Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 3


Hi guys it’s Mariyah thanks to Jos,Lovy,Miloni,Jannat,Fatarajo,Samaya,Kavina and Zuhu(Asya fan) for posting lovely comments

Scene 1:

Karthik is in his room and is thinking about Survi
He smiles
Karthik:Survi,I love you !
I love the way you shout at me
I love the way you get shy when I’m close to you

Scene 2:

Survi is thinking about Karthik and she suddenly gets his call
Survi:(On call):Hello Karthik
Karthik:scardy cat
Karthik:yes you are a scardy cat you’re scared of doing things
Survi:no I’m not scared of doing things….and I am not a scardy cat
Karthik:so you’re not a scardy cat
Karthik:I know something that you will never ever do
Karthik:ok then I dare you to wear a skirt and a top
Survi:what no I’m not going to do that
Karthik:see you’re a scaredy cat
Survi:I am not a scardy cat
Karthik:then wear what I told you to wear
Karthik:ok then I am coming you’re house in about 30 minutes
Survi:ok then game on
Karthik:ok then
Karthik:she’s never going to do what I told her to do
Survi gets ready she puts on a bright pink lipstick She then puts on a short skirt and a strapless crop top
Survi:Karthik watch you won’t be able to take your eyes off me
She puts on black high heels
Karthik phones Survi
Karthik laughs
Karthik I know you have not done what I told you to do
Survi comes outside
Karthik gets shocked
His eyes are fixed on Survi
He keeps staring at her
She opens the car door and sits inside
Survi clicks her fingers
Karthik:huh Kya
Survi smiles
Survi lectures Karthik
Survi:look what you made me do know I don’t like it when people call me scardy cat
Survi:yes really
Survi:it’s you’re fault
Karthik:no it’s you’re fault you’re the one who wore the mini skirt and crop top
Karthik Survi start there nokh-jok
Karthik:I dare you to wear a saari
Karthik smiles
Survi goes inside and where a bright yellow saari
She comes outside
Karthik keeps staring at her
She come in the car
Karthik:I have a surprise for you
Survi gets annoyed
Survi what is the surprise
Karthik wear this blindfold
Survi takes them and wears them
Karthik drives somewhere
He holds Survi’s hand and brings her out
Episode ends

Precap:Karthik kisses Survi and says I love you…he picks her up and takes her somewhere…they both get intimate

Credit to: Mariyah

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