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Hi guys it’s me Mariyah,thank you Nisha, Asha, Fatarajo, Demirita, kavina,alisha, jannat, jazz, samaya, tejwadi for your lovely comments I really appreciate it
So without any further ado let’s start the story

Scene 1:

Kartik runs out of his house
Kartik puts his hand on his mouth
Kartik:oh no!…Lata and Shanti they found out
Shanti:Dada, I was just joking when I said Survi, but your reaction and Survi reaction made me realize that what I said was true
Kartik:Shanti, look what you are thinking is not true..!…I was just shocked about the way you were thinking..!..!..I can never get into a relationship with Survi, she is 10 years younger than me OK
Shanti thinks
Shanti:Dada, I’m sorry ok, I was acting a little too clever /\/\/
Kartik:ok, I accept your apology
Shanti:thank you
Shanti goes inside
Kartik:few that was close
He sits in his car and drives away
Lata smiles she comes out from behind the gazibo
Lata:Kartik, Shanti is your sister, she can fall through your trap anytime, but you forgot that I am your mom, your mom
Kartik phones Survi
Kartik:hello Survi
Survi:hello Kartik
Kartik:what are you doing
Kartik:what nothing
Survi:yes nothing
Kartik:no housework
Survi:normally I would be doing house work 24/7 but today I am free, no work at all, baba made simmis mom do everything
Summi and Simmi’s mom hear this
Simmi’s mom:how dare she
Simmi:what mommy, she said nothing wrong she just said your doing all the work, don’t get emotional
Simmi’s mom walks off in anger
Kartik:your free, I’m coming your house ok
Survi smiles happily
Survi goes to the living room
Simmi comes and picks her phone up
Simmi looks shocked at the phone
Simmi:password!…password!..are you kidding me she has a password, she never has a password on her phone then why today

Scene 2:

Survi:baba, Kartik is coming
Baba:really why
Survi:I don’t know
Someone knocks the door
Survi gets happy
Survi opens the door and goes outside
She sees Kartik and Kartik sees her
Kartik pulls her closer
Survi:what are you doing
Kartik hugs her tightly and lovingly and kisses her neck while doing so
Simmi while walking sees them gets jelous
Simmi:Survi how dare you, I love Kartik not you, Kartik is mine, only mine
Simmi deliberately drops her phone
Survi, Kartik get shocked and break the hug and see Simmi
Kartik:what if she saw us
Simmi picks up her phone
Simmi:kartik, you, what are you doing here
Kartik:I came to get Survi, Survi come with me
They go
Simmi gets angry and goes inside
Simmi’s mom and baba are sitting there
Simmi evil smiles
Simmi(thinks):Survi, I will tell your dad your little secret
Simmi:I, I actually saw Survi and kartik outside hugging Kartik
Simmi’s mom gets shocked
Simmi’s mom:what!…survi!, how dare she
Baba:your mistaken, Survi and Kartik are very close friends and hugging, holding hands is normal between them
Simmi’s mom:but…but what if if their friendship becomes something else, I could never imagine that Durvi would do this, such a dirty thing, and that is too with someone 10 years older
Simmi’s mom:So!…So!…your daughter is doing weird things and your saying so!…she hugged a man
Srikant:so what, your daughter hugged a 40 year old man she has over 10 ex-boyfriends and she goes to parties at 11:00am and comes back at 1:00am so what if my daughter hugged her friend, whenever your daughter hugs and kisses friend weather they are boy or girl, I don’t say anything, so who are you to comment on my daughter
Srikant angrily goes from there
Simmi:look, look what he said about me, I am young, beautiful, free I can do whatever I want, what’s there problem
Simmi and her mom go into a room

Scene 3

Survi and Kartik are in a car
Kartik:Lata and Shanti think there is something between us
Survi:there is, there is something between us
Kartik:I know, I want you to come to my house in secret, in my house
Survi:now, at 11:00am
Kartik:not know, later, in the night
Survi:but are you sure about developing a deep relationship
Kartik and Survi stop somewhere
It’s a park
Kartik and Survi get out the car
Survi looks at Kartik
Kartik and Survi walk towards each other
Kartik puts his arm around Survi’s waist
Survi starts shivering in nervousness
Kartik:why are you getting nervous
Survi doesn’t say anything
Kartik oh because I haven’t proposed yet
Survi get shocked
Kartik bends down
Kartik:eill you be my girlfriend
Survi:obviously yes!
Survi and Kartik smile
They lovingly hug each other Survi puts her arms around Kartik neck, and Kartik puts his arms around her waist
Kartik:I love you
Survi:I love you too!
Kartik lovingly bites Survi’s ear
Survi smiles and closes her eyes
Survi(in a low voice):Kartik, what are you doing, eating me?
Kartik smiles
Kartik:no, loving you
Survi smiles and looks at Kartik
A child comes to Survi
Child:aunty, please help me, I want to play water guns with my friends, but my water hose isn’t working and I need to fill the guns with water
Survi:okay I will help you, but what’s your name
Child:thank you, and my name is Meera
Meera holds Survi’s hand and takes her
A few boys come to Kartik
Kartik:what happened, why are you guys looking worried
Boy’s:uncle look that girl Meera, she will fill her water gun with water and shoot us
Kartik:so, shoot her back..!..simple
Boy’s:no uncle it’s not that simple, she took all our guns, look over there
Kartik sees lots of guns on a table near Meera
Survi tries opening the water hose but she can’t
Meera:di, what your name?
Survi smiles
Survi:my name is Survi
Meera:full name
Survi:Survi Mohiti
Meera:ohhh!, a really beautiful name
Survi:thank you
Survi:Meera, this water tap is stuck
Meera:Survi di, please be quick, Ishaan, Rahul and Karan will be coming to get their guns, and they are the ones who closed the tap very tight
Survi opens the tap
Survi:don’t worry now the water will come out
Meera:thank you
Survi:you’re welcome
Meera hugs Survi
Kartik steps on the water hose and prevents the water from going out
Kartik and Survive exchange flirty smiles which make their heart beat faster
Survi:Kartik move
Survi:omg Lata what are you doing here
Kartik:what ayi
Kartik moves
Survi:Meera quickly, fill up the water guns and fight with your friends
Mera fills all the guns and passes them to her friends
Kartik and Survi look at them and smile
Kartik sees two hoses and silently opens one
Kartik (thinks):turn Survi
Survi doesn’t turn
Survi doesn’t turn
Survi turns
Kartik sprays water all over Survi and smiles
Survi looks angry
And pushes Kartik on the ground
The ground is soft because it’s a park
Kartik smirks at Survi
Survi pucks up the hose and sits on top of Kartik while he’s on the floor
She sprays water on his face
Kartik smiles at Survi
Survi:why aren’t you getting angry
Kartik:your so cute that no one get angry on you
Survi sprays more water on Kartik
Survi fully goes all over Kartik
Kartik’s smile turns into a nervous smirk
Kartik:what are you doing
She then throws water all over Kartik by using the hose
Kartik:just wait, watch how I will get you
Survi quickly gets up to run away
Kartik gets up
Survi runs
Survi:you can never get me
Kartik:yes I can
Kartik runs after Survi
Kartik:Survi, I will get you
Kartik runs after Survi and hugs her from the back
Survi laughs
Kartik:see I got you
Kartik:let’s go
Kartik:my home
Survi:what, now
Kartik:today your free, tell me where do you want to go
Survi:i don’t know
While Survi was saying this Kartik starts coming closer to her
Survi:Kartik what are you doing
Kartik:can’t you see
Kartik slowly comes to Survi to kiss her on the lips
They nearly kiss but
Kartik turns around there’s no one there
Kartik:where’s Tai
Survi:at your house
Kartik runs after Survi
Survi does her tounge out at him and runs

Scene 4

Tai:Survi and Kartik are growing close
Hema:how do you know
Tai:because when Kartaya left the house I sent my goons after him and you know what they told me, that Kartik and Survi nearly kissed
Hema, Bindhu, Pyare Mohan get shocked
Bindhu:I saw them linking arms in a hotel today, when I was with Pyare Mohan
Tai gets shocked
Pyare Mohan makes shhhhh expressions to Bindhu
Tai:hotel?..what where you doing in a hotel, that is to with Pyare Mohan
Bindhu:actually, Pyare ji booked a supreme hotel room for Hema
Tai:but why where you in the hotel with him
Pyare Mohan:I actually didn’t know which hotel to chose so I took Bindhu with me
Tai: oh okay
Tai:it’s very late let’s all go to sleep

Scene 5

Kartik and Survi are in a car
Kartik drives the car
Kartik:do you know how to drive a car
Kartik get shocked
Kartik:I dare you to drive
Kartik and Survi swap seats
Survi starts driving
Kartik:drive to your house it’s 5km away
Kartik smirks at her
Survi smirks back
Survi starts driving
Kartik is on his phone all that time
Kartik gets shocked
Kartik :that was fast
Kartik and Survi get out of the car
Kartik holds Survi’s hand and takes her inside
Survi walks closely to Kartik
Survi goes inside the house to get her keys
Survi:slowly goes outside to Kartik
Kartik are you ready
Kartik smiles at her
Survi smiles back
Kartik:let’s go
Kartik:it’s a suprise
Survi:what suprise
Kartik:a special one
Kartik gets a cloth and ties it around Survi’s eyes
Survi smiles
Kartik eyes her lovingly
Kartik (thinks):when she smiles, it’s like the stars have come on Earth, I love her so much
Kartik can’t resist him self
Kartik comes nearer to Survi
Survi feels Kartik’s breath on her face
Survi:Kartik, what are you doing
Kartik lovingly smiles
Kartik comes nearer to Survi and kisses her cheek
Kartik goes back to his seat
Survi smiles and comes near Kartik
She touches his face and look for his lips
Kartik gets nervous
Survi kisses Kartik on the lips
Kartik is taken aback
Kartik smiles while he looks at Survi who is kissing him
Survi notices what she’s done and goes back to her seat
They both blush
Kartik drives off somewhere with Survi
Kartik fumbles while talking to Survi
Survi:why are you fumbling
Kartik:nu-nu-no I’m not fumbling
Survi laughs
Kartik:why are you laughing
Survi:because you fumbled
Kartik looks away
Kartik quickly changes the topic
Kartik:oh look we’re here
Survi:really, please take my blindfold off
Kartik:ok, first get out of the car
Survi:uhhhg fine
Kartik:her moods not good
Survi:I heard that
Kartik gets shocked but then smiles

Scene 6

Tai:I’m really scared
Tai:because I think Aniket is in love with Survi
Hema, Bindhu and Pyare Mohan laugh
Bindhu:Aniket, Aniket are you serious Aniket in love with Survi…LOL Tai, this can’t be possible do you remember what Survi’s dad did to him, he killed his dad and made him handicapped how can Aniket fall in love with Survive that is impossible
Pyare Mohan:true
Bindhu:I know Tai’s gone mad
Tai:maybe your right

Scene 7

Kartik brings Survi outside the car
Survi:where are we
Kartik holds Survi and silently brings her inside the house
Survive shouts
Survi:where are we!
Kartik:shhhh!, Survi be quiet
Kartik walks Survi to his rooom
Kartik closes the room door
Survi:now take my blindfold off please
Kartik:ok, my mom
Survi makes a angry face
Kartik laughs at her
Survi:please take my blindfold off
Kartik takes the blindfold off
Survilooks around
Survi:your room, what are we doing here
Kartik pulls her closer to him
Survi and Kartik get lost in each others eyes
Kartik:i love you
Survi:I love you too
They both blush a little and lean in for a kiss but get interrupted
Tai:kartayaaaaaa..kartayaaaa, where are you
Kartik makes a disappointed face
Tai:kartaya, I’m coming to your room…
Kartik:oh shit, Survi quickly hide in the wardrobe
Survi goes and hides in the wardrobe
Survi:Kartik, why does this wardrobe feel smaller
Kartik:because you have lose weight
Survi gets angry
Kartik smiles at her
Kartik:I smell something burning
Survi:watch what I’ll do to you
Kartik:fine then
He smirks at her
Kartik goes to Tai

Scene 8

Kartik opens Tai’s room door
Tai:Kartik you came
Kartik:yes Tai I did
Tai:Kartaya, I think you need to get married soon
Karthik (thinking):oh shit, how will I tell Tai about me and Survi
Kartik:I found a girl who I want to marry
Tai:who is she
Kartik:I’ll tell you later
Kartik quickly leaves

Scene 9

Kartik comes to the room
Survi:Kartik I’ve locked myself in the wardrobe
Kartik laughs
He gets the wardrobe key and opens the wardrobe
Survi falls out fainted
Kartik gets scared:Surviiiiiii…!!!!!!
Survi opens her eyes and looks at Kartik
Survi:I was just joking
Kartik:do you even realize how scared I was
Survi:I’m sorry
Survi:but Kartik, she starts giving a lecture to Kartik
Kartik sits down on the sofa
Kartik doesn’t listen to anything of what Survi was saying, he’s just staring at his beautiful girlfriends face
Kartik just can’t control himself, because of Survi’s cuteness he gets up and just hugs her from the back
Kartik hugs her tightly, Survi hugs him back, they look at each other, Kartik slightly leans towards Survi
They lean closer and closer, but Kartik’s phone rings
Karthik gets angry and picks up the phone
Survi smiles looking at his angry face
Kartik(on phone):hello Mr.Saxena….
Mr.Mehra(on phone):Kartik, send me the file that I told you by e-mail I need it now, quick
Kartik(on phone):Mr.Mehra don’t worry I’ll send the file now bye
Kartik gets off the phone
Survi:who was it
Kartik:I need to send some business man a file
Kartik gets his laptop and sits on his bed, sending the file
Survi starts leaving
Kartik sees her leaving
Kartik:where do you think your going
Kartik:come here
Survi goes to Kartik
Kartik pulls her towards him
Survi:Kartik, what are you doing
Kartik eyes her lovingly
Survi tries to control herself
Suddenly Kartik pins Survi to the wall
Survive gets nervous
Kartik leans closer to Survi
Kartika is now right by her ear
Kartik:tomorrow, we will tell everyone about our relationship
Kartik:I’ll drop you home now
Survi and Kartik sneak through the corridors of the house

Precap:Survi and Kartik are sneaking through the doors but they see Tai

Credit to: Mariyah

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