Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a Promise Episode 13


Summary of episode 1-5 and link of inroduction and episode 1-5: of episode 1-10 and link of introduction and episode 6-10: of episode 12:
Here all are worried as Survi faints for real this time
Shanti: Bhabi is not coming back to her senses, she is really unconscious.I think something is wrong.
Lata: What are you saying?
Survi is being made lie on the sofa,
Shanti: I think its due to her injuried hand and loss of blood.
Lata: Call the doctor,and this Karthik how to tell him? He is so stubborn. He will think that we are lying and doing these to stop him.
Tai: I know what to do.
Tai goes to stop Karthik.
Aniket: Mom, Dada may get furious,
Lata: Let her go, only Kamla can bring Karthik here.

Tai goes to stop Karthik.
As Karthik is about to go, he looks at the house and remembers all his moments with his family and Survi. As he was about to go,
Kamla: Wait Kartya!
Karthik looks at Tai.
Karthik: You have made my family go against my decision, what else do you want?
Tai goes to Karthik
Tai: You are such a foolish guy.
Karthik looks at Tai angrily.
Tai: The lady who tried to harm your mother your wife and your family, just look the same person are at my side now and you are alone, maybe I may harm them again.
Karthik: Don’t you dare harm my family
Tai pretends to smirk.

Tai: Your wife is sick here and you just left her.
Karthik: Oh tell her to stop her drama.
Tai starts her fake laughter,
Tai: Really? I pity for Survi. First she pretended to faint just to save me and now that she really fainted and her husband thinks that she is pretending,
Karthik is shocked,
Karthik: What?
Tai: Yes, Survi have fainted due to the wound on her hand which she had while saving you,
Karthik remembers about the wound and he rushes inside his house,
Karthik: I will see how to deal with you later,
Karthik goes.
Tai: (in her mind) Thank god this time at least this Karthik agreed I hope everything becomes fine and please protect Survi.

Karthik goes in the house and rushes to Survi.
Karthik: Survi! Survi! Wake up, I am back. Your Karthik is back,
Karthik cries seeing Survi
Karthik: Did anyone call the doctor?
Shanti: Yes doctor is on the way,
Karthik lifts Survi and brings her to the room. The doctor comes to check Survi.

The doctor comes out after checking Survi.
Karthik: What happened to Survi, doctor?
Doctor: Survi fainted due to low blood pressure but you all have to take good care of her.
Karthik: Is it anything serious doctor?Is my wife okay?
Doctor: Yes, she is fine intact there is a good news,
Karthik: I didn’t understand doctor?
Doctor: Your wife is pregnant.

Karthik is super happy and everyone is happy. Tai is seeing these from behind and she is also happy and smiles.
Lata: I am going to be a grandmother.
Shanti: I am going to be an aunt,
Lata: Someone bring some sweets.
Karthik: Ma, I am so happy I am going to be a father soon.
Lata: I am happy for you, beta.
Doctor: Now you all can go in. And if you have any queries you may call me and here is the prescription.
The doctor leaves.
As Karthik was happily about to go in, he remembers about how Survi opposed to his decision,
Lata: Why are you not going in beta?
Karthik: Its okay mom, you all go in, Survi needs all of you to be there with her,
Lata: Beta forgive her for that. Why are you still stuck there?
Karthik: No, mom I need time,
Tai becomes sad as she listens to them,
Lata: Forgive her now at least now, she is pregnant, she needs you most at this time.
Karthik: Sorry ma.
Karthik leaves.
Lata, Shanti and Simmi goes in.

Here Survi is taking rest, and she is about to get up.
Lata: No no beta you take rest.
Simmi comes and hugs Survi.
Simmi: I am so happy for you. Congratulations.
Survi smiles. And she is looking for Karthik.
Lata: Don’t worry, Karthik is here, its just that
Survi: He is still angry with me right?
Lata: No no beta its not like that.
Survi: I know that it will take time for him to forgive me.
Lata: But he is very happy when he got to know the news.
Tai comes in and sits besides Survi,
Tai: I know Kartya he can’t stay angry with you for a long time.
Survi: Tai, you were the one who brought Karthik here, right?
Tai looks on.
Survived: Your face says it all.
Tai: You are such a nice person, you understand everything so easily. I am once again apologizing to you for doing bad things.
Tai folds hand.

Survi: No no please don’t fold hands.
Tai: Survi beta, you have made a lot of promises and also fulfilled all but today I will make a promise to you.
Survi looks at Tai.
Tai: I will make sure that you and Kartya solve all your problems and that too by tonight, its a promise,
Survi looks at Tai and smiles teary eyed.

Just then Aniket comes to Simmi.
Aniket: I think we should leave now.
As Aniket and Simmi were about to go,
Tai: Wait!
Aniket and Simmi stops. Tai comes to them.
Tai: Don’t you miss your maa,beta.
Aniket: Yes, I miss you mom.
Aniket and Tai hugs. Simmi is about to go, Aniket holds her hand.
Aniket: Mom, I don’t mind staying her but can Simmi come with me?
Tai: No
All are shocked.
Tai: Simmi can’t stay here before her grah pravesh is done.
Everyone smiles,
Tai: What are you all seeing, do preparations for grah pravesh?
Simmi hugs Tai.

Later everyone is downstairs, and the grah pravesh ceremony is conducted.
As Survi is walking she is about to fall, Karthik holds her, Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Karthik: Survi, you should be careful, especially in this condition,
Survi smiles to see Kathik having concern for her,
Karthik: I am not doing this for you, I am doing this for our baby.
Survi looks at Karthik.
Survi: (in her mind) Karthik, I know very well that you care for both me and our baby.
Survi touches her belly,

Later, Tai welcome Aniket and Simmi in the house, And they enter the house, Everyone smiles.

In the evening, besides Survi and Karthik all the members of the family are discussing plans to bring Survi and Karthik closer,
Tai: Is everything done?
Shanti: Yes, Tai everything is done, Dada had gone to meet Bhabi upstairs,
Tai: I just hope ervrything will be fine between the both of them,

Here Karthik comes upstairs and as he walks he sees Survi standing. Survi looks behind and Karthik and Survi look at each other. Yeh Vaada Raha plays. As Karthik is about to go, Survi stops him.
Survi: Karthik please forgive me.
Karthik looks at Survi.
Survi: Please forgive me for opposing your decision,
Karthik becomes sad,
Survi: I did what I felt right? You were the one who said that we should always make decisions by heart.
Karthik gets into flashback and remembers he said this to Survi once,
Karthik goes near Survi and cups her face.
Karthik: Survi, I did this not because I hate you, is because I love you a lot. I don’t want any problems for our family.
Survi looks on,
Karthik: Yes, its true that I have did all this its because I care for you. I don’t want to see you in problems again and I can’t afford to lose you again
Survi: I can’t tolerate it wheneve you are far away from me.
Karthik: It was my mistake to just go away in anger, but now I promise you that I will always protect you and our baby. Its a promise.
Survi and Karthik hug each other and Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
The episode ends,

Precap for last episode: Tai asks for forgiveness to Karthik, and Karthik have tears on his eyes. Karthik tells Tai why did you do like this with me? Tai says that it was her biggest mistake to do so, and she still regrets about it,

The next episode will be published by this Friday, 18th March
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Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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