Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a Promise Episode 11


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN-FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. IAnd I have a good news due to fan’s demand I have increased the no. Of episodes from 13 to 14. So there are 4 episodes to go. And please do comment.

You can get to read episode 1-10 in this link:
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Summary of episode 1-10:
The fan fiction begins with Surthik confrontation in the train where Karthik asks forgiveness from Survi. Later, Karthik manages to convince Survi and when he was seeking forgiveness, Survi angrily questions him a lot, and later Karthik confesses his love to Survi, Survi also confess her love. The happiness of Surthik is short lived due to Survi and Aniket’s engagement. Surthik gets heartbroken due to that. But later, it turns out to be Surthik and Aniket’s plan as Aniket also loves Simmi and Survi and Aniket also does this to reveal Tai’s truth to Karthik. Later amid of the preparations and celebrations, Surthik and Aniket-Simmi get married. Survi and Tai challenges each other. Later, Survi reveals to Karthik she did all these not only because they love each other because she wants to prove that Tai was the one who tried to kill his mom. This makes Karthik furious as Survi hid the truth from him. Later, after a month of their marriage there is still misunderstanding between Surthik because of Tai, and Tai tries to kill Survi and tries to show the opposite happened, This makes Karthik furious and he throws Survi out of the house and do not believe her at all. Later, while Tai is partying with her children,

Tai tells Mohan how he tried to kill Lata and Kishore and Karthik overhears it and gets to know the truth. Karthik rushes to bring Survi and apologizes to her again, but Survi is adamant in forgiving him. Later, as a car was about to hit Karthik, Survi saves him and she forgives him and doesn’t want to lose him. Surthik spends some romantic moments and after a month they come back to teach Tai a lesson and Karthik pretends he still hates Survi but in actual they are making plans to expose Tai. Later they scare Tai and to prove her crazy with Kishore and as they were discussing Tai’s daughters overhear and they also show them the truth. Tai’s daughters become positive and thanks Survi for helping them and they also decide to help Surthik in their plan.

Tai is walking to her room, and suddenly the lights went off. Tai is surprised.
Tai: How come the lights went off. Tai is surprised.
Tai: How come the lighs have sent off?
As Tai looks she is shocked to see Kishore.
Tai: GH…….GH…….ghost?
Kishore smirks.
Tai: What do you want?

Kishore: I want salvation.
Tai is shocked.
Kishore comes near Tai and Tai gets scared. Kishore takes out the knife and is about to pretend to stab Tai.
Tai: No! I am sorry for killing you please spare me.
Here, Karthik and others are hiding while Survi is recording the entire conversation.
Kishore: Do u remember how you killed me?
Tai: Yes, yes
Kishore: How?
Tai: I remember how I stabbed you as you got to know that I was the one who tried to kill Lata by throwing her down the cliff and putting the blame on Survi.
Karthik is angry, Survi stops him and nods him no.
Tai: And its your fault also, who told you to act so great?
Kishore was about to kill Tai
Tai: Okay fine, fine, I shoukdnt have stabbed you.
Kishore: But what’s the use now. I am dead. Now I won’t spare you.
As Kishore was about to stab Tai, the lights become on. Tai looks around her, and then Mohan come to her.

Mohan: What happened sasu ma?
Tai: Kishore was trying to kill me?
Kishore goes and Mohan pretends as if he didn’t see anything, as he look at others scared,
Mohan: Kishore? Where is he? I can’t see him anywhere.
Tai: No, no he was here just now.
Bindu: What happened?
Mohan: Sasu ma is just unwell.
Bindu: Mom, we have to show you something,
Tai: I am totally fine.
Bindu: I know, but just come with me.
Bindu holds Tai’s hand and goes.

Here Tai is brought downstairs and Tai sits down.
Tai: Can you tell me why am I brought here?
Bindu: Just see this mom and you will gradually understand everything,
Bindu switches on the TV. In the TV, at first Mohan’s confession is shown. Tai is shocked,
Hema: Whatever Mohan Ji said is it true?
Tai: (in her mind) I wont spare this Mohan.
Tai: Actually the thing is
Just then Karthik and others come.
Karthik: It may be possible that your husband is lying, Hema. I know you can never do these kind of stuffs, right?

Tai: At least, there is someone who believes me. I knew that my Kartya will always believe me,
Karthik: Tai, this time look at this properly,
Tai looks at the TV again and this time her confession is shown. Tai is stunned. And she looks at everyone,
Karthik: Finally your truth is exposed Tai.
Tai is shocked.
Karthik: You thought what? That I won’t get to know the truth.
Tai: This is a lie. This video is fake, Kartya.
Karthik: Enough of lies!
Tai is shocked,
Karthik: I have got to know the day itself when you tried to kill Survi and also put the blame on her and after throwing her out of the house, when you were partying in which you told the entire truth and I overheard everything,
Tai comes near Survi, Karthik and Survi hold hands,
Karthik: You tried to seperate us a lot of times, but our promise didn’t let our love break.
Karthik and Survi look at each other and Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Tai was about to take the CD, Survi stops her.
Survi: If you want to take this, you can take it. I have made several copies of it already.
Tai doesn’t know what to do and then she goes down on Survi’s leg.
tai: Please forgive me, I wont do anything,

Survi makes Tai get up,
Survi: Please don’t do like this you are elder than me, and I have already told you that if you change for good it will be good for you.
Karthik: See, learn from her, since Survi was young you have always created problems for her and Survi have always forgiven you in the end and always thought the best for you.
Tai: Kartya, I have done a lot of wrong things, please forgive me.
Karthik: Now there is no use I will call the police and then give them this CD.
Tai is stunned,
As Karthik was about to call the police, suddenly Survi feels dizzy and she faints. Karthik is shocked. Everyone rushes to her.
Karthik: Survi! Wake up!
Lata: Bring Survi to the room.

Karthik carries Survi in his arms and brings her to the room. As Karthik was about to call the doctor, Survi holds his hand
Karthik: Finally you have woke up.
And he hugs Survi.

Survi: Actually Karthik, I pretended to faint.
Karthik: What kind of joke is this? You know how much scared I got.
Survi: I had to do this as I didn’t want you to call the police.
Karthik: Do you even know what you are saying?
Survi: I know that I shouldn’t do all these, but Tai have done a lot of things wrong. She should mend them first, she just can’t go to jail like that.
Karthik: You know Tai’s nature very well, and I can’t take the risk. And I will never forgive her for trying to kill my mom and you.
Survi: I admit what Tai did was wrong, and she may not have learn her lesson yet, I think this is not the right time to call the police.
Karthik: Yes, but is no less of a danger to keep Tai here too. She can do anything. And I can’t take this risk.
Survi: Karthi, you trust me right? I promise you I won’t let anything of these sort happen.
Karthik: Okay, fine. I will give Tai a chance to mend all the problems she created.
Survi smiles and Karthik leaves. And as he leave he sees Tai.
Karthik: You should consider yourself lucky that Survi gave you another chance. And yes, I will never forgive you.
Karthik leaves. Tai gets thinking

After a few days,
Tai: It has been a few days since my truth has been revealed and seems that no one have me forgiven me yet.
Here Hema is going to Tai’s room and Pyaare Mohan holds her hand.
Hema: Leave me, what are you doing here?
Mohan: Please forgive me, I did this due to circumstances.
Hema: Yes, I have seen that.
Mohan: Hey Hema, you should be lucky that I am your husband if it was other guy he would have rejected you immediately, after all look at you what is so good in you.
Hema becomes sad and Tai gives Mohan a tight slap. Mohan is shocked. Survi and Karthik sees this.
Tai: How dare you speak like that to my daughter?
Mohan: Oh Sasu Maa?

Tai: Get out of here right now.
Karthik comes and pulls Mohan’s collar.
Karthik: How dare you behave like this with my sister?
Mohan: Okay fine, I am getting out of here, who would even stay here?
Mohan goes out of the house,
Hema breaks down and Survi consoles her.
Tai: All this happened because of me.
Later, Tai sees Bindu and Kishore, and goes to them,
Tai: I am sorry for trying to kill you Damad Ji, I don’t know what happened to me that time.
Tai folds hand.
Bindu: I don’t know if Kishore will forgive you, but I will never forgive you mom.
Kishore: Bindu, why are you speaking like this to your mom?
Tai: Don’t say anything to her, I just want both of you to be happy,
Tai joins Kishore and Bindu’s hand and leaves.
Survi: Did you see this Karthik, Tai is slowly slowly trying to solve the problems she created these days.

Karthik: Tai is very smart she can do anything,
Karthik leaves, Survi gets thinking, and later Survi also leaves.

Tai closes the door as no one is hear and smirks.
Tai: (in her mind) Survi, you have done wrong by giving me a second chance. Then, I will utilize this second chance properly and take away Kartya’s property. But before that.
Tai looks at the family photo and smirks.
Tai: For that, Karthik you have to die first. And I will kill you at any cost.
Tai smirks.

Here Survi wakes up from her sleep after seeing a nightmare and screams
Survi: Karthik!
Karthik wakes up and Survi hugs him. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Karthik: What happened, Survi?
Survi: Promise me, you wont leave me.
Karthik: I promise. But what happened?

Survi: I saw someone tried to harm you in my nightmare.
And Survi starts crying a lot.
Karthik: Cmon Survi it is a nightmare. There is nothing to worry aboy,.
Survi: I am getting very scared.
Karthik cups Survi’s face,

Karthik: Look Survi as far as you are with me, nothing can happen to me at all. I know you will be always there to protect me.
Karthik tries to consoles Survi and later manages to put her on sleep.

Survi wakes up in the morning and she adorns herself looking at the window.
Survi: (in her mind) It was just a nightmare.
Survi is about to apply sindoor on her hairline, Karthik takes the sindoor from the sindoor box and applies it on Survi’s hairline. Survi smiles at Karthik.
Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Yes, Survi.
Survi: Where are you going at this time its early morning.
Karthik: Survi, I have some work and I have to complete them very soon. And then I will come to you,
Karthik is about to go, Survi runs and hugs him.
Karthik: You seem to be in a romantic mood today.
Survi: Take care of yourself.
Karthik kisses on Survi’s forehead.

Karthik: I will be back soon. Take care,
Karthik leaves.
Survi: (in her mind) Oh God, please make everything fine and protect Karthik.

As Karthik leaves, Tai comes and smirks.
Tai: Now Karthik its time.
Tai gets into flashback and remembers how she made someone make a fake call to Karthik and pretended that it is a deal associated with a movie. Karthik agrees and decides to find out the matter. And as he keeps the phone, Tai pays the guy whom she made to make the call. Tai gets out of the flashback. Tai again looks at the picture.
Tai: (in her mind) Now its time to kill you Karthik. You have done wrong by messing up with Kamla. Your wife was in her limits, but you crossed your limits by threatening me about police.Now I won’t spare you at all,
Tai leaves. And she collides with Hema.

Hema: Where are you going mom?
Tai: Beta, I am going to the temple to prag for the wellbeing for my family,
Hema: Oh really
Tai: Yes, I get going.
Tai leaves and she smirks seeing the knife.

Later, Survi is working and she feels uneasy.
Lata: What happened Survi you seem to be unwell?
Survi: Ma, I feel something which should not happen is going to happen.
Lata: What do you mean?
Survi: I think its just my imagination.
As Lata is about to go, Survi is about to fall due to dizziness and Bindu holds her,
Bindu: Survi, are you okay?
Survi: Yes
Lata comes to Survi.
Lata: You take too much stress that’s why you are feeling like this,
Lata brings Survi to the room and makes her sit down.
Lata: What happened Survi tell me clearly are you okay?

Survi: Actually, yesterday night I saw a nightmare in which Karthik’s life is in danger.
Lata is shocked,
Survi: Since morning, I am feeling uneasy. I am scared what if anything goes wrong? I am very scared Ma.
Lata: Don’t worry beta, nothing like this will happen. Everything will be alright. Just keep some faith on God and pray to him. Everything will be fine.
Survi gets thinking.
The episode ends.

Precap: Shanti tells Survi that Tai is going to kill Karthik, Survi is shocked.
Karthik comes to some place, and then he says is anyone here? As he is looking around, Tai comes and as he looks, Tai takes out the knife and goes to stab him. Karthik is shocked.

What do you think would happen next?
3 episodes to go. Pleaseeee do comment.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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