Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a Promise Episode 12


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The episode begins with Survi being worried about Karthik.
Lata: Don’t worry Survi, I am sure everything is fine.
Just then Shanti comes to the room rushing,
Lata: Shanti, what happened?
Shanti: Ma, Dada’s life is in danger.
Lata and Survi are shocked.
Survi: I knew something was very wrong.
Lata: How do you know Karthik’s life is in danger,

Shanti narrates everything and gets into flashback.

Shanti and Hema were talking to each other while walking where they overheard Tai’s conversation of her plan to kill Karthik by stabbing him. Both are shocked.
Shanti: Oh no, Dada’s life is in danger what will happen?
Hema: Shanti, you listen to me. You go and tell Survi about this matter quickly while I try to distract mom.
As Hema distracts Tai by colliding with her, Shanti slowly goes to tell Survi the truth.

Shanti gets out of flashback. Survi stands up.
Survi: Do you have any idea where Tai went to kill Karthik?
Shanti: The thing me and Hema dii understood is its in a godown near our factory and it seems to be the nearest one from our house.
Lata: Oh god, please protect my son. I hope that Kamla doesn’t do anything wrong with my son.
Survi: Ma, you stay here. And I will bring Karthik home safely, its a promise,
Lata: Take care of yourself also, beta?
Survi rushes to save Karthik.

Here Karthik reaches the godown.,
Karthik: I wonder why the director called me in these kind of places for discussion. Looks like this may be the location for shooting,
Karthik walks around the go down.
Karthik: (in his mind) Strange. No one is here yet.
Karthik: Who is it? Is anyone there?

Just then Tai comes and she looks at knife and smirks.
Tai: (in her mind) Karthik, now you are gone. I will see who will save you.

Here Lata is praying. Along with her Shanti, Bindu, Hema, Kishore also prays.
Lata: Please protect my son and daughter-in-law.

As Tai was about to stab Karthik, Karthik looks shocked. And just then Survi comes in front and holds the knife with her hand and looks at Tai angrily. Tai is shocked,
Tai: Survi?
Survi overpowers Tai and takes the knife from her hand and throws it away.
Karthik looks at Survi’s hand and sees a lot of blood falling from her hand,
Karthik: Survi, what have you done? See you have injuried yourself very badly.
Survi closes her eyes in pain, Karthik takes out the handkerchief from his pocket and bandages her hand. Yeh Vaada Raha plays. Survi looks at Karthik and Karthik looks at Survi and they share an eyelock.
Tai sees the knife and she thinks to kill anyone of them,

Just then Karthik tells Survi.
Karthik: You can know Survi, I can’t tolerate to see you in pain then why did you do so, you should have just let me die.
Tai was about to take the knife and just then she stops as she hears Karthik saying “You should have just let me die.”
Survi closes his mouth with her other hand.

Survi: Just shut up, you have no right to say this, I did this to protect you understand, after all I am your wife.
Karthik: And I will just let you be injuried and hurt. I am your husband. And my duty is to protect you.
Survi: Promise me you will never talk about death to me.
Karthik: I promise.
Karthik and Survi hugs each other and Yeh Vaada Raha plays.

Tai looks at them,
Tai: (in her mind) Oh god what was I going to do? Was I so blind in greed and revenge? I forgot all my relations, and just to avenge for my husband’s death I have unknowingly hurt my loving nephew Kartya and also a sweet girl like Survi especially. They both are meant for each other,
Tai gets into flashback of how she tortured Survi and also how she deceived Karthik.
Tai touches her head.
Tai: (in her mind) What have I done? Today Survi and Karthik’s love taught me one thing that more than hatred love is more important, and we should never forget the promises we make to each other.
Tai leaves from there. Karthik sees this,

Karthik: Wait a second.
Tai stops. Karthik gets up. Survi also gets up.
Karthik comes near Tai and holds her hand. And Karthik brings her holding her hand,
Tai: Kartya?
Survi: Karthik, where are you going? Where are you bringing Tai to?
Survi also follows them.

Lata, Shanti, Hema, Bindu and Kishore are worried for Karthik and Survi. Just then Karthik brings Tai home forcefully. Survi also follows him.
Lata: I knew that God will protect Karthik and Survi.
Karthik brings Tai in front of everyone,
Karthik: Today you deserve to give an answer to everyone for what you just did,
Tai bows her head down.
Bindu: I am even ashamed to call you mom.
Tai is very sad, Survi realizes that this time Tai really have had a change of heart and have realized all her mistakes.

Karthik:: Today you have really crossed all your limits today.
Tai looks at Karthik
Karthik: You have tried to harm me I don’t have any problem with that, but you have harmed my wife for that I will never forgive you.
Lata looks at Survi’s hand.
Lata: Survi looks like you have injuried your hand very badly.
Shanti: I am bringing the first aid box, ma.
Survi: Shanti, there isn’t need for it, I just have to say something regarding Tai.
Karthik: Now you do not need to say anything, Survi. We all have seen the true colors of Tai already.
Survi: But Karthik.
Karthik looks at Survi and he goes to Tai.
Karthik: I have always considered you more than my mom. But I have never ever imagined in my worst dreams that you, you will do something like this to me.
Just then Aniket and Simmi comes.
Aniket: I didn’t want to come but I have came here on Dada’s request.
Tai looks at Karthik,

Karthik: Don’t be too happy, do you know why I didn’t bring you to the jail,
Tai nods no.
Karthik: I wanted everyone to meet you before you go to jail. So that you can know what you have done and realize it?
Everyone is shocked, especially Survi.
Survi: What are you doing Karthik?
Karthik: Even you can’t stop me this time, Survi.
Survi: Karthik I need to speak to you in alone.
Karthik: Okay fine.

Survi and Karthik are in their room.
Survi: I have seen change in Tai this time. She have really changed this time it is seen in her face, she is really regretting a lot.

Karthik: You may forgive her easily, but I won’t ever forgive her especially when she tried to harm you and mom.
Survi: She have done wrong, but this punishment, she haven’t even kill anyone
Karthik: But she have tried to attempt to kill many people, and she deserves to be arrested for that.
Karthik is about to call the police, Survi declines the call.
Karthik: What have you done?
Survi: I am sorry, but Tai deserves a chance this time and my heart says it. And she will stay with all of us here,
Karthik: So this is your decision? Okay fine.

Just then Karthik packs his suitcase and goes downstairs.
Survi: Where are you going?
Karthik: Listen to one thing clearly either I will stay here or Tai will stay here.
Survi and others are shocked,
Survi: But Tai deserves a second chance.
Lata: I am with Survi, in her decision, Kamla do deserve a second chance,
Shanti: I am also with mom and Bhabi,
Hema: She is my mom I just can’t leave her like that
Kishore: Even I am with them,
Bindu: Even I am giving mom a last chance.

Simmi: I am with them
Aniket: Dada, mom have done wrong and I have really seen a change in my mom its clearly shown in her face.
Everyone is with Survi, Tai looks at Survived
Tai: Beta I have done wrong with you why are you helping me a lot
Survi: You are also my Tai, and I know you very well since my childhood and I know that this time you have really changed.
Karthik: Okay fine you all do whatever you want but I am leaving this house right now.
Karthik leaves,
Lata: Beta, please listen to me.
Survi: Karthik! Karthik! Ka
Due to weakness and blood loss due to the injury on her hand Survi feels dizzy and she faints for real this time, Karthik looks behind, and thinks that she is pretending and then he leaves.
The episode ends.

Precap: Survi is on the bed resting and promising Tai that she will make sure everything will be fine between her and Karthik. Later, Survi comes to meet Karthik and Karthik looks at Survi. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.

The next episode will be published from Monday, 14th March to Thursday, 17th March any one day between these days.
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Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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