Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 11


Hi guys thank you Neha, Sanjana, Fatarajo, Karvi, Jannat, Amy and Saasha for your lovely comments so with out any further ado let’s start the story

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Srikanth:Survi tomorrow when they will come with the proposal just say no to. It ok
Survi:but…why..I don’t want to go on a date with that loser Kishan
Kartik laughs
Survi looks at him angrily
Kartik stops laughing
Survi sighs
Srikanth smiles
Srikanth goes to his room
Survi looks at Kartik angrily she sits on the sofa
Kartik holdes his ears
Survi smiles
Kartik puts his arms out at Survi to show that he wants a hug
Survi gets up hugs him tightly and lovingly

Simmi is with her friends
Simmi:ok kushi, SARA bye I will see you tomorrow
Simmi’s phone starts ringing
Simmi:who is this at this time
She picks up the phone
Simmi:hello maa
Simmi’s mom:where are you
Simmi:I am outside the house
Simmi’a mom:just come inside and see what Kartik and Survi are doing
Simmi’s mom:they are hugging
Simmi knocks on the house door
Simmi:Survi, Survi open the door

Scene 3:INSIDE
Survi:OMG!!..Simmi’s knocking the door
Kartik:I don’t care, please 5 more minutes, I want to hug you forever
Survi smiles
Survi:fine Mr ziddi dil, baba will open the door
They both gout side through the back door
Survi:Kartik what is wrong with you
Kartik smiles
Kartik:do you know, who ever that Kishan Vishan is I’m gonna kill him
Kartik:because he’s owing on a date with you yaar
Survi smiles
Survi:something’s burning
Survi sticks her tongue out and runs
Kartik runs behind her
Survi quickly runs back inside the house
They both laugh
Survi:Mr.Kartik Barve the most famous business man, who millions of people are jealous of is scared of a common man
Survi laughs
Kartik gets angry
Kartik:very funny, do you know this Mr.Kartik Barve that you are talking about yeah is soon going to have a Mrs.Barve, which is you
Survi shuts the door
Kartik:oh man
Kartik smiles when he sees Survi’s call, he picks up the call
Kartik:nothing bye
Survi:Don’t forget!, tomorrow when I’m going to go one a date with that Kishan Vishan KA baacha you come to the restaurant as well
Kartik:okay but on one condition
Survi:what is the condition
Kartik:right after the date I need a kiss
Kartik:okay, bye

Survi wakes up and smiles
She looks at her phone and sees Kartiks message
Kartik’s message:good morning
Survi’s message:good morning <3
Kartik sees the message and gets happy
Kartik's message:wow a heart, why a heart?
Survi's message:because I love you
Kartik's message:I love you too
Survi's message:I found out which restaurant Kishan is taking me to
Kartik's message:what restaurant?
Survi's message:couples dine restaurant
Kartik's message:what the hel, couples dine you're not even a couple
Survi's message:I know, I couldn't stop laughing when baba told me the restaurant name
Kartik laughs

Precap:Shanti shouts SURVI IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND everyone gets shocked

Sorry guys for not posting frequently my internet connection is really bad these days?so it's hard to post..also I live in England so the timings are different

Credit to: Mariyah

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  1. Its ok mariyah even i can understand your pblm because i am facing the same pblm these days thats why i will not be able to post epi 7 soon btw your epi was really amazing karvi chemistry is just fab ??in your ff hope this chemistry we can see on tv also coz only drama is going on in yvr because of tai??

    1. Hi thank you Sanjana for commenting and yes I know the Internet connection is really bad :((( I want too murderrr it..but thank you for loving my fan fiction so much……… Muaaa,,.and btw I can’t wait for episode 7 of your fan fiction…jaldi upload karna.***.

  2. Its ok mariyah loved the epi

    1. Thank you Kari :)))

  3. Love u n ur ff mariyah. dont b sad we can understand ur pbl bcoz i think most of d viewers on TU r busy in their studies n its hard schedule

    1. Thanks Love and don’t worry I am not sad 🙂

  4. Wow Mariyah….. its awesome, awesome nd awesome episode… its Ohk i can understand ur problem…love u nd ur ff…?

    1. Thank u so much yaar

  5. Hi Neha thank you so much :)))))

  6. Great mariyah di.

    1. Thank you Saasha….

  7. Its ok mariyah … bt epi wass superb..lols thank god ffs mn to kuch acha mil raha hai …

  8. Minahil Hanjra

    Fabulous can u upload the next episode soon because I am craving crazily for it.

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