Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 2


Hi guys it’s Mariyah thank you Fatarajo,Nisha,Samaya,Lovy,Abhi,Miloni and Jos for your lovely comments

Karthik:ayi don’t worry I will bring Survi back at any cost..Yeh Vaada Raha
Lata:quickly go and get her
Karthik rushes to his outside and sits in his car

Scene 2

He goes to Survi’s house
He knocks on the door
Karthik:hello any body home
Karthik starts getting worried
Karthik:hello hello Survi,Kaka open the door
Karthik continually knocks the door
Karthik kicks the door open
He goes in side
Karthik:Survi! Kaka hello
He checks the whole house
Suddenly Simmi and her mom come home
Simmi’so mom:Karthik what are you doing here
Karthik:wh wh where is Survi
Simmi’ mom:she went
Karthik:went?where did she go?
Simmi:she and kaka are moving to Amerkot beacase Survi got a new job there
Simmi’s mom cries dramatically
Simmi’s mom cries my daughter Survi I hope she is ok…..I hope she comes back home
Karthik:don’t worry aunty I will bring Survi back…Yeh Vaada Raha
Karthik s about to leave
Simmi’s mom:Karthik
Karthik turns around
Simmi’s mom:Srikanth hasn’t left yet he was very ill becase of your brothers act he is in hospital he will go Amerkot in 1 week
Karthik:No….he will not
Karthik:becase I will bring Survi back today
Karthik leavs
Simmi lovingly looks at Karthik as he leavs
Simmi goes to her room and thinks about Karthik

Scene 3:Train station

Survi is sitting on the side chair and is waiting for her train
She thinks about Karthik
Just then Karthik phones Survi
Survi looks at her phone and gets shocked
She cuts the call
Karthik phones her again but she cuts the call
She puts her phone on silent
She looks at a couple and gets sad
After a while she looks at her phone
Survi:what!!!…159 miss calls from Karthik
She is super shocked Karthik phones her again
Survi picks the phone up
Karthik(on phone):Survi Survi please listen to me
Survi:no I won’t listen to you…I hate you…get lost and don’t phone me again I don’t want to ever see your face..what do you think by phoning me 160 times my heart will melt and I will come back….no….you are wrong very wrong
Karthik:Survi Survi
Survi cuts the call
Karthik screams in phone:Surviiii hello hello
Karthik:oh shit she cut the call..I know where you are Survi and I will find you and bring you back home
He hurriedly sits in his car and leavs for te train station
10 minutes later

Karthik:oh god!i hope she hasn’t left
Survi sits in the train
Karthik reaches the train station were Survi is
Survi gets shocked
She comes to the train door and sees Karthik looking for her
Karthik sees Survi
Survi is about to go in but Karthik holdes her dupatta
Karthik:please don’t go
The train starts moving
Karthik:please don’t go
Karthik jumpes onto the train
Karthik hugs Survi
Survi hugs him back
Survi(is thinking):what am I doing
Survi breaks the hug
They share a deep eyelock
Survi:ok I will come home with you
Karthik looks happy
Survi:but that doesent mean I forgive you
Karthik looks shocked
Karthik:how stubborn are you
Survi:I am really stubborn!…now have you go your answer
Karthik(is thinking):she’s really angry I will tell her I love Her later on
Survi:but how will we get off the train…it’s moving
Karthik:oh yeah I forgot that it was still moving
Survi:how will we get off
Karthik:we will get off at the second place this train stops at
Survi and Karthik go inside the train
They sit on seats next to each other
Survi is looking out of the window
Karthik is staring at her
Suddendly the train stops
Karthik and Survi go outside
Suddenly some boys see Survi
They go to her and try to misbehave with her
Karthik sees this
He comes for word to beat the boys up
But Survi stops him
Survi:leave them they are only 16 or 17
Boys:yes we are only 17….you must be 20 please come with us
Survi:yes I am 20
She slaps them hard on the face
Boys:ahhhhhhhh”..that hurt
They run away
Karthik can’t control his laughter
Survi gets angry
Karthik stops laughing
Survi and Karthik go home in a taxi

Scene 4:Karthiks home

Karthik holds Survi’s hand and takes her inside
Lata goes and hugs her
Lata:are you ok
Survi:yes I am ok
Karthik lovingly looks at Survi
Survi looks at Karthik
Karthik looks away
Survi smiles
A while later….
Survi:kaki can I go now
Lata:yes you can go…Karthik Karthik
Lata:please drop Survi to her house
Karthik smiles
Karthik:ok…Survi come
Survi goes with him
Karthik and Survi sit in the car

Scene 5

They go to Survi’s house
Karthik opens the car door for her
She gets out
Survi goes inside her house
She waves goodbye to Karthik
He waves bye to her Karthik sits in his car and goes
Survi smiles
Simmi gets jealous seeing them

Scene 6:at night

…..Karthik can’t stop thinking about Survi…..
…..Survi can’t stop thinking about Karthik…..
…..Simmi can’t stop thinking about Karthik…..
…..Aniket can’t stop thinking about Survi…..
Episode ends

Precap:Karthik phones Survi…she gets shocked
So guys was it good

Credit to: Mariyah

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Interesting dear , but 1 grammatical error it will be call PR calling not phone or phoning, hope u don’t !Ind of.
    Good going!

    1. I know I did bad grammar in this I got 44 out of 70 on my grammar test ?? but thanks for liking my story?☺️????

    2. Thanks for showing me my grammar mistake

  2. Sorry guys if the timing of my story is bad ….I live in England and the times are different here so I’m very sorry if I post the story late

  3. Very nice….yar…I want that simmi get jealous wowwww and plzzz continue tomorrow also okkk

    1. Aww thank you….. And your right Simmi will get jealous feel free to ask for spoilers for the upcoming episode ok

    2. I will give you a spoiler for tomorrow’s episode……it is going to be really romantic and you will see lots of jealously from Simmi

  4. This was nice.

    1. Thank you kavina ???

  5. woww its long nd too gud….let see what happen in next episode.. by the way when will u post next episode??

    1. Samaya I will post episode 3 tomorrow

  6. Hey awesome ff mariyah loved Surthik scenes a lot, well done 🙂

    1. Thanks fatarajo
      Did you see my Instagram btw

  7. Awesome

    1. Thank You Jannat……???

  8. Mariyah thanks but u can tell tomorrow timing plzzz

    1. I post submit it everyday at 11:00am(England time) (in India 4:30)……but it always gets published at 5:00pm England time (in India 10:30)I won’t be able to upload 2 episodes a day but I can make each episode longer

  9. Hey i request u 2 post more than a epi in a day btw it was pretty good

    1. I’m Sorry but I can’t do that..?I’m sorry but I’ll give you a spoiler for tomorrow’s episode it will show a karvi kiss?????

  10. wow this a good one

  11. Thank u jos…..??

  12. Hi …..
    Nicely narrated. …
    Please continue

    1. Hi…
      Thanks for liking my story
      I will continue

    1. Thanks…????…by the way I loved you’re episode 19 of love starts with care

  13. It’s great!! 🙂

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