Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Episode 2


Hi guys it’s Mariyah…thank you lovy Abhi Miloni Korni Samaya Jannat and mariya Survi goes downstairs to her mom
Simmi(Survi):can you hear a man shouting Survi
Simmi(Survi):oh ok I thought I heard something
Simmi(Survi)…confusingly thinks what is wrong with me why am I hearing this mans voice over and over again….am I mad
Simmi(Survi):no I am not mad it’s just my imagination….there is nothing wrong with me
Survi gets a call
Simmi(Survi):hello hello who is this
Man on the phone:it’s me
Simmi(Survi):Aniket you
(In this story Aniket and Survi are best friends and cousins Simmi(Survi) …Debjani(mom)and Dylan dad are rich however Aniket and his mom
Binny(Debjani’s)sister is very very poor)
Aniket:look outside
Simmi(Survi):ok but why
Simmi(Survi)looks out of the window
Her jaw drops

Simmi(Survi):Ani…when did you come
Aniket:forget about that and come downstairs
Simmi(Survi) runs downstairs) and hugs Aniket
Simmi(Survi):how are you
Aniket:I am fine!how are you?
Simmi(Survi)I am fine
aniket:guess what!
Simmi(Survi):I don’t want to guess anything I am angry with you
Simmi(Survi):because you didn’t bring me a gift
aniket:Ohhhh so that’s why your angry
Aniket puts his arms around
Simmi(Survi):leave me I don’t want to talk to you
Aniket shows Survi something
Simmi(Survi):wow chocolate a big teddy and sweets Aniket you know my choice so well thank you
Simmi(Survi) kisses his cheek
Simmi(Survi takes the chocolate,teddy bear and sweets and goes inside
Aniket smiles while holding his cheek

Scene 2:Karthiks room

Karthik is going through his whole room trying to find pictures of Survi
Karthik:Survi I have your photos everywhere in my room
Karthik looks around his room the walls have pictures of Survi on it…every single wall is covered with pictures of Survi
Karthik goes to a life size picture of Survi and cries
Karthik:I love you Survi !

Scene 3:

Simmi(Survi) hears Karthiks voice
Simmi(Survi):ahhhh why am I hearing this voice
Episode ends

Precap:Aniket says to Survi that he got a job at Karthik Barve’s company…Aniket is talking to Survi on his phone…..Karthik comes to him and shouts no phone calls in meetings

So guys did you like it
I will try and publish episode 3 today

Credit to: Mariyah

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