Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise Episode 2


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Episode 1:

The episode begins with Survi confronting Karthik about his love confession on the road. It continues as Survi slaps Karthik, and Karthik looks on surprisingly with his hand on his face.
Karthik: Survi, I know I deserve this slap but I really love you. It’s true.
Survi: Stop it Karthik, I don’t want to listen to you.
Karthik: But Survi?
Survi: Can’t you have told me earlier that you love me, you know how long I was waiting for it?
Karthik: What?
Survi: 8 years, I was waiting for 8 long years, do you know that?
And she starts beating him
Karthik smiles.
Survi: Karthik, I LOVE YOU TOO.
And she hugs Karthik. Karthik is really happy and they share a passionate hug.
Karthik: Survi, I LOVE YOU.

Yeh vaada Raha music plays.
And they separate themselves. And Karthik cups Survi’s face.
Karthik: I am sorry Survi, you know I have been waiting for this moment from my heart, I am sorry for hurting you a lot, but you don’t know how much hurt I was when I was harming you? I will never forgive myself for that. How did you tolerate all these?
Survi: Our love was strong enough for me to tolerate all these. Look at destiny, it’s so strange, 8 years ago we got separated amid hatred, and how we came together after that.
Karthik: Maybe destiny never wanted to separate us, which is why I got to know the truth at the right time.
Survi has tears on his eyes. Karthik wipes her tears.
Karthik: No more tears Survi, I have made you cry a lot.
Survi: Foolish. This is tears of joy let them fall.
Karthik hugs Survi again. And then it starts raining.
Karthik: Survi, quickly come inside the car, it’s raining heavily.
Survi: No Karthik, let me enjoy this rain today. Not today. I feel like dancing today. I am so happy.
Karthik: Survi, you will fall sick.
Survi: I don’t care. Now, I won’t mind even if I die.
Karthik closes her mouth with his hand. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Karthik: Don’t say like that. I can’t bear to see you in pain anymore.
Survi: I know that you are always there for me.
And then she smiles.

Survi: But for now, let me enjoy this rain.
She starts dancing in the rain, and she dances around Karthik, just then she trips on a rock, as she was about to fall Karthik holds her and they share an eyelock. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Karthik: I told you to be careful, what if you fall down?
Survi: Now, I don’t have to worry, I know that you are always there for me. I know you will never let me fall. I know that you will always be there to save me.
Karthik: Yeh Vaada Raha (Its a promise).
And he pulls Survi closer to him. And as they were going to kiss, suddenly Karthik’s phone rings, and it’s Aniket.
Aniket: Karthik bhai, is Survi with you now?
Karthik: Yes, she is with me.
Aniket: Finally! I really need to talk to you. Please come home as soon as possible.
Karthik: Yes, I will be on my way home soon.
Aniket: I will be waiting for you.
As Karthik keeps the phone,

Aniket: (in his mind) I need to tell bhai that I love Simmi a lot. Only he can help me unite me with Simmi. After all he is Simmi’s very good friend and the only one who can persuade Tai.
(Here Aniket refers Survi to Simmi sometimes)
Karthik: Look Survi, this Ani’s timing is very bad.
And Survi laughs.
Karthik: Are you laughing?
Survi: Yes.
Karthik: Ok, let’s go home; everyone is waiting for us at home.
And they leave by a car. In the car, Survi-Karthik’s cute fight goes on.
They are listening to music. Karthik gives Chaar Bottle Vodka song from Ragini MMS 2, Survi looks at him and changes to Main Agaar Kahoon song from Om Shanti Om. Karthik again changes it to Abhi toh Party Shuru Huwi Hain from Khoobsuraat, again Survi changes it to Tum hi ho from Aaashiqui 2 , again Karthik changes it to Jee Karda from Badlapur, this time Survi switches off the radio.
Karthik: I was listening to music, why did you switch it off?
Survi: I don’t mind you listening to music, but this kind of music?
Karthik: People listen to this kind today, not like your old-fashioned romantic song.
Survi: You are wrong Karthik, people listen to romantic music even today, and they love it unlike what this loud music.
Karthik: Who needs to listen to romantic music?

Survi: I love it, any problem?
Karthik: No problem, just let me do some romance with you
And he holds Survi and tries to be romantic to her.
Survi: Karthik, what are you doing? Drive the car properly.
And he looks at the car and drives it.

Survi and Karthik finally reach home, and Lata welcomes them home.
Everyone is happy except for Tai.
Lata: How did you both get wet?

Karthik and Survi shy.
Karthik: We were waiting for the car, and just then it started raining.
Lata: But it was long time back when you said you found the car?
Shanti: Bhaia, you are so naughty.
Karthik: What did I do?
Shanti: You got wet, and also made Survi wet.
Karthik: Shanti? You?
Lata: Karthik? Why did you make Survi wet?
Karthik: Ma?
Survi: Lata ma, actually what happened was
As Survi was trying to say something Karthik interferes,
Karthik: Yes, I got her wet, she made me roam around the train station for a long time that’s why.
Lata pulls his ear.
Lata: It’s not Survi’s fault, it’s your fault. You always disturb her. Naughty boy.
Karthik: But mom?
Lata: Survi beti, you can use Shanti’s clothes. Change as soon as possible, so that you don’t catch cold. And Karthik, you also change quickly.
As Survi was about to go, she sees Tai. She goes to Tai.
Survi: Tai, I know that you are not happy to see me here. But you are elder than me. So I don’t mind and respect you a lot. I have been taught that it’s the duty for the young to respect the elders and the elders to forgive them. Please forgive me if you can.
And Survi folds her hand. Tai separates her hand.

Tai: No, Survi beti don’t apologise, infact I should have been the one to ask forgiveness from you. I have did a lot of bad things but that was for my husband and nothing else. I have no complains. I ask forgiveness for you.
Survi: No, no. Please don’t make me feel ashamed. I just want your blessings.
Survi touches Tai’s feet and Tai blesses her.
Tai: Stay happy.
Tai: (in her mind) I hope that doesn’t happens.
Lata: (in her mind) I am sure Tai is pretending and she is planning something. I have to find it out as soon as possible.
Aniket: (in his mind) that’s great I can ask mom directly for Survi’s hand she will not deny me now, she has already forgiven Survi.
Survi goes to change.
As Survi changes and is about to come. Karthik closes Survi’s eyes with his hand.
Survi: Karthik!
Karthik looks at her.
Survi: What are you doing, if anyone comes here then?
Karthik: Let them come.
Survi is about to go. Karthik holds her hand.
Karthik: Where are you going?
Survi: Downstairs and where else?
Karthik: Don’t go. Spend some time with me.
Survi: Why did you lie that time?
Karthik: Lie?

Survi: Why you told Lata ma, that you got me wet?
Karthik: What if you got scolded?
Survi: You care so much for me.
Karthik pins her to the wall.
Survi: Karthik, what kind of childish behaviour is this?

Karthik: Survi, you are so good and beautiful.
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Thank you so much, for forgiving Tai.
Survi: No, that was my duty. It was not Tai’s fault at all; she did it for her husband. It takes time to forget all these.
Lata: Karthik! Survi! Come downstairs quickly.
And Karthik and Survi leaves. Pyaare Mohan looks at them.
Mohan: Something is cooking between these two, what is it? I have to find that out as soon as possible.

Karthik and Survi comes downstairs, and Survi’s dad comes to pick her.
Survi: Baba!
And she hugs him.
Shrikant: Beti, I am happy that you did not leave.
Survi smiles.
Shrikant: Now we have to leave.
Karthik: (in his mind) why so fast?
Lata: No bhaisaab, you must stay here for longer time.
Shrikant: No, we can’t
Lata: Consider this as your home. At least have dinner and then go.
Shrikant: But Lata ji?
Tai: Yes, Lata is right have dinner and go.
Shrikant is surprised with Tai’s good behaviour.
Tai: I know you must be surprised, I am sorry for behaving badly with you and your daughter.
Shrikant looks on.
Survi: Yes, papa Tai has already forgiven me and she’s really feeling sorry.
Shrikant: How can I not forgive you? I still remember that Bhau and you have done a lot for me. I can’t forget those.
Tai: (in her mind) And I will never forget what you have done.
Lata: So, it’s finalized we will have dinner together.
While having dinner together, Survi and Karthik is looking at each other, Mohan is doubting on them, Aniket is looking at Survi, Tai is fuming at that, and Lata is thinking about Tai.
Shrikant: We have to leave now. It’s very late already.
Lata: Karthik, drop Shrikant ji and Survi home.
Karthik: No, I can’t I have some work.

Lata: Work? At this time?
Karthik: Yes, I have got an important call, it’s related to the business I have already told the driver to drop them home.
Survi: (in her mind) Karthik is not dropping us home? Looks like the work is really important.
Aniket: They will go home by themselves, no I can drop them.
Tai stops him.
Tai: Ani beta, I have kept some work, and it’s really important?
Tai holds Aniket’s hand tightly
Tai: Let’s go, it’s really important.
And Shrikant and Survi leaves.

Aniket: What kind of work mom? What is so important? I could have dropped Survi and Shrikant uncle at their house.
Tai: Yes, it’s very important. First you tell me, aren’t you doing too much survi survi nowadays?
Aniket is shocked.
Aniket: But mom?
Tai gets angry.
Tai: Tell me.
Tai remembers that she is acting sweet to Survi so she also pretends to act sweet.
Tai: Beta, do you like Survi?
Aniket is surprised.
Tai: Tell me Ani,
Aniket: Yes, mom I love Simmi a lot.
Tai: Simmi?
Aniket: I mean Survi, I love her a lot.
Tai is angry from inside. But she didn’t express it.
Aniket: Mom, I want to marry Survi?
Tai: Are you sure?
Aniket: Yes, mom
Tai is about to leave.

Aniket: Mom, I really value and respect you. You are the most important person in my life. But it’s true that I love her a lot, I know she’s your enemy’s daughter but I can’t leave without her. If you don’t want me to marry her, I won’t but I will die.
Tai: (in her mind) Very well played, Survi. You have trapped my son.
Tai: No beta, why are you misunderstanding me? I am not angry, infact I am happy with the fact that you love Survi a lot. I have been regretting a lot for troubling Survi beti, but she is going to become my bahu now, I will give her a lot of love, a lot of love.
Aniket hugs Tai.
Aniket: Mom, you are the best mother in the world.
Tai: (in her mind) Sorry Ani, but I will try my best to break this marriage. For that, if I have to kill Survi I will do so.

Here, Survi is thinking about Karthik and is not able to sleep. But she is smiling while thinking about Karthik, and just then Simmi comes.
Survi: (in her mind) What’s the reason why Karthik didn’t drop me and Baba home? Why am I thinking so much? He must be very busy.
Simmi: You have not slept yet.
Survi gets out from her imagination.
Simmi: What are you thinking about?
Survi: Nothing.
Simmi: Don’t lie. You must be thinking about someone special
Survi: Simmi?
Simmi: If you are my best friend, you must tell me what happened today if not I won’t talk to you at all.

Survi: But?
Simmi: Tell me.
Survi: Actually, Simmi (she narrates the entire story from how Karthik confesses love to her)
Simmi: Oh, so your Prince Charming is none other than Karthik Jiju.
Survi: What?
Simmi: I will call him Jiju and what else?
Survi: Simmi, you always na?
Simmi: Oh look, who is blushing.
Simmi: I am really happy for you and Karthik Jiju. Always stay like that. And keep smiling.
And she hugs Survi.
After a while Survi is going to sleep and Simmi comes
Simmi: Oh no, I forget something?
Survi: What?
Simmi: I did some shopping today but I left it at the restaurant.
Survi: What? Which restaurant?
Simmi: The one near our house
Survi: But that one is very expensive, how did you go there?
Simmi: Actually one of my friends got a job after many days, and she promised us that the day she will get her job she will treat me at that restaurant.
Survi: Oh I see, never mind, we will go there tomorrow
Simmi: Tomorrow? I have to go there now.
Survi: Are you crazy? Look at the time now.
Simmi: I know, but I have left my notes in those bags. Tomorrow I have classes, if I don’t bring notes I will get punished.
Survi: Who told you to keep the notes?
Simmi: How will I know I left the shopping bag in the restaurant?
Survi: Are you sure you left it there?
Simmi: Yes, I left it there. And it’s not a problem as it’s a renowned restaurant.
Survi: Then, let’s go tomorrow.
Simmi: But tomorrow when classes will begin, the restaurant will be closed. And if I tell mom she will kill me.

Survi: So we are going without telling anyone?
Simmi: Yes.
Survi: Simmi, you have really gone crazy? I am not going. If you want to go, then go.
Simmi: Okay, then I will tell about yours and Karthik Jiju’s love story to everyone.
Survi: Please don’t tell anyone. Okay, I will go with you. But what if we get caught?
Simmi: Don’t worry, I will make sure we won’t get caught, you can trust me for that at least.
Survi: Okay, fine lets change and then we will go.
And they both leave.
As Survi and Simmi reaches the restaurant and then
Survi: Where have you brought me? Let’s go in
Simmi: Just wait.
Just then Karthik comes.
Simmi: Karthik Jiju!
Survi looks at him and yeh vaada raha music plays.
Survi: Karthik? You?
Karthik: Yes, me
And then Karthik remembers how he Simmi called him.
Simmi: Karthik Jiju! Hi! I am your saali
Karthik: Simmi?
Simmi: Yes, Survi has told me everything about your love story. I am so happy.
Karthik shys.
Karthik: Simmi, I need your help.

Simmi: Sure, tell me.
Karthik: Actually I have organized a surprise for Survi but I don’t know how to bring her here.
Simmi: Such a small matter. Just let me handle the matter Jiju. You no need to worry.
Karthik: Thank you simmi. I will message you the venue.
Simmi: No problem.
And she keeps the phone.
Survi: So that was a plan?
Simmi: Yes, I think I should not disturb the love birds now, I should give you two privacy. I am going home.
Survi: But Simmi?
Karthik: I will drop you Survi.
And Simmi leaves.
Survi: Karthik, what is this?
Karthik blindfolds her eyes.
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Just come with me.
Karthik brings Survi to the place, and opens the blindfold.
Survi: Karthik, you
She looks at the table decorated and the place decorated with flowers, and she looks at it happily.
Survi: Karthik this is so beautiful.
Karthik: Come with me.
Survi: Where?
Karthik serves her ice-cream
Survi: Ice Cream?
Karthik: Yes, Ice Cream and as they were enjoying the ice cream one of the ice cream falls down.
Survi: Never mind Karthik, you can have mine.
Karthik: We can share one ice-cream, it is said that love increases when we get to share an ice-cream.

Survi feels shy. After a while, Karthik brings forward his hand.
Karthik: Survi, will you dance with me?
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik holds Survi’s hand and they dance on the song Janam Janam from Dilwale. They share some passionate moments. And as they were getting closer and closer, Survi is about to leave Karthik holds her hand.
Karthik: You don’t like it?
Survi: I love it, I feel like freezing this moment. This has been the best day ever.
Karthik smiles and he bends down.
Karthik: Survi, I LOVE YOU a lot, I just want to ask you something?
Survi: What?
Karthik: Will you marry me?
Survi: Yes, I will marry you.
Karthik: Are you sure about this proposal?
Survi: Yes, I am sure about this.
Karthik gets a ring from his pocket, and he puts in on her finger. Survi smiles.
Survi: Wait a minute.
Karthik: What?
Survi bows down and says.
Survi: From today, I accept you and your love from my bottom of my heart, and I will never break it, yeh vaada raha.
Karthik: I will always love you and I will never let some other girl take your place, yeh vaada raha.
Survi takes her other ring and
Survi: Do you accept my love?
Karthik: Yes
And she also puts the ring on his finger.
And they both hug each other, and Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
The episode ends.

Precap: As Survi and Karthik, were happily going back by the car, their car hits someone suddenly. Both Survi and Karthik are shocked. On the other hand, as Tai is discussing about her plans to break Survi and Aniket’s marriage she looks behind and is shocked.
What will happen to Survi-Karthik’s love story after the accident? Who is the one who has overhead Tai’s plan to break Survi and Aniket’s wedding?

The next episode of Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a promise will be published by this Saturday, 23rd Jan. So please stay tuned. And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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