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The episode begins with Survi and Karthik returning back after completing their date. Here, Survi and Karthik smile looking at each other, and after a while their nok-jhok begins. Karthik holds Survi’s hand and they smile. Survi feels shy.
Survi: Leave my hand.
Karthik: I didn’t listen properly can say louder?
Survi: I said leave my hand.
Karthik: Not so easily.
Survi: Why?
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: My wish.
Survi moves her hand away.
Karthik: You got angry? So much anger is not good for your health.
SurvI: Better late than never, at least you understood.
Karthik: What do you mean?
Survi: Look at yourself. When I met you for the first time after 8 years you were filled with so much anger. Even your hair turned grey at an early age and now your anger is gone; your grey hair is also gone. You look so cute now like you used to look 8 years ago.
And she touches his hair and messes it.
Karthik: Look Survi, don’t touch my hair.
Survi: Why you also touched my hand?
And Survi continues touching his hair and he holds her hand. They look at each other and share an eyelock. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
And then Survi looks at front shocked.
Survi: Karthik, look in front.
Karthik also looks in front shocked, and he tries to control the car, and manages to put the break but it hits someone. Survi and Karthik rushes and they see a little girl injured her leg.
Survi: Are you okay?
The little girl is crying. Her mother also rushes.
Little girl’s mother: Beti, are you okay?
Little girl: It’s paining.
Karthik: I am so sorry I should have look and drive carefully.
Little girl’s mom: No problem, it’s not your fault bhaisaab, this girl always leaves my hand and runs on the road.
And she looks at her daughter.
Little girl’s mom: I have told you so many times not to leave my hand, see what happened.
Survi: Please don’t scold her. She’s a little kid. I am a medical student. I can see what happened to her.
Karthik carries the little girl in the car and Survi checks her.
Survi: What’s your name?
Little girl: My name is Chaya.
Survi: That’s a very lovely name.
Survi checks Chaya.
Chaya’s mom: Is it anything serious?
Survi: Nothing serious. She got a sprain in her leg, but we must bring her to the hospital to check by any chance for an x-ray. There is a hospital nearby. We can bring you there.
The lady looks worried.
Karthik: Never mind, mistake was ours so we will pay the entire hospital bill.
And they leave for the hospital.

Here Tai is as usual is frustrated with Survi and she discusses her evil plans with Pyaare Mohan.
Mohan: Sasu ma, how come you have become sweet so suddenly?
Kamla: What do you mean? Say clearly.
Mohan: People call me Pyaare Mohan lovingly, but I think all will call you Pyaari Kamla Tai, right my Pyaari Sasu ma?
Kamla smirks at Mohan and holds his neck.
Mohan: Sasu ma, what’s wrong how come you came back at your original form?
Kamla leaves his neck and he starts coughing.
Kamla: I was always like this, remember Kamla never changes.
Mohan: But how did you agree for this marriage?
Kamla: This is a part of my plan.
Mohan: Plan?
Kamla: I can’t break my Ani’s heart by rejecting for this marriage. Now I will play such a game that my Ani himself will reject for the marriage.
Mohan: (in his mind) wow, looks like your good days are coming pyaare mohan. Should I tell Sasu ma about Survi and Karthik’s affair? She will reward me for sure. But I must confirm if they are really having an affair?
Then suddenly they look behind and they are shocked.
It is none other than Aniket.
Kamla: Ani? Actually…
Aniket: You have said a lot mom. Now I will say and you will listen.
Kamla: Ani?
Aniket: I know that you are trying your best to break mine and Survi’s marriage. But actually I am marrying Survi not because I love her.
Kamla is surprised.
Aniket: I am doing this for revenge. Only revenge! Because of her dad I lost my dad and I also become handicapped for my entire life.
Kamla: Ani, are you for real?
Aniket: Yes, ma
And he holds Kamla’s shoulder
Aniket: I can still remember how much you were humiliated because of that Survi, I can never forget that. I felt like killing her the day I came to know she is Survi not Simmi, but I couldn’t. Please let me marry her. I will torture her so much after marriage, it would be worse than death for her.
Kamla smiles and hugs.
Kamla: I knew my Ani will never fall in that Survi’s trap.
Aniket smirks.
Kamla: But won’t you ruin your life by marrying a girl you love?
Aniket: Everything is fair in love and war.(in English)
Kamla: Ai Ani, I don’t understand English, what do you mean?
Aniket smiles.
Mohan: Sasu ma this is so easy, he meant that everything is fair in love and war(in hindi).
Kamla: Yes, yes you have done a PHD in English.
Aniket: Whatever it is, we must keep this secret and no one must know this especially Karthik bhai, after all he is Survi’s best friend.
Kamla: But marriage? Isn’t there any other way?
Aniket: Don’t worry mom, I will leave her after marriage and then I will bring a beautiful daughter-in-law for you who only will listen to you.
Kamla: Okay, if you insist I will bring proposal at Shrikant’s house tomorrow.
Kamla and Mohan leaves.
Aniket: (in his mind) Sorry mom, I had to lie to you as I had some other plans, what to do I love Simmi a lot, but you will understand why I did so very soon? I am sure after that you will be proud of me. Yeh Vaada Raha.

Here, Survi and Karthik brings the little girl Chaya to the hospital, and everyone in this hospital knows Survi as Survi is not only a medical student but also an intern.
Doctor: Nothing to worry, it’s just a sprain, we have bandaged it Survi you have done a good job by bringing the child to the hospital. You can meet the patient now.
Here, Karthik, Survi and Chaya’s mom visits Chaya.
Chaya’s mom: Thank you so much for bringing my daughter, to the hospital I will never forget your favour.
Karthik: It was our mistake, so it was our duty, no need to say thank you for that.
Chaya’s mom sits and speaks to Chaya.
Doctor: Here is some medicines I have prescribed someone must go and collect the medicines.
The doctor leaves.
Chaya’s mom: Give me, I will bring the medicine.
Karthik: You sit down, I will bring.
Chaya’s mom: Actually my husband has just reached the hospital so I have to go anyways, so I will also bring the medicine along the way and please stay with my daughter.
Survi: Okay, no problem.
And as she leaves, the nurse comes
Nurse: I have come here to give injection.
Chaya: Injection? No I am scared of injections.
Survi: Beti, don’t be scared
Chaya: No
Survi starts distracting Chaya with her talks and Karthik also joins her, and the nurse gives her injection.
Survi: It is done.
Chaya: What?
Survi: Injection. It is not painful at all right?
Chaya: Yes, it’s not painful.
Nurse: Wow, both of you convinced the child so easily; I must say that your daughter is blessed to have parents like you.
Survi and Karthik looks at each other. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Survi: Actually…
Just then Chaya’s parents come.
Chaya: Mom! Dad!
And her father hugs her.
Nurse: I am so sorry I assumed both of you as patient’s parents. The way both of you handled the child made me confused.
Chaya’s mom: Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter and bringing her to the hospital on time. I will pray that both of you will live a happy married life and have children very soon.
Survi feels shy. Karthik also feel shy but he smiles.
Doctor: I have checked all her reports. Chaya is fine now she can be discharged soon.
Chaya: Yeah I can go home and play now.
Chaya leaves with her parents.
Doctor: I am leaving now, I think you should also leave its very late now.
Survi: Okay
The doctor leaves.
Survi: Listen, are you new here?
Nurse: Yes, how do you know?
Survi: Actually I was an intern here that’s why
Nurse: Oh what’s your name?
Survi: Survi!
Nurse: So you are the one? Everyone speaks about you in the hospital. Everyone misses you a lot. Now I know why, you are so good.
Karthik: That’s true.
Suddenly, another nurse calls the nurse.
Other nurse: The patient at the next ward is very critical. Come right now.
Nurse: But the doctor just left.
The nurse rushes.
Other nurse: We don’t know what to do?
Survi: I can help you.
Other nurse: Survi, good you are here.
Survi: I will call doctor back.
Survi calls.
Survi: Its out of reach. What to do?
Karthik: Survi, now only you can save the patient.
Survi: But I am out of practice and the patient is really critical.
Survi gets scared.
Karthik:, Sur you did what other doctors couldn’t do. You brought ma out of coma which others couldn’t do for 8 years, you did it in few days.
Survi: But Karthik?
Other nurse: Survi ji please come we don’t have much time. Only you can do something.
The nurses leave.
Survi: Karthik, I am very scared.
Karthik: Dont worry, I am here.
And as they come to the other ward, they are shocked.

Here Shrikant got to know that Survi is out at home and he gets worried and asks Simmi about Survi, but Simmi doesn’t know what to do.
Shrikant: Where is this Survi? It is so late now. Is it any time to go out?
Simmi’s mom: I hope she doesn’t do anything wrong.
Simmi: Mom, you always talk nonsense.
Shrikant: Did she tell you where she went Simmi beti?
Simmi: (in her mind) I can’t tell uncle that Survi went with Karthik for a date what to do?
Shrikant: Simmi beti?
Simmi: I was sleeping, how do I know uncle? If I know I would have told you all personally.
Simmi’s mom: Why are you dragging my daughter in this matter?
Simmi: Mom, you have started again.
Just then someone calls Shrikant.
Shrikant: Hello, oh so you know where Survi is?
Simmi: (in her mind) Now I am dead
Shrikant keeps the phone.
Shrikant: Actually Karthik just informed me that Survi is in the hospital as a patient was in critical and no doctors were available so Survi had to rush to the hospital.
Simmi’s mom: Thank god!
Shrikant: What is this? She should have informed me.
Simmi: Maybe she didn’t get time to inform all of us. You all know how Survi is?
Shrikant: My daughter always cares for others, but never cares for herself.
Simmi’s mom: Karthik? What is he doing with Survi so late at night?
Simmi: (in her mind) Mom, not again!
Shrikant: Maybe she got Karthik’s call so she informed him.
Simmi: Mom, you are always too much.
And they all leave.
Simmi: (in her mind) I must admit Karthik have very smartly made an excuse. Now I am safe.
And Simmi goes to sleep.

Survi and Karthik are shocked as the patient turns out to be none other than Kishore.
Karthik: Kishore?
Survi: But I thought he left for the city.
Other Nurse: We found him at a very critical state.
Karthik: What do you mean?
Other Nurse: Someone brought him to the hospital, and we were told that he was buried alive.
Karthik and Survi: What?
Other Nurse: Not only that, he was stabbed brutally and some gold miner brought him to the hospital.
Survi: But who will try to kill Kishore Ji?
Nurse: Patient’s heart beat is dropping.
Survi rushes to Kishore and starts giving him treatment. She tries to give him electric shock. And Kishore struggles to speak and finally,
Kishore: Karthik! Karthik!
Karthik rushes to him.
Karthik: What happened you want to say something?
Kishore nods.
Kishore:She tried to kill Lata ji. She tried to kill Lata Ji.
Karthik: Now mom is out of coma. She is fine. But I thought ma say she slipped.
Kishore nods no.
Karthik: That means someone tried to kill her?
Kishore nods yes.
Karthik: Who?
Kishore tries to speak but he struggles.
Survi: Look Karthik, we shouldn’t give him stress
Karthik: Yes, you are right.
As Karthik is about to leave,
Kishore: She is K……..K
And he dies as the heart beat machine stops.
Both Survi and Karthik are shocked.

Precap: Survi confronts Kamla, and says that your reality will be exposed to everyone soon. Kamla Tai is shocked. On the other hand, Aniket and Karthik are discussing with each other and say that I have something to say. And Karthik allows Aniket to speak first where Aniket says that he loves Survi and wants to marry her and even his mom(Tai) is ready. Karthik is shocked.

Did Survi got to know about Tai’s reality? Is she going to expose her? How? And what will Karthik do when he gets to know Aniket loves Survi? Will he get to know about Aniket’s actual intention?

The next episode of Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise will be published by this Monday, 25th Jan. So please stay tuned.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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