Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 9

Hi guys it’s me Mariah I hope you like this episode…Thank you Alya, Saasha, Neha(bff), Karvi, Sanjana, Janaat, Kavina for your lively replies so with out any further ado let’s starttt…


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Kartik:Surviii, Surviiii where are you
Suddenly he sees a car coming and hides behind the tree
Kartik:oh shit, the kidnappers
The kidnappers come out the car with Surviiii
Kartik sees a rod and picks it up
Goon 1:Where shall we take her
As Goon 2 was about to speak, Kartik hits him on the head hard
Goon 1:OYY, I will kill you for this
Goon 1 gets a gun and is about to shoot Kartik
Kartik gets the rod and bangs it on his head
Goon 1 falls down and is unconscious
Kartik:will you try to do anything to Survi again
Goon 1:no
Goon 1 faints
Kartik:good, tried to kill my girlfriend so die here on your own
Kartik sees Survive and picks her up
Kartik:don’t worry Survi, nothing will happen to you
Kartik picks Survi up in his arms
He kisses her forehead
Kartik:don’t worry, nothing will happen to you
Kartik puts Survi in his car


Srikant:god, I hope everything is alright, I hope Survi is fine and nothing has happened to her
Sinmi sees this
Simmi (thinks):Yes..!something has happened to Survi, I hope she’s dead, then Kartik can be all mine, just mine
Srikant:I know I should phone Kartik and ask him if Survi is fine with him
Simmi gets shocked
Simmi:Kartik!!!…Survi is with Kartik
Srikant phones Kartik
Srikant:Kartik…answer the phone…
Srikant continually phones Kartik
Srikant:uff, doesn’t matter, I’ll try later

Scene 3:CAR

Kartik is with Survi, she is unconscious
Kartik while driving phones the gate keeper of his house
Kartik:hello please open the gate I’m coming home now..
Gate keeper:ok
Kartik:okay, bye
Gate keeper:bye
Kartik:looks at Survi unconscious
Kartik:I have to make sure no one sees her
Kartik drives through the gate
Kartik does thumbs up to the gate keeper
The gate keeper does thumbs up back
As Kartik goes inside driving..he looks at Survi
Kartik:why is she so damn pretty….


Simmi is in her room with her mom
Simmi’s mom:Maaa, what if Survi and Kartik get closer
Simmi:Maa don’t sat such apshugun things
Simmi’s mom:sorry
Simmi:I’d Survi tries to take Kartik away, I will murder her
Simmi’s mom:really..!!
Simmi’s mom taps her head
Simmi’s mom:idiot if you do that you will go to jail, jailll idiot
Episode ends

Precap:Kartik sees Survi opening her eyes…he hugs her tightly and says are you OK..!, Lata sees this and smiles she comes in the room and they see her..Kartik and Survi get shocked
Hi guys how did you like it…please comment..and Alya..thanks for replyinggg!!!:)
And Sasha you asked me for tips:well my tips would be to make each scene nick and long instead of writing it all in a big paragraph, put the characters movements and speech on a new line like this
Survi slowly touched her hair
Kartik looked at her as she did
And yes tomorrow j don’t think I will be able to upload because I’m going on a school trip, if I don’t upload I will upload twice on Saturday

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