Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Introduction


Hi I’m Mariyah and this is my first fanfiction ever!
This story is going to be like the show but a bit different

Karthik:he is very handsome and is married to Survi (who he loves a lot)

Survi:she is very beautiful and is married to Karthik

Srikant(baba):is Survi’s dad

Mehar:is madly in love with Karthik and can go to any limit to get him

Lata:she is Karthik’s mom

Shanti:she is Karthiks sister and Survi’s best friend

Tai:she is a big meany who tried to kill Survi,Karthik,Lata and many more people (she is evil and has 3 children Hema,Bindhu and Aniket) she had a husbund Bhao who died

Hema:she is really skinny and is Tai’s daughter….her husbands name is kishore

Bindhu:she is fat and is also Tai’s daughter

Aniket:he is Tai’s son and is in love with Survi

The story will be before Karthik and Survi married the first epi will be posted today

Credit to: Mariyah

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  1. Wow…it looks interesting..??
    Its nice that u started a ff….gr8

    1. Thanks ❤️ by the way when are u going to post your ff

      1. Sorry yaar tomoro only i will post..Tomoro i will post two episodes ..

  2. Nice… u r right Abhi it looks interesting…. Thank u soo much Mariyah for starting this new ff….

    1. Your welcome…the first episode will be posted today

    2. I’m currently writing the script for episode 2

  3. agreed with amy.

    1. Thank uuuu so much lovy

  4. Can’t wait please make its longer

    1. I rushed this episode the second one will be really long ok

  5. Nice…… will wait for eepi…

    happy that there will be another ff on karvi thxxx

    1. Thank u
      I made a nother fan fiction on Yeh Vaada Raha too it’s called
      Yeh Vaada Raha – love gives pain

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