Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 13


Hi guys it’s me Mariyah thank you soooo much for commenting Minahil Hanjara, Neha, Sanjana, Nisha, Kavina, Karvi, Saasha and you can see today is a Maha episode…tomorrow will be a Maha episode too so please keep reading..and many of you have asked about my ff Ishq well I had no ideas to how to write the scenes for it tomorrow I will surely upload it….

Survi and Kartik are driving in the car
Kartik:say promise that you will do what I am going to make you do today
Survi:ok, I will do anything
Survi smiles
Kartik:okay, it will help you get rid of Kishan and it will also make us 100 times more closer
Kartik smiles
Kartik(thinking):I’m sorry Survi but I have to do this, because I don’t want to loose you, I love you!
Survi:give me a clue to were we are going
Kartik:yes that’s your clue red
Survi(thinking):what could red mean
Kartik:think, think Survi, think what could red mean!
Survi(confused)(thinking):OMG!!!..blood is red is he going to kill me
Kartik looks at Kartik shocked
Survi:are you going to kill me
Kartik:what no
Survi:phew I thought you meant blood
Kartik laughs
Kartik(thinks):OMG!, she is so cuteee

Lata is sitting on her bed confused
Lata:what will happen to Survi and Kartik, who knows what Tai will do
Lata stands up
Lata:Survi, don’t worry I will save you if something happens, don’t worry I am here, I am your mom
Shanti comes in the room
Shanti:ayi, I heard everything that you said, I am going to save Survi as well, she is my bestfriend and my to be sister-in-law
Lata:together we will save her from Tai and her family
Shanti:yes we will save her
Lata:but if we want to save Survi from Tai, we will have to think like Tai
Shanti:but how does she think
Lata:you know illegal, bad stuff
Shanti:what kind of bad stuff
Lata:kidnapping, killing, pain this kind of stuff is what she thinks of
Shanti:yes, we will save her this kind of stuff is what Tai thinks of

Kartik:here we are Survi
Survi:where, I want to see
Survi is about to see out the window
Kartik gets shocked
Kartik puts his hand over her eyes
Kartik:it’s a secret
They come out of the car
Kartik gently kisses her cheek
Survi smiles
Kartik sees her smile and smiles
A couple see this and smile
Old lady:awwww what a sweet couple
Old lady’s husbund:I know, they remind me of us when we we were young
Old lady:let’s go, we don’t want to disturb them
They go
Survi:Kartik were are we
Kartik:I won’t tell you
They go inside
Survi makes Survi sit down on a chair
Kartik secretly talks to the parlour lady
Kartik:do her makeup, and make sure it’s the best bridal makeup ever
Survi:Kartik, Kartik where are you
Kartik puts his arms around Survi’s neck
Kartik:I’m about to go, but this lady here is called Mehri she is going to do your makeup going to do your makeup
Kartik kisses her head
She kisses Kartik’s hand
He gets nervous
He goes
The palour lady:okay you stay still I am going to do your makeup and hair

Scene 4:TAI’S ROOM
Tai:Hema, Bindhu, Pyare get ready for happiness
Hema:what happiness
Bindhu:yes what happiness, when that Survi is in our lives how can we have happiness
Pyare:yes how can we have happiness when that Survi is in our lives
Tai:S for silent U for Ugly R for Reptile V for venom I for idiot that is what her name stands for and that’s why we don’t like her
Bindhu:yes you are right
Lata hears this and get angry
Lata:S for sun U for un afraid R for real V for vibrant I for intelligent
Tai:get lost
Lata gives a smirk and goes
Tai gets enraged
Tai:I hate her
Bindhu:so do we, but how shall we get rid of her
Tai:I don’t know how, and that’s the problem

Kartik goes into the shop
Kartik:wowww! This is amazing
Kartik goes to the man working there
Kartik:um excuse me can you show me you most expensive wedding dress and most expensive wedding Kurta
Person working there:sure, follow me
Kartik follows the man
Person working there:here is our most expensive wedding dress it costs 2lakhs
Kartki looks at it mesmerised
Kartik:this is beautiful
Person working there:yes it is one of our most expensive pieces, it is very nice
Kartik:okay please show me your most expensive and best wedding Kurta
Person working there:okay
Person working there:here next to the dress is our most expensive and best men’s Kurta it matches with the lady’s one
Kartik:wow this is very nice too
Person working there:okay shall I pack them for you
The person working there gives Kartik the clothes
Kartik:thank you
Person working there:no problemo
Kartik goes to the counter
Lady:4 lakhs please
Kartik gets a brief case and gives it to the lady
The lady counts the money
Lady:but this is 1 lakh more
Kartik:keep the change
Lady:but sir wait
Kartik takes the clothes and walks outside in style

Kartik sits in his car
He drives to the parlour
Kartik:finally, I’m here
Kartik takes the clothes and sees something else with a note on it
Kartik:huh what is this I didn’t put it here
He reads the note
Kartik:Dear Kartik, I knew you went out to marry Survi, I bet it’s late now
Kartik checks the time
Kartik:omg it’s right it’s 7pm
Kartik carries on reading the note
Kartik:the jewels in this box are for my future daughter in law please make her wear them love Lata
Kartik:smiles and takes the box and clothes inside
Kartik:okay Mehri make Survi wear these jewels and this bridal gown ok
Kartik goes into the changing room in the palour and changed into the Kurta
Kartik comes out and goes in his car
Kartik:you are going to look so beautiful
He smiles

Scene 7:PALOUR
Mehri:okay Survi, you can open your eyes
Survi opens her eyes
Survi:wow, Mehri you have done my makeup beautifully
Mehri:thank you but there’s one more thing left
Mehri gets the jewellery that Kartik gave her
Mehri:I need to put these on you
Survi gets shocked
Mehri:do you know your boyfriend
Mehri:he gave them and told me to put them on you
Mehri puts the jewellery on her
Mehri puts the jewellery on her
Survi smiles while thinking about Kartik
Mehri shows Survi a wedding dress
Mehri:your husbund gave this too
Survi:OMGG this is soo beautiful
Episode ends

Precap:Survi and Kartik are getting married..they are really happy..Kartik brings Survi in his room and they both consummate..Kartik gently kisses Survi’s neck while she closes her eyes..In her room Tai says I feel like something isn’t right…….Shanti and Lata smile seeing this, Shanti says ayi look today is Tai’s lose she lost today and we won

By Mariyah

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  1. Omg no one could have done and written like you just Amazing waiting for your next episode please do it fast can’t wait

    1. Mariyah

      Omg Nisha thanks ????and also no one can write as beautifully as you

      1. Thanks but u are better than me so can’t wait for the next episode also nice start on ishq ff great going

  2. Neha

    ?awesome episode…. karvi are getting married….it is super…in ur ff karthik trust survi it is best part thats why i love ur ff sooo much…can’t for next episode…
    And Mariyah please try to post 1st episode of ur new ff as soon as possible….
    Really i can’t wait for next episode…

    1. Mariyah

      Thanks Neha so much and yes Karvi trust is big in this ff

  3. Love it . 🙂 it’s so good !!

    1. Mariyah

      Thank you k….

  4. Minahil Hanjra

    Mariyah its really really soooooooooo good❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I loved it waiting for next ep
    And ones again very nice ep u have uploaded.

    1. Mariyah

      Thank you soooo much
      ….and thanks for commenting :)))

  5. Mariyah your ff is really amazing ❤️❤️Really cant wait for tommorrow karvi getting married ?? and mariyah plz upload your ff of survi falling from cliff plz and keep it up mindblowing epi

    1. Mariyah

      Thank you so much Sanjana…and yes I am going to upload love gives pain very soon, I actually feel very bad for not uploading it, and I’m going to try to upload it as soon as possible

      1. Its ok mariyah i can understand that you must be busy really no problem ☺️☺️

  6. It’s great. Can’t wait fr the next.

  7. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    loved it

  8. Loved it plz post your next epi soon

    1. Mariyah

      Thank you so much, My next episode will be published tomorrow or after tomorrow

  9. Loved this ff

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    I love it

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