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Hi all. Me RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo is back. Yes I am back with a new season 2 for YVR-It’s a Promise and I have named it as Yeh Vaada Raha- Once I have made a Promise, I can’t break it. Well it will have completely different and fresh storyline from season 1, so if you didn’t read season 1 is completely fine as the storyline for season 2 is brand new and have no link to season 1.

Well, without much delay I will come to the storyline and the introduction.

As I said, storyline is completely different from season 1 there will be some suspense and mystery which will unfold in the upcoming episodes. And yes, for this ff storyline is inspiration of some bollywood movies and Hindi shows.

Well here is the introduction of the characters.
Karthik Barve (Ankush Arora)
Karthik’s character is slightly different here. Karthik is a national cricket player here. He is a rich, arrogant, spoilt guy. He is proud of his fame and himself. He doesn’t respects all his fans much. He plays very good cricket and is very famous for his game and looks. All girls are crazy for him. But he is kind-hearted. He wants happiness in his life, but he have no time for that. He hates irritating and weird people. He is short tempered.

Survi Mohite (Sonal Vengulkar)
Survi’s character is completely different from the show. Survi is a happy going girl who loves to enjoy life and loves her family. She doesn’t have anyone in her world except for a friend whom she considers like an elder sister. She loves her niece and nephew a lot, she is studying in Kanpur, and she also have a best friend and stays in an hostel. She is going to complete her education. Her hobby is dancing she teaches her friend’s children and other children dance when she is free and when she comes to Mumbai for her holidays she stays with them. She loves her friend and the children a lot who calls her dii.

Other characters
She is the best friend of Survi, and her travel buddy and goes wherever she goes and she also dont have anyone in the world. She is the only one who can chear Survi up.
He is the friend of Karthik and he is not a negative here. He flirts with other girls a lot and that’s his problem. He always like to stay with Karthik, and he have a shop of his own.
She is the aunt of Karthik. Tai is a funny character here and she is completely positive and supportive here. Karthik is closest to her, and she helps Karthik a lot. She is the only one who can cheer Karthik up. She is married but she got divorced since then she stays with Karthik’s family.
She is the mother of Karthik here. She single hand grew Karthik up after Karthik’s father death. However she doesn’t share a cordial relationship with Karthik, and she is the most of the time angry with Karthik. The only thing she talk to Karthik about is his marriage which Karthik doesn’t likes.

New characters
Siddhi (Assume Keerti Nagpure who is seen as Pranali in Nagarjun)
She is the friend of Survi whom Survi considers like her elder sister. She gives Survi a lot of love and cares for her a lot. She loves her family and children a lot. She will be shown for the first 2-3 episodes only.

Roshni (Assume Roshni Walia, the young Survi as Roshni)
She is the daughter of Siddhi, and she is very close to Survi. She calls Survi dii and she sees Survi as an inspiration as she loves dancing too. She is very stubborn and she listens to Survi only. She loves her younger brother a lot and she loves to watch cricket a lot. She is a big fan of Karthik.
She will bring Karthik-Survi closer.

Ayan (Assume Ayaan Zubair Rahmani as Aryan)
He is the son of Siddhi, and he also likes Survi a lot. He is a crazy cricket fan and he sees Karthik as an inspiration. He loves his mother a lot and he is naughty, cute and innocent. He loves playing games. He also calls Survi dii.

Suman (Suman from Ek Duje Ke Vaaste)
She is the friend of Survi and she is caterer here and her charcter is a cameo here. She will also have a role to play in Karvi’s story.

Shravan (Shravan from Ek Duje Ke Vaaste)
Shravan’s character is a cameo here too. He is a lawyer, and he is a friend of Karthik. He fights cases for Karthik too, and he is always helps Karthik out.

And no villain in my fan fiction so no worries.

Well, in my fan fiction Karvi is the main couple and Hema-Mohan are supporting character and Shraman have a cameo here.

Here is the promo:

Promo: A guy is shown with helmet on and the bowler bowls a ball and his eyes is shown he hits the ball for a six and everyone cheers for him. And later a guy says the man of the match, is the Indian cricket hero Karthik Barve, Karthik lifts the trophy and smiles. All fans are crazy for him and cheers saying karthik karthik we love you.Karthik just waves and goes.On the other hand a girl full of life is shown, and she plays a game in a fun fair and hits all the can at one shot. Hema says how do you do it yaar? Survi says Survi Mohite is my name. Survi and Hema are walking and Hema gets crazy seeing Karthik, saying wow Karthik Barve, the Indian Cricket hero!!! Roshni says wow Karthik Barve, my crush she goes to take autograph from Karthik and Ayan follows her saying wait dii I want to meet Karthik Barve. Survi goes behind Roshni and Ayan, saying wait. They go to take autograph, and Survi says okay will be waiting for you. Karthik give them autograph anyhow and ignore them and he and Survi who collides with each other opposite directions, Survi is about to fall Karthik holds her and Survi leaves angrily.

I will try my best to publish the first episode this Sunday as my laptop is not working, luckily the intro was saved in my tablet that’s why I published it. Well I may publish the episodes, late this month like worse case scenario once in two weeks but this is only in July month due to my projects, but from mid-August I can publish episodes more frequently then July. so please do cooperate with me πŸ˜› its only for this month and what to do couldn’t resist myself from publishing the intro.

Please do comment. I only came back for all of you. And thanks to you all I found my passion in writing. And your comments encourage me, when I don’t see comments I don’t mind but I feel something is missing in my story so please do comment :P.

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  1. Omg really nice can’t wait to read more

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nisha thanks for commenting happy u liked it will try to publish the first episode on sunday

  2. Kavina

    I love it

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Thanks for commenting happy u liked it

  3. Wow fatarajo your new ff is just fabulous and i really cannot wait for the epi now after this amazing promo really you are back with a bang?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sanjana thanks for commenting happy u liked it will try to publish the first epi this sunday and happy u liked the promos πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely intro and different character sketch too,new to forum and this is my first ff .please send me a mail when you update

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey payal thanks for commenting and happy u liked it wow first ff well there are a lot of awesome ff here you should read them and well if u register i could have sent u a mail dear well anyways i will publish the first epi this sunday

  5. Saasha123

    superb intro. please post next epi soon.

  6. Saasha123

    superb intro. waiting fr the first epi.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey saasha thanks for commenting happy u liked the intro will try to publish the first epi this sunday

  7. Neha

    wow amazing introduction and promo …..really i can’t for first episode…. i’m soo happy …..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey neha thanks for commenting happy u liked the intro and promo will try to publish the first epi this sunday dear

  8. Outstanding one
    Eagerly awaiting to read forward

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey harsh thanks for commenting happy u liked it will try to post the episode as soon as I get the laptop

  9. Hey dear can I get the link of season 1????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I Will publish it while I publish episode 1 anyways u can still type Yeh Vaada Raha-it’s a promise in google. Com go to 14th episode as this is the last episode n u can also find the link for other episodes there

  10. Sorry for super late comment woo happy to see u back very interesting

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Karvi thanks for commenting yes I m back will try my best to upload the first epi this week Sunday if not mon or tue latest

  11. Jo jo jo ,ur name. amazing amazing amazing.Love uuuuuuu n ur ff

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey lovy thanks for commenting yes I m back n love u too dear

  12. Hey jo.i had one idea 4 a ff.actually my dad is always giving me high work 4 my studies so i m not able to write so i request u 2 here is d is a story when karvi consummate their relation .bt after d birthday party survi reveal d truth of tai but kar do not believe.he tells sur 2 get out of usual sur does wat kar tells her.3 months leap.srikant dies seeing all d money of insurance of srikant,survi decides 2 continue her medical studies.after she come 2 kno dat she is story i ill write later

  13. Ros.sur is living in hostle with her roommate best buddy riya.she n her 2more frnds knew about her pregnancy.kartik realizes dat he should not have told sur to go from d house.he is finding sur.due to some work kar comes to sur’s college.sur’s frnds dont know dat kar is surs hubby.all of them had a crush on surs frnds see kar they go to him dragging sur along with sur c kar she faints.kar sees this n shouts 4 help but her frnds tell dat it is common in pregnancy.kar realizes dat it is his child.THATs it .if u write dis ff or not.plz reply fast .waiting 4 ur reply.

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow lovy ur storyline seems very interesting. Sorry for super late reply was busy with tests today only tests ended still got projects, quizzes n exams to go. Well I would love to publish ur ff but problem is tht I m also busy and u know my plan was to write my ff during my holidays which was last week but unfortunately my laptop got spoiled n hence I could only publish the intro, well tomorrow I will get my laptop back but I don’t know if I can publish urs. Btw is for how many episode u want me to write and u will continue from when

  15. See its on ur will how many epi u write.its my first idea 4 a ff but u r a gr8 writer.n i m damn sure dat we will get a lot of comments on our this ff.Btw if u have asked then i think 10 epis. there is possibility dat we can extend it if our frieds will be our both ff.lets keep name i think “kartik-u always hurt me”.c we are showing after marriage n kar always scold sur in cse of tai so i kept it .if didnt like it u give ur waiting

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well when is ur holiday I will try my best to write as this ff I will publish every 10days for this month as this month I have projects n quizzes August is exams after that will publish more regularly like maybe after every 5 days as I also write ff on TEI, TPK, KRPKAB, EDKV, KT Etc, all I publish like every 10 days for this month

  16. And this teddy is cute.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      This teddy I made with my own hands using pipe cleaners thanks πŸ™‚

  17. Fatarajo since i m in school i have alot of work.n i m in 9th nd i have changed my school so i have a lot of burden on my head nd this time the whole book will come in annual so i have to study alot. from 15 june my unit test r starting which will last till 29 july.actually i get holidays on sundays .no long holiday.i will have a long holiday on diwali of 1 week.its my luck if i have holiday due to heavy rain.whenever u get time dat time u can write and what about d title of d ff….when is ur much age

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh lovy well my this ff will be finite epsiodes like for a few episodes and the more comment I get the more episodes (max 10-15) (min 5) well i will update this ff every 10 days for July only and August like every 5 or 7 days. Well my birthday is 22nd August and I will turn 18 this year dear and as for title maybe maybe bind with a promise or something like that

  18. Zuha Fatima

    Wow Jo, you with a FF for YVR WOW!I just love Karvi and when an awesome writer like you write then thumbs up?
    Keep it up!


    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey zuha thanks for commenting dear but I have decided to publish the episodes for this ff from august onwards i just thought of it today

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