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Here Survi is performing veneration in the morning and all the other family member joins.
Lata: Finally I have seen someone doing puja after many days.
Everyone offer their prayers and then the puja ends. Survi offers prasad to all.
And then she comes to Karthik, and also offers him some. Karthik happily takes some.
Survi: Karthik?

Karthik holds Survi’s hand, Tai comes from upstairs and is surprised to see them like that. Karthik whispers to Survi,
Karthik: You are looking very beautiful today.
Survi smiles and Yeh Vaada Raha plays. They both share an eyelock, Tai is super stunned to see them like that.

Tai: (in her mind) Did everything become fine between these two but how?
Survi gets to see Tai and she gestures Karthik.
Survi: Karthik? Tai.
Karthik starts his drama with Survi.
Karthik: Listen Survi you have no right to do puja in this house, so the sooner you understand the better it is understand?
Survi: This is not only your house, but my house too. I can do whatever I want, understand?
Karthik pretends to be angry

Lata: Karthik’ its your fault who told you to misbehave with Survi?
Karthik whispers to Survi as Tai comes downstairs,
Karthik: Now this Tai will start her drama.
Tai: Areh, Kartya what’s wrong, why are you misbehaving with Survi like this?
Karthik: Tai, she deserves it who told her to do like this? And I can’t tolerate if anyone does like this with you.
Tai: But Survi deserves a chance, Kartya
Karthik: No way, I won’t give Survi any chance anymore. She deserved to be punished after what she did.
Tai is happy from inside.
Just then she sees Kishore again,
Tai: Ghost!
Karthik: Why are you saying like this, Tai,
Tai: Look here.
Tai points finger, Karthik pretends as if Kishore doesnt exist
Karthik: I think you still havent take enough rest, this is due to stress. I told you several times to take enough rest but no, you won’t insist.
Tai: No, no its kishore’s ghost.
Karthik: Kishore is alive right?
Tai: No no he isn’t.
Just then Bindu and Hema comes along with Mohan, and Kishore manages to hide.
Bindu: What’s wrong mo , when why are you bringing Kishore in he is save and happy, and must be your imagination.
Hema: Yes , Karthik is right you need rest if not you will become crazy,
Tai: Hey you elephant! Shut up!

Hema gets scared
Bindu: (in her mind) What’s wrong with mom nowadays she is not behaving normal.
Tai: Kishore is not alive, he is dead because I was the one who..
Karthik, Survi and others looks at Tai as she is about to blurt out the truth.
Mohan: (in his mind) I must stop Sasu Maa from telling the truth at any cost. If not I will also be gone,.
Mohan: Sasu ma, you need rest!
Tai: hey you, you were also there right, why are you not saying anything, ei damad Ji tell the truth,
Mohan: Please Sasu ma, no no!
Mohan: I think we should let sasu Maa take some rest, this is due to stress,
Tai: Hey you stupid, get over from me, you liar.
Hema: Pyaare Mohan Ji is correct, I think we should bring mom to have some rest.
Bindu and Tai holds her hands and goes. Karthik acts concerned. Mohan also leaves with them.
And as all leave, Karthik expresses his anger
Karthik: Everything was going so fine, Tai was about to reveal her truth today, but this Pyaare Mohan spoiled everything.
Survi: Karthik don’t be furioys , I am sure Baapa will keep everything fine, and also in the end truth emerges victory.

Karthik: But we were so close to expose Tai
Shanti: But Dada its okay, maybe we should think of other ways.
Karthik gets thinking.

Here, Karthik, Survi, Lata, Shanti and Kishore discuss about their plans. Aniket and Simmi joins them too.
Karthik: We have to think of other ways.
Aniket: This Mohan is also helping mom in her plans that’s why he is doing all these so that he don’t get exposed.
Karthik smiles.
Karthik: I have got an idea.
Survi: What is it, Karthik?
Karthik: Pyaare Mohan.
Survi: Mohan?
Karthik: Yes, only he can help us now.
Shanti: How?
Karthik: Before Tai, we must expose this Pyaare Mohan, and once he is exposed, he will also expose Tai.
Everyone smiles.
Survi: Yes why this idea didn’t strike our mind before?
Karthik: Whatever it is, we must expose Tai before she gets to know our plan. And once she is exposed, no one can save her. I know Tai very well, she will do anything to prove that she is not crazy.
Survi looks behind and is shocked.

Karthik: What happened?
Karthik and others look behind and are shocked. The person who overheard their conversation are none other than Bindu and Hema.
Bindu: Oh so you all did this as a plan.
Hema: How dare you try to show people that our mom is crazy?
Bindu: Karthik and Shanti did you both forget what mom did for all of you? She was the one who took care of both of you when Lata kaki was in coma.
Shanti: I remember very well what she did for us, and I am not scared of anyone now.
Survi smiles,
Bindu: Karthik and Shanti did all these because she is not your real mom, and Aniket you? How can you do all these? You are her actual son, at least you, I didn’t expect this from you,
Aniket: She is my mom, what can be worse than that?
Bindu is about to slap Aniket, Simmi holds her hand.
Simmi: Don’t you dare try to raise hand at my husband.
Bindu: What’s wrong with everyone? You all are believeing in Survi so easily, but the fact is that she is a characterless girl?

Karthik: Enough!
Bindu and Hema are shocked,
Karthik: You have said enough and I have also heard enough. If you dare to speak another word against Survi I will forget who you are?
Survi: Karthik, don’t be so angry. Even Bindu didi and Hema didi are kept in darkness.
Just then Bindu sees Kishore, and gives him a slap.
Bindu: I thought I would forgive you for what you did but by helping them against my mom I will never forgive you.
Survi: Bindu didi, I know that you are really angry with me, but the fact is your mom tried to kill Kishore ji. And he didn’t leave you, in fact some days ago he was fighting between life and death.
Bindu: Look Survi, you
Hema: There is no use of talking to this Survi, she can do anything.
Survi: Hema dii, your husband is deceiving you behind your back.
Hema: Now you didn’t find anyone, and now you are pointing finger at my husband.
Bindu: Hema, there is no use of talking to these kind of people, we should go and tell mom the truth.
Bindu and Hema goes, all are shocked.
Kishore: Bindu, have you truly loved me?
Bindu looks at Kishore,
Kishore: If you truly loved me, please listen to me once, just once
Bindu: Okay, what do you want to say?
Hema: But Bindu
Bindu stops Hema.

Bindu: Say quickly
Kishore: Whatever you just heard is true, your mom was the one who tried to stab me.
Kishore narrates how Tai and Mohan tried to kill him.
Bindu: And you thought I will believe ypu?
Karthik: I can prove this to you, Bindu.
Karthik narrates his plan to Bndu and Hema, Bindu gets thinking.
Bindu: Fine, since all of you are insisring a lot, I will do so.
Everyone smiles
Hema: Bindu, what are you doing?
Bindu: Don’t be too happy. I am doing all these to prove all of you wrong.
Hema: Then its fine. And after this, we will tell mom everything you all have done.
Bindu and Hema leaves.
Lata: Even these two innocent girls have no idea what their mother did. How can a mother be so cruel?
Aniket: There is no use, I am really unlucky to have a mom like this, and Karthik Dada and Shanti are so lucky to have a mom like you,
Lata: Beta, I am like your mother and you are like my son.
Aniket hugs Lata.
Lara: I have cooked your favorite dish for you, have it before your mom comes.
Aniket smiles.
And they all leave except Survi and Karthik, as Survi is about to go, Karthik holds her hand.
Survi: Karthik, what are you doing?

Karthik: What is the need to go? You stay here with me.
Survi: What if anyone sees us like this?
Karthik: I don’t care.
Karthik puts his arms around her neck.
Karthik: I will see who can disturb us while we are romancing.
Survi: Karthik, sometimes you are too much.
Karthik smiles while Survi feels shy.
Karthik: Even you are thinking the same right.
Survi feels shy and she hugs Karthik and Karthik also hugs her, Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Karthik: Finally my lovely wife gave me a hug.
Survi: I wish this moment was freezed forever.

Bindu brings Pyaare Mohan to his room, while others hide behind, and Karthik is taking a video of it.
Mohan: Bindu Ji, do you have any work?
Bindu: Yes, you are so handsome.

Mohan: Really?
Bindu: Yes, Hema is so lucky, I wish I got a husband like you.
Mohan: Really, I am that good?
Bindu: Yes, you are so much better than Kishore, Kishore is a big loser.
Mohan smiles, Bindu pretends to seduce Mohan.
Bindu: You are so handsome and cute, I wish I never married that Kishore, and then I would have been with you, baby.
Mohan: I love you, Bindu. You are so beautiful, in fact much more beautiful than that fatso Hema.
Hema gets angry, she is about to confront Mohan, Survi stops her.
Bindu pretends to smile and be happy.
Bindu: I wish, that Kishore would come in front of me once, and then I will teach him a lesson, such a lesson that
Mohan gets scared,
Mohan: I hope you don’t do anything,
Bindu: If that Kishore ever comes in front of me, I swear I will kill him.
Mohan remembers how Tai killed kishore

Mohan: Are you serious?
Bindu: Yes, I just wish he dies it will be like so peaceful if that loser Kishore is not in this world anymore. And if someone kills him, I will give that person a kiss.
Mohan: You dont worry about that because Kishore is already dead.
Bindu is shocked.
Bindu: What are you saying? And how do you know?
Mohan: Because I was there that time. And I was a part of the plan.
Bindu: Meaning?
Mohan: Kishore got to know that Saasu ma was the one who tried to kill Lata ji, and then he told me what happened, and as we both went to confront Sasu Maa, actually I brought Kishore to let Sasu maa know that Kishore knows her reality. When Sasu Maa got to know about it, she stabbed Kishore and then we both together buried him alive.
Bindu and Hema are stunned.
Bindu: Are you sure? Whatever you are saying is it true?
Mohan: Yes, now give me a kiss.
Bindu: Come nearer.

Mohan comes nearer and Bindu gives him a slap. Karthik closes the recording.
Hema: How dare you deceive me, you deceiver?
All the other members come and also Kishore comes.
Mohan: Ghost!
Kishore: I am alive and fine.
Mohan is shocked.
Mohan: Then all these?
Bindu: This was a drama done by us.
Mohan is about to go, Karthik stops him.
Mohan: Please spare me.
Karthik: I will spare you, but at one condition you have to do what we tell you to do, understand?
Mohan: Okay, okay
Karthik: If you try to be oversmart this time, you would see the worst of me.
Survi: Even if you try, you can’t do so as we have the video recording with us and we can give to the police,
Mohan: I will do whatever all of you say.

Survi and Karthik are in the room, and just then Bindu, Kishore, and Hema comes.
Bindu: Survi, I am really very sorry I have said a lot of bad things with you.
Hema: And we have also done a lot of bad things, we are really sorry, you have opened our eyes.
Survi: Both of you are like my sisters, there is nothing to be sorry about,
Bindu: I would love to thank you for saving my husband’s life and also for clearing our misunderstandings between us.
Survi takes Kishore and Bindu’s hand, and unite them.
Survi: Both of you always stay happy.
Hema: Bindu, you are so lucky to have a good husband, and my husband deceived me.
Survi: Don’t worry Hema dii, everything will be fine.
Hema: I don’t know how to thank you, you saved me from my life being ruined.
Bindu: I have never expected that even my own mom could do something like this, she just tried to ruin our life,
Just then Tai calls out
Tai: Bindu! Hema!
Hema: I don’t even feel like going to her.
Karthik: Bindu and Hema, I think both of you should go to Tai so that she doesn’t gets a doubt.
Bindu and Hema goes, Kishore also goes.
Karthik closes the door,
Karthik: Finally we both got to spend some time alone.

Survi: Karthik?
Karthik: Why you don’t want to spend some time with me?
Survi: I don’t mind spending time with you , I was just saying.
Karthik: Survi, I love you,
Survi: Karthik, I love you too.
Survi and Karthik share an eyelock, Yeh Vaada Raha plays,
The episode ends.

Precap: Tai is shocked to see the video where Mohan confesses all her doings, later Tai confesses all the truth saying that she was the one who tried to kill Lata and Kishore, and so on. Tai comes near to Survi and Karthik, Survi and Karthik holds hand.

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