Yeh Vaada Raha – Karvi – Episode 10

Hi guys it me Mariyah…sorry for not posting for a while, I wrote a episode, but it got deleted so I’m very sorry for not uploading, and yes I will upload daily again now….Thank you jazz, Kavina, Neha, Karvi, Sanjana, Lovy and Saasha for your lovely comments <3

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Scene 1:
Kartik takes Survi out of his car and takes her inside
Kartik(thinks):I hope Survi is fine
Kartik takes Survi inside his room
Kartik lays Survi on his bed
Kartik tries to wake Survi up by sprinkling water on her face
Kartik:Survi, Survi please wake up
Survi slowly opens her eyes
Kartik:Survi Your ok, do you know how worried I was, those goons they nearly kidnapped you
Kartik touches Survi's face gently
Kartik:if any thing happened to you what would happen to me, I would die
Survi puts her hand on Kartiks mouth
Survi:sshhhh! Don't say things like this, till you are here nothing can happen to me
Kartik smiles and hugs Survi tightly
Survi kisses Kartiks arm while they hug
They both close their eyes
Survi and Kartik suddenly open their eyes
Kartik gets shocked
They break their hug
Lata comes in
They both look shocked


Srikanth:I hope Survi is fine
Suddenly he gets a call
Srikanth:who is this at this time
Person on phone:Hello Srikanth it's me Mr.Rajiv
Srikanth:oh Mr.Rajiv how are you
Mr.Rajiv:oh Srikanth I am fine but I wanted to tell you something
Mr.Rajiv:I want my son Kishans hand in marriage for your daughter Survi
Srikanth recalls how Survi told him about her and Kartiks relationship
Mr.Rajiv:oh tell Survi to be ready I'm coming tomorrow with the proposal at 1:00pm ok tell her to be 100% ready and Kishan wants to go on a date with her after the marriage proposal and ask her personally for marriage as well, okay bye
Mr.Rajiv cuts the call
Srikanth:oh man he cut the call, what will I say to Survi when she comes
Srikanth looks tensed
Srikanth phones Mr.Rajiv agin
Phone:The person that you are calling is currently un-available


Lata:Kartik I am your mom, you can't hide anything from me
Lata:no don't say anything
Lata:and Survi, you are like a daughter to me, what did you think that if I found out I would be angry
Survi makes a cute embarrassing face
Lata smiles
Lata:I knew both of you were in a relationship, I just wanted both of you to not hide it
Kartik:really ayi, your not angry
Lata:obviously I'm not angry
She pulls both Survi and Kartik's cheek
They both smile
Lata:now you to cutie pies listen, don't hide anything from me now okay
Kartik puts his arm around Survi
Survi:but ayi, we have done something that you will not just get angry at us you will start hitting us with your shoes
Lata laughs
Lata:what have you two done that is so bad
Survi:we have consummated
Survi:are you angry, are you going to hit me and Kartik with your shoe
Survi hides behind Kartik
Kartik:um Miss.Mohitie, I need to get saved as well
Survi and Kartik both hug each other
Kartik:please please don't hit me with your shoe ayi
Lata laughs
Lata:don't worry I won't hit you
Survi gets happy
Lata:and I'm not angry come here and hug me
Kartik and Survi both hug Lata
Lata smiles
Kartik:oh man Survi
Survi:what happened
Kartik:I need to drop you to your house
Survi:oh man, what's the time
Kartik gets shocked
Kartik(thinks):oh man, I told Srikanth that Survi vomited on the phone
Survi checks her phone
Survi:OMG!….1:00am, Kartik drop me home quick
Kartik:ok come outside with me in my car
They both go outside
Survi:bye ayi
Kartik:oh yeah I forgot bye ayi
As Kartik goes outside
Lata calls Survi
Lata:Survi, you accidentally called me ayi instead of kaki
Survi hears this and smiles


Srikanth is in his room tensed
Srikanth:oh no now tomorrow that Mr.Rajiv will come and I phoned him a million times why isn't he picking the phone up
Survi:knocks on the door
Srikanth:oh, I think Survi has come
Kartik and Survi are at the door, Srikanth opens the door
Survi:hello baba
Survi and Kartik come inside linking arms
Srikanth sees this and gets remembering Mr.Rajiv
Survi:yes baba
Srikanth:do you know my friend Mr.Rajiv
Srikanth:he said that he is going to come with he's son Kishans proposal
Survi and Kartik both look shocked
Survi:what, but why, you don't want me to marry Kartik
Srikanth:noo, I tried to stop him but he didn't let me speak and I tried calling him but he doesn't pick up the phone
Survi:oh phew, I thought that I was actually getting married to him
Kartik takes a sigh of relief
Srikanth:Survi do me a job and tomorrow just say no to the proposal
Episode ends

Precap:Mr.Rajiv comes with his son Kishan, Kishan asks for Survi, Srikanth says shes in her room, Kishan goes to Survi's room and gets shocked seeing Kartik and Survi kissing

So guys did you like it..
And yay my Fan Fiction has reached 10 episodes yay!

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