there.
Survi is at her room and she is very happy.
Simmi: What happened? You seem to be very happy.
Survi: Nothing like that.
Simmi: Tell me.
Survi: Actually, today evening Karthik is coming here for our marriage proposal.
Simmi: That’s great news.
And she starts dancing with Survi.
Survi: What are you doing?

Simmi: I am so happy for you. I wish you luck. Hope you and Karthik get married soon. Looks like someone is feeling very shy.
Survi: Simmi? You?
Survi feels very shy and she covers her face with her hands.

Lata: I have informed Survi already that we will come for the proposal in the evening.
Aniket: Thank you lata ma
Lata: I am very happy for you and Survi.
Aniket feels shy, Karthik is disheartened.
Lata: Karthik? Karthik?
Karthik: Yes
Lata: What are you thinking?
Karthik pretends to be happy.

Karthik: Nothing ma,
As Karthik and all leave, Lata talks to Kamla
Lata: Better late than never, at least you got to see your son’s happiness.
Kamla: Don’t be too happy.
Lata: I knew that you must have some other plans, to separate Survi and Aniket, I wont let that happen.
Kamla: You just wait and watch, how I stop the wedding.
Lata: Okay, I will see.
And Lata leaves from there.
Kamla: Lata, you don’t even know about my plan, Ani himself is in this plan, and he will make my plan succeed. I have another plan, masterplan, nobody knows about that, not even Ani.
Kamla smirks.

Here, Karthik’s family arrives at Survi’s residence to talk about their alliance. Survi is very happy as she thinks that they will ask for her and Karthik’s proposal and Karthik is heartbroken but he shows that he is happy.
Survi whispers to Simmi.
Survi: Simmi, Karthik looks sad? Why? He is not happy?
Simmi: You are always thinking too much, he must also be nervous like you. Don’t worry, everything will be alright.
Lata: Bhaisaab, we are here to talk about Survi’s proposal
Shrikant: Proposal?
Kamla: I am asking my son’s hand for Survi.
Survi smiles.
Shrikant: What?
Kamla: Beta come.

Aniket comes, Survi is surprised.
Kamla: I am here to ask for my Ani’s hand for Survi.
Survi is shocked. Everyone is happy, except for Survi, Simmi and Karthik.
Simmi: Anupam? I mean Aniket?
Survi doesn’t knows how to react.
Simmi: There must be some misunderstanding. I must tell everyone that the truth.
Survi stops Simmi.
Simmi: Survi?
Survi: Not now, Simmi.
Shrikant: I am okay with this proposal, but I must ask for Survi’s permission. Survi are you okay with it?
Karthik: (in his mind) I wonder what will Survi do?
Survi: Yes, I am happy with this proposal, I am okay with marrying Aniket.
Karthik and Simmi are shocked.
Simmi whispers to Survi.
Simmi: Do you know what you are saying?
Survi: Yes

Simmi: Have you gone crazy? You will marry that Anupam instead of Karthik the one who you love?
Survi: Aniket is his name.
Simmi: Whatever, what’s going on in your mind?
Kamla: Survi is okay, so should we consider it a yes?
Shrikant: Survi is lucky to have you as her mother-in-law.
Kamla: (in her mind) your daughter is unlucky to be my daughter-in-law just wait and watch what I do?

Kamla: I have brought priest to find the wedding dates.
Priest matches kundli. He looks worried.
Shrikant: What happened? Any problem?
Priest: No, kundli is not a problem the date is?
Kamla: What dates are available?
Priest: One is after 2 days, and another is after 3 years.
Shrikant: 3 years is too long, and 2 days is too short.
Priest: But it’s very difficult to find an auspicious date for the wedding.
Shrikant: I don’t even know if I will stay alive after 3 years.
Survi: Don’t say like that Baba. I am okay with after 2 days.
Everyone is happy. Karthik is shattered and looks at Survi and Survi looks at him sadly, Yeh Vaada Raha plays.

Simmi: (in her mind) what’s wrong with Survi?
Simmi’s mom: But 2 days? How will we make arrangements in such a short time?
Lata: You don’t worry, we will be there. It’s possible. And Survi will get married at our house.
Simmi’s mom: I am safe.
Kamla: Did you say anything?
Simmi’s mom: No.

Lata: I have brought the engagement rings and we can carry on with the engagement today.
Simmi’s mom: Simmi go and bring Survi upstairs and dress her up for the engagement.
Simmi brings Survi up and she is super confused.
Survi: Simmi, you stay in the room, I will have to talk to Karthik.
Simmi: Okay sure, I hope you both can clear the misunderstandings.
Survi leaves.

Here, Tai gives money to the priest for telling lie.
Priest: Thank you so much, there were other dates besides after 2 days and there were a lot of them. You could have chosen any of those dates.
Kamla: You got the money, right? Now be happy and go from here.
The priest leaves and Kamla looks behind is stunned to see Survi.
Kamla: Survi?
Survi: I have come to know about the entire truth. You thought I will not know?
Kamla smiles.
Survi: Why are you doing so?
Kamla: I know that you will ask me, but I want this marriage to happen as soon as possible.
Survi: But why?

Kamla doesn’t answer.
Kamla pretends to be nice.
Kamla: Actually the other dates, there are some problems, and I really want to see Aniket be happily married very soon.
Tai leaves from there.
Survi: (in her mind) I know about all your plans and within 2 days I will reveal your true colours to everyone. I am sure you were the one who killed Kishore ji. But I can’t tell that to Karthik.
As Survi is about to leave, she trips on a rock and Karthik holds her. Karthik is mesmerized by Survi’s look. They look at each other, Yeh Vaada Raha plays they share an eyelock, just then Survi remembers about the proposal thing and she separates herself from Karthik.
Karthik: You are looking very beautiful today.
Karthik: Survi? Look I am sorry.

Survi: No need to say sorry.
Karthik: But Survi, I know you will be very happy with Aniket. He loves you a lot.
Survi: Listen Karthik, I know what you are trying to say. I am not disappointed because I am going to marry Aniket, it’s because my first love didn’t trust me.
Karthik: I wanted to tell you, but?
Survi: Then, why you didn’t tell me? We could have done something together. It’s because you don’t trust me, right?
Karthik: Survi, actually I
Survi leaves from there.

Karthik: (in his mind) You don’t know how much I love you Survi, I can’t live without you, but I can’t see you in tears after wedding and also my family is very important. Two things I love more than myself in this world my family and you Survi. I am stuck between these two. I don’t know what to do. But I would make sure you stay happy after the wedding, yeh vaada raha. I love you Survi.
Survi: (in her mind) Karthik, I know you love your family a lot, that’s why I agreed for this wedding. Now it will be my mission to show why this marriage is happening Karthik, you have all the right to know about this Karthik, I will show you Tai’s true colours yeh vaada raha. I love you Karthik.
They both walk on opposite directions.

Here Simmi is waiting for Survi, and Aniket comes in and assumes Simmi as Survi.
Aniket: Survi, listen to me.
Simmi: (in her mind) Where is Survi? I think I should tell Aniket that Karthik and Survi loves each other, he will understand.
As Simmi was about to look behind,

Aniket: Listen, do not look behind. Actually I want to say something to you Simmi.
Simmi: (in her mind) how did he know suddenly that I am here?
Aniket: Actually, I am waiting for a long time for this Simmi. I wanted to say these but due to those problems, I couldn’t say so.
Simmi: (in her mind) What does he want to say?
Aniket: Actually, I love you Simmi.

Simmi looks behind surprised.
Simmi: If you love me, than why are you marrying Survi?
Aniket: I am sorry, Simmi, I meant by Survi. I always get confused between you and Simmi.
Simmi: I am Simmi.

Aniket: Okay, sorry Survi. This is so confusing. Whatever I said was for you.
Simmi: Now you are confusing me more.
Aniket: I don’t understand one thing, when you always call me Anupam I don’t say anything, when I call you Survi you have problems with that? Okay this is confusing, I am marrying Survu
Simmi: Please don’t speak anymore, I am getting more confused.
Aniket: Okay, I’ll make it easier, I am getting married to Karthik’s friend.
Simmi: I am also jiju’s friend.
Aniket: Jiju?

Simmi: See all these are so confusing.
Aniket: Okay, fine. Listen.
Simmi: You better keep quiet, Anupam.
Aniket: Aniket! Not Anupam.
Simmi: Okay, I will stay quiet.
Simmi: (in her mind) this guy, Anupam is so confusing, no wonder how this misunderstanding occurred, a very weird guy.
Just then Survi comes.
Aniket: Now all the confusion will be cleared. Survi can you leave?
Survi: Okay,
Aniket: No, no not you, your friend.

Survi: Her name is Simmi not Survi.
Aniket: Okay, whatever.
Simmi leaves from there.
Aniket: I am so sorry, I got so confused.
Survi: Do you love Simmi?
Aniket: Yes
Survi smiles.
Survi: Then why are you marrying me?
Aniket looks at the other side.

Aniket: Actually, I love you Survi. Your name was Simmi, I got used to that name. I am sorry.
Survi: (in her mind) I am sorry Aniket, I have always seen you as a good friend, not more than that. But I am not denying for this marriage just to reveal the true colours of your mother.
Aniket: (in his mind) I really like you a lot Survi, but I have reasons do marry you. You may feel betrayed but I am sorry, I have to do all these.
Just then Lata comes in,
Lata: You already can’t stay away from Survi for a moment?
Aniket: It’s nothing like that.
Lata: Survi, you are looking really beautiful like a doll.
Lata takes Survi from there.

Here, Tai brings Survi downstairs.
Simmi’s mom: Survi is looking very beautiful.
Here everyone gathers for the engagement.
Simmi: (in her mind) I think Survi must have clear all the confusions with Anupam(Aniket) by now.
Kamla: You are looking beautiful, very beautiful I hope no one keeps a bad eye on you.
Survi: (in her mind) Why did you do so Tai?

Lata: (in her mind) Please Kamla forget all the past and look at Survi she is such a good human.
Shrikant: Now we should begin with the engagement.
Karthik brings the ring and looks on.

Shrikant: Survi beta, put the ring on Aniket’s finger.
Karthik gives the ring to Survi,
Karthik: Put this ring.
Karthik remembers the moment where Survi put the ring on his fingers. He cries.
Survi puts the ring on Aniket’s finger.
Simmi: (in her mind) Why is this Survi not doing anything? I have to think.
Kamla: Ani, now you put the ring on Survi’s finger.
As Survi forwards her hand, Aniket is surprised.

Aniket: Survi, you already have a ring on your finger?
Survi is shocked. Karthik looks at Survi. He remembers how he put the ring on Survi’s finger and is also shocked.
The episode ends.

Precap: Here, in the turmeric ceremony Aniket and Survi are walking together, where Karthik gets injuired, Survi leaves Aniket’s hand and goes to Karthik by screaming Karthik. Survi and Karthik look at each other, and are lost in eyelock. Aniket and others are surprised. On the other hand, Karthik and Survi confronts each other, and where they discuss how much they love each other, Pyaare Mohan listens to their entire conversation and is surprised.

Would everyone get to know that Survi and Karthik love each other? Will Survi-Aniket marriage happen? Will Pyare Mohan reveal the truth to Tai?

The next episode of Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise will be published by this Friday, 29th Jan. So please stay tuned.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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    confusion of ani for survi’s name is n for simmi… is to cute….
    It is so funny… add such funny scenes in further epis too….

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