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Hi guys it’s me Mariyah …Thank you, Karvi, Saasha, Fatarajo, Neha, K, Lovy, Kavina, Tejaswi for your lovely comments….so without any further ado, let’s start the story

Scene 1

Kartik and Survi are walking through the corridor and suddenly Tai comes there
Survi:oh shit
Survi:no, no
Kartik:Survi what happened
Kartik:why are you saying Tai
Survi(silently):why are you so dumb af
Kartik:no, I know you said something
Survi:nothing..!I said nothing
Kartik:no, I’m not falling for that again
Survi:nooooo!I’m telling the truth
Kartik:sure, sure, I totally believe that
Survi turnes his head with her hands so he can see Tai
Kartik:oh no…..if she sees you..then..come with me quickly
Kartik and Survi run outside
Kartik:quickly, Survi sit in my car
Lata sees this from behind the bushes smiles
Survi sits in the car
Survi:quickly, drive before anyone sees us
They drive off in the car
Lata come out from behind the bushes and says to house driver
Lata:driver quickly follow Kartik’s car
Lata:no but…just be quick
Driver:okay mam
Lata sits in the car

Scene 2

Simmi is in her room
Simmi:Kartik is only mine just mine, nobody else can have him, not even Survi
She clenches her fist I’m anger
Simmi:Survi, Kartika loves me and not you

Scene 3

Survi is in the car with Kartik
Kartik:oh just forget it, I didn’t want to say anything
Kartik (is thinking):omg…! How do u tell her that I want to marry her, and what if, what if she has a ex boyfriend urgggg im, so tensed,wait I have had 0 ex girlfriend so she must have 0
Survi:I have 0 ex bfs
Kartik gets shocked
Kartik looks at her suprisingly
Kartik:did I ask you
Survi:I thought you did
Kartik:when did I ask
Kartik:no I didn’t
Survi:okay baba
Survi looks out the window
Kartik looks at her while driving
Suddenly a car approaches Kartik Kartik quickly turns the handle of the car
Kartik:oh shit
Survi has no idea what happened
Survi:what happened
Kartik:no-no-nothing Survi
Survive smiles and looks away
Kartik:we’re by your house now
Survi comes near Kartik and kisses his cheek
Kartik starts blushing
Survi smiles at Kartik
Kartik smiles lovingly at her
Survi turns to go but Kartik holds her wrist
Kartik:do you have to go
Survi:yes!, have you seen the time
Kartik:oh man
Kartik:please just 5 minutes
Kartik:okay then, stay back in my car with me for 4 minutes
Survi sits in the car with Kartik
Kartik:woh actually, I’m thinking that when we go home, we tell our parents about our, already consummated relationship
Survi:yes, I think it’s time now to tell our parents
Kartik:I’ll come to your house and we both will tell kaka then come with me and we will tell Tai
Survi:okay, but shouldn’t we tell Lata kaki first, because she’s your mom
Survi holds kartik’s hand

Scene 4

Tai sits in her room tensed
Tai:chailaa, how did I let this happen, Kartik and Survi are 100% in a relationship, I saw them kissing, that is to on the lips
Hema comes in and sees Tai tensed
Hema:Tai what happened
Tai:remember I told you that I saw Kartik and Survi kissing
Tai:I have to, I have to stop their closeness, whether they are in a relationship or not…if they are girlfriend/boyfriend or not, I’d they love each other or not I am going to make sure they don’t come close, even if I have to kill Survi
Lata stands outside and gets shocked
Lata:oh nooooo

Scene 5

Lata goes in her room
Lata:oh no what if Tai does something to Survi what if Tai kills her, oh no
Lata walks around her room super tensed
Lata:Survi no, I am your mom I won’t let any one even touch you
Lata sits on her bed and cries
Lata:what if Tai does something to Survi

Scene 6

Shanti is on the phone to her friend Neha kushwaha
Neha:do you know your brother Kartik
Neha:he’s 30
Shanti:I know
Neha:won’t he get married
Shanti:neha, don’t worry he will get married very soon
Shanti:okay I need to go..bye
Shanti cuts the call

Scene 7

Kartik and Survi are in the car they are both highly nervous
Survi turns her face to words Kartik and puts her hand on his shoulder
Survi:are you OK
Survi and Kartik get out of the car
Survi spots a bench and sits on it
Kartik sees her do so and sits next to her
Kartik worridly sits next to her
Survi makes Kartik lay his head on her legs
Kartik still looks worried
Survi looks at him with worried eyes
She puts her hands through his hair
Survi kisses his forehead
Survi:Kartik, what happened why are you so worried
Kartik:what if ayi, Tai, and kaka don’t accept our relationship
Survi smiles
Survi:if she loves you, then she will accept me
Kartik:I think your right
They both get up from the bench

Scene 8

Lata sits in her room worridly, she starts to sweat
Shanti sees her
Shanti comes inside
Shanti:ayi, what happened and why are you so worried
Lata:Tai, Tai
Lata:Tai, Tai, Tai I heard her say that she will kill Su..Su..Su
Shanti:kill, kill who
Shanti gets shocked
Lata narrates everything to Shanti
Shanti gets even more shocked
Shanti:how will we save her
Lata:I don’t know how, but we have to save her
Shanti:we have to make Kartik and Survi 100% nor marry each other, or it won’t be good for Survi
Lata:No, my son really love that girl, I will not stop marriage but stop Tai
Shanti sighs
Lata:but what if
Lata:Shanti no, not now, Survi and Kartik will marry no matter what
Shanti:are you sure

Scene 9

Kartik and Survi hold hands
They look at each other with worried eyes
Survi:let’s go inside
Survi:please, for me!
Survi and Kartik go inside
Kartik and Survi hold hands and step inside the house
Srikant, Simmi’s mom and Simmi are sitting down
Srikant:yes Survi
He gets shocked as he sees Survi and Kartika holding ha nds
Survi:baba, this is what we want to tell you, that me and Kartik are in a relationship
Simmi gets tears in her eyes and runs to her room
Survi tells Srikant how he confessed love and how she and Kartik consummated
Srikant gets shocked
Srikant:beta, you should have told me before it’s OK
Survi:so your not angry
Survi:thank you
Survi goes and hugs Srikant
Kartik to hugs him
Kartik:thank you for understanding us
Srikant:who said I forgave you
Srikant laughs
Srikant:I am only going to forgive you two if you get married as soon as possible
Survi:ok Baba
Survi and Kartik take Srikant’s blessings
She smiles and goes out of the house with Kartik
Simmi’s mom:hmm and goes in the room
Srikant rolls his eyes

Scene 10

Simmi recalls what Survi said
She gets angry and clenches her fist
Simmi’s mom comes in the room
Simmi’s mom:Simmi did you hear that, did you Survi and Kartik have consummated
Simmi gets shocked
Simmi’s mom:yes, Survi consummated
Simmi:today I learned something
Simmi’s mom:what
Simmi:The more longer kurta, the more dirty the person is
Simmi’s mom:you’re right
Simmi:now watch what I’ll do, she stole Kartik off me didn’t she, now watch what I’ll do to her
Simmi’s mom smiled
Simmi’s mom:not just you, me too I’m gonna ruin their relationship

Scene 11

Kartik and Survi be outside
Kartik and Survi hug each other tightly
Survi:how will we tell Lata
Kartik:don’t worry if Kaka accepted our relationship, Ayi will too
Kartik puts his arms around Survi’s neck
Kartik takes Survi in the car
They both drive off
Simmi sees this from the window and gets angry

Scene 12

Srikant is in his room
Srikant:I am soo happy that soon my daughter will get married…!, Ganpati baapa, thank you, thank you so much for giving my daughter a good future-husbund like Kartik, I am 100% sure that he will take good care of my daughter, thank you baapa, thank you

Scene 13

Kartik and Survi are on in the car driving
Kartik:please kiss me
Survi leans over to kiss Kartik’s cheek
Kartik smiles as Survi holds his face and kisses him
Survi goes back to her seat they both blush

Precap:Kartik is driving but suddenly a car comes in front of his car and takes Survi, Survi scream Kartik’s name

Hi guys hoped you liked my ff also I want to ask you, that do you want me to upload 2-3 scenes a day or a big ff a week, please comment what you wanttt
Next episode will be uploaded on Saturday 29th 2016

Credit to: Mariyah

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