Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 14

Hi guys, it’s me Mariyah….Thank you Nisha, Neha, K, Minahil Hanjra, Sanjana, Saasha, Karvi fans (Kartik and Survi), Karvi, Amy and Kavina for your lovely comments..The reason I didn’t upload is because I be naughty, and I get banned from using my phone, laptop, I pad by my mom….it really bugs me that I keep getting banned every two days…I’m sorry!!!!i can’t help being childish and naughty p(I have a brain of a 3 year old), and I find things that two year old would find funny(like peak a boo, I find that funny, I know I’m weird), so without any further ado, let’s start the episode

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Scene 1:PALOUR
MEHRI:Survi you’re looking very beautiful in this wedding dress
Survi:Thank you, but where is my Kartik
Mehri laughingly says
Mehri:oh your boyfriend
Survi:yes Kartik,where is he
Mehri:he is outside waiting for you
Mehri:yes outside
Survi:bye I am going bye him
Survi is about to to run outside but Mehri stops her
Mehri:your husband told me to blindfold you and take you outside
Survi:Ohh, so it’s a secret
Mehri:yes now turn around, let me put this blindfold on you

Scene 2SRIKANTS HOUSE(this is a little bit long)
Srikanth is sitting down impatiently
Srikanth:Survi wherever you are don’t come back here
Srikanth suddenly hears a knock on the door
Srikanth:who can it be at this time
Srikanth goes and opens the door
M.Rajiv:Hellooooo Srikanth, how are you
Srikanth gets shocked
Srikanth:I-I-I’m fine
Mr.Rajiv:oh, that’s good, so I’ll come in
Mr Rajiv looks behind him
Mr Rajiv:omg I’m sick of this kid, where’s Kishan
Srikanth:I don’t know
Mr Rajiv:just wait for a minute, let me get Kishan
Mr Rajiv:Kishaaann
A boy come in with a I phone 6 plus and headphones
Mr Rajiv:Kishan
Kishan can’t hear anything because he is in the phone and is listening to music
Mr.Rajiv get angry and pulls the headphones out of Kishan’s ear
Kishan gets angry
Mr.Kishan:what dad
Mr Rajiv:we’ve come to meet Srikanth haven’t we to get the proposal of Survi
Srikanth gets shocked
Srikanth:uh, um she has gone somewhere I think she will be back in a hour
Mr Rajiv starts chatting to Srikanth
1 hour of intense chatting
Mr Rajiv:ok at 5:54pm you said that Survi would be back
Srikanth(thinks):OMG!!!!he takes good notice of time
Mr Rajiv:well, it’s been 1 hour and now it’s 6:54pm, where is Survi
Srikanth get shocked
Srikanth(thinks):oh god, what shall I say to him
Srikanth:um, she will be back in 30minutes
Mr Rajiv:ok
There is a awakard silence
Kishan breaks the silence
Kishan:oh sh*t my battery is 0% uncle, do you have a charger
Srikanth:yes, yes I do, it will be in Survi’s room, let me get it
Srikanth goes

Survi comes outside with a beautiful wedding dress and a blindfold on,
Survi can’t see anything
Kartik notices her, and is mesmerised
Kartik:wowww, she is looking so pretty god
Survi is about to fall over a rock
But Kartik, saves her
Meri ashiqi ab Tum hi ho plays
Kartik lovingly stares at Survi
Survi:hello, Kartik,
Kartik:yes I am here, don’t worry….
Survi:ok, but Kartik, are we..
Kartik puts Survi in the car
Survi:but Kartik
Kartik puts his finger on SURVI’s lip
Survi nods

Srikanth comes back with a charger, he gives it to Kishan
Srikanth:here you go Kishan beta
Kishan rudely snatches it of Srikant
Srikant gets shocked
Srikant(thinks):silly boy, I can’t wait until he goes, god he’s soooo rude
Srikanth:Mr.Rajiv, I think you should go now, I don’t think Survi will come
Srikanth:no if’s or buts just go!, I don’t want to waste your time don’t I
Kishan(thinks):thank god, we are finally going, it’s so boring here, and I wonder who this Survi girl is, I bet she is boring just like her farther
Kishan pulls Mr Rajiv out
He shuts the door
Mr.Rajiv turns to Kishan
Mr.Rajiv:wait until you get home
Kishan sarcastically repeats:wait until you get home

Scene 5:TEMPLE
Kartik and Survi are in the car
Kartik takes Survi out and they both walk to the temple
Kartik takes the blindfold of Survi
Survi hugs Kartik
He hugs her back
Kartik:no need to thank me
Survi:thank you
Kartik smiles
They both sit down for the pheres
After the seven pheres, he get ps the mangalsutra and puts it around Survi’s neck
Pandit:congratulations, you are now husband and wife
Kartik and Survi get happy and they hug each other tightly
They notice the pandit watching and they break their hug
Kartik:er-Survi, let’s go
They sit in the car

Survi and Kartik go to Kartik’s house
Kartik:finally we are married
Survi is about to step into the house but Lata stops her
Lata:not left, but right foot
Survi:Ohh yeah, I nearly forgot
She puts her right foot in and enters the house with Kartik
They happily smile at each other
Lata does their puja
Lata:now both of you be really quiet and go upstairs Hema, Tai, Bindhu, and Pyare are asleep
Both Kartik and Survi shyly look at each other
Lata looks at them and smiles
They both go into Kartiks room

Survi, goes and changes into a bright red sari
She still has her jewellery on
Suddenly Kartik looks up at her
Kartik gets mesmerised by Survi’s beauty
Kartik leans into Survi and kisses her cheek
A shiver runs down Survi’s spine
She turns around and faces the wall..
Kartik holds her waist and she turns around
Kartik picks Survi up and puts her on the bed
Survi stares at him
Kartik goes on top of Survi and takes her jewellery of and puts it in the draw
Kartik kisses Survi’s neck, as she closes Her eyes
Kartik:oh yeah I forgot about that, I’ll close it wait
He goes and closes it
Kartik notices Survi is trying to get up
Kartik sees this and runs to Survi
She gets shocked
Kartik holds her tightly
Survi:Kartik, let me go
Kartik:I won’t let you go so easily
He pins her to the wall and kisses her neck
Kartik unstrandes her blouse
Survi looks at Kartik
He pulls the blouse down so you can see Survi’s shoulder
He moves his lips up from Survi’s shoulder to her neck
Survi smiles and closes her eyes

He kisses her neck he then moves to her lips
They share a passionate kiss
He slowly moves his lips up her back
Survi closes her eyes and smiles softly
Kartik:I love you
Survi:I love you too
Survi turns over and Kartik holds her face lovingly
Survi moves her hand up his neck
They both share a kiss again

Scene 8:TAI’S ROOM
Tai:I don’t know, but I feel like something is wrong
Tai:I think Survi is here
Hema:Tai, look Survi can not be here, and why will she be here, does her dad live here
Tai:I think you are right
Hema:I know, I am right
Pyare:Survi, has stolen so many people heart
Tai:what do you mean??
Pyare:ok, first Kartik’s heart, she stole it when she was young, and now, she has stolen Aniket’s heart
Tai:no, you stupid, my Ani can never do that
Pyare:I think she has stolen your Ani’s heart
Tai:shut up!

Precap:Survi wakes up as the sun falls on her face….she sees herself in Kartik’s arms, she smiles and leans over to kiss his cheek…Kartik wakes up and sees this..Survi gets shocked and runs into the bathroom….

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  1. Amazing amazing epi mariyah really in love with karvi scenes this was the best epi so far you just rock mariyah and really cannot wait for your next epi plz tell when are you going to post next epi?❤️❤️❤️

  2. Minahil Hanjra

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    Cant tell you how much good scenes of karvi u have written .
    When are you posting the next part.
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    Upload it sooon
    Once again It was so nice and romantic toooo:)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Kavina

    I loved it

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  5. Amazing can’t wait for your next episode btw noone can write like you can you give me your brain btw you being wired you are not wired youbare just perfect and getting banned from using your phone,laptop,iPad that happens to me everyday because i don’t do what my mom mom said or etc…. and getting in troubles doesn’t make you wired just remember that youvare perfect the way you are okkk text me in instagram ok.

  6. Neha

    Amazing amazing nd amazing episode Mariyah…. i love it soooo much….karvi scenes was super nd i love this scenes…really can’t wait for next episode….And when are you going to post next episode???

  7. I am also like u anyways loved it

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