Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 12


Hi guys sorry for not posting regularly, I was actually very busy also my internet was like sh*t it didn’t work properly, as you can see this is a Maha episode tomorrow’s episode will be a Maha episode too..Thank you

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Episode 11
Kartik looks at Survi’s picture
Kartik:Survi, Survi, Survi, omg what if that Kishan Bishan takes you from me, I’m sooo worried ugggghh
Lata and Shanti are outside
Shanti laughs
Lata:be quiet, he will hear us
Shanti:Kartik and Survi sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Lata:shut up
Shanti:’look at my eyes see what you mean to me’
Lata:stop singing
Shanti:okay ayi
Lata:good now don’t talk
Shanti:’if I got locked away, and we lost it all today, tell me honestly would you still love me the same’
Lata:okay, I’m going to slap you
Shanti:please no okay I won’t talk
Shanti runs away
Lata laughs

Shanti:okay now Survi watch how much I will annoy you…….
Shanti calls Survi
Survi:Shanti, why is she calling me
Survi picks up the call
Shanti says Hi in Kartik’s voice
Survi:OMGG Kartik I missed you so much muaa when are you cominggg
Shanti laughs
Survi:Shanti, oh no what have I done
Shanti:why are you so worried yaar don’t worry I won’t tell no one
Survi:u hum really
Survi:you have a bad habit of spitting things out
Shanti:no I don’t
Survi:no you do
Shanti:yes I do
Survi laughs
Shanti gets angry but then smiles
Shanti:bye bhabi
Survi:oy you seriously
Shanti laughs and cuts the call
Survi:this gel ufff

Scene 3:TAI’S ROOM
Bindhu:uff I blo*dy hate Survi like why doesn’t she just go
Hema:you do know that isn’t possible
Bindhu:yeah you’re right
Tai:Bindhu hardly anyone here likes Survi, so don’t worry
Hema:Kishore, Lata kaki, Kishore, Shanti and Kartik like her
Hema:and Me, Bindhu, you and Pyare Mohan hate her
Hema:but you said that hardly anyone likes Survi here
Hema:but 5 people like her and 4 hate her
Tai blushes
Bindhu laughs
Tai:shut up!
Bindhu and Hema shut up

Kartik sits on his bed
Kartik:I should go to Survi’s house now it’s 11:00pm and I need to take her somewhere
Kartik calls Survi on the phone
Survi picks up the phone
Kartik:okay in one hour get ready and we have to go somewhere
Kartik:I will tell you later, but it’s a normal place so don’t where anything to fancy
Survi:one minute wait don’t cut the call
Survi:Kishan is coming at 5:00pm
Survi(in her mind):yes
Survi:okay bye

Survi is in her room deciding on what to wear
Survi:what shall I wear
Suddenly the tip of her eye sees something
Survi:OMG!….A pink Kurta
Survi takes it out and wears it
Survi looks in the mirror
Survi:I love it, I will just take 1 selfie

100 selfies later
Survi ok I have took so many so I should upload them on Instagram shouldn’t I
Survi uploaded them on Instagram
Survi:okay now time for makeup
Survi does her makeup
Her phone vibrates and there are lots of messeges
Survi:uff yaar, I don’t care if Shahrukh Khan liked my picture I just want to listen to my favrouite song Ijazat
Survi puts her phone on silent and listens to her favrouite song
She thinks of Kartik and she smiles shyly
Survi(thinks):I love you Kartik
She smiles

Kartik looks in his car mirror
Kartik:I’m looking good today aren’t I
Kartik:I’ll take like 1 selfie

1 selfie later
Kartik:okay, now I have to go to Survi, Survi I’m cominggg
He goes to her house in his car

Survi:Kartikkkk, where are you
Survi calls Kartik
Survi:Kartik pick the phone up
Kartik:hello Survi
Survi:hi, where are you
Kartik:I’m on my way
Survi hears someone knocking on her window
Kartik:I’m at your window
Survi smiles and goes to her window
Survi:help me get out
Survi holdes Kartik in his arms and she gets out
They lovingly stare at each other
Kartik:okay go in my car quick we are already 30minutes late
Survi smiles and says okay
She goes in the car
She smiles at Kartik as he goes inside
Survi:where are we going
Kartik starts stuttering
Survi:what is ga-ga-ga
Kartik:yeah you know, Gari we are sitting in one
Survi:uh yes
Kartik:well we are going to go somewhere in this Gari
Survi(thinks):he’s acting so damn weird for some reason
Kartik(while sweating):so shall we go
Kartik and Survi go

Scene 8:TAI’S ROOM
Tai calls someone
Tai:okay meet me at 6:00pm sharp I need to give you something
Person on phone:what’s the job
Tai:okay, so you need to kill this girl at 6:00pm come to my house and secretly take this girls picture hen you need to kidnap her, ok
Person on phone:okay Tai
Tai:okay bye
Person on phone:bye
Tai(in her mind):Survi watch how you will die…!

Precap:Kartik and Survi are in the car Survi looks at Kartik and sees him nervous she says what he says nothing they go in some place Kartik says this women is called mehri, she will do your makeup and stuff..Survi says but Kartik you said we are going to a normal place….she goes with Mehri and mehri does her makeup and gives her a bridal gown to wear..Survi gets surprised.

Credit to: Mariyah

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  1. Minahil Hanjra

    Superb but the precap was totally different
    Keep on writing .
    Waiting for the next episode
    Update that soon.

    1. Mariyah

      Hey Minahil thanks for liking my ff so much ???? and yes my next episode is going to be published tomorrow

    2. Mariyah

      Thanks minahil

      1. Minahil Hanjra

        My pleasure

  2. Omg omg what and amazing epi and in next epi kartik and survi are getting married?? If yes then really cant wait for the next epi oh god so damn happy mariyah your ff is so awesome yaar❤️❤️❤️Love you ff loads ??

    1. Mariyah

      Hi Sanjana thank you so much <3 and I will update the next episode tomorrow :))) I hope you will like that episode as much as todaYs

  3. Neha

    Wow awesome episode Mariyah….. precape is amazing… i can’t wait for tomorrow….and Mariyah when u gonna to upload 1st episode of your new ff ”’ISHQ”

  4. Omg after a long time loved it i pretty much have an idea what is going to be on your next episode text me on insta ok but btw loved your ff ok.

  5. Kavina

    I love it

  6. Superb but when are u going to post your the next epi and ishq ff

  7. Very lovely. Please do update regularly.

  8. Superb!superb!superb!

  9. Minahil Hanjra

    Mariyah update the epi plzzzzzz???????

  10. My sis amazing episode

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