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Here Karthik and Survi are walking together and all the other family members are also there.
Karthik: I have decided to stay in this house with all of you.
Everyone is happy. Lata goes and pulls Karthik’s ear.
Karthik: Mom! I said I am staying then why are you pulling my ear.
Lata: Because you have made my bahu worried.
Survi smiles.
Survi: Yes maa he deserves this punishment, he made me very much worried.
Karthik: Survi, you too?
Survi: Yes, then what else will you expect me to do?

Karthik: This is not fair.
Everyone is happy and smiling and just then Tai comes.
Lata: Beta, forgive Kamla?
Karthik: Mom, Survi I am letting Tai stay here for all of you, I still haven’t forgive her and I will never forgive her.
Survi is about to say something,
Karthik: Survi, I don’t want to say anything to you, but this is my decision. I hope you respect my decision as I respected yours,
Survi is not able to say anything,

Karthik goes to Tai.
Karthik: Tai, I gave you permission to stay here, but doesn’t mean that you will ever cross your limits, if you try to cross your limits then you will see the worst of me.
Karthik leaves in anger. Tai is sad. Lata is about to speak to Karhik,
Tai: Let it be, he is right in a way, after what I did anyone would do like this,
Survi: Tai, the only thing I can do is to pray that everything becomes fine between you and Karthik, and I know very soon everything will be fine.
Tai: I have done so much wrong with you, but you have always thought good of me?
Survi: Its nothing like that, I consider you as my mom, Can’t I do this as a daughter at least?
Tai hugs Survi. Survi smiles,
Tai: May God bless you.

Here Survi is sitting in the room and is waiting for Karthik. And just then Karthik comes,
Karthik: Survi, you haven’t sleep?
Survi: Yes, I was waiting for you and anyways I am also not feeling sleepy.
Karthik: Good you didn’t sleep.
Survi: Why?
Karthik comes to Survi.
Karthik: Close your eyes,
Survi: What but why?
Karthik: I said close your eyes you talk too much.
Survi closes her eyes and Karthik brings out ice-cream.

Karthik: Now open your eyes,
Survi sees the ice-cream and smiles, and immediately snatches it and starts having it,
Karthik: You haven’t even say thank you to me and started eating ice cream like that?
Survi: Okay, thank you.
Karthik: Strange,
Survi: You don’t know I was craving for ice-cream since morning, but I couldnt even say so.
Karthik: Really?
Survi: Yes
Karthik: Now let me have share some ice-cream with you,
Survi: No this ice-cream is only mine.
Karthik: From when did you start being so selfish?
Survi: How dare you call me selfish? I won’t talk to you.
Karthik: Okay I am sorry I was just kidding. You can have the entire ice-cream.
Survi smiles and allows Karthik to have some ice-cream,
Karthik: Are you sure you want me to share ice-cream with you?
Survi: Honestly speaking, I didn’t want to share ice-cream with you, but the baby was telling me to share the ice-cream with you.

Karthik smiles, and touches Survi’s belly
Karthik: Because even our baby knows that I also wanted to have a little from your ice-cream.
Survi and Karthik smile looking at each other,

There have been a leap of 7 months and now Survi is 8 months pregnant. Karthik has still not yet forgiven Tai. Bindu now lives with Kishore in his house,And the preparations of Survi’s baby shower is going on.
Lata is busy with preparations while Simmi and Hema is also helping her.
Lata brings a glass of milk for Survi.
Lata: I am so busy with the preparations, now how will I give this glass of milk to Survi?
Just then Tai is walking and as usual scolding the people in a funny way,
Tai: Hey dont work like a tortoise all the work must be done.
Lata comes to Tai,
Lata: Can you give this glass of milk to Survi?
Tai: Me?

Lata: Yes there is so much work.
Tai: Okay fine.
Tai thinks seeing the glass of milk
Tai: I think its better if I add some saffron in the milk, it will be healthier for Survi,
Tai goes to the kitchen and mixes saffron in the milk, and Karthik assumes something else.
Tai goes upstairs to Survi’s room and Karthik sees this,

Here Survi is resting and Tai comes to her,
Survi: Tai you?
Tai comes to Survi and Survi gets up.
Tai: Slowly and be careful.
Tai: Drink this glass of saffron milk.
Survi: I don’t feel like drinking this milk. And that too with saffron.
Tai: Why? Its good for you and the baby’s health.
Survi: But it tastes so bad,
Tai: I won’t go from here until and unless you finish this glass of milk,
Survi: Okay fine,
As Survi is about to drink the milk, Karthik rushes and throws the glass of milk. Tai and Survi are shocked,
Karthik: What were you going to do?
Survi: Karthik, this?
Karthik: Tai, this time you crossed your limits, I didn’t know you will stoop this low
Survi: Why what happened?
Karthik: Tai mixed something in this milk, I don’t know what but its unsafe,
Tai: Yes, I mixed something but that was saffron. and nothing else.
Survi: Yes Karthik

Karthik: Survi, you don’t know but this woman is very shrewd.
Lata: What’s happening here?
Karthik: Mom, good you came here, Tai mixed something in Survi’s milk and also was making her drink it good that I came here on time, if not
Lata: Karthik, Kamla is telling the truth she mixed saffron as I myself saw this and I was the one who told her to give this glass of milk to Survi.
Tai: I am so sorry,
Tai leaves,
Survi: Karthik, you shouldn’t have done so with Tai she brought the glass of milk so lovingly for me and you just, I won’t speak about this matter,
Karthik: I didn’t know how I, I am sorry
Survi: Don’t apologize to me, apologize to Tai she is very hurt,
Lata: Survi is right.
Karthik gets thinking.

Later Tai comes back and she pretends that everything is fine and continues her work. Karthik comes to Tai,
Karthik: I shouldn’t have done what I did just now, I am sorry.
Tai looks at Karthik
Tai: No Kartya, no need to apologize
Karthik: I have done wrong thats why I am asking for apology, but what you did with Ma and Survi for that I have still not yet forgiven you and I will never forgive you,
Karthik leaves,

Tai: (in her mind) At least in this pretext, Kartya is at least talking to me.

Here, its time for Survi’s baby shower and Survi dresses up like a bride, and as she was about to apply vermilion, Karthik comes near the mirror and applies vermillon on her hairline. Survi looks on.
Karthik: You are looking so beautiful.
Survi: I am angry with you.
Karthik: Why? I have apologized
Survi: You also have to apologize to me, I felt so bad
Karthik: Okay I am sorry,
Survi smiles,
Karthik: Now, please forgive me.
Survi: Since my son is insisting a lot I forgive you
Karthik: I knew that my daughter will make you forgive me.
Survi: Our baby will be a boy.
Karthik: This time you are wrong, our baby will be a girl.
Survii Boy!
Karthik: Girl!
Just then Lata knocks the door
Lata: Survi beta, are you ready? If you need any help you can call me.
Survi: I am almost done!
Karthik: Okay I will have to go now and take care of my daughter,
Karthik: My son knows that his mom will take good care of him
Karthik leaves,

Here Survi’s baby shower is conducted and everyone is happy.

Here Survi is taking rest, and Karthik is getting ready,
Karthik: Survi, I am going to the temple with Ma, If you need any help call out Shanti.
Survi: Don’t worry, Karthik everything will be fine. And also Tai is here too.
Karthik: I don’t trust Tai at all, at least Shanti is here that’s why I am going with mom.
Just then Lata comes,
Lata: Survi, beta take care of yourself and I am going to the temple now. And don’t find any work, and I will ask Shanti about you,
Survi: Ma, don’t worry I will be fine, you just go the temple tension-free,
Lata leaves and Karthik quickly gives Survi a kiss on her forehead and leaves. Survi smiles. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.

Later, Survi feels pain but she ignores it,
Survi: (in her mind) Today it’s paining more than usual, I think I should take a walk around the house,
Survi slowly takes the step, and due to the pain she misses a step, and as she was about to fall Tai holds her,
Tai: Survi beta, be careful you were about to fall.
Survi: Thanks Tai, for saving me if not I wonder what would have happened?
Survi holds Tai’s hand and comes downstairs. Tai makes her sit.
Tai: I will bring a glass of water for you.
As Tai was about to go, Survi holds Tai’s hand as she starts having labour pain,
Survi: Tai, I don’t know why I am in immense pain. Ouch!
Tai: Beta, are you okay?
Survi: I think its time now.
Tai is surprised.
Survi: Ouch!
Tai: Don’t worry beta, I will call the doctor.
Tai goes to call the doctor and Shanti comes to help Survi,
Tai: This doctor isn’t responding my call.

Shanti: Tai, Bhabi’s hands are very cold.
And she starts rubbing Survi’s hand.
Tai: Shanti do one thing call Kartya.
Shanti calls but Karthik doesnt responds.
Shanti: Dada isn’t responding my call, what to do?
Survi is screaming in pain.
Tai: Now there is only one way,

Tai and Shanti brings Survi to the hospital. And Tai is driving the car,
And Survi is about to close her eyes,
Shanti: Tai, Bhabi’s eyes are getting closed.
Tai: Survi beta keep your eyes open.
And just then Karthik calls, Shanti picks up the call.
Karthik: Hello Shanti, I couldn’t pick up the call as me and mom were at the temple.
Shanti: Dada, quickly come to the hospital, Survi is having labour pains.
Karthik is shocked,
Karthik: What?
Lata: What happened Karthik?
Shanti: Yes, Dada we are nearby to the hospital
Survi is still in pain
Karthik: Shanti, pass the phone to Survi
Shanti passes the phone to Survi
Survi: Hello Karthik?
Karthik: Survi, don’t worry everything is fine.

Survi: Its paining a lot.
Karthik: You have to bear this pain for our child.
Survi nods yes and passes the phone to Shanti.
Karthik: Shanti, I am reaching at the hospital with mom.
And he keeps the phone. Karthik and Lata goes to the hospital.

Here Survi is taken to the operation theatre and Karthik reaches there and he comes near Survi.
Karthik: Nothing will happen to you, everything will be fine.
Survi: Promise me that if anything happens to me you will take care of our child.
Karthik: What are you saying? Nothing will happen to you.
Survi: Promise me.
Karthik: I will always be there for you and our child, its a promise.
Survi is taken to the operation theater.

Tai prays for Survi at the hospital temple.
Later the doctor comes with the baby.
Doctor: Congratulations, its a girl.
Karthik is super happy and everyone is happy,
The doctor gives the baby to Karthik.

Lata: She looks a lot like Survi and also looks a little like you.
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: Doctor, is Survi alright?
Doctor: She is absolutely fine, good that she was brought on time if not it would have been too late and things would have been serious.
Karthik: Can we meet her?
Doctor: Of course, all of you can meet her.

Karthik and others goes to meet Survi.
Survi looks at her baby and smiles. And Karthik gives her the baby,
Karthik: I told you it will be a girl.
Survi smiles,
Survi: She is our princess.
Shanti: Dada, you and Bhabi have carried the baby now its my time to take the baby.
Lata: No, I am the grandmother so its me first,
Shrikant: No no I am the grandpa so it should be me first.
Simmi: I am the aunt of the baby.
Aniket: But I am the uncle of the baby.
Everyone starts fighting, Karthik and Survi are surprised,
Karthik: Stop! the person who will get to carry the baby first is, Survi will say that
Survi: Me?
Karthik: Yes you
Survi: Why me?
Survi looks at Tai
Survi: The person who will get to carry the baby first is Tai.
Karthik is surprised.
Survi: I can’t even imagine what would have happened if Tai wasn’t here. Me and my baby are fine only because of Tai. Tai, won’t you see my baby?
Tai comes and she carries the baby,
Tai: She is so cute and lovely, Survi do you know she have the same smile as Kartya.
Karthik looks at Tai.
Tai gives the baby to Survi and is about to go,

Karthik: Wait a second!
Tai stops and looks.
Karthik goes to Tai.
Karthik: Why did you do like this to me? I have never expected that you will do like this with me. I was so hurt.
Tai folds hand
Tai: It was my fault, I was so blinded in my greed and selfishness that I forgot what you did for me. I am really sorry.
Karthik: Please don’t fold hands Tai. I will never forget what you did.
Tai looks on,
Karthik: You have saved my wife and daughter, for that I forgivebypu. Now at least you forgive me for misbehaving with you these days,

Tai and Karthik hugs each other, Everyone smiles,

Here Survi is running and chasing her daughter, Kavya (you can assume Sakshi who is seen in Silsila Pyaar Ka on star plus as Kavya).
Survi: Kavya?
Kavya is running and Karthuk carries her,
Kavya: Dad!
Karthik: Who dare to catch my princess besides me?
Survi: You have spoilt your daughter now she is very stubborn,
Karthik: Just like you
Survi: Look Karthik!
Kavya: Mom! Dad! Stop fighting and listen to me.
Tai and Lara smiles seeing this.
Kavya: Promise me that you both will always never fight seriously. You both always fight.
Survi and Karthik smiles and hugs Kavya.

Kavya: I promise I will never male you both sad.
Surthik: We will always make you happy, Its a promise.
Survi and Karthik looks at each other and smiles.
The series end.

Conclusion: Promise may sound like nothing or just a way to get away from things, but it actually have a huge part to play in life. Survi and Karthik’s life have been based on promises, where they make promises to each other and their relation is always strong as they have always fulfilled promises they made to each other. A promise made their relation so strong, that it even changed the worst person like Tai to a good person. They have always succeeded in all their challenges they meet as they have never got away from their promises. There have been circumstances, where it seems that all the promises made will be broken but their love also didn’t let the promises break. Always never break someone’s promise which is at times equal to trust.

I am happy that in my fan fiction It’s a promise there have been around 40 different people commenting overall at least once, and there have been an average of 6 comments in each episodes in my It’s a promise fan fiction. The least no. of comments I received was episode No. 4(2 comments) and the most no. of comments I received was episode No.11(10 comments). And what made me happier is the gradual increase of comments from an average of 5 comments in episode 1-5 to an average of 9 comments in episode 11-13.

Honestly speaking I have never thought that my fan fiction on its a promise will go on till 14 episodes, I thought that the highest no. Of episodes my fan fiction could go on was till episode 6 but you all have proved me wrong 🙂 and I wanted to end it in 10 episodes but I have extended 4 more episodes for all of you.

Thank you for commenting in most of my episodes Mariyah. And also thank you Ranaji, Jannat, Devil, Shonchcho followed samaya, Razi for commenting in most of my episodes.Thanks to K,tejaswi,karvi,miloni, josphine, SNEHA, korni, karvi lover, abhi, Lovy too, And thank you to all the others too. And also 22 other people who commented in my fan fiction once, (too lazy to mention all sorry :P) and thank you silent readers.

And if I have not meet up to your expectations I am really sorry, I just gave my best.
And please do give me a feedback on my fan fiction so that if I come with a new one on YVR I can make it much better.

And yes do watch Yeh Vaada Raha on zee TV at 10pm(India time).

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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