Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 4


Hi guys it’s Mariyah, I’m very very very sorry for not uploading my fan fiction in a while I was actually very very busy I actually have my exams(SATs) going on and they are very important and when I say important I mean important I have many more reasons to why I didn’t update my ff.If you want to know then ask me down in the comments…trust me there are a few good reasons….thanks you Tejwasi, Miloni, Abhi, Lovy, Samaya, Nisha, Fatarajo and Mariya for you’re comments….and how can I possibly forget the silent readers…Without any further ado legs start the story

Scene 1:

Karthik holds Survi’s hand and takes her out of the car
Survi:Karthik…, what are you doing
Karthik:just keep quiet I will tell you
Karthik brings Survi to a beautifully decorated room where there’s a table for two
Karthik takes the blindfold off
Survi:uhh finnaly
Survi looked around and gets surprised
Survi:wow! who is this for Karthik
Survi has no idea it’s for her
Survi:I think you bought me too the wrong place Karthik
Survi starts going outside
Karthik holds her hand from behind
They both fall
Survi falls ontop of Karthik
They share a intense eyelock
Karthik smiles at Survi
Survi gets shy
Karthik:this is for you
Yeh Vaada Raha plays
Survi tries to get up
But her hair is stuck in Karthiks shirt button
She tries to get up but she falls back down on Karthik
They share a kiss on the lips
They begin kissing intensly
Karthik bites Survi’s bottom lip
Survi slowly grazes her hand up Karthiks back
She holds Karthiks hair tightly
Survi notices this and breaks the kiss
Survi looks at Karthik shocked
Survi:wu..wu..wu….what did we do
Karthik:we kissed
Survi:but why
Karthik:because we love each other
Survi:looks at Karthik shocked(who told him that I love him…God..who told him….
Survi gets up
Karthik also gets up
Karthik starts walking towards Survi
Survi starts walking backwards, she bumps into a wall
Karthik walks towards her and holds her tightly
Karthik gentally kisses her lips
Survi lets him do so
Karthik moves down to her neck and kisses it pasinatley
Karthik unites Survi’s blouse
Survi tightly holds Karthiks shirt
Survi notices what he is doing and tries to run outside and quickly ties her blouse
Karthik quickly runs towords her and puts his hands around her waist
Karthik:I love you
Survi:I know you do but what you are trying to do isn’t good before marriage.. We can’t have a husbund wife relationship before marriage…this isn’t good..what will people say about this
Karthik holds Survi
Karthik:are you saying no just because of people
Karthik:look Survi I have been craving for you ever since I first met you at the chawl…I use to play pranks on you because I was attracted to you….the day when you stopped me from falling in that hole ever since then I have been mad for you..but you…L..E..F..T me…I realised my mistake then..I suffered a major heartbreak after you left..I got depression..and I became a alcoholic….ever since you came back my life has gotten the joy back
Karthik:do you love me..the way I love crazy
Karthik hugs Survi
Survi hugs him back tightly
Karthik:say you love me! Please just once
Survi:I love you
Karthik gets happy and smiles at her softly
Karthik whispers in Survi’s ear….I knew it….
Karthik:can we do this
Karthik picks Survi up in his arms
Survi stares at Karthik
Karthik lovingly eyes her
He throws her on the bed
Survi’s back facing up
Karthik:gentally kisses her back
Survi arches her back and gives out a low moan
Survi(in her mind):what am I doing I love Karthik so much…I has been longing for his love, his touch, him eyeing me with love, seeing myself as his wife..this was all my biggest dream….but on the other hand there’s baba when he finds out what I’ve done he will be completely shattered and heartbroken…no I love Karthik more than anyone else..I will do this….I will do anything Karthik tells me to do……..

Credit to: Mariyah

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  1. nice story i liked it sooooo much agar tumhari exams khatma ho gayi hai to plzzzzzzz daily update karo na

    1. Thanks you and yes I will try to upload daily

  2. Awesome…. i’m agree with you Tejaswi…. Mariyha when you free form your exam please update daily….

    1. My exams haven’t started yet but we are doing tests and I need to revise for that and those tests are important my exams…and thank you.. My exams are going to finish on May 26th…then there’s a class trip to DRAYTOR MANOR YAYYYY

      1. Its Ohk…
        All the best for your exam and enjoy your trip..By the way i send you a picture and link on Twitter. Did you see that??

  3. Hey.. I was so happy to see your fanfiction updated..Today’s episode was good..,and don’t worry it’s alright. Obviously I was missing your episodes a lot, but exams are most important ( even though they’re a pain… ) and I completely understand.. 🙂

  4. Alll the best to u….
    nice…. i thnk u may add a mejor twist in it….
    keep it up

    1. Thank you Jannat..and yes there will be a twist and I think you can easily guess what it is

      1. ha yes shayad survi ke baba uski shaadi kahi aur fix kar de

  5. Finally u updated your ff Mariyah was waiting for it for a long time and awesome episode it’s 1000 times better than the actual YVR

    1. Thanks Joyee but you’res is100,000,000,000,000,000 times better

  6. Heyy maryiah,
    This is Maryia but I’m just using the name Alishaa. I LOVE both your fan fictions and I hope you upload daily. Good luck for your SATS! I had to go through them ages ago now it’s your turn ??

    1. Hii Mariya…..and thank you!

  7. Omg loved it missed you alot please upload it every day please

  8. Agarmujeyaarnamilemehmaarjawa

    Wow amazing I love your fan fiction

  9. When are you gonna upload your next episode

    1. I’m not sure acctuly maybe tommorow

      1. Please upload it fast i am becoming really restless to read your next update

  10. Mariyah its okk but ………nice epsiod and plzzz write next epsiod soon and I Miss’s u Lott and plzzz write fast

  11. Hi,Mariah.Nice episod.I like it vry much n best of luck for ur exam.

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