Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 8

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Kartik is driving the car
Suddenly a car approaches his car
Kartik opens his window and sticks his head out
Kartik:what the hell, do you even know how to drive, do you know someone can die I’d you drive so recklessly
Suddenly some goons aproach Survis door and open it
They take Survi out
He looks at her seat but she isn’t there
He looks forwards and sees goons taking Survi away
Kartik:oiii bring her back
But it’s too late goons have driven off
Kartik get determined and followes the car
Kartik:don’t worry Survi I will find you and bring you back
Kartik sits in his car and followes the car
Kartik:baapa, please keep Survi safe, or I won’t be able to forgive myself….


Goon 1:Your really pretty aren’t you
Goon 2:I know, you don’t deserve that man, you deserve young boys like us…
Goon 1 touches Survi’s face
Goon 1:tears, why are you crying
Goon 2:Dont worry I’ll fix her
The goon puts something in a drink and gives it to Survi, she faints
Goon 1 phones someone
Goon 1:Tai, your job has been done
Tai:good, tomorrow come and take your 5 lakh each
Goon 1:ok Tai..
Tai:listen make sure kartaya don’t find out that I kidnapped Survi
Goon 1:don’t worry, he won’t
Tai:ok, bye
Goon 1:bye

Kartik is in his car with his hand on his mouth
Kartik:omg who kidnapped Survi, what if I can’t find her, gosh!
Suddenly Kartik gets someone’s call
He looks at his phone
Kartik:oh shit Srikant kaka, what will I say to him
Kartik is driving car and answers the phone
Kartik nervously speaks
Kartik:hu-hu hello
Srikant:hello, Kartik I need to speak to Survi, but she’s not answering her phone, you were with her weren’t you so can you pass your phone to her
Kartik:oh..!because shes, she’s in the bathroom
Srikant:oh that’s why
Kartik:yeah, she had a very bad stomach pain, so bad that she vomited all over my clothes
Srikant:what!, is she OK
Kartik:nooo, she’s not she has a bad stomach pain she said that she doesn’t want to come home
Srikant:oh, but why is she not answering her phone
Kartik gets shocked
Kartik (thinks):bapaa help me pleaseee
Kartik:bu..bu…because she vomited on her phone
Kartik:yes, after she vomited on me, she vomited on her phone, all her phone got spoiled, don’t worry I’ve arranged a funeral for her phone
Srikant(thinks):what’s wrong with Kartik
Srikant:okay bye
Kartik quickly cuts the call
Kartik:okay back to work, find Survi
He continues trying to follow the car
Kartik:dont worry Survi, I will get you back
Episode ends

Precap:Kartik sees Survi taken our of the car, he beats up the goons and takes Survi

So hi guys it’s me Markyah, I have decided to write daily…4 scenes a day…! So 7×4=28 so 28 scenes a week yayyy, I’m sorry…I originally decided a big episode a week but naaaaa I want to write daily as its better and that means more scenes yayyy.and I’m very sorry I only wrote 3 today tomorrow it will be 4

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Wednesday 25th May 2016

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  1. I know this was not a funny episode. But Survi’s father talking to Kartika was funny

    1. :))…..Thanks

  2. Awesome episode…. i really love your ff….Alya if you like this ff then please comment…

  3. Hello Mariyah..
    Very nice episode.
    i like your ff .

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      ts me Alya. it my mistake i ues her phone and forget to change Gmail address.
      sry Mariyah and Neha.

  4. Hello Mariyah..
    Very nice episode.
    i like your ff .

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  5. We all will enjoyed if u writing it daily …
    For loving this there is one more reason … coz in real yvr its so boring … bt as all know … ffs never get us bored

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  7. whenever u want u post
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  8. I am happy mariyah that you are going to post your ff daily and kartik and srikanth kaka talk was just awesome and i am glad that you are liking my ff so much that you are feeling to eat it xD

    1. Hii sanjana Thanks for replying and yes your fan fiction is really awesome and I want to eat it

  9. Today’s was to funny. Loved the vomitting scene. U write such wonderfully. Please givee some tips fr my ff. Thank u.

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